Dirty Half-Dozen

Domina - Tom Lloyd - VOICE 01So we fired up the Leavenworth St. RV and headed out to the State Fair on Monday afternoon. We were in the back, throwing back Jolt Colas, and singing the song, “Are ya lookin’ for fun? A fun affair! Come on down and join in the fun! The Nebraska State Fairrrrr!”

So we roll into the Devaney Center for the big debate, and the night-guard informs us that 1) the Debate isn’t there and 2) they moved the fair to Grand Island 5 or 6 years ago, or some such.

Well, not to be deterred, we high-tailed it to the nearest Starbucks (keeping a low profile from the lurking Don Walton) and fired up the iPad to watch the debate on the OWH Live Stream.

Well after whacking the side of the Apple product a number of times, still nothing happened.

So we sulked back to the L.St. HQ and watched the Twitter feed of various pundits and hangers-on complaining.*

So what’s a blog to do? Well, we did the next best thing and listened to it the next day.

And even though it is now news staler than a toasted waffle behind the trash can, if WE had to sit through that miserable “debate”, you can bet YOU’RE going to see us write about it.


So, here’s the thing. You know there’s a Republican and a Democrat running, right? OK fine. But then why were there 6 people up on the stage? SIX!

There was the guy who started out and continued throughout that Global Warming is the number one threat to humanity and that’s why he was there. Then there’s the Tax the Hell Outta Wall St. guy. Then there’s the We All Need to Go Back to the Bible guy. And there’s the guy who’s got some money and could have probably made the GOP primary interesting, but is trying to end run it all, but won’t. Finally there was Democrat Dave “The Lawyer” Domina and Republican Ben “You Really Think I’m Going to Blow This?” Sasse.

So we pretty much spent most of the time trying to figure out everyone’s accent.

Look, we have a hard enough time with Governor Heineman and Congressman Terry’s accents, that we usually just throw up our hands. Sasse seems to possibly have some sort of adenoid issue. But it took us a while to figure out Dave Domina’s voice, and we think we nailed it: It’s the guy who Elaine (on Seinfeld) meets on the subway who is really into the TV Guide. (Ironically, the same actor also played the in-house lawyer on Scrubs.)

Now you can fight me on this (and be wrong), but a big part of this is just the rep Domina, as the multi-multi-Million Dollar Super Attorney, has given himself. So you expect this booming Clarence Darrow voice to come out. Instead it’s this sort of wobbly pitch. Juries must like it. We dunno.

Anyway, other than that it was just the usual, “What is your view, in 3 parts, with a four sub-part response, regarding ObamaCare as it relates to veterans and the corn borer? You have 60 seconds.”

Times six. (SIX!!!)

Anyway, here were the highlights:
Dave Domina is a BIG defender of the Environmental Protection Agency.
Dave Domina thinks there needs to be MUCH more government regulation on beef.
Dave Domina thinks if we just had ONE MORE awesome lawyer in Congress, ObamaCare would be awesome.

Oh, and Domina thinks that he has experience to be a Senator.
You know, because he’s a lawyer.
(As opposed to the only guy in the race who did actually work in Congress, as a Chief of Staff.)

The other funny one was when Domina went on and on about how he knows more about farming and ranching than any of the other candidates (including the one that actually has the Nebraska Farm Bureau endorsement) because his family includes a bunch of farmers.

And then Jim Jenkins popped in and noted that he’s the only rancher of the bunch.
That would have been the one time we regretted not seeing Domina’s face.

Then they had this part where a candidate could challenge another candidate, one time, by throwing a “red flag”. (Clearly the organizers were getting a little too jacked for football season.)

And the participants pretty much tried to flag Ben Sasse every time.
But here’s the thing: At this point, candidates, do you REALLY think you’re going to outsmart or outwit Sasse, or somehow leave him speechless? The guy is never off-message! And if you DO try to quiz him, he’s a walking Wikipedia.
Put it this way: Back in the “Who wants to be a Millionaire” days, you WISHED Ben Sasse was your lifeline.

But that’s not to say Sasse was 100% innocent in this debate.
Sasse put a Sophomore from University of Nebraska Kearney in the hospital during the debate, when the 20 year-old unfortunately had the word “Blessed” in his dorm debate-drinking game. After the 8th shot of Jäger, the young man had to have his stomach pumped.
Let’s be a little more careful next time.


