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Foley  - semiformal 02FWIW, we are hearing Mike Foley for the new Ricketts pick.

Could be off, we’ll know in a half hour (1:30pm CST).

Stay tuned.

**UPDATE at 1:30**

And Pete confirms it.

Oh, and our suggestion is now let Foley and his brood live in the McMansion in Lincoln…


  1. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunate that ballot will still say Heideman . Reminding voters of Pete’s first choice who had to resign because of allegations of assaulting a woman. Wonder how Foley feels about being second choice?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Old Streetsweeper: Absolutely no one cares who the lieutenant gov candidate is.

    New Streetsweeper: Hey guys, guess who the new lieutenant gov candidate is!

  3. Yeah 3:29, it’s like this was just your regular, normal Nominate your Lt. Gov – nominee gets a court order against him – nominee resigns both his current office and his nomination – then current Gov candidate finds new Lt. Gov nominee – though the previous Lt. Gov nominee will still be on the ballot.
    Just run of the mill stuff.
    I don’t know why we even brought it up.

  4. Ricky says:

    Although Mr Ricketts SAYS Mr Foley is his running mate it’s not legally binding.
    In the unfortunate situation that Mr Ricketts gets elected he could appoint anybody he wanted as the number 2.
    Ricketts could appoint Charlie Janssen or one of those far right people serving on his Platte River Institute.
    This is a big problem for MoneyBag$ Pete.

  5. Anonymous says:

    After the Heideman fiasco, Pete decided to think “what would Dave do?” And then did the exact opposite and picked Foley.

  6. anonymous says:

    Whose job is it to be on top of stuff like this? Why wasn’t that job being done? It’s the Department of Corrections all over again.

  7. anonymous says:

    TA, Catholic is a problem how, exactly? I get that you are indifferent to religion, that’s your right. It’s selective indifference to some religion – some more than others – that I’m curious about.

  8. Lil Mac says:

    Why pick Foley for Lt Gov.? Like Ricketts, Foley has an MBA with executive experience. A finance analyst for NPPD, the Natnl Assn of Regulatory Commissioners, consultant with Kirschner Assocs, etc. Nebraska is, after all, a huge entity fueled by taxpayer money. Between managing a big corporation (Ricketts) and executive finances (Foley) the skills rather well fit the job of governance.

    Then too, Tom Osborn had previously endorsed Foley for Governor, calling Foley an “honorable man”. So Tom’s happy. But Foley brings something more to this race than just goodwill and executive experience. He brings political chops.

    Foley was a NE State Senator from Lincoln, NE, reelected by 70%. Then, as State Auditor, only four years ago in 2010, Foley beat his opponent for reelection by 80% statewide, which means 345,436 Nebraskans voted for Foley. That’s one helluva lot of NE voters who have already voted for Foley at least once, and it wasn’t that long ago. For perspective, this year Ricketts won a six-way GOP primary by 57,922 votes. And for even more perspective, the last time Hassebrook ran for Regent, eight years ago, unopposed, he only got 36,945 votes.

    Picking Foley makes sense. And Ricketts didn’t dawdle about it. Lavon Heidemann is a sour lemon for sure, but it seems Ricketts is out to make lemonade with the Foley pick.

  9. @ricky says:

    I doubt Janssen would want to be lieutenant gov. He is about to be elected to his own statewide constitutional office with a better salary where he is his own boss.

    Btw ricky, far right charlie janssen is about to be elected auditor. Chew on that at supper.

  10. holyrollercoaster says:

    Foley is indeed very catholic. And Ricketts is very Catholic too. But Hassebrook is very Lutheran. Perhaps we can work this into a remake of the Reformation? 100 Years War? No?

    Heineman is very Methodist, Heidemann very Lutheran and Rick Sheehy moderately Catholic because he’s divorced. But Johanns is very Catholic and soon to be replaced by either the very Lutheran Ben Sasse, or by Dave Domina who keeps his religious preferences beyond our ability to discover, which may mean he is that dreaded “A” thing (and I don’t men “anathema”) that one cannot mention in a statewide NE race without being pig-gutted by NE voters. RWP gets away with it but he’s not running. For most candidates, it simply pays to be devoutly “very” something. Voters prefer the illusion of humility in their power seekers.

