New TV, radio and Lieutenant Governor

Lee Terry and Brad Ashford each have new TV spots out — Ashford his recent negative spot, and Terry TWO TV ads.
We are going to intersperse them through this post, lest they get too cumbersome for you to handle in a bunch (sort of like going back and forth to bring the groceries in).

First the new Terry TV spot, here:

This is the second spot in a row featuring a testimonial from a constituent. This one, talking about how Terry has helped to create the local radio act (the last being the Veterans ad).

While this one isn’t quite as powerful as the last one (helping “everything” might be just a little bit of hyperbole), it is still a very good spot on the positives Terry has done in Congress.

It is always better to have someone else sell you.

We are now looking forward to Terry’s negative ads on Ashford!

(Terry also has a radio spot up based on this ad. You can hear it here.)


People don’t vote for Lieutenant Governor any more than they vote for Vice President – — and frankly much less. And realistically very very few people even KNOW who the Lieutenant is, let alone think about them when they vote.

That being said, there was certainly potential for this one to be screwed up.

Had Lavon Heideman’s name been left on the ballot as Pete Rickett’s choice for Lieutenant Gov, Ricketts would have needed to constantly say, “No! No! It’s really Mike Foley! And you KNOW Mike Foley!”

With Secretary of State Gale’s decision to put Foley’s name on the ballot, Foley will go back to being that one guy who did a lot of press conferences. And then there is that other guy running for Governor who probably has a Lieutenant Governor candidate as well, but damned if I know his name.

(It’s a her? Huh. How about that. Well there ya go.)

Frankly right now, we would be curious to know Chuck Hassebrook’s name ID. In this Governor’s race, people are voting For or Against Pete. The concept of Chuck Hassebrook is sort of just floating out there.

That being said, if Heideman’s name was still on the ballot, that would have created a bit of a screwy issue people would talk about. The Foley pick was a good move to head that off. Now it is not an issue.

And we know people want to talk about what a great or horrible guy Foley is or was or will be, etc. etc. Knock yourselves out. But just know that voters will be choosing the top of the line. Any help or hurt Foley would provide will likely be a wash.


Hey Brad Ashford went negative right away in his race to represent the 2nd District in Congress.
See it here:

Oh look, he went after the government shutdown thing! WHO could have seen THAT coming???
It is already a tired repeat.

The other stuff? Meh.
Does ANYONE think Terry is out there actively fighting against Veterans?

Ashford is out there cherry-picking some vote where Terry wanted a different version of a bill, so voted against this one. The idea that he voted to “cut veterans care” is high school student council race stuff.

Of course the best thing about this ad is that we don’t have to get the POV of jogging behind Brad.
And for that, we say, Thank You State Senator Ashford.


Terry also has ANOTHER new TV ad up.
See it here:

Nice summary of stuff Lee has done. Voters like to tick off reasons in their head to vote for someone.

This ad putts a bullet point list in their brains that they will go through when their standing in the booth with a Number 2 pencil in their hand. This is good stuff with more to come.


And we see that former Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle endorsed Brad Ashford.


But this line from the OWH story is the one that cracks us up:

Ashford, who has changed parties several times in his three-decade political career, subsequently became a Democrat and is now challenging Republican Rep. Lee Terry.

Several times.




  1. Pseudo-Sweeper:

    I met Foley at a little funder-mixer-thingie during the primary season and, Annie’s religious bigotry notwithstanding, found him serious, knowledgeable, and … well … decent. He talked and answered questions for more than an hour, never mentioning religion except to state simply that he was a Catholic christian and pro-life, but didn’t believe in mixing faith with public service. When characterizing his faith, the word “very” never came up ….

    Did I vote for him in the primary? Uhhh …. no …. he’s a great Ed McMahon, but a Johnny Carson he ain’t … if you get my drift.

    He’s quiet and somewhat self-effacing and will likely be a nice counterpoint to Pete’s brash, glad-handing style, though, as you state, no one but his family votes for a lieutenant-governor.

    BTW, do you have the real Sweeper tied up in a secret room in the basement? Or did you just pay him/her off to get out of town? Curious minds want to know.

  2. Lil Mac says:

    UW, well said. But I’d add that Foley, whom I also have never voted for, comes to this with the most incumbent political experience of all 4 contending for Gov/Lt Gov. His time on the Judiciary and other committees is a valuable insight into state government that you just don’t get from the outside. Governors don’t govern in a vacuum. Ricketts was faced with the Lavon problem and reacted quickly with what seems a good Lt Gov. pick, who balances the ticket better than Lavon. Ricketts will benefit from Foley’s insight into the bizarre mind-view of the only one-legged state Legislature in America.

