Debates are the best!

**UPDATE at 3:50pm**
Politico reports that a Republican pollster has told them that Lee Terry and Brad Ashford are currently tied at 41%.
No info on when the poll was taken, the sample, or anything else.
But it does confirm what we’ve said about it being very close.
(We still think Terry will begin to expand a lead soon.)


Congressman Lee Terry’s campaign has a new ad up.
See it here:

Very, very effective ad.
This is simple, but the visuals are great.
The usage of black and white is nice, and something you don’t always see in this type of spot.

And a final punch for Lee by the Vet, Timothy F. Johnson, at the end.

This is a great ad.


On the other side of that, here’s what we’re hearing:
No one is giving money to Brad Ashford.

And is that surprising?
Oh sure, the Dems would like to win that seat, but they don’t really want Ashford.

He’s not ONE of them.
He’s a former Republican!

(And we STILL believe that they are willing to bet on Baby Buffett in a few years instead, and don’t want to have to deal with Ashford getting in the way.)

By the numbers, this is going to be a tight race.
But if Terry can keep putting up solid spots like the one above…
And then throw in a few negative spots and define Ashford…
And then have Ashford sit back until he can afford a few ads at the very last minute…

We will be interested to see if the CW on this race starts to lean more and more to Terry.


Hey, did you know there was a Governor’s debate on Monday?
Well sure, after you were finishing watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon Every Simpsons Ever marathon, it may have crossed your mind.

Well, here’s the thing: Not bad, really, by both candidates. Both came off as knowledgable and well informed. Neither were stumped and both had answers ready for pretty much every question.

And host Mike’l Severe did a much better job of MCing than the panel who did the recent Senate debate. Of course it is just a little easier to deal with two candidates instead of six.

(Severe’s only demerit comes from his question — while he was still trying to finish with serious questions — of “have you ever binge-watched a TV show?” Considering this forum is supposed to help voters form an opinion on the candidates, we aren’t sure what this did for anyone. Save it for your one-on-one interview.)


In any case, the debate really just nailed down their positions:
Hassebrook for more, bigger Government.
Ricketts for out-of-the-box solutions.

Don’t believe us?
Let Channel 7 tell you about it:

KETV debate wrap 090114 01

We kid!

(We’re going to pick on KETV here for a moment.)

Now EVERYONE hates politics, right?
It’s all those darn negative ads, and they’re all a bunch of liars anywho!

So a lively debate between the two would be something to really dig into and discuss, no?

KETV spend a minute and a half covering this story.
It broke down like this:

  • 20 seconds of intro
  • 9 seconds of Ricketts
  • 11 seconds for Hassebrook
  • 15 second summary
  • 30 seconds on two State Fair goers who hate politics and don’t trust the candidates
  • 10 seconds on some guy who wasn’t there, and a close

So there you go voters who get all of their info from TV!
Make that decision!

We would just note that Hassebrook said that if the election is decided on who spends more, he’ll lose.
Uh, OK Chuck.


And just a note that we have heard NO real numbers on any of the races.
We, of course, will let you know when we do.


Finally, the Wall Street Journal did the seasonal story about the Washington D.C. Nebraska breakfast.

Apparently the jokes these days are running about Fortenberry’s charts and Terry’s hair.
Carry on.


  1. Ricky says:

    There is a definite choice between Ricketts and Hassebrook. If nebraskans want more of what we have seen from heineman then vote for Pete. Only Ricketts would be worse than Dave if that’s possible since Pete has no experience either in public office or as an administrator .
    People made a big deal about whether Ricketts would live in the mansion in Lincoln full time. I hope ricketts if elected does live in Omaha, but some of the out state Repubs might take that to mean ricketts will remain the big city omahan that he is.

  2. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Ricky, you just beat yourself up time and time again. Why wouldn’t voter want more of what we have from Heineman? Heineman has a ridiculously high approval rating. I won’t quote an exact number because I haven’t seen the latest but the last time I heard, it was 70ish%.

    In conclusion, if voters want more of what we statistically approve of, yes Nebraska voters will elect Ricketts. Sorry not sorry.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You know, Hitler had high approval ratings too! (And before the idiots on this site jump to the conclusion that I’m comparing Heine to Hitler, let me make it clear that all I am saying is that approval rates say nothing about the person, but maybe say a lot about those giving the approval.)

  4. Who cares where he lives says:

    Nelson didn’t live in the mansion and Kerry was a part timer at best.

    Hassebrook will mean higher taxes and higher utility bills. Yes, I said utility bills. This guy would love to enact a forced RES in this state meaning all of the generating utilities would have to produce a certain amount of electricity from renewable fuels. Now OPPD is well on their way there under their own terms. But some of your smaller ones, take Hastings for example, simply don’t have the resources to convert their stations. So their ratepayers would have to pay for it.

