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As we noted on our Twitter feed on Friday (which we know you follow, right?) the Republican Governors Association has a new ad up knocking Democrat Nebraska Governor candidate Chuck Hassebrook.
See it here:

Here’s the thing: We expect to hear Hassebrook complaining about this ad and Who paid for it? and, oh they are just being negative, and yadda, yadda, yadda.

But really, isn’t this a positive ad for Hassebrook?
Aren’t these all the things that he is pumping himself to show what a caring soul he is?
They are all his positions. These are things he wants to do as Governor.

And in a somewhat bizarro, but still believable, world doesn’t Hassebrook make the exact same ad, but say that Pete Ricketts is against all of these issues on immigration?

And then he can add the tag line that “Pete Ricketts is too conservative for Nebraska!

This is one of those stark lines that voters can view. Hassebrook (and the President) support all of those items.
Are you for or against?
Take your pick.


And oh lordy, Brad Ashford put our his first real positive ad.
If you haven’t see it, be prepared. Here it is:

Apparently Ashford is/was a runner. Well, jogger.
And that’s great. Hurrah for him.

But we have a little news for Brad.
Joggers aren’t…elegant.

They’re horky-dorky looking (Yes that’s an adjective. Look it up.)
Don’t believe us? Take a look here:

Ashford dance on Make A Gif

This isn’t Usain Bolt sprinting like a gazelle across the Old Market.
This isn’t Forrest Gump trotting by the mountain lake.
This isn’t even guy who is trying to make his plane across the airline terminal.

This is funky old dude, wearing short-shorts, doing that heel-to-toe jog that may be correct form for a distance runner, but just does not look graceful.

And then who thought THIS would be a nice image for the voters?

What sort of trouble did you have to get into to get THAT position as a staffer?
OK, who wants ass duty? It’s gonna be flappy and unpleasant, but SOMEONE has to do it! Now step up!

This is one of those ads where the visuals overtake any message they hope to convey. All the viewer is left with is “old guy running” (and we don’t mean to be pejorative about Brad’s age, but he is the one making us look at this). Yeah, yeah, we get the “running across Omaha” and the “running for office” metaphor. Very enlightening.

But the fact that Ashford is a runner does nothing for us as far as his message or positions or anything else.
It’s just, “Dude who may be healthy, but looks really uncomfortable.

And now you’ll NEVER be able to get those images above out of your head…


At the conclusion of oral arguments for the Keystone XL Pipeline, we were surprised by one line from Deputy Attorney General Katherine Spohn at the concluding press scrum:

“Let’s be honest, nobody wants a pipeline to go through their land.”

First off, Nice job Katie. So are you trying to show how balanced you are, or are you gunning for a gig in Domina’s office after he loses the Senate race?

But beyond what a goofy PR move, how about the crux of the statement?

Nobody wants the pipeline through their land?

How about the vast majority who realize that the pipe is safe and worthwhile for Nebraskans and the United States?
How about those who follow what University of Nebraska hydrologist Jim Goeke said, and know that the Ogallala aquifer will be safe?

How about the over 90% of landowners who HAVE ALREADY SIGNED ON to having the pipe go through their land???!

Oh. so there is SOMEBODY who wants a safe pipeline to go through their land.
90% of those somebodies.

So let us please stop bending over backwards to appease the lefties out there who have the time to show up at a judicial hearing (where their bumper sticker advocacy makes nary a difference) in their brand new printed “Big Oil Big Sucks” t-shirts.

We all know this isn’t about “landowners’ rights”.
It is about a far far left wing agenda to move people to an agrarian society where people ride windmills to work and have “cars” made out of renewable bark.

Oh, and by the way, these are the same people who think it’s horrible for a company from the North to ask permission to come into the U.S. and Nebraska, but it’s really cool to leave the gate wide open for anyone to walk into the U.S. from the South.

Interesting, that.


  1. Rocky Balboa says:

    Infringement rights!! That’s my scene. I want Ashford for one last fight in the Civic Auditorium.

    Yo Adrian, let’s do Nebraskaland days soon!

