Here comes the hardball

To start things off, here is an SAB from @MertTheAvenger, (re–Tweeted by reader Jeanie Kenkel):

Domina - Sam SAB 04

Nebraska Democrat Senate candidate Dave Domina and Sam the Eagle from The Muppets.


Let’s just say at this point that Lee Terry is fighting for his political life.
And he is not going down playing softball.

Hence the latest hit on Brad Ashford referencing the Nikko Jenkins murders.

It is funny how quickly the press — OWH, LJS, Watchdog — all immediately went with the “Willy Horton ad” reference. And we understand. It is reference to crime, so the media immediately goes to the only other thing they can think of.

And we will give that to them — assuming that is the route Terry goes as well. But he hasn’t, yet.

Our guess is that a Terry ad on this wil be less on the “Willy Horton ad” — Dukakis’s policies led to Horton’s release — and more along the lines of, “Even after Ashford sees what can happen under the current law, he refuses to change it.”

And that is a legitimate argument to make.
Very bad thing happened because of Law, yet Opposing Candidate doesn’t want to change Law.

Of course Ashford can, and has, argue that Jenkins murders didn’t happen because of the law and that changing it won’t stop a similar action in the future. And maybe he’s right, maybe not.

But this is a real argument to make without immediately jumping to the “It’s just like Willy Horton!” implications — suggesting that it is unfair in some way.


As we noted last week on the Twitter, The Cook Political Report has now listed #NE02 as a “Toss Up”.

From what we are hearing from local politicos, that’s about right. It really could go either way. We still think it will come down to how much Ashford is defined as a Democrat and whether 2nd District Republican voters are willing to let it happen.

We do know there are plenty of forward looking candidates, campaigns and wanna-bes who would look forward to a GOP Primary in 2016. But if they have learned anything, it should be that unseating a sitting Congressman is no small feat.


Here is the NRCC’s latest ad up against Brad Ashford (and we think you may be seeing a NEWER Terry ad up real soon):

And if you need to know much more about who Brad Ashford literally stands with, here he is with House Democrat Minority Whip, Steny Hoyer:

No, Ashford is not going to be some sort of “independent voice”.


We constantly roll our eyes at the Democrats labeling THEMSELVES as “moderates” or “independent”.
They’re party-liners who toe the party line.

And that’s fine.
But just don’t try to sell us, like Don Walton of the LJS does, that they “walk a different path.”


Oh that Dave Domina! He doesn’t take popular decisions! He doesn’t look at polls! He thinks policy is more important than party!

Oh sure, he ran for Governor as a Democrat and is running for Senate as a Democrat, hates the Keystone XL Pipeline, wants to legalize pot, supports ObamaCare, supports Amnesty, and wants liberal judges on the Supreme Court.

But he is an independent thinker, don’t you see!

Does Walton really write this stuff with a straight face?


ICYMI, here is the latest spot from Ben Sasse:


And here is the latest Brad Ashford ad:


And what are WE hearing from those engaged in Nebraska pols?

We don’t really get a straight line on the #NE02 race. The Toss Up analysis looks to be as accurate as it comes. And most agree that it is going to get INTENSE in the final campaigning days.

The Gov’s race is still Ricketts’s to lose.
One question we got:

“What does Ricketts do with the ‘Ashford/Ricketts’ ID’d voters? Especially if Ricketts feels he’s already got victory in the bag? Turn them out? Sit on it?”


And as we have heard from several politicos: with all the new faces, the Unicameral is going to be the Wild West next year.

So who will emerge as Wyatt Earp?


  1. 40-Year Registered Republican says:

    My conscience won’t allow me to ever again cast a vote for Lee Terry.

    Folks, we are at a cultural crossroads in this country. The Big Government Barbarians are at the gate; and frankly, they have been largely winning the hearts and minds of undecided voters for the better part of twenty-five years. As a Constitution-Loving-Conservative, I expect more from my Congressman than just showing-up and voting however he or she is instructed by GOP Party Leadership.

    Call me an idealist, but I also expect my elected representatives to embrace, protect, & promote Liberty – Lee Terry has failed all of us in this regard. From voting For the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), to voting For the Patriot Act, to his several thoughtless & insensitive public comments over the past couple of years, Lee Terry has proven to be little more than an embarrassment to the people of Nebraska. Thanks in part to Lee Terry’s votes in favor of the NDAA & Patriot Act, our government now has unprecedented legal authority to spy on its citizens and can indefinitely imprison any American Citizen without due process (all they have to do is label you or I as an enemy, without the burden of proof)…Thanks Lee!

