Domina bogarts his positions

David Domina 001For anyone paying attention to the Nebraska U.S. Senate race, Democrat David Domina showed late last week that his is not a serious campaign.


Well, Domina came out for the legalization of pot.

Oh, was it somewhat more nuanced than that? “We need to consider it…”He’s open to it…

Look, if your campaign is now based on not harshing on someone’s mellow, then you have admitted that you’re going nowhere.
You are not interested in gathering votes. You are not interested in appealing to Likely Voters.

You are pushing what is still a fringe issue in the hopes of…solidifying your base?…or something.

Hey look, it is an interesting discussion. And one that we would argue could be had once the data is in from Colorado. But if your goal is to win an election in conservative Nebraska, this ain’t the path.

We hardly knew ye, Dave.


But just to hammer that point home, Dave was also caught — by Buzzfeed, no less — plagairizing the Ag and Energy positions on his website.

But then Dave went to the local newspapers and was like…

“Dude! We like, totally footnoted that thing! But then some other dude, whose brother like kicks ASS at making websites? That dude was rocking the website, but like, was doing something else, and, like, dropped the footnotes? You know? And then I was like, totally, ‘Whoa! Dude!‘ And he was like, ‘Dude, What?‘ I was like, ‘Dude!‘ and he was totally ‘Dude?‘ So, like, it was there before, but we lost it? You know?”

And then someone turned on the Fantasia DVD (the old one, not the new one) and then it was cool.


Adn as long as we’re harshing on Dave’s mellow, take a look at the Tweet he posted this morning, to…show his solidarity?… with the Hong Kong protestors:

Domina Tweet 092914 01

So, the Chi-Coms must “give all a real chance?” Yeah, that’s what the guy in front of the tank was saying.
Domina toes the Liberal line with, “as long as the Chinese Communists spread the wealth and give up some power to the citizens of Hong Kong, everything will be cool.”

You know, they don’t need, oh we don’t know….DEMOCRACY!
How about VOTING rights?
Of course, the protestors could Tweet that…if only the government allowed Twitter.

Yeah, we are aware of the issues Hong Kong has with aquiring basic items, and such. But the stem of this is Communism vs Democracy. What an idea.

Oh, and by the way, great Tweet about “concentrated wealth” from the Hundred Millionaire.


Many concert-goers watching Neil Young and Willie Nelson (wait a MINUTE! Domina’s weed support is all starting to make sense now!) are still blisfully unaware of the actual science regarding water issues and the Keystone XL Pipeline, pulling out the “Water is more important than oil,” trope.

But Net Nebraska ID’d the real basis behind “protest movements”, be it Occupy Wall St., the People’s Climate March or whatever else requires tie-dye, homemade signs and driving long distances to protest gasoline use:

“Actually, I’m here for the music and the chicks.”

The aforementioned Mike Nash of Omaha noted that he has no opinion about the pipeline.

Godspeed, Mike.


Here is a really nice shot of Democrat Nebraska 2nd District Congressional candidate Brad Ashford at a Planned Parenthood affair:

Ashford and Planned Parenthood 01


Don Walton reports that Republican Pete Ricketts is leading Democrat Chuck Hassebrook in the Nebraska Governor’s race by around 7 points.


And finally, we would just like to say that if we were starting a herbicide company, maybe selling atrazine, we would TOTALLY use Dave Domina’s campaign corn thing for our logo.

Domina Logo 01

It really says corporate agriculture, no?


  1. Not so Fast says Rand Paul supporters says:

    This here is the DCRP and all the Rand Paul supporters. We have one question. What’s wrong with legalizing pot? Rand’s for it. Paul 2016!!!! (the same Rand who supports Ben Sasse.)

  2. Exercise in absurdity says:

    Right. And Nebraskans could use the income & sales tax relief offered by TAXING legal marijuana use. I guarantee it would be greater than the promised property tax relief offered by the pipeline enthusiasts!

  3. Look no further says:

    This is as crazy as Watchdog’s “The capitol has too much staff” article. Although, if Deena were looking for staff people campaigning in the capitol she doesn’t need to look further than Jim Scheers office.