  5. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Actually, Hastings already has renewable energy. Rate payers used to be able to specify that they wanted to use “renewable energy” for part of their electricity and would voluntarily pay a higher rate for a portion of their use. The local utility ended the program and diverted all renewably generated electricity to street and traffic lights.

    Kind of a farce, the utility company was just trying to get people to voluntarily cover their cost of “upgrading” to renewable energy sources.

  6. Tonic & Tonic says:

    ironically, none of the “responsibly” sourced electricity powered Insane Jane’s renewable energy barn (which uses evil, cancer causing, earth raping fossil fuels)

  7. Where's my tax cut says:

    Ricketts wants to drop the assessment on farm land from the current 75 percent of valuation to 65 percent. Hello! He opposes raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $8, but is happy to hand out market-distorting giveaways to farmers? Trying to buy the rural vote — which he did so poorly with in May? Advocates the type of tax policy that has gotten Kansas into such financial trouble? Will take the votes of Nebraskans, but won’t live in the governor’s mansion? It’s offensive to have a candidate who’s too good to live in the house that taxpayers provide.

  8. WSJ and Nebraska Breakfast says:

    As I read that story, I really wished that the reporter would have mentioned that when Ben Nelson was still in the Senate, HE was the joke…with his vote for ObamaCare and his selling of his vote for the Cornhusker Kickback. Ben Nelson is still a joke.

  9. Anonymous says:

    10:59. Well that’s voters for you. Obama got the majority vote twice as President and now his approval ratings are down. However, Heineman’s approval is high. And yet from that you surmise “approval rates say nothing about the person, but maybe say a lot about those giving the approval.”

    You mean Nebraskans? You don’t like Democracy? Or you don’t like most Nebraskans?

    This is a Republic with indirect representation that begs our appreciation that voting is our only way to steer our government, and then only via Democracy on Election Day. After that, we are back to being a Republic until the next election. Despite this reality, however, the Democratic Party embraces within its own name the idea that a majority should rule. The majority of Nebraskans think you are wrong about Heineman.

  10. Who cares where he lives says:

    @ Tonic & Tonic: Well crap…pick another utility then that generates 🙂

    And I still say who cares if Pete lives in the mansion or not….Ben Nelson didn’t and Kerrey barely did.

  11. It/s one thing says:

    to quietly not actually live in the governor’s mansion full time, and a completely different thing to publicly state that you won’t. A candidate for governor should be willing to walk the walk of the office he seeks. This makes it look like Pete, in true billionaire style, is too good to do what every other governor has done.. The public expects a certain style from a governor — the idea of accessibility and the “I’m one of you” attitude. Pete made a stupid, unforced error on this mansion thing, He keeps TELLING us he’s one kind of guy, but his words and actions show that he’s another kind of guy altogether. The rich truly are different from you and me..

  12. Anonymous says:

    What a pitiful statement that someone who has been in Congress 16 years has to try to shore up Sarpy County by appealing to veterans which by now should be his solid base of support. With all the focus on veterans it suggests that even that base is in jeopardy. We have a border that is wide open. Where is Lee Terry on that one? As for the ad? It looks like any other political ad. When is Lee Terry going to have a solid message of what he intends to do if re-elected? To date there has been none.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    Have you seen that mansion? Yikes. Does it look like Graceland on the inside, too? Actually, I appreciate Ricketts not sticking me with the bill for heating that monstrous eyesore. The Left is just mad because they won’t be permitted to stalk Pete with flashlights at his real home.

  14. Anonymous says:

    NE Democrats aren’t donating to Brad Ashford because they know he’s is a loser.

    Brad lost the 1994 Republican primary to Jon Christensen.
    Brad came in 4th in the 2013 Omaha mayoral primary.

  15. anonymous says:

    Tha mansion, like the capital itself, and parts of the NU campus, are ridiculous eyesores. Raze them all. Build something worth keeping. Or just use and churn commercial real estate.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Anon 6:09 a.m.: The “capital” is an eyesore? You’re kidding, right? It’s one of the best architectural designs of all State Capitols. Regarding Ricketts moving into the Mansion: maybe it’s more about the fact that their school-age kids are right at the point that it is hard to uproot them from the activities and associations they have made in their schools in Omaha. Many families that have a job change are sensitive to this and some decide to let a spouse stay in the existing home until the kids get through school or are at a point between grade school and junior high or jr. high and high school where they can make a clean break. If Ricketts’ oldest kids are in high school it makes sense not to uproot them and make them start all over in a new high school.

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