New #NE02 and #NEGOV spots!

Lee Terry has a new TV spot out.
See it here:

This is Terry’s 3rd testimonial ad and again, it is solid.

The Veteran speaking makes it clear that he backs Terry and all of Terry’s work for Vets.
And we are sure that Terry has other ads ready to roll, but we would suggest that he cannot go wrong with an ad showing his support for the military. It is a no-brainer, and these days, we would also suggest that Lee letting other people do the talking ain’t a bad idea either.


Chuck Hassebrook, who early on had promoted his idea of an all positive campaign has his SECOND negative ad out against Pete Ricketts.

See it here:

The funny thing is all of this has already been refuted by Ricketts. You look to see what he has proposed and what is on his website and it’s none of this stuff. Hassebrook feels he has some sort of ace in the hole with the Platte Institute stuff, but it won’t fly.

We will let the Ricketts camp continue…

False Claim #1: Chuck’s ad says Ricketts is making false attacks.Fact: Ricketts has yet to run an ad mentioning his opponent. His radio and television ads have focused solely on his own qualifications for being governor and why he has earned the support of groups like the Nebraska Farm Bureau and Nebraska Cattlemen.

False Claim #2: Chuck’s ad says Ricketts “avoided paying taxes.”

Fact: Ricketts has never tried to avoid paying his taxes. On two occasions in the past, he challenged the assessment of his home as thousands of Nebraskans do every year. The Douglas County assessor agreed that Pete’s assessment was too high and the valuation was reassessed.

False Claim #3: Chuck’s ad says that Pete “will raise taxes on family farmers and 80 percent of Nebraskans and lower taxes for corporations like his.”

Fact: The ad cites Platte Institute policies Ricketts has refuted, and an OpenSky Institute report on LBs 405 and 406, tax bills that Ricketts opposed. Tax reform for the benefit of all Nebraskans has been a main tenet of the Ricketts campaign. Ricketts has released detailed plans for property tax reform, which would be the top priority of a Ricketts administration.

False Claim #4: Chuck’s ad says Ricketts wants to “lower taxes for rich people like him.” The ad cites a newspaper report on LBs 405 and 406.

Fact: Again, Ricketts has publicly denounced the two bills in question, stating their impacts on Nebraskans and the state’s largest industries, agriculture and manufacturing, would be detrimental to the state. Instead, he wants to focus tax reform efforts on lowering the tax burden for all Nebraska farmers, small businesses, and middle-class families.

Now, on the other hand, if the Dems want to run someone, we are ready to get behind this Melvin Luetchens of Murdock, Nebraska!

Mel Luetchens

He seems like the kind of Democrat who is not afraid to stand up in front of a red barn and speak his piece! Will he say whatever the Hassebrook people tell him? Yes he will!

So there ya go, voters. It’s Ricketts vs Luetchens.
May the best actual candidate win.


Speaking of the Gov’s race, we still aren’t sure what will happen with that ballot stuff.
We would say, it’s federal law regarding getting the ballots out by Friday.
If there was a ruling, and then a Supremes ruling, boy that’s not giving the printer much time.


Lancaster County District Judge Lori Maret dismissed the case, saying Secretary of State John Gale had no clear legal duty to refuse the request to substitute Mike Foley’s name for Lavon Heidemann’s, so she could not order him to reverse the decision.

No word yet on an appeal.


Oh, and in case you were following all of the Neil Young – Daryl Hannah news, you can now note that Neil’s real beef with the Keystone XL Pipeline is all about how he thinks tar sands oil production will affect Alberta, Canada.

It ain’t got nothing to do with Nebraska landowners, no matter how many times Neil tells you how much he loves farmers and/or Rockin’ in the Free World.

(And Daryl Hannah? Really? We could see Daryl Hall, or even John Oates. But her with Neil???)


  1. Daryl Hannah’s a notorious eco-nut. She lives on a farm near Telluride. And another near Santa Cruz (natch). And she had her transam expensively converted to run on 85% ethanol, which saves very little on carbon emissions, and which are in any case dwarfed by her jetting all over the world to make crappy movies no one watches, and go to demonstrations. Your share of one coast-to-coast round trip, remenber, creates as much CO2 on its own as an average US resident does in over 2 months.

  2. To Gerard Harbison says:

    Why do you dismiss the libertarian candidate. It’s about time we had an elected official whose sole goal is to get high.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Goebbels lied even when he didn’t have to. Chuck really does have to lie right now.

    Hassebrook needs to hammer Ricketts because Chuck is down in non-Fox polls and because Chuck has a face perfect for radio. Hey, don’t blame me. I didn’t invent human perception or television. These guys are all spending a fortune on television ads because visual imagery persuades voters.

    Pete has a pleasant smile and his team markets it. Chuck owns a mirror. He knows what’s up.