  4. Ricky says:

    Looks like Mr Street Sweeper has been watching REEFER MADNESS again on video.
    Obviously SS is out of touch and so are many of his readers probably.
    I much prefer Mr Domina to the weird arrogant Mr Sasse and his children.
    Where did Mr Sasse go anyway? You would think someone as proud of his intellect as he is would not hide from debates. But considering how ill prepared Sasse was for the last debate when he screwed up the NRA talking points he was given, apparently Sasse has better things to do than campaign.
    He is probably busy home schooling his children and coaching them for the next commercial and taking them to gun shows and training classes.


    PS I was at that Planned Parenthood event at the Slowdown with Brad and it was a lot of fun. Huge turnout and I thought when looking around; the Right To Lifers have their work cut out defeating this movement and the well healed philanthropists behind them.

  5. Nope says:

    “For anyone paying attention to the Nebraska U.S. Senate race….” -Nope.

    The only race of interest, is the one Lee is losing. Will he make up the lost ground?

  6. To:
    All of those Commenters who are so bitchin’ and progressive on our laws,

    Please step back for a moment, put on a Political Hat, and tell me what the benefit is — i.e. helps him win a Senate race — for Domina to come out on the pot issue.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Ricky, what movement are you talking about? The movement to make abortions as prevalent as routine teeth cleaning? The movement to make highly accessible the facility and “care” for any woman to have her unborn child ripped apart in utero at any time for any reason?

    I wouldn’t call the people behind that movement “well healed philanthropists” I would call them things that ought not be typed on this family friendly forum.

  8. Ricky says:

    Oh boo hoo Anonymous at 2:19 pm “a child ripped apart in utero” . That is the kind of language desperate people use when they know they have no argument.
    The movement to help abortion remain safe and legal is what I was talking about. And there are plenty of people willing to put up a lot of money to make sure women have the right to choose their own health care, without people like JSA or the Right to Life trying to get more government into peoples lives.
    Planned Parenthood is pretty effective in Nebraska these days, fighting off the attempt by those on the right trying for more and bigger government.

    ricky ricky ricky from from from Omaha

  9. anonymous says:

    Ricky, that gruesome description of abortion is factually correct, and you have no argument to defend it beyond “personal choice.” Rather like the choice to smoke a blunt. Here we see Left Libertarianism at its ugliest. Yeah, the Buffett family is rich. That doesn’t make them correct, worthy of imitation or politically untouchable. I’m the most hated man alive, a pro-life Democrat. I have nothing to lose calling you out on this issue. The right to exists is the necessary foundation of all other rights. If that’s just a whim then Democrats actually are as heartless and cruel as they claim Republicans are. Go thank your long-suffering parents for their mis-placed generosity.

  10. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Ricky, If Planned Parenthood Voters of Nebraska PAC is so effective one wonders why they can’t share their endorsements in a public manner? The only endorsement I’ve seen to date is for Chuck Hassebrook yet they talk about phone banking for female candidates in the State. Which female candidates and how effective is it to only tout them to their own followers? At least NRL PAC puts out its Voter Guide in the general public for all to see who is pro-life. Seems Brad Ashford wants to have it both ways, showing up at a PP fundraiser but not having them come out publicly for him because he knows in Omaha it won’t go over well.

  11. Anonymous says:


    Ripped apart in utero is not desperate language, that is what these “women” are having done when they are “accessing reproductive healthcare”. I put “women” in quotes because I think they’re more barbarian than woman.

    Funny, democrats seldom come out and just say it “I think women ought to have abortions for any reason, at any time if they so choose”. We know that’s what they mean, but dems choose not to use language that accurately describes their barbaric views.

  12. Car Crash says:

    I already worry about drunk drivers coming at me as I drive, and I don’t want to add the worry of having stoned drivers coming at me too….although I am sure they already are. Probably stoned and drunk. Yep, that’s what Nebraska really needs right now is legalized pot.

  13. anonymous says:

    A DUI is a DUI, CC, whether the chemical is legal or not, prescribed or not. Legal pot takes the money out of illegal pot. Legalization recognizes what people have done and are actually doing; it also opens the door to the recognition of misuse and addiction, whose best treatment is not an expensive jail cell. Legalize sales, use and possession. Regulate this drug and tax it heavily, like alcohol and nicotine. Make it a teaching point that legal does not mean morally desirable. No different than what Bill Buckley proposed years ago.