And we’re afraid that we have to call out Jeff Rudolph, President of the Nebraska Cattlemen, for this doozy of a question:

“Tell us about the role of agriculture in Nebraska.”

Um, Jeff, we’re sorry, but your interrogatories have been revoked for the remainder of the campaign.
We know you’re not a journalist, but we hope you understand.


The anti-pipeline gang is having themselves a hoe-down to gin up support for keeping people out of work who would otherwise be building the Keystone XL Pipeline. Oh, and they also want to prevent expanding energy solutions. And don’t forget that they are pro-fostering bad science and NIMBYism.

And now they’ve got Neil Young and Willie Nelson helping them!

You remember Willie from him pretty much not singing anymore (sorry Willie, but talking through songs doesn’t cut it) and Neil from such favorites as This Note’s For You! where he single-handedly demolished advertising in the music world.

(And two things on that Neil song and video, which took aim at Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston:
1) Is there any doubt that if Neil made a similar video today, he would immediately be called a racist for singling out two black performers, along with a pit bull terrier? We don’t remember that occurring at the time — everyone thought Neil was so edgy for going after Pepsi, Coke, Miller and Bud. We remember some of the discussion about making fun of the on-fire Michael Jackson. But in the internet age no doubt Neil would have had the R word thrown at him.
2) Neil’s line, “I don’t sing for no politicians…” is cute. If he doesn’t think he’ll be singing for maaaaannny Democrat politicians’ personal political agenda with the pipeline, he needs to take another look at just why this thing is taking place in Nebraska. And as we all know, it doesn’t have anything to do with “landowners’ rights.”)

Hey look, I love old Neil. Harvest is on my iPhone right now, and the riff and composition on something like Alabama is just awesome.

But a great many of his lyrics just suck. Heck, even the classic Alabama concludes with this clunker:

What are you doing Alabama?
You got the rest of the union to help you along
What’s going wrong?

Well, if that didn’t stop segregation, we don’t know what did.

So we’re sure Neil and Willie are dreaming up some zingers for the Keystone that will just get the Boldies’ tie dye’s all sweaty and jived. (“Don’t want you oil on our land! And keep it out of the Sand…hills!)

But the Lee Terry for Congress team took it a step further and made a list of those songs they HOPE to hear from Willie and Neil:

On September 27th, the night of the Neil Young and Willie Nelson Keystone XL Concert, Congressman Lee Terry will be in Memorial Stadium singing Hail Varsity alongside thousands of Husker fans as Nebraska takes on Illinois for homecoming. Since he’ll miss the Keystone XL sing along, today he released his Top Ten song requests for Neil Young and Willie Nelson at their Keystone XL concert with a posting on Buzzfeed. The tracks titles chosen by Congressman Terry speak to the benefits and challenges the Keystone XL Pipeline has faced over the last six years and the list includes suggestions to whom the songs could be dedicated:

10. “Funny How Time Slips Away” (Willie Nelson). But what’s not so funny is the time that has slipped away since the Keystone XL application was first submitted over 2,168 days ago.

9. “Helpless” (Neil Young). There are tens of thousands of jobs that could be created if the president were to approve the permit to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. These workers are sitting on the sidelines, helpless until President Obama signs the permit for them to go to work.

8. “Why Do I Have to Choose?” (Willie Nelson). This song is dedicated to President Obama who is having trouble choosing between appeasing the anti-energy activists and supporting the thousands of union workers who are depending on the pipeline for a job.

7. “Walk On” (Neil Young). Neil Young concludes this musical hit with the words, “But sooner or later, it all gets real.” Well, sooner rather than later, the American economy will feel the real effects of not building the Keystone XL Pipeline.

6. “A Moment Isn’t Very Long” (Willie Nelson). True, a moment isn’t very long, but the wait for this pipeline certainly is. The American people have waited almost six years for the president to make a decision, making this an awfully long moment in history.

