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Apparently a radio show was done simultaneously in Lincoln and Alberta, Canada recently on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

And, wouldya know it, the Anti-Pipeliners are STILL pulling out the same defeated arguments about the pipe:

The discussion often came back to the environment and the Ogallala Aquifer. Winston argued that water will be the most valuable resource in the 21st century and said the pipeline threatens that resource.

“You can live without oil,” he said. “You can’t live without water.”

Surely clear heads ruled during this discussion, yeah?

“You can feel it,” she said. “You can feel the passion and the emotion of the issue for (the people affected by the pipeline), and I think that came across very well.”

Well, as long as there is emotion and passion, that trumps logic, reason and science, right?

The aquifer is in great danger from those oil steamers from the north, right???

Well, let’s hear it, once again, from former UNL hydrologist, Jim Goeke:

Any leak would have minimal impact on the Ogallala Aquifer.

Wait, Mr. Goeke, What the hell do YOU know about the Aquifer?

I have been able to drill more than 1,000 test holes into the Ogallala formation.

Hmm. OK.

Well, what about that other guy from Nebraska who said a spill would be baaaaad???

UNL environmental engineer John Stansbury’s report (on worst-case consequences of a spill, released in July) makes the incorrect assumption that the Ogallala Aquifer is uniform sand in all directions and right below the surface. The calculations of a projected 15-mile plume (of leaked oil) did not take into consideration the geology of the aquifer.

Yeah, but what if it was a really baaad spill?

The pipeline alignment goes over a far eastern segment of the subsurface Ogallala. Roughly 75 to 80 percent of the aquifer is upgradient to the west. That unrelenting eastward water flow means that it would be a physical impossibility for any oil spill to reach the vast majority of the aquifer to the west.

But please let us have some more emotion on the subject.
Because emotion is always much more imporant.

Oh, and it’s better radio.


  1. Interested Observer says:

    I strongly challenge any legitimate need for an increase in the minimum wage in Nebraska. The market place should be able to accurately determine wages by balancing supply and demand. The main topic of conversation in the Valentine area lately is the extreme inability to find help, both in town and especially on ranches. Some potato operation up west has been flooding our local radio station with ads begging for seasonal harvest help. It seems that even though the railroads have taken some of our local work force, they are still facing serious shortages of workers.

    This proposal to increase the minimum wage appears to be just another example of the left trying to impose their top down interference on what should be a healthy, self-correcting, open market place.

  2. Ricky says:

    blah blah blah blah.
    Mr Street Sweeper can go on and on about what he thinks are irrational arguments against the horrid pipeline, but the time will come when even he will have to eat crow and write that post we all want to see; the Keystone Pipeline is officially dead.

    ricky from ricky from ricky from omaha

  3. Wait a Minute... says:

    “You can live without oil,” he said. “You can’t live without water.”

    Ok then…I challenge the Anti-Pipeliners to put their money where their mouth is. For a month use no oil or any oil based products and report back on what life was like. Do it! I dare you!

    I’m not against using alternative energy sources but we have to be realistic. I don’t think living without oil and oil based products is achievable for the majority of the public.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The oil ricky pays for at the pump pays terrorists to cut off heads. Ricky is thus an abettor of murder.

    The beheaded could have lived without oil and without ricky. But ricky’s car needs arab oil, not Alaskan or Canadian or even US oil. A hypocrite with blood on his hands. If anyone deserved to be a foot shorter…

  5. anonymous says:

    Using oil now is profligate and shows a lack of self discipline. Save it for later. Let our grandkids’ grandkids decide if they will use that resource or not.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Well, I wasn’t born when Handel wrote the Hallelujiah Chorus but I can still sing along. There’s more to life than Ariana Grande.

  7. To: RedStateHusker says:

    “is there anything Lee Terry and others like him COULD do to earn your vote?”

    Maybe. He needs to say “I’m sorry for my actions. I’m sorry for not taking my job seriously. I’m sorry that I did not understand that every day I go to work I represent Nebraska and the greater Omaha area. I need to set the example and not be the bad example. I’m sorry for not listening to those who come to me with differing opinions. I’m sorry for hiring arrogant staffers who think that they are in a ‘House Of Cards’ episode. I did seek great responsibility and I must take responsibility for my actions at all times.”

    “You said earlier that Lee could try and earn your trust back, but you didn’t think he was trying.”

    When he starts talking from the heart- that will be when voters will know that he is trying.

    “What are you guys looking for from your elected officials? I am honestly listening, because I very much want to understand your perspective. What could change your mind? Is there anything?”

    Try to put everyone you lead before your own needs…you must seek unfiltered feedback to know if you are doing things correctly. Your not looking to make everyone happy, but you are trying to find the common ground…yes it’s hard.