  14. OK, Sweeper, good question, and I think I have a good answer.

    Domina know’s he’s going to lose. Face it, the man’s a highly successful lawyer; he has to know what’s a weak case and a strong case. So, since he knows he’s going down, what he’s going to do is back every left-wing cause he can. That will hurt him rather than help him, but what it will do is turn out the base, who will then also vote for Hassebrook. Hassebrook, because he (delusionally, IMO) thinks he has a chance, will be much more centrist, and won’t support any of this legalize-pot-nationalize-Wall-street shite, but once the pot-heads have hauled themselves out of bed and down to the polling station, they’ll vote for him.

  15. Ricky says:

    The anti-choice movement reminds me of the NRA. Most everybody thinks the nut jobs like Ben Sasse ought to be in favor of universal background checks and reasonable gun laws in this country. But the very well funded gun lobby has people like Lee Terry and Sasse in their back pockets so nothing can be done about all the deaths from guns in America.
    Most people also think the right to an abortion is important for women in America, but politicians are afraid to state that fact because people like JSA and Nebraska right to life will run ads and intimidate candidates who think they must get that Ne Right to Life Endorsement.
    So please rightys leave the women alone and find something else to do with your time. It’s not the job of government to tell people what to do with their bodies.


  16. anonymous says:

    Failure to engage, Ricky. You are not able to or simply don’t want to even entertain the thought that an unborn baby is a human being like you and should be treated accordingly. I was born 10 weeks early at a time when premies rarely survived. Yet kids are aborted after 26 weeks gestation while still in the womb. There is no essential difference between the aborted baby and me. But you say “Too complicated. I have no opinion on this matter and neither does the State.” By your logic the penumbra of privacy covers me if I am altruistic one day and well, not so altruistic the next. Let’s not be coy about what you trumpet as virtue. Ironic that gun control is good, but not nearly as good as abortion. I’ll credit you with that insight, Ricky. I’m a pro-life Democrat, Ricky. Where do I and my ideas fit in your inclusive welcome and Big Tent?

  17. Agreed, 21. When my first daughter was born prematurely (a long, long time ago) there were already second-trimester babies in the special care nursery, surviving. If you’ve had a child born mid third trimester, it’s hard not to see supporters of late-term abortions as monsters.

    My daughter is now teaching college physics, by the way.

  18. To:anonymous at 5:26 says:

    Nice try at attempting to minimize the dangers of smoking pot. One critical example of the horrible things smoking pot can do to your brain is President Obama, who smoked a lot of pot in his youth–and for all we know, still does.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I find Domina and Hassebrook repulsive. But I don’t see how pot figures into GOP Conservatism. But I also don’t see how Democrats killing their own babies is bad. Abortion is good for Democrats. Obama’s momma should’a and could’a. Too bad she didn’t. Or did you want to raise Barry as your own?

    I don’t want government to use any tax dollars pay to subsidize thus encourage abortions or homosexuality or heterosexuality or whatever other silly human behaviors it wants to modify like a new day Mengela experiment. But less government, folks, means LESS governing.

    Show me how drunken Republican and Democrat lawmakers are better than potty ones. We waste billions to keep pot smokers in jail, while we keep drunks as Unicameral and US Senators. And I don’t smoke the stuff. Ever. But we are all paying for all that we enforce.

  20. Interested Observer says:

    Wouldn’t the cheapest, easiest, most cost effective solution to the entire marijuana issue simply be to NOT use the stuff?

  21. anonymous says:

    Sorry, Anon (#24 at 6:51 am). No one “deserves” abortion. Period. Obama is worth no more or less as a human being than you or I, no matter what you, me or Obama think of each other.

  22. Pedro says:

    I wonder what Adams County’s dear defender of the constitution Butch Hughes would think of Dave Domina’s pledge to support unilateral amnesty and free healthcare.

    So there you have it, Dave Domina’s campaign in a nutshell. Legalize Pot, legalize all illegals, and then give everyone free healthcare.

  23. It's true says:

    Domina said it himself on Twitter. “Prompt citizenship… Universal healthcare” this man is unabashedly the kind of liberal that Obama salivates to have in the senate.

  24. Interested Observer says:

    I just read a report by the Gallup Organization on their decades long survey of marijuana use, titled “In U.S., 38% Have Tried Marijuana, Little Changed Since ’80s”. It shows that the cliche of the pot smoking baby boomer actually is real, but that nearly 2/3 of all Americans have still NEVER tried the stuff. It says in part:

    Gallup’s trend by age reveals that widespread experimentation with marijuana first occurred among adults aged 18 to 29 between 1969 and 1973, rising from 8% to 35%. It then continued to mount, reaching 56% by 1977, and remained at that level in 1985. Since then, however, marijuana use among young adults has progressively declined.