5. “The Scientist” (Willie Nelson). This song is dedicated to all of the scientists who have studied the pipeline and created over 22,000 pages of reviews that say the Keystone XL Pipeline will produce no significant impact on climate change. A special mention goes to the team of scientists at the State Department who wrote the Final Environmental Impact Statement that said without building the Keystone XL Pipeline we would see an increase in greenhouse gas emissions by 28-42%.

4. “For What Its Worth” (Neil Young). Speaking of the State Department’s Final Environmental Impact Statement, it says the Keystone XL Pipeline is worth $2 billion in earnings throughout the United States; 17 out of 27 counties will see an increase in property tax revenues of at least 10 percent totaling approximately $55.6 million for local governments. This song goes out to the lost economic benefits caused by these needless delays.

3. “Sitting There in Limbo” (Willie Nelson). After nearly six years, 22,000 pages of studies, and a definitive report that says Keystone XL will not have any significant impact on carbon emissions, this song is dedicated to the pipeline itself.

2. “On the Road Again” (Willie Nelson). This song is dedicated to the carbon footprint left by anti-Keystone activists who drive from protest to protest all across the heartland.

1. “Happy Birthday” (Willie Nelson and Neil Young). While no, they haven’t previously recorded this track, it would only be appropriate after the six-year anniversary of the Keystone XL application on September 19th that these two stars sing a happy belated birthday in honor of this critical job-creating project.

The only thing we would point out is that no one really sings, “Hail Varsity”, unless they’re belting out, “We DON’T know the words, (buhbuhbuh-BUH), we don’t know the WORDS (buh-buh-buh)…


Looking forward to the Huskers!
(And of course, on Labor Day, remember all of those laborers who would have liked to have been working on the pipeline 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 years ago, but can’t.)

* Well, the part about us watching the Twitter feed while at a previous engagement is true, anyway…


  1. Interested Observer says:

    I’ll bet quite a bit that the real Street Sweeper had absolutely nothing at all to do with this ramble. But thanks -Ed for trying! Better luck next time.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    The Lee Terry list was pretty good. I think that Lynyrd Skynyrd put it best, and I’m paraphrasing here, when they sang that Neil Young sucks. As for Willie Nelson, I think I put it best when I said, “Somebody change the channel!” Do the anti-pipeline people really think that getting a couple of old hippies to come croak their way through a few songs is going to change anything? I doubt Obama ever listened to either singer. Now, if they got Jay-Z…

    If Heineman wanted to have some fun, he’d take the drug dogs for a walk by ol’ Willie’s bus.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eating at Wendy’s is a death wish. Working for a TV crew that tries to be present at shootings is greater death wish. Robbing a store with a toy guy is the ultimate death wish. The old adage “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight” normally doesn’t have to stipulate “it is even dumber to bring a rubber knife”.

    Speaking of rubber knives, Domina is vying with Hassebrook to see which can out Liberal the other in pushing away NE voters. If you rule out that, it’s a beauty contest between cute bunny teeth Sasse (it works for Terry) and Domina’s weird left eyebrow and bologna ring haircut and a mug marginally more appealing than that of the Lyons gargoyle. But that sausage ring hair. Gadzooks. Ricketts at least had the good sense to get rid of it all.

  4. Wendys at 9 oclock at night in Omaha says:

    There are a LOT of questions regarding the Wendy’s shooting and killing of two people but a couple come to mind right away.
    Supposedly the first cop was hailed down by people from the driving lane at Wendy’s (West side). The story from the Chief was that then this guy called for back up and they ARRIVED IN 15 SECONDS. (From the East Side. Maybe better staging there).? How is that possible? Did the first cop wait till the camera crew arrived then put out a call for a back up?
    Then I ask myself why would a guy fire a fake gun at cops with real guns? Does that fake gun the robber used REALLY sound like a real gun? Was the robber trying to die by suicide by cop? Supposedly there is video tape of the incident but of course the Police Chief can not show that.
    What Omaha needs is an independent investigation right now of this disaster.
    At least there will be a grand jury investigation, but it would be a lot better if the Ne State Patrol or somebody else came in now to look at what happened.


  5. Anonymous says:

    15 seconds is a short time period. How close were they to arrive in 15 seconds? It takes longer to get out of a car.