  2. Fort Street Fury says:

    No doubt that Insane Jane and the Boldies love property owners’ rights. They are all for property owners’ right to have illegal immigrants trespass on said property whilst on their way to illegally rent property from a property owner in Fremont.

    The boldies also love property owners so much that they want what they (the boldies) think is best for the owners. Bolides think it’s best if the property owners don’t have a pipeline running through their land so there you have it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jane sure is wringing out every last 15 minutes of fame that she can get. Hopefully once the pipeline is built she will move on to greener pastures.

  4. Fort Street Fury says:

    I would be perfectly happy if those pastures took her out of Nebraska, but with Scotty’s business getting all this gubment subsidy ca$$h, I don’t see them going anywhere

  5. Ricky says:

    Cry as much as you want Mr Street Sweeper; the fact is about 100 land owners refuse to let the foreign country take their land, and the Keystone pipeline, if not on death’s door, then it’s got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.
    It sure smarts to the rightys than Jane and Bold Nebraska defeated TransCanada, Lee Terry, Dave Heineman, Jon Bruning, et al.
    It will take time, but the readers of L Street will get over this.


    PS a special anti-pipeline shout out to Jim Smith of Papio and the Nebraska legislature for passing LB 1161, which put the nail in the coffin of the Keystone pipeline.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fort: Why oh why don’t we have any media in this State that can put the puzzle pieces together. Scott K., former part-time college instructor, now land owner after riding the green money boondoggle.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Those who are against the pipeline help fund Islamic terror and do so on Buffett’s behalf.

    They don’t let us drill for our oil in the Alaska mud flats and they don’t let us run Canadian oil down to our gulf refineries via a pipeline. They force Americans to keep buying oil that funds head-sawing Islamists in the Middle East.

    He who benefits most from having no pipeline is Buffett. A delightful irony. For while plenty of Republicans want to be Buffett, it is mostly wealth-sharing leftist environmental Democrats who are buffing Buff’s coins for him, keeping his rail-oil disaster-on-wheels from having competition that is obviously environmentally safer, since it isn’t hurtling across the countryside on steel rails.

  8. Oh, my sides says:

    Funny stuff, Sweeper! Something I noticed. Senator Jeremy Nordquist is one of the runners in there. So it wasn’t even a “staff” thing, it was a “who-could-possibly-want-to-go-on-camera-to-do-this” thing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well, since Lieutenant Governor candidates don’t matter at all, I assume it won’t be necessary for Pete Ricketts to dump Lavon Heidemann as his running mate after Heidemann’s sister got a protection order against him.

  10. Once again, you have to wonder about the basic competence of the yahoos running the Nebraska Republican Party. No one knew Heidemann had a bitter dispute with his family over land? Did anyone ask?

  11. Anonymous says:

    @Gerard Harbison,

    Ricketts knew, if you look at the attorney’s who represented Heidemann, they were Ricketts’ attorneys. They would have had to disclose any possible conflicts of interest before accepting representation of Heidemann to both Ricketts and Heidemann. Ricketts thought his attorneys could get Heidemann out of this, nope.

  12. MoneyBag$ Pete says:

    Just a note to let L Street readers how it’s going out on the campaign trail. Well, we hit a little speed bump with this Heidemann abuse of his sister thing.
    I kinda knew when looking at the guy he was kind of a hot-head, but when you have as much money as my campaign does you tend to over look some little details.
    Anyway my campaign staff told me to go out to the media and say we are praying for Heidemann’s family. I usually don’t pray but my handlers say Republicans will bite on this type of response.
    Man I hope when my family goes to split up Papa Joes estate, we don’t act like my Lt Governor does. And his was small potatoes compared to our fortune. I think the Ricketts family will be fine, but I do wonder about that one sister of ours.
    I suppose know our super secret PACS will have to come out with some ads featuring sweet little old ladies and lots of women now. Maybe I’ll have to make a donation to the Womens fund or something.
    Well that’s about it, gotta go talk to my staff now about what to do.