    Then the last segment of the report says:

    Americans’ support for legalizing marijuana has grown markedly in the past two decades, possibly aided by strong medical-marijuana movements in some states. While this might leave the impression that increasing numbers of Americans are using marijuana recreationally, Gallup finds no such surge in Americans’ self-reported experience with the drug. In fact, the percentage of young adults trying marijuana has declined since 1985.

    While Gallup has not previously asked Americans if they currently smoke marijuana, the percentage saying they do (7%) is quite low, on an absolute basis. More significantly, the 38% saying they have tried pot is up only four points over Gallup’s last measurement in 1999, indicating that the upward momentum that marijuana usage apparently experienced in the 1970s has tapered off considerably. The generational patterns suggest that the total rate of Americans who have ever tried marijuana will continue to increase as the population ages — but unless young adults’ interest in marijuana picks up again, the total rate will eventually decline when those who may have dabbled with the drug in the 1970s and 1980s are gone.

    So, it’s appears to me that the comment, “Yes, IO. So would not drinking and not smoking. Not gonna happen.”, is not only not accurate, but the not using marijuana IS HAPPENING on a large scale among a large majority of all Americans!

    To coin a new phrase, Me thinks the smokers doth project too much.

  25. anonymous says:

    That’s an idiotic statement, #33 at 1:44 PM. Ever hear of a book called “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston. Published in 1995. Ebola, and worry about hemoragic (sic) fevers has been around for quite a while. Gonna pin that on Obama?

  26. Republican Insider says:

    Brad Ashford is going to lose by double digits. His campaign is in disarray and Lee’s team is well run.

  27. Macdaddy says:

    Obama had and still has the authority to take Ebola seriously and instituting any number of public health measures to limit the spread of Ebola to the US. He chose not to and gave false assurances that we were safe. He could have prevented flights from affected countries from coming to the US. He could have prevented people coming from infected countries from entering the US. He has chosen and still chooses not to. Americans are going to die in a horrible fashion because of Obama’s willful inaction. THAT is on him. Heckuva job, Barry. I wonder what the stock market will do when one of those kids comes down with it?

  28. @35 says:

    Lee may win. It’s far fetched but he just may win.

    As for his campaign being well run, that’s just not true. This is probably the worst run Terry campaign we have seen.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Agree #37. I’m betting he has done nothing to find the precincts he needs to win except to send boring post cards nonstop as if people actually read them.

  30. WeeDram says:

    Domina cannot win against Sasse, so he looking long range and he is staking out his tent ahead of this issue. Domina sees all of America heading toward legalization of marajuana and he intends to be there when it arrives. — To caveat, I don’t use the stuff. A wee dram, perhaps. — The question is, how does Domina view the issue?

    Forget for a moment the right or wrong of it. The US Federal government has in fact ceased to enforce marijuana laws, which may lead to something akin to a creeping version of the Repeal of Prohibition. Tobacco companies already have marketing plans drawn up. Plus, states are salivating at the idea of taxing it. Unlike cancer warnings for tobacco, the Pot issue comes with a wing of “medical marijuana” proponents, sad cases of glaucoma blinding and terrible illness, pushing medical benefits that big tobacco wishes it could push.

    We dare not speak in absolutes about any such issues. For society’s moral positions are not carved in stone and voters who think they have inflexible ethics can find them twisted 180 degrees in a few years.

    Look at Gambling. — In 1976, one state (NV) had gambling on a large scale and it came with mafia roots. For most of the 20th century, gambling was illegal everywhere in the USA. Gambling was known to be a criminal social illness. Yet today only two states (HI & UT) have no gambling at all.

    The big change came when President Ronald Reagan signed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988. Before that the tribes had bingo parlors. Indian gaming revenue rose from $100 million in 1988 to $16.7 billion in 2006. As of 2011, there were over 460 gambling operations run by 240 tribes with annual revenue of $27 billion. This spurred the growth of Commercial Casinos that now exist throughout the USA. The CC directory of all US Gaming Properties includes over 1,500 total casinos, horse tracks, and dog tracks. What was prurient criminal behavior less than 40 years ago is a normal fun time today.

    No one says any of this is healthy. Our government warns us of the cancers of the tobacco it taxes, just it warns us of the family-killing addiction of the gambling it taxes, just is it will warn us against the Marijuana it too wants to tax, if it gets the chance.