    1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. Seems like a good many shots.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday, Obama was giving Congress the finger and saying he would strike Syria without consulting Congress. Since then, someone in his administration must have read the Constitution because he now says he needs to consult lawmakers on the strategy, “in part because it may cost some money,” as Congress holds the federal purse strings.

    Actually, it is only the Republican half of Congress that owns the purse strings. Obama’s WH and the Democratic Senate cannot pay for anything.

    A more contrite Obama today says, “I do think that it’ll be important for Congress to weigh in,” he said. “But I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. We don’t have a strategy yet.”

    The “strategy” he speaks about is the Commander in Chief’s job to form ahead of time, long before now. Obama is the Commander in Chief. He is required to create military strategy and plans and then go to the House and convince then to pay for it. Normally any House will open its wallet for defending America. But this President is unusually stupid. He is now only aware that he needs money for some strategy he says he doesn’t have, but it is his job to have already crafted that strategy.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    Remember #12, Obama called them the JV a few months ago. A few months before that he was trying to arm them with weapons from Libya. Now why would he think he needs to bother with the JV? He got game.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    Ricky, did you miss that an armed robbery had just been reported nearby? When that happens usually several cops show up to, you know, like look for the suspect and do other cop-like things. Not unusual at all. Hey, when’s your super awesome letter to the editor about the Cubs going to come out? I hope my birds didn’t already crap all over it.

  9. Tuber says:

    Has anyone done any research on just how much more macho and trigger happy the police act when TV cameras are present?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yes. Whole academic areas are dedicated to what you mention.

    All people act differently when they know they are being filmed. It is not just being exposed, but that exposure, they know, is potentially to everyone in the world, forever. And we mug like nervous primates. Being filmed is a kind of eternal life. You can ask Anthony Weiner about that.

    The same human self-interest that drives us to mug for cameras also drives our natural desire to be slave master and not slave. That power is automatically abused, (which is why the rare Cincinnatus is so rare). A famous prison experiment within scant days turned randomly selected faux “prisoners” into mewling creatures immersed in the Stockholm syndrome and turned equally random “guards” into sadistic torturers. Just regular people.

    People are all self-interested and fight hard for that. Rational thinking can lead us to sacrifice even our lives for a greater cause but that too is born of our self-interest. We don’t sacrifice for what we don’t believe is right and what is right is what we know best serves our sense of self. That which drives us to seek power over our unarmed neighbors, as elected officials and as gun wielding policemen, is ugly, so we dress it up. We do not crawl up on a cross but we try hard to look like we are doing that. by framing our power hunger in altruistic words. Power is ugly stuff in the raw. It is shooting people, lethal injections, beating them down and the giddy potential of such. .

    For a far lower wage than drug deals earn with their chosen risk, policeman risk as much or more. Why? Their purported excuse is social good and that is intellectually true. But internally the allure of a badge and a license to use deadly force (see 1989 Rehnquist SCOTUS decision on presumption of justification in police shootings) boils down to a giddy child’s desire to wield killing power over others. Everyone feels better holding the spear than it being held by the other guy. And the temptation to throw that spear, at anything, is immense.

    We are hardwired to love Hollywood heroes killing people. Being a shooting hero or a shooting bad guy are both far more exciting and enjoyable than being the bystander. That is human-primate nature. The sheer power to kill fills everyone all with a great guilty joy. And everyone denies that even while they root for the good guys blowing away the bad guys. Civilization is a thin veneer over what is in us more chimp than bonobo.

  11. in the know says:

    In February 2014, Schakowsky (along with 17 other House members) signed a letter addressed to President Obama supporting the removal of marijuana from the DEA Controlled Substances Schedule

  12. Health Insurance Employee says:

    So Brad Ashford wants to kill Omaha jobs??? Why is he paling around woth Obamacare Flunkies like Congresswoman Schakowski

    “In April 2009, she stated her support for a public option in health insurance, arguing that it would put health insurance companies out of business and lead to single-payer health care, which she supports.”

    Brad had her raise money for him

  13. Anonymous says:

    Texas is restricting and regulating abortion clinics. To Pro Lifers, that’s just regulating child murder. To Pro Choicers, especially those who don’t mind sawing off baby heads while they are popping out a vagina, it is a political restriction on the abortion industry and free trade.