    Pete from Omaha

  13. Anonymous says:

    Rough couple of years for Heineman!
    Many of his appointments are complete clusters. Two lt. Governors and of course the unfortunate election commissioner we have in Douglas county.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ashford’s ad is different and better than the some ole bugle playing, flag waving, yadda, yadda, yadda ad we are always treated to unless it is a bunch of veterans telling me how swell their guy is when he’s perceived as being MIA for 16 years. Then there’s the Daddy’s rich boy trying to tell me he’s a “real” world politician as opposed to the unreal world politician. Somehow seeing this guy standing there in a barn jacket looking like the odd guy out isn’t exactly the makings of a great ad not to mention his choice to follow in the event he is unable to finish his term. Cue the bugles.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, Chuck Hassebrook posts an Onion article on his Facebook page making fun of rich CEO Dads and their sons saying it reminds him of someone. Real classy. Not the level of maturity I would expect from a potential Governor referencing Onion articles and all. What’s next? Mad Magazine?

  16. Bob Loblaw says:

    Well, if you had the lieutenant governor resigning 7 weeks from the election for beating up his sister congrats. You win the how is the GOP going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory pool.

  17. perspective says:

    In 1999, attorney Mike Johanns (JD) was ELECTED NE Gov. In 2001, Academy grad Heineman (BS) was APPOINTED Lt Gov and in 2005 was APPOINTED Governor. In 2005, Heinemann (BS) APPOINTED paramedic Rick Sheehy (HS) Lt Gov. In 2013, Heineman APPOINTED farmer Lavon Heidemann (HS) Lt Gov. In 2014, Pete Ricketts (MBA) APPOINTED Lt. Gov. Heidemann (HS) as his running mate for Lt. Gov.; on the surface a safe bet. But in 2014, just days after the deadline for Ricketts to dump Heidemann off the ticket, Heidemann’s sister takes out a restraining order on Heidemann.

    That is the problem with appointees. They circumvent the harsh campaigning that surgically digs out what voters need to know. There is no better vetting of a candidate for all voters than his opponent digging up his dirt. But of course, this Heidemann thing is emergent. Unless his sister is a Democrat, this is dumb luck for Hassebrook who cannot be raised any higher but benefits by this potentially lowering his GOP opponent. Stuff happens. Things emerge that hurt our state and our governor must deal with it. How Ricketts deals with this is part of a healthy process of voters vetting candidates. Yet this matter doesn’t help voters vette Hassebrook, who may actually be worse than Heidemann; both of whom do in fact happen to share an uncanny lack of educational related character.

    Heidemann and Hassebrook lack the advanced degrees that would allow them to legally teach in the schools they had the audacity to deem themselves fit to rule, as School Board/Regent. Drunken voters love that sort of hollywood comeuppance (as when the rude dimwit spanks the professor). But when sober, many voters don’t want these relatively ignorant Heidemanns and Hassebrooks teaching their kids. All politicians are egotistical but this sort of blatancy is disturbing. – These men also exemplify how NE politics has over the years grown less educated. And that too is disturbing.

    While education doesn’t make anyone good, a lack of a higher degree in those who pose themselves as the average voters’ betters, signals too little effort and too much ego and thus a dangerous expediency.

    Johanns and Ricketts both have advanced degrees. Johanns’ amounts to a Masters in Law, Ricketts a Masters in Business. Heineman with only a BS, appointed two HS guys as Lt Gov., both of whom foolishly treat women as every politician knows he mustn’t. Hassebrook too has a rudimentary BA arts degree. However, this is all now in voter’s hands. Ricketts is stuck with his chosen albatross and how Ricketts with his MBA deals with this is instructive for voters. And rightly so.

  18. Bob Loblaw says:

    Brilliant choice picking Foley. I can’t think of any candidate more squeaky clean than him. It’s who I supported for Governor in the first place. I went from being a tepid Rucketts voter to being a donor to his campaign. If he lets Foley take rebuild HHS, like he can better than anyone else, Foley could be the most influential LG in our states history.

  19. Anon. says:

    If any pipeline fighter drives a fossil fueling burning machine – instead of a horse – to the Neligh concert, then they are a hypocrite.

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