    Domina sees this coming. Andy Abboud who ran the DCRP today runs Casinos. So he saw that coming. I don’t think Republicans split for gambling while Democrats split for getting high. But they all bend before the will of the voters who like to waste their money and get snockered.

  31. LT says:

    Enough of the hate and snide comments about Lee’s campaign operation. He at least had the foresight to hire professionals this time. No one, and I mean no one, could be doing a better job given the circumstances.

    They are not at fault Lee made all of those mistakes. If he looses its on him.

  32. To LT says:

    “professionals” LOL. Boomer was a pro. Did not like him, but a pro. I am a Republican who has not missed an election for 5 years and have recieved nothing. No request to vote early no request to help his campaign NOTHING. Some pros LOL

  33. @42 says:

    The worst player for the Omaha Beef is still technically a professional by virtue of receiving a paycheck. The people he hired have run that campaign like hell.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Every single “communication” (by way of endless emails) I’ve received from the Lee Terry campaign has been GIVE NOW…..I’M BEGGING….WE HAVE TO MEET OUR GOAL….WE’RE CLOSE! Although money is a part of a campaign, the reason citizens vote is message. Not one email has given me one reason to even vote for this guy. Not one email has asked to have me volunteer or be engaged. Money, money, money. Run TV ads that are as boring as paint drying or as nasty as a five year old on a candy tantrum. Professionals? Granted, if he loses it is on him, but a great coach knows how to bring it from a player. This guy, unlike Omaha, coasts. Why is his coach allowing it? He’s been lucky to date with stopping by KFAB and wondering into their welcome oral arms to sound as though he’s “working hard.” A representative isn’t always in danger of losing, because he does such a great job of keeping close to his constituents. Congressman Bereuter was a great example. Lee Terry said it all with his “dang straight” comments that come back to haunt him now. If he wasn’t thinking it, the words would have never….slipped….out of his mouth.

  35. Anonymous says:

    That’s the funny thing about self declared campaign professionals. When they’re on the winning side, they will tell you all about how they knocked it out of the park and how incredibly well orchestrated the whole operation was. When they’ lose however, it’s all on the candidate and they put as much lipstick on the pig as they could.

    They need to sack up and do what they’re being (over)paid to do.

  36. Famous Last Words by B H Obama says:

    To the ignorant, anonymous moron at #34, Obama only weeks ago said the chance of an Ebola outbreak here were “extremely low” (his exact words) because, he assured us, he was taking measures to prevent importing the virus that we weren’t actually taking.

    You want to try again?

  37. anonymous says:

    Sure, I’ll play. Obama and you have at least one thing in common, your expertise in public health. Do you want try again? Put your master’s in public health to work for us. Oh, wait, you don’t have one? Um, yes, that would be right.

  38. Famous Last Words by B H Obama says:

    You obviously didn’t get your Master’s in reading comprehension. It doesn’t matter what I do or don’t know about public health. The point was what Obama promised and didn’t deliver. Maybe you should be lecturing Obama about public health so that he stops making promises he’s incapable of delivering on. I’m sure you’re a smart guy, so he should listen to you, huh?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the recent Domina Dope Grope, last month thousands of Denver veterans were given free medical marijuana. Also last month a new study shows that old vets given free cigarettes in their K-Rations smoke more tobacco today than non-vets. Well, duh. The DoD today is death on tobacco, yet it considers homosexuality okay and it waffles on pot use. I sat on a courts martial that sent a guy to prison for 35 years for pot. We booted people out for being gay. It all seems right at the time. But times change. What won’t change is that law enforcement officers will always find it easier to bust cancer patients than drug lords. I mean, who wouldn’t?

    Physicians used to endorse cigarettes. Today they endorse medical marijuana. Smoking tobacco gets you arrested in all Federal facilities and federal government won’t prosecute marijuana crimes.

    Importantly, last May the GOP-controlled House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill ordering the DEA to not go after medical marijuana operations that are legal under state laws.

    Republicans backing the measure said it is a no-brainer for conservatives who support states’ rights and who don’t want government to interfere between doctor-patient. That is after all a major GOP argument against Obamacare. Yet Conservative bloggers here continue to psychotically demand personal freedom for all, while simultaneously demanding government tell individuals what they can put into their own bodies. Democrats do that big time but with less sanctimonious hypocrisy.

    Voters hate tyrants but they hate hypocrites more.