  4. higheroffice says:

    #4. So you are saying “Choom Barry” isn’t high? But he’s always nodding off and clueless and talking gibberish. He frequents fast food and take out. Fingers his nose a lot. He on the nod.

    How do you account for his entire presidency except for him being on dope the entire time?

  5. Interested Observer says:

    Two years ago, there was quite a bit of discussion in here about one of the candidates for the United States Senate sleeping on a couch in his sister’s basement. Was that discussion legitimate?

    Because if that discussion truly was legitimate and if the couch symbolically represented the issue of legitimate legal residency, then what do we think of the other candidate in that campaign for the United States Senate, “allegedly” selling her interest in her family ranch corporation to “appear” to comply with the federal requirement that members of Congress cannot have a federal grazing permit and, now, this same person is selling her house in Valentine, which has been her legal residence for several years.

    The question now is, on WHAT COUCH AND IN WHAT BASEMENT is she going to sleep? Is she still even a legal resident of Nebraska or not? She is quoted as saying in the Lincoln Journal Star yesterday, “”It’s not asking too much to have senators stay here and do their job,”. When she says “stay here”, does she mean her rented apartment in D.C.? She must, since she doesn’t seem to even have a home at all in the great state of Nebraska anymore or even anywhere in the entire United States, for that matter!

    It’s looking more and more that Prohibition, Obama and our junior Senator are all a failed “noble experiment”.

  6. Addicted To Sniping says:

    IO, you were sniping at Fischer from the day she announce she was going to run for the Senate, and you just can’t let up can you. Give it a rest–throw it in the ditch, and find something new to harp about. You are becoming TexasAnnie with her daily rants about business incentives and both of you are causing a lot of us to reach for the “bang head here” poster.

  7. Niobrara Angst says:

    IO, you speak of U. S. Sen Fischer as if she’s the only hypocrite in politics, as if she’s the only Senator who doesn’t like paying for two houses while living in one, and as if we should be surprised that the politician who whipped Kerrey and the local GOP big guns, turns out to be a politician.

    You must be driven by some personal pique in this, for it drives away your usual clear reason. Case in point, you use the word “noble” with regard to politics. Politics? We send US Senators into that muddy mine field of faux dignity to employ craft to advantage us and keep NE from sucking hind teat. That’s necessary not noble. If Debbie is not doing that, by all means hammer her for that. But not only do all politicians fall short of sainthood, the ego driving them is the opposite. All we may expect of them is marginally good policy for us here in NE. And not so hamfistedly as Nelson did so as to embarrass us. And if they vote against what we want, we vote against them next time.

    If your doctor saves your life, you don’t criticize him for his BO or BS. If you end up crippled by his ineptitude, that’s different.

    Besides, the lady has 4 years left on her current term. Plus, her entire job is far less important than the current NE gubernatorial election.

    She is 1 of 100 Senators who shows up to vote as half of two parties of Congress, which is one third of the three branches; so at most she is 1/600th of federal power. While Nebraska isn’t a large state, its governor holds 100% executive power over 1 of the 50 states. US Senators would have us think they are more than glorified City Councilmen, but they aren’t.

  8. TexasAnnie says:

    For: Addicted to Sniping @ 1:18pm yesterday.

    Business tax incentives are unjust, they distort the revenue base all taxpayers utilize, they create disharmony among taxpayers, they destroy the free market and ultimately capitalism, they signal favoritism and possibly corruption on the part of lawmakers, and they hurt the least able among us.

    On the up side, after thirty or more years, y’all MAY reap the benefits promised when you gave out the tax incentives!

  9. Not Cass Voter says:

    NotChuck #10. I’m not Cass Voter but I talked with that Nolte guy and he may be left of a RINO. On top of that he is an ass. Very rude.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Texas Annie, we agree with you about business subsidies. Federal government uses subsidies to steer business to be government’s obedient, to do its bidding, on the excuse that such serves taxpayer’s interests better than a free market where business pulls its own load or dies in misery as it should when it cannot float on its own dime. Free markets adjust to myriad influences naturally. Government is a hammer that bashes out false economies. But its in the habit of wanting to regulate away from trusts, slum lords, etc.

    Since you brought it up, marriage and child tax incentives are also unjust.

    Government does not need to subsidize people having unprotected sex or to procreate in an already overpopulated world. Just as business incentives destroy the free market, federal marriage and child incentives destroy marriage and parenthood,

    If we need Uncle Sam to help us have sex and birth babies and put milk into their mouths, then we are in fact unready, unprepared and thus unfit to procreate, because we cannot do on our own dime. That’s not government wrecking capitalism, its something much deeper that government subsidy is wrecking, the human family.

  11. To the NEGOP: says:

    How much will Lee spend on TV to bring up is numbers? Answer: It does not matter.