    However the specific problem mentioned here was Ricketts’ new running mate is “very Catholic”.

    Mr. José Herrero each year puts up a “belén” (Nativity scene) in his parish church. He traveled to Madrid, toured Italy and visited the Holy Land to hone his skills. Says, “Herrero’s ambition is someday to have the biggest belén in the US in Lincoln, Nebraska.” Last Dec, 2013, Herrero told a local newsman, “This is like a toy for everyone to enjoy, that at the same time has an evangelical message.” — Evangelical? I’d say that is “very Catholic”. And me may have some influence over the other Lt. Gov. candidate, don’t you think?

  11. anonymous says:

    Um no. Yay for religion. Yay for no religion. Yay for declines to state. Yay for something at a right angle to any conceivable religious or philosophical opinion or lack of such. But no, No, NO to bigotry, from TA or anyone. Run your race, get elected, practice whatever but do your damn job and obey the law. That seems simple enough for current elected officials, candidates for office and the average jane or joe. Or so one would think.

  12. anonymous says:

    Wrong Anon. Religions are not of one mind re/the sanctity of life. Besides, there are pro-choice Republicans who make their claim a matter of personal, religious conviction. I think they are as wrong as any Democrat too. Painting all Democrats as irreligious because of abortion is factually incorrect and logically inconsistent.

  13. Fantasy Football Leah says:

    The party-like atmosphere accepting the resignation of Heideman was sickening. His sister fears for her life because of his violent outbursts and Pete puts on a rally . Who green lit that? Unbelievable. It would be like the Ravens having a Bernard Pierce celebration to sell tickets at the Ray Rice press conference. Tacky. And yes I just compared Mike Foley to Bernard Pierce.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Meaty conversation, people. Bravo.

    Assuming the “very catholic” jibe was an oblique reference to the abortion issue, that reference is partially valid but only partially so.

    While catholic Liberal Democrats are likely to have different secular views than a catholic Conservative Republicans, the Catholic church in fact plays secular political hardball by officially opposing all forms of government sponsored abortion. But not to the same bloody degree that Moslems play politics by following Mohammed’s example of beheading helpless prisoners. – It isn’t about what we think or believe but rather how we react, as Abe Lincoln said, with either Ballots or Bullets.

    All belief impacts all policy. It may be reasoned hypothesis or blind hope but it is all in the foggy future. Yet human nature demands impossibly simple answers to a complex world, and craves one-size-fits all solutions, federal and religious, up until they chafe us. How we react to that painful chafing is far more pivotal to successful civilization than all the one-size-fits-all solutions ever dreamed up. And thus people protesting for or against any issue, sans bloodshed, shouldn’t bother us, while every godly and ungodly people who behead other people with whom they disagree, should.

    People are complicated; freedom isn’t. Your freedom is exactly as much as the freedom you allow your neighbor with whom you disagree. A concept as simple as it is hard to swallow. Most human belief systems from Communism and Fascism to Thuggee and Islamism have crushed dissent (individual freedom) in the name of forcing one-size onto different sized people else death. The alternative is faith in participatory government, Representativedemocracyism if you will, which puts your vote ahead of all earthly tyrants and relegates heavenly gods to a non-bloodthirsty role. I’d call that the true American religion but is more than that.

  15. TexasAnnie says:

    And Bravo to you, Anonymous @ 8:27! The Catholic Church does indeed play hardball when it comes to secular issues. And Foley is a loyal Catholic. I don’t get being accused of bigotry for stating the obvious. So for those of you who read bigotry into what I wrote, please read again.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Catholic, or whatever faith, is treating others as you wish to be treated. Although some such as Mike Foley profess to be a strong Catholic by attending daily Mass and being pro life, his audits suggest a strong will and unkind method of rolling out a cannon to shoot the fly off the wall. I have never experienced this personally, but only know of what media tells me and personal accounts from others. Granted he find tax waste, but more than once he has been criticized by the governor and others as being heavy handed in his tactics. Likewise, you also don’t use people for political intent to bolster your confidence to run for office and finally making a decision then drop them to run to those you already had in place from day one as your campaign team such that Foley does with no regard. Not sure how Catholic that is, but it seems hypocritical to play the holy card as it applies to a fetus, but when dealing with adults you become a wee bit puckered in using what little power you have to seemingly be a big man while using others to suit your own agenda.