    It is hard to see Domina picking the wrong side of an issue the GOP-controlled house is pushing.

  40. The Bigger Scandal by Far says:

    The twits in the media had their panties all in a wad over lazy bureaucrats in the Department of Corrections failing to observe a Supreme Court ruling on how to calculate the length of a sentence. They wanted to see heads roll! It was an outrage that some cons got out of the joint a bit early.

    Most people agree, though, that a sin of omission is less serious than a sin of commission. And, in that regard, I bring you the State Department of Banking and Finance. Yesterday, a Federal Judge found that banking regulators targeted a Nebraska citizen because of his political views. They went after his business and tried to destroy him because they disliked his politics.

    It is stunning that the people involved still have jobs and saddening that people in the media don’t seem to care.

    This is far more serious than the miscalculation of sentences by the Department of Corrections.

  41. The Bigger Scandal by Far says:

    Tonic, thank you. Your lack of awareness of what I’m talking about is proof this isn’t getting the same attention. It’s about a Lincoln financial planner and TEA Party leader who made some comments to a reporter in his TEA Party capacity that were inflammatory and critical of Pres. Obama. And the Dept of Banking went after him in his financial planning business because they didn’t like what he said about Pres. Obama.

    That is flat out in-American to use the power of government to harm the business of people you disagree with politically. Heads really should roll over this one.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Those media “twits” pointed out that there were tax paid individuals….some leaders in high places…that weren’t following a Supreme Court ruling. That makes it a bid deal. Why do you think Heineman stutters so much when confronted about his involvement as the guy at the top?

  43. Anonymous says:

    Strange, I found a Fremont Tribune article about the financial planner and he lost his case against the state. The judge said the regulators shouldn’t have asked about the planner’s past statements about Obama, but found no wrongful action. He was already under investigation before he made the statements.

  44. anonymous says:

    “The point was what Obama promised and didn’t deliver.” Really? I thought we were talking about ebola. Does every conceivable issue and point of discussion have come back to Obama hating? Which elects none one desirable to any position where any good can be done? Geez, the best we can do in NE2 is Lee Terry, who was elected precisely because he does nothing. When can I vote for Macdaddy, so he can punch John Boehner in the nose?

  45. Anonymous says:

    The twits in the media are rather selective in their outrage.

    The judge found that Bennie was targeted by state regulators for his political views but dismissed the suit because he did not find the evidence sufficiently compelling that Bennie was fired by LPL Financial as a result of being targeted because it took several months after regulators complained to LPL about what Bennie had said before LPL fired him.

    And that’s why the suit was dismissed. Not because Bennie wasn’t targeted — because the judge found that he was — but because the harms didn’t happen soon enough after the targeting.

  46. Anonymous says:

    #56 Sez: “‘The point was what Obama promised and didn’t deliver.’ Really? I thought we were talking about ebola. …”

    56, for someone who claims to be so smart, you sure are stubbornly dense. Do you not get the notion of “famous last words?” It’s when someone makes a confident claim about something and is, shortly thereafter, proven dramatically wrong. Sort of like Gen. John Sedgwick, killed in the Civil War, whose famous last words were “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist …”

    So, the subject was sort of about ebola in a tangential way. But more about the fact that Obama made a confident assurance that it was very unlikely to reach our shores because we were doing things to prevent it that we really weren’t doing. And then, shortly thereafter, it’s here.

    So, are you really arguing with someone who said that Obama was wrong by contending that what Obama said could not have been right?

  47. Shite, I think I just impacted the governor’s race.

    I blogged about Chuck Hassebrook’s ‘Biotechnology’s Bitter Harvest’ 3 days ago, and Ricketts shoved it in his face tonight. And all Chuck could say that, after 23 years of having it out there, and widely cited, he didn’t want his name on it. What a freak.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, and the Platte Institute only does “research” and doesn’t try to impact public policy. And Pete has nothing to do with them.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Shite, I think I just impacted the governor’s race.

    Someone needs an ego check.

    The best Rickett’s got is a 24 year old paper?

  50. I didn’t say I impacted it very hard.

    Yes, it’s 24 years old. But there’s every reason to think Hassebrook’s views haven’t changed much.

    As Ricketts just said in a news release, if Hassebrook’s recommendations had been implemented, Nebraska farmers would have lost $17.2 bn in export sales since 2000. That’s in the last 14 years, not 24.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Exactly how did Ricketts “save” Holy Name School? Was it a quiet deal with a sizeable check made out to cover someone’s book keeping sins? What a laugh when the spokesman says he did it with no intention. Really?

