Fastballs, more cash and polls

As we Tweetered last evening, the new Lee Terry for Congress ad is up, hitting Democrat Brad Ashford for supporting the Good Time law.
See it here:

Now. Is Brad Ashford going to parse this one out?
Is he going to claim it’s all out of context?
But, in the political world, let HIM explain that.

The word we are getting is that while the race is neck and neck by almost any polling or other review, Ashford is currently on his heels defending himself as he never has had to before. No one really knows who Brad Ashford is, so he is getting defined like an SAT word at a Kaplan course by the Terry camp.

Lee Terry on the other hand has been batted down, but like an inflatable Weeble, keeps popping back up.


But as we also Twittered last night, Politico reports that the DCCC is now scrambling in their assessment of what races they can and can’t win across the country.

They are apparently in triage mode, so they are pulling resources from LOTS of races, and putting them all into the few that they think they can win across the U.S.

That includes Nebraska’s Second District.

In addition, the DCCC will boost spending in two GOP-held districts — one of them currently occupied by Nebraska Rep. Lee Terry, and the other being vacated by retiring Iowa Rep. Tom Latham. Democrats increasingly view both contests as winnable.

So while Terry and the NRCC have had a nice barrage on Brad Ashford of late, expect a return volley from the the DCCC sometime very soon.


For those of you still hoping that there will be seven or eight more U.S. Senate debates, please note that the New York Times and CBS (those bastions of conservative Republicanism) along with have a new poll out showing Republican Ben Sasse up by 27 points on Democrat Dave Domina:

Sasse: 58%
Domina: 31%
Other: 0%
Not Sure: 11%

Now the anti-Sasse forces will balk at this poll, again, for a number of reasons. It has online aspects to it. But it also isn’t like it was commissioned by Shakey’s Pizza. You can read up on their methodology if you’d like and glean your own insights into the modern polling world.

And we would note that “Independent” Jim Jenkins and the other guys apparently weren’t an option, though they will be on the ballot. That would theoretically knock some of those numbers down, but our guess is it wouldn’t give Domina much of a gain on Sasse.

Oh and the poll was completed prior to Sasse’s latest ad campaign, which will only gain steam.

And the Sasse-bago chugs along.


Over in the Gov’s race, the Pete Ricketts camp announced that the have $1.2 million Cash on Hand in their coffers going into the final weeks.

Democrat Chuck Hassebrook  has less than half of that, with $546K.

You will probably see them both on TV. Just probably Pete twice as much.


  1. Ricky says:

    Chuck H. has said he does not have to have as much money at Ricketts, just enough to get his message out, and it looks like he does have enough for that.
    And Chuck points out the guy with the most money does not always win, and points out Mr Ricketts spent a gajillion dollars running for Senate previoulsy and got trounced.


  2. 40-Year Registered Republican says:

    My conscience won’t allow me to ever again cast a vote for Lee Terry.

    Folks, we are at a cultural crossroads in this country. The Big Government Barbarians are at the gate; and frankly, they have been largely winning the hearts and minds of undecided voters for the better part of twenty-five years. As a Constitution-Loving-