    Abortion has become a federal issue. The problem with federal solutions, however, is they are so tyrannically federal that you cannot escape them. The fuzzy area between killing a fetus and not killing one is well… there is no fuzzy area. It is just like killing any another person. In some states what gets you 10 years for manslaughter, in some other states is dropped as self-defense, and yet whoever you killed stays just as dead. The question of what is murder and what isn’t murder is up to each state.

    Abortion is a problem because it is a federal issue. If Texas wants to outlaw abortion, fine. If Louisiana wants to deep fry aborted babies, then it’s food preparation jurisdiction issue.

    But this brings us to the oddest thing about the current Texas restrictions. They require abortion clinics have doctors registered at nearby hospitals and that clinics have operating room standards. And yet Pro Choicers vehemently object. Object to what? That abortion “doctors” actually have licenses as real doctors? That D&Cs, invasive abortive procedures are performed in surgical suites, be done in sterile conditions?

    Didn’t all this hew and cry over this issue start with the proverbial rusty coat hanger?

    If you want to offer abortions, or condoms, or vibrating butt plugs, don’t make taxpayers pay for it. But if you do wish, on your own, to offer it for sale, just maybe the government has a right to tell you to sterilize your coat hangers.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Tuber, as a taxpayer, if a criminal points a gun at a cop and especially if they pull the trigger, I expect that the criminal will end up dead. Not wounded, maimed, winged, or scared but dead. The criminals should expect that, too. I feel bad for the sound guy and his family and for the cop who accidentally shot him, but the outcome of the robber being dead is what I want from the cops. And I don’t really care how many bullets it takes.

  15. whole lot of regulating going on says:

    The dispute between Ricketts and Domina, which you pronounce as a call for a ton of new regulation, was actually a call for country-of-origin labeling for meat products. I go to the grocery store and find produce that is labeled with the country where it was grown in — grapes from Chili, etc. All I want is the same labeling on meat. Wal-Mart was recently caught selling meat that was labeled as “donkey” but was really fox. (Like most people, I don’t eat donkey or fox, but what’s to keep someone from doing the same thing with beef?) It’s not too much trouble to put a sticker that says “Chili” on a bunch of grapes, so how can it be too much trouble can it be to put “USA” on a sirloin?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Back at ‘cha 9:03 am: Abortion clinics typically administer pills, much less often surgery. And the new restrictions in Texas are onerous because there’s a lot of rural land and few hospitals beyond urban centers, particularly out in west Texas. Often folks don’t have hospitals at all! Under this onerous new regulation, a west Texas family doc couldn’t legally assist a rape or incest victim. The victim could of course travel hundreds of miles to an urban center, incurring additional expense for medical treatment formerly obtainable locally, but why need she accommodate this extra burden?

    Your vulgar tone regarding the abortion debate implies your unwillingness to live and let live.
    I regard your stance as decidedly anti-American and unpatriotic.

  17. Anonymous says:

    24. Nice try but wrong. I worked chinese suctions and emptied gauze as surgeons are required to assess contents to avoid sepsis. People aren’t forced to work those kinds of cases. Nothing about surgery is a bed of roses. Yet I found it easy compared to my combat assignments. So when you call me vulgar and unpatriotic, okay. I have a few decades worth of accolade for doing some very vulgar bloody jobs in war and peace. I don’t sugar coat death. And I find “patriotism” a word overused by those who haven’t seen enough of war to know better.

    I don’t have a problem with mothers killing their children. Any child who is raised by a mother who would rather have it dead is dm. I have seen 13 years olds abort with hushed mentions of familial paternity and adult wives who just don’t want another. Yet most of my work assignments were of the adult bloodletting sort. I try not to pass those kinds of judgments. I simply spoke of a balance between state and federal on the issue. You were the one who called other’s “vulgar” while you defended mothers killing their kids. Now this one vulgar business. And what you say doesn’t not refute the federal inescapability versus the state law variability as ameliorating aspects for the matter.