    Terry’s TV ad isn’t about telecom legislation. It is a Black CEO saying Terry WROTE (underlined) the legislation that helped the Black CEO. It speaks volumes about Terry doing real work, not just showing up and voting. And it gives a positive view of Black Success that stands in stark opposition to both Ferguson’s misery and the unpopular Obama. Such subtly in campaign ads isn’t there by accident. Government policy should be so well crafted.

    Brad Ashford made a mistake by going after Terry’s veteran support. First, Terry’s father, Leland Terry, was a well known local Army war vet and TV announcer. Brad’s “my dad the war hero” crap lacks sticking power against Terry’s Legion Commander dad. Plus, veterans are one of Terry’s strongest areas in Congress. He has no problem getting veteran support. Brad is kicking Lee in Lee’s strength. And that suggests Brad isn’t as smart as Brad should be. As the OWH noted, Ashford has been in several different parties “several” times. So if he isn’t a flibbertigibbet, he’s some sort of lost.

  3. anonymous says:

    Lee Terry’s dad is/was a vet – yay. That doesn’t make Terry a vet – not that being a supportive bystander is bad. Be cautious about waving the flag – it belongs to everyone, deserved or not.

  4. Ricky says:

    I met Mike Foley and he is a good guy. He is a Catholic and I am an atheist but we could possibly still get along. A Lt Gov can not get anti women legislation passed the Unicameral . KraZy Kintner tried that last session for Ne Right to Life and it went nowhere.
    Hopefully that movement is dead in Ne.
    But that is not the issue in this case.
    Mr Ricketts showed how messed up this administration could be. And also showed how Mr Ricketts seems to think money can buy your way out of anything. It looks to me like Ricketts and Gale had discussions weeks ago about how this could play out.
    Noting that Mr Ricketts gave plenty of money to the Gale for Sec of St race.
    What I am wondering is how feckless is the Ne Democratic Party that they would take Gales ruling lying done.
    Either the party is incompetent or they want Foley in the ticket. What’s up Ne Dems?

    Ricky from Omaha

  5. Anonymous says:

    What’s up NE Dems? Indeed.

    Neither Hassebrook nor the head of the NDP will challenge Gale’s decision. Ouch. That’s like getting bitch slapped and saying thanks for it.

    Hassebrook says, “I choose to take the case of my election to the people of Nebraska. But this presents another example of how one-party rule has resulted in a culture of arrogant leaders that see themselves above the law.”

    What an idiot. NE has a nonpartisan Unicameral and has had as many Democratic Governors and US Senators as it has had Republicans. Exon, Kerrey and Nelson come to mind, and whatever Hagel is.

    Maybe SS is right. Maybe Buffett and Baby Buff engineered this foreordained tragedy and now calmly watch as pitiful Quasimodo screams incoherently and then hangs himself with the bell rope.

  6. Lil Mac says:

    #3, I have seen combat. I don’t wave the flag. Too many of my friends have been wrapped in it.

    Terry didn’t mention his father, I did. Brad made Brad’s own father the focus of Brad’s TV ad.

    Neither Lee nor Brad have served in uniform. And neither has 80% of Congress and 90% of Americans. Yet everyone loves to trot out vets on Memorial Day and then use VA hospitals as non-eligible bum sumps that squeeze out the less than half of VA patients who were actually hurt on active duty.

    The few of us who serve just cannot bleed enough to make voters wiser than they are. When we return to civilian life, we do our best to muddle through the politics, as does everyone else.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Interesting all the chatter about Foley’s religion and not a word about his saving hundreds, thousands and millions of tax dollars. Why the man walk on water! Talk to someone who has had him come into their office on a “professional” audit. Hilter comes to mind. I’d say Kerry Winterer is a decent individual who Foley made sport of constant discrediting with his grandstanding press conferences. What commandment is it to publicly humiliate those who you feel are wrong? As the saying goes, “Who died and made him God?” Maybe that’s why there’s so much talk of Foley’s religion.

  8. Fort Street Fury says:

    Kerry Winterer (poltergeist, anyone?) is one guy for whom I feel no sympathy.

    There’s plenty of heads that need to roll in NE DHHS, but being as it is seemingly impossible to get fired from a state job I suppose humiliation will have to do. When an organization fails as often as DHHS has, its leader must expect the heat to come back on him or her. As they say: you can delegate authority, not responsibility.

  9. Fire Him Already says:

    Governor Heinemann should have fired Winterer a long time ago, and one has to wonder what kind of photos Winterer has that protects him from being fired from DHHS.

  10. LukeinNE says:

    Coming into this election season, I thought the Republicans were in deep danger of losing both NE-2 and the Governor’s mansion. After seeing the opening advertising salvos, I don’t think that anymore. The Democrats’ ads have thus far been bland and formulaic at best, awkward and weird (nice jogging shorts, Brad) at worst. I don’t like either Ricketts or Terry, but the electorate in both cases is right-leaning and it’d take a good Democratic candidate to unseat them. Hassebrook and Ashford don’t qualify.

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