    Oh Wow–something 24 years old in a paper that had Chuck’s name. Try looking into those Holy Name books and why it was so hush, hush at the time while Pete practiced his humble faith only to make it into an ad campaign seeking power.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Nobody is “bitching”, but the blurred vision coming from someone calling themselves tonic & tonic is annoying though understandable.

  53. to 64 says:

    try using the Google to find “Pete Ricketts” and “Holy Name.” You’ll see the Omaha World Herald covered Holy Name’s rescue at the time, led by a guy named Pete Ricketts who brought together a group of Omaha business people – not to just write checks – but to formulate a business plan for the school that would lead it to sustainability.

    I believe he did so because Holy Name was offering poor, disadvantaged kids an educational path to hope, while the public schools around them were failing them. But you probably won’t believe that either.

  54. You put your name on a policy paper as an author, you own the recommendations. You can’t lamely wriggle out by disowning it after 24 years and hundreds of citations. This was an immensely damaging paper to genetic modification; it’s cited literally hundreds of times, and used to justify the banning of this US-invented and -produced technology in the EU and other countries.

    You don’t try to back out of it by saying ‘uh, I just wrote a little, I wish they hadn’t put my name on it’.

    I’ve written 90 or 100 papers, and on the couple of occasions I thought I didn’t merit a co-authorship, I had no problem getting my name removed. And given Chuck was in the group that actually published the paper, as well as being a co-author, it would have been infinitely easier for him.

    Nope, he recommended some really bad policy, and is trying to slink away from it, instead of manning up.

  55. Asking Again says:

    How many American and British men will muslims cut the heads off before America finally has had enough? 30? 60? The current administration has turned America into a chicken shit country.

  56. anonymous says:

    Ryan Horn is desperately using the Nikko Jenkins blame game card on Brad Ashford. It’s a copy of Gwenn Aspen’s legislative campaign against incumbent Burke Harr. The difference is she beat Harr in the primary by working hard door to door and has new smart energy. After 16 years when he pledged to only serve 6 years, the voters have grown very tired of incumbent Lee Terry and his out of touch comments and lack of big accomplishments.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Let’s be honest, hitting Assford for blocking good time reform is a good strategy because of its timeliness. Horn just isn’t clever enough to have thought of that.

  58. Anonymous says:

    To comment #67: Sometimes what you read in the papers isn’t the whole story, but comes by way of press release or spin that glosses over the muck to make it a well placed story for future political position. What would Jesus do? Advertise His good deeds and generosity towards the less fortunate? Holy Name most likely were aware at the time they were merely a pawn in someone’s political power game. For Ricketts to exploit it now for political gain pretty much seals the deal as obvious intent.

  59. VirginiaRWP says:

    The London Sunday Times today had a piece about how America is now the country of ‘unleadership’. It shouldn’t be taken too seriously; they hate us when we’re interventionist, and they hate us when we’re isolationist. They resent us because we’re better. But it is a sign of the world’s recognition of how impotent America currently is.

  60. Exercise in absurdity says:

    Without reading the piece in the London Sunday Times, it appears that your notion of an “impotent America” (neither interventionist nor isolationist) is actually a tautology: At once, America is expected to both prevent and refrain from warfare!

  61. Hashbrook Dopina & Assward says:

    In a recent debate, gubernatorial candidate Chuck Hassebrook promised to take away good time credit for violent offenders, thus keeping prisoners in prison longer. But when asked what he’d do with state cash reserves, he said he’d add prison space to reduce crowding.

    Hassebrook wants to keep felons in prison longer and make prison life nicer.

    Recidivism studies aside, in a political context, with examples like inmate Nikko Jenkins who killed four people in Omaha after his release, you’d think the Democrat running for governor would at act like he cares more for citizens’ safety than he cares for the comfort of prison inmates.

    Where do such Democrat pipe dreams come from?

    One answer is from a pipe.

    Hassebrook said he’d treat drug abusers rather than jail them. That’s one step up from his Democrat Senate candidate buddy Dave Domina calling for the legalization of dope. Regardless what we think of that, how does that play with voters..

    This is Nebraska where voters screw themselves and then blame it on the weather. The only thing dumber than Nebraska voters is bloggers expecting them to vote rationally.

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