    Lee and his DC staff do not understand that it takes more than cash to win in Nebraska. People must trust you. Lee has lost that Trust.

    He could try to win it back- but he does not truly try.

    If Lee does win, it will be once again very close.

    If Lee does NOT win who is to blame?…Lee… or the NEGOP who keeps buying the town drunk a drink. The NEGOP might want to start drafting an apology to the DCRP and the people of the 2nd congressional district just incase Lee does not win this this time. If your look close the smart political rats are jumping the Lee ship.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You mean those veteran ads aren’t doing the trick for ya comment #25? Has Lee walked in any precinct to earn a vote or this strictly an air campaign.

  13. toomuchbran says:

    Obama’s Apologists and Friends say they have no problem with the WH intrusion incident.

    They say, in retrospect –meaning they look backwards through their arsehole– that Omar was only a sad crazy guy with a tiny folding knife. It is good, say these OAFs, that the Secret Service didn’t shoot him or unleash their dogs. It was right to let Omar get into the White House because he is crazy. So say these OAFs.

    This same man could have been ISIL, strolled across the US/Mex border with Obama’s blessing, and trotted into the White House with condoms full of anthrax and salted cesium up his bum and explosives wrapped around his body, enough to kill many and make it uninhabitable for decades like Chernobyl. But that would mean he’d have to be crazy right? And being crazy makes it all okay per the altruistic notion of “Innocence by reason of insanity”. A liberal byword. As if that matters to the dead victims.

    There is a lot wrong with most who run for office. But Obama draws fools like crap draws flies.

    Hillary and Bill must love this.

  14. Anonymous says:

    We sympathize, 28. You are upset that the only Nebraska Democrat doing halfway well is a former Republican. So you take it out on Bran whose argument you don’t refute, apparently out of your greater overall frustration with the failure of the President whom you love.

    But, 28, who exactly, other than you here, has been drawn in by Obama?

    If Bran smelled the odor and was drawn to criticize this presidential turd from afar, you swallow that lump whole. Must be an acquired taste, like bird’s nest soup made out of vomit, or Kopi Luwak.

    Dude, toothbrush. Mouthwash.

  15. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymous 9-20-14 @3:51pm:

    I believe that marriage, child, home mortgage interest and ALL other means of tax deductions and credits are unjust. And I believe the only way to get to tax justice is by revoking and disbanding the IRS -or- instituting a flat tax with NO EXCEPTIONS and NO EXCUSES. And I also believe that it is because my fellow Americans do not realize just how distorted and convoluted our tax codes have become, that they accept the injustice. Fools believe that by getting their child care and home mortgage interest incentives they are ahead. They do not realize that if we instituted a flat tax with NO EXCEPTIONS and NO EXCUSES that their tax obligation could be much, much lower and without any sacrifice of the current public benefits they enjoy. And finally, I believe that only a few congresspersons and a very few unicameral senators are willing to surrender the power enjoyed by rigging the tax code(s)! So it is incumbent upon us, believers such as you and I, to HELP those less aware on blogs such as this…

  16. Skipping Sasse says:

    I just finished reading the news that Sasse did not show up for the senate debate. Anyone know why he missed it? Voters do not take kindly to that kind of crap behavior.

  17. Macdaddy says:

    #25, if Terry loses the only people to blame are Boehner and the other idiots in the GOP leadership. I thought that Obama’s threatened amnesty was finally going to be too much for the GOP but instead they purr like kittens, thankful that Obama is going to do their dirty work right after the election. Of course, Terry owns some of this as well. He’s laying around like a limp dishrag while the Chamber of Commerce readies their celebration of even cheaper labor. For them, the minimum wage will equal the maximum wage. Lee Terry: he helps homeless vets. The other 99.99% of us, I guess we’re supposed to just shut up and take it. Good luck without my vote, Lee.

  18. RedStateHusker says:

    To all- Thank you for showing the world how absolutely vile people can be online when they think they’re posting anonymously.
    Can we please take a step back here?
    MacDaddy and others- Why won’t you vote for Lee? If you’re like most people on here, you hopefully call yourself a conservative. What’s so hard to understand about voting for the most conservative candidate?
    We had a ROBUST primary season in Nebraska, one of the most intense in years. All three major seats had primaries… and you know what? Someone won. Maybe it wasn’t your candidate, but someone won the primary… and now, as conservatives, it’s our job to vote for the most conservative candidate in the general… which means you vote Republican (Terry, Sasse, Ricketts, right on down). I understand if you don’t like one of them, or maybe you voted against all three in the primary.. But if we conservatives would just stop cannibalizing each other, we might actually do some good!
    For all of our complaining and intra-party attacking, the ENTIRE DELEGATION IS REPUBLICAN. We have a Republican Governor. And I for one am working to make it stay that way, volunteering hours of my time each week for the campaigns.
    Are they perfect? No. I have serious policy disagreements with all three. I’m actually a Rand Paul Republican. But Lord knows we can’t let statist Democrats into office…. so I’ll vote Republican.
    I encourage you to do the same.