    Washington is broken because no one knows the meaning of leadership. It’s not talking louder than the other guy. It’s not spending money on attack buys. It’s not about how many political advisers you have or how much you pay them (if your any good your political advisers should be free). It’s not about nice fundraisers. It’s about helping those that cant pay to attend those fundraisers. It’s not about many people walk in your parade…its not your parade.

    It’s about communicating YOUR ideas and getting people to believe in YOU because you believe in something more than your self…show people this and you will never need to pay people to walk in your parade because they will freely volunteer. It’s about knowing the people you represent and looking out for their welfare. It’s about having honest open talks with those that want to help. It’s about always setting the example. It’s about managing a team and ensuring that the task is understood, supervised and accomplished. And developing a sense of responsibility among your staff. It’s about making hard, sound, and timely decisions. Its about attracting leaders to you not living in fear of them.

    The key to growing the party in Douglas County: Respect all the members and all their ideas. Watching the YRs and the leadership of the DCRP fight has resorted to childish behavior. They might not be practical but fighting them will only encourage them to fight harder. Encourage a respectable open debate…don’t try to prevent debate or it will be only weeks out from an election and there will be hostility among the ranks.

  8. TexasAnnie says:

    No, Interested Observer, the writer at 12:53am today left out one very important thing Lee Terry could do to be vote-worthy: FIX THE FEDERAL TAX CODE!

  9. newvision says:

    Poll numbers show Obama is down but going up due to him attacking Syria and thus seeming a super hero compared to his overall dithering panty-waste image. Thus we can plan on his overall 55% DIS-approval flipping up 10 pts to overall popularity and that helping Democrats this November. Plus there is bad news for Republicans in Congress, who are 6 pts more despicable than Congressional Democrats among RVs. Americans are coming to hate Republicans. They see Putin give Obama the finger, Obama gives the GOP the finger, and the GOP whines about both.

    Obama is a disappointment to voters, but not so much as Liberal-Lite GOP candidates are. The GOP’s semi-liberal cranky dwarf war hero McCain and the “inhuman” (per his own advisors description of his image) fiscal genius Romney made the inexperienced Obama as electable as Hillary’s bitchiness did. And the GOP continues to underestimates Obama’s ability to appear the victim while he is empowered. The GOP House is always drawing lines and then like a wimp erasing them. And the panty waste turns out to be one helluva of a strategist on campaign timing, his newest campaign being for his legacy. And while most RV’s polled think the GOP will take Congress this fall, most don’t think that will make anything better.

    Perhaps most odd is that by a slight margin, Registered Democrats are more enthusiastic about Democrat candidates than Republican voters are about GOP candidates. Apparently, those who loath big government and are moralists for individuals tend to hold their own in contempt, while those who advocate big government and see morality as a group treatment expect their own to be personally flawed. Republicans are so critical of falling short of holy perfection that they eat their own. Democrats are so lackadaisically immoral they don’t care. But with the latter come true fiscal irresponsibility and that’s the bottom line killer of nations. Nations much think not feel their way else they go down.

  10. Macdaddy says:

    #14, I don’t care if Terry apologizes or not. I don’t care if he rides down Dodge in Suttle’s Rockn Robnmobile giving everyone the finger. I don’t want a Kumbaya moment with him and the voters. I want a come to Jesus meeting with him and Boehner that ends with Boehner either making real moves to counteract Obama’s subversion of our sovereignty or missing some teeth.

  11. The Ghost of Sasse says:

    Does anybody know what happened to Ben Sasse? He missed the debate in Hastings because……? Taking his daughter to a gun safety class? He could not take a rain check on that and take her to the gun range the next day for her UZI shoot?
    That excuse has got to be the most ridiculous thing ever.
    Sasse has a screw loose and you can tell by the way he is always using his children as political props.
    All that Ivy League education and the guy fails common sense and parenting.
    I think Mr Sasse was affected by the D C Page Scandal while Sasse was supposed to be a page supervisor and watching out for guys like Mark Foley who liked young men.
    Maybe that is why Mr Sasse is in hiding; to avoid explaining what happened in the ’90s when he was in D C.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Rick, we went over this in the last post. Sasse declined participation because that “debate” wasn’t a legitimate event. It was hosted by a nutjob with a clear bias towards one candidate and against Sasse. Hell, the host of that event has a record, a real honest to goodness record of being a lunatic, and a tad unstable!

  13. anonymous says:

    #19, Macdaddy, the 2nd keeps electing a milqtoast to Congress. You want Lee Terry to suddenly become The Rock and start kicking ass and taking names? That’s not who the 2nd district wants to represent them. We’d be better off electing you. Then you can deal with Agent Orange.

  14. Sasse and the shooting range says:

    Hey maybe that is a good idea. Since Mr Sasse says he missed the Hastings debate because he took his daughter to a gun safety class;
    A lot of problems would be solved if Mr Sasse, who loves to bring up his children in an exploitative way every chance he gets, would take his daughter to the gun range and teach her how to shoot an UZI, like that family did in Arizona.

    ricky from from from from …. Omaha

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