  17. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymous @ 10:57:
    I thought my use of ellipsis plainly signaled the unknown effect of Foley’s Catholicism.

    Anonymous @ 11:49:
    I knew the governor doesn’t like Foley looking over the state accounts; of whom do you speak that Foley dropped? I reassert by belief that Foley is trustworthy.

  18. Texas Annie says:

    You are Catholic or you are not. Kinda like you can not be kinda pregnant. You can be a to the letter Catholic or a cafeteria type but the still are all Catholic. Very Catholic implies something negative. If feeds the left’s narrative that having deep faith is something to be ashamed of. Do you call your fat friends very fat? Will you call an African American very black? Maybe bigotry is cool in all hat and now cattle country, but now here.

    Now piss off Y’all

  19. Ricky says:

    Great job by Hassebrook today at his press conference. If Mr Ricketts can not follow the law then how does he expect the rest of Nebraska to follow the law?
    The Ricketts campaign knew of the Heidemann’s troubles, but gambled and lost.
    Now he needs to face the music. John Gale will not allow Foley to be on the ticket.
    And if Foley’s name is not on the ticket, Ricketts is not legally bound to Foley, and can pick anybody he wants at Lt Gov should he win.
    This is a huge problem. Get ready to say “Governor Hassebrook”!

    Ricky From Omaha

  20. Ricky says:

    Mr Gale was the guy who said the language on the fake horse racing amendment was valid. Turns out the courts thought otherwise.
    I predict Gale’s ruling on Foley being on the ballot will be challenged by the Dems, and the Dems will turn out to win this argument.


  21. NE Voter says:

    It’s OK if you are a Republican Secretary of State.

    In Nebraska, Repub. Sec. of State John Gale allows Heidemann’s name to be removed from the November ballot and Rebublican Foley’s name placed on the ballot, even though the deadline for substitution of candidates has passed.

    Meanwhile, in Kansas, Republican Sec. of State Kolbach refuses to remove the name of the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senator from the ballot even though the Dem nominee has withdrawn from the race, and where the incumbent Senator Pat Roberts’ polls are sinking.

    Go figure.

    Wake up, people!

  22. Ricky says:

    Well I am not doing too good on my predictions today.
    Maybe somebody will challenge the Gale ruling.
    Maybe my friends at the ACLU will challenge.
    And very good point NE Voter at 2 54.
    This thing stinks to high heaven. Ricketts looks foolish, but maybe the GOP will elect him no matter what.
    What a country.

    ricky from omaha

  23. To Ricky says:

    Ricky the ballot issue is over, by the time it gets to the Supreme Court the election will be over and votes will be counted. If we have learned anything from Bush v Gore (2000) it’s that once votes are cast and counted, there is no turning back my friend.

  24. TexasAnnie says:

    Life savings are one thing. But will you trust Foley with your ‘separation of church and state’?

    I reemphasize my belief that Foley is trustworthy, as I stated above a couple of times. Problem is, and I’m being both clear and concise with this statement, Foley’s Catholicism bleeds into his public policy, as witnessed while he was in the unicameral. Too often, notions of tolerance overtake notions of liberty.

  25. anonymous says:

    TA, if Foley’s Catholicism bleeds into his public policy – much as your leanings, which I can’t quite figure out, but much as your leanings bleed into your public policy – so what? Run for public office and balance the Foleys out. Crowing about Foley’s public Catholicism here accomplishes nothing.

  26. Anonymous says:

    TA, where has Foley’s Catholicism bled into his policy in an inappropriate way? Has he violated the constitution in advancing tennets of his faith? If not, then he just has some positions you disagree with. If he doesn’t push unconstitutional acts, then why does it matter if his faith informs his policy? If you don’t like his policies, don’t vote for him.

    FWIW, I’m what you would likely call “very” Catholic. There are good non-religious arguments against abortion and same sex marriage. I happen to be very pro-life, but I don’t have a problem with the state recognizing same sex unions.

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