  19. Macdaddy says:

    RSH, as I have explained before, many times, the GOP leadership is deaf. They do not care what rank and file Republicans want. They do not care about conservative values. When the GOP is about to sell our country out nearly as completely as the Democrats, why should I vote for them? I am trying to get things changed. I have 1 vote and that’s in the NE2. I have no other way to get Boehner to listen to me other than through Lee Terry. Lee Terry won’t stand up to Boehner. Boehner won’t stand up to Big Business. So they can connive and scheme without my support. I don’t know any other way to get them to listen than to take my vote elsewhere. I don’t have a million bucks or even a thousand bucks to donate. Nobody who has gotten on here to argue with me has been able to tell me that the GOP gives a flying crap about what I want. Obama is selling out the American people already. After the election, he’ll make it official. The GOP has done nothing and will do nothing about it. Why should I think that’s ok? I like Lee Terry. But this is one of those moments that defines him as a person and so far he is MIA. I’ve told him what I want from him. So far, I’ve been ignored. Good luck without me. And, oh, BTW, I’ll get my family and friends to pull their support, too.

  20. Macdaddy says:

    I’m going to vote for lots of other Republicans in November, but I’ve given Terry months of warning about Boehner and amnesty so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I don’t vote for him.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Why would Sasse participate in a debate hosted by an avid Domina supporter? Debates should be hosted by media or non partisan bodies with no skin in the game, not kooky old men who openly support on candidate over the rest, just waiting for a “gotcha” moment. If Sasse had attended that debate, it would be like a Romney-Obama debate hosted by Al Sharpton!

    For crying out loud, the venue had a 4X8 Domina sign right outside the entrance. No, it wasn’t put there that day by Domina’s people. The venue owner and host HATES Sasse. You really can’t blame a guy for avoiding a snake pit.

  22. To: Anonymous@1:23 says:

    It would be nice if your backed up your accusations with names. Who is the “avid Domina supporter?” Who owns the venue? You sound like the reporter for the Grand Island Daily Independent who wrote the article I read….lots of pro-Domina stuff, but none of the info that really matters.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The venue owner is a Hastings man named Marvin “Butch” Hughes. He is typically a hardcore constitutionalist, and made a run at the state legislature in 2012. No word on exactly why he supports Domina, just that he hates Sasse. With Butche’s history of supporting candidates who have no chance, you might think he would support one of the (I) candidates. You can learn more about Butch Hughes by looking up his public records with Adams County, and you may even be able to find an old campaign website, if he had one that is. The Adams County records will identify that he is both old and kooky. A drive past the old Hastings Middle School, which he owns (public information) will prove the existence of the 4X8 Domina sign. Finally, ask Butch who he supports for NESen and he will tell you.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Obama’s support is rising among Democrats and among Republicans ala bombing ISIS. Republicans who demand we send ground troops back into Iraq/Syria are driving the GOP even lower in voter’s opinions.

    72% of Americans disapprove of Republicans in Congress. That’s 18 points worse than Obama and 11 pts worse than congressional Democrats. These are not small margins.

    Americans are seeing the GOP as useless. We can argue why but they dislike the GOP. And Republicans seem proud of that. They think they have November in the bag like they thought in the last two presidential elections in the bag.

    NE Dems have pretty weak candidates here. But the tide will be against Republicans elsewhere.

  25. Sasse says:

    Sasse will get elected but the guy is still a fraud. His handlers will make sure his dirty laundry never gets aired until it’s over. You thought Ben Nelson was bad, wait until you see this guy sell us out.

  26. Hesdeadjim says:

    To the above

    Nobody who knows anything is arguing. Chuck Hagel 2.0, and if theres one thing i know it’s that the sequel always sucks worse.

  27. RedStateHusker says:

    So let me ask you guys: is there anything Lee Terry and others like him COULD do to earn your vote? You said earlier that Lee could try and earn your trust back, but you didn’t think he was trying.
    What are you guys looking for from your elected officials? I am honestly listening, because I very much want to understand your perspective. What could change your mind? Is there anything?
    I understand how Washington is broken. I know how dysfunctional it really is, with national leadership caving on the Ex/Im Bank and other things. I get it. But unfortunately, our party is starkly divided between those who support the big business policies of traditional establishment-types, and those liberty-minded Republicans who hate being classified as the party of the rich. I get it.
    My whole life, I have spent trying to bridge the gap and GROW the party. Yes, we have honest (and large) disagreements on things. But I am looking for ways to help unite these warring factions and have this debate in a civil and honest way. Can anyone help me out, please?

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