  18. anonymous says:

    Nothing illustrates will-to-power better than abortion. That attitude – that I’m alive, that you’re alive – for no other reason than bare utility, or that somebody else is feeling generous or lazy today – is the only reason you exist – it’s hard to see that as a virtue. Yet that’s what seems to be espoused by some posters here. And, silly me, I thought Putin and ISIS were “over there” somewhere. No, this attitude is ever-present – the Mark of Cain. Progressive, Conservative, Independent, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian – your individual and collective answers to “Am I my brothers keeper?” are sick. Tell you what, after the example of some grizzled vets here. You can (and I’m speaking rhetorically here – since I make no threat to anyone for any reason) take a life. But you have to do it yourself, no instruments or weapons. You have to look things in the eye and live with the results.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Nobel’s 2009 Press release. “…awarded to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples…

    “Obama has as President created a new climate in international politics. Multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position, with emphasis on the role that the UN and other international institutions can play… thanks to Obama’s initiative, the USA is now playing a more constructive role in meeting the great climatic challenges the world is confronting. Democracy and human rights are to be strengthened.

    “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people HOPE for a better future… For 108 years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has sought to stimulate precisely that international policy and those attitudes for which Obama is now the world’s leading spokesman. – Oslo, October 9, 2009.”

  20. If they mated says:

    If RWP and Texas Annie mated you would get a bird nerd that does not believe in God but prays to God for a flat tax.

  21. Get In Your Car--Head West says:

    If you had the gumption and real desire to see the debate, you could always get in your car, start it up, and drive to the State Fair in Grand Island—-and watch it there.

    Or……you could expend a little energy and thought by looking up the answer YOUROWNSELF!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Six blowhards on the stage at the same time and only two of them with a chance. Sasse demanded it so that he would have to spend less time answering questions, because when he does, he trips over his own tongue.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I love that the pro-lifers on here have fully taken on PETA’s shock tactics in persuading people they are murderers for eating full grown mammals and aborting fetuses. PETA and NRTL should just have conferences together and come up with the next generation of gross-outs they plan to expose the public to.

  24. anonymous says:

    Hilarious, Anon! Please explain how grilling a steak and dismembering unborn human children are actually morally equivalent acts beyond a bare syllogism?

  25. TexasAnnie says:

    Ideas of ‘moral equivalence’ are usually logical fallacies. The goal of such reasoning is to establish that one thing or event is as good as, or as bad as, another. For example, that euthanasia, execution and abortion are ‘morally equivalent’ because they all result in a human death.

  26. TexasAnnie says:

    Of course, Anonymous @ 5:23pm did not make a claim about ‘moral equivalence,’ rather merely an observation that PETA and NETL demonstrate similarly.

  27. TexasAnnie says:

    One should not confuse ‘morals’ with ‘ethics.’

    Our ethical system in the USA permits an expansive and varied cultural awareness. Many acts and beliefs (legally) practiced by some are objectionable to others. Euthanasia is legal in a few places, execution is legal in more, and abortion is supposed to be legal everywhere in the United States. Individual ‘morals’ dictate which of these examples one abides or refutes.

  28. TexasAnnie says:

    Which is why I’m writing this in Texas, rather than Nebraska.

    I HATE the morals of a legislative body that would KILL (by neglect) helpless beings who have been taken into the custody of the state! Beatrice State Development Center!!!

  29. Okay Annie, That's Enough says:

    Have you ever considered thinking about what it is you really want to say BEFORE you start on the keyboard? Six posts before six? Please.

  30. Got Annie? says:

    Please Annie feel free to give us more reasons why you hate Nebraska so much. We just can’t wait for more of that from you.

  31. Tonic & Tonic says:

    I can’t remember a single time when TA has contributed anything worth while to the argument. I would be fine with it if some sort of ethically questionable act happened to TA.

  32. Asking Again says:

    How much longer will America stand idly by while muslims behead American citizens? Have we become a chicken shit country?

  33. TexasAnnie says:

    Tonic & Tonic:
    An ethically questionable act DID happen to me while I lived in Nebraska.
    Your errant unicameral defied it’s constitutional duty, knowingly, willingly, and in Ernie’s case, defiantly and bombastically. So I guess it’s okay with you that I keep complaining about Nebraskan’s treatment of the developmentally disabled. After all, the neglect fostered by your government there is being done in YOUR name too!

  34. To Asking Again says:

    Do you need the address of the nearest Army recruiter? If you want a war, then get yourself a gun and go over there. Leave the rest of us out of that hell hole.

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