    I could go on and on about how Lee Terry has been completely ineffective at actually selling or influencing those who are on the Political-Left to support common-sense conservative ideas and ideals, or about how he dutifully towed the GOP Party-Line by voting for the $700 Billion bank bailout in 2008 (forever a stain on our nation’s history); but you see, these acts of incompetence and injustice pale in comparison to Lee Terry’s vote to grant the Federal Government almost unlimited power over its citizens via the NDAA & the Patriot Act; a level of power that is straight out of Orwell’s “1984″ and that completely flies in the face of what our Founding Fathers stood for.

    From my perspective, based upon several decades of life experience & observation, I am convinced that Lee Terry is a Big Government Bureaucrat who has proven time and time again that he will vote for any bill that he feels will help to prolong his political career, and it seems to me (and to many others who have been paying attention) that political survival is Lee’s paramount ambition in life.

    I will vote for Brad Ashford in November, and if he turns out to be an Anti-Constitutionalist Far Left-Winger as a Congressman, then I will support a Constitution & Liberty Loving Republican (if there is one running) in the 2016 election.

  2. Inside Hardballer says:

    It’s a shame that Leavenworth or some other political medium can’t get its hands on the Feb. 3, 2014, Business and Labor Committee hearing on the minimum wage bill. That’s where Brad Ashford loses his mind, yelling at citizens (the so-called ‘second house’) who are testifying and telling them to sit down and shut up. The footage is owned by the taxpayers and the Legislature, but Nebraska Educational TV refuses to release the committee hearing film. It’s visual proof positive that Brad is more than a few nuts too short.

  3. Ricky says:

    I saw Brad at the coffee shop this morning and he was all smiles as he is poised to go to DC as a member of Congress. Mr Ashford is ahead in the polls, as nobody, not even the state GOP, can stand Mr Terry.
    And if you have Senator Ashford and the state legislature on one side of the issue of the mess at Corrections, and Lee Terry and Dave Heineman on the other side, who would you trust more?
    Certainly not the Republicans, despite Sheriff Dunning and Union Guy Wells standing up at a press conference for Mr Terry. Why aren’t those guys out solving crimes and forget about endorsements?
    The crime rate in Omaha is high; we don’t need law enforcement officials wasting time with over the hill political candidates who are looking at the end of their careers.
    Get to work Dunning and Wells and quit goofing off with the taxpayers money!

    Ricky from Omaha

  4. the hickster says:

    Brad Ashford with Steny Hoyer, there you go so called 40 year republican, does that make you want to take a cold shower like Ricky.

  5. To: 40-year Registered Republican says:

    You seem to have a VERY active conscience indeed–seems that we hear about it in many of your comments here. But, it seems as if your very active conscience has a total focus on Lee Terry. Does your conscience kick into gear on anyone else or anything else? What does your conscience say about abortion? About smoking dope? About allowing illegals–that’s ILLEGALS–get driver’s licenses even though they are not citizens OR legal? Hmmm. I guess your conscience goes absent when it comes to those issues.

  6. VirginiaRWP says:

    I’ve been a registered Republican since the second year of the Civil War. Today’s Republican Party just isn’t what it was in 1862. So I’m voting Trotskyite, because it’s naive to think you can have socialism in just one country.

    Now you young punks get off my lawn.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    40-year Republican, you show yourself to be a fraud by planning on voting for a guy who has pledged himself to do those very things you hate. IF Ashford turns out to be an Anti-Consitutionalist Far Left Winger? What do you think the word “Democrat” means? I may not vote for Terry because of the anti-conservatives actions of the GOP leadership, but I sure as hell won’t vote for Assford either.

  8. TexasAnnie says:

    Many, many years ago while sitting around the student union bldg., an idea emerged among my associates that if we just refuse to VOTE, or, if we vote for 3rd party candidates (John Anderson at the time) then the two major parties would get back on track (abide their party platforms).

    Look how that idea turned out, Macdaddy. Don’t you think it would be better to VOTE, even if your vote is for the most unlikely winner? Don’t you have a Libertarian candidate running in the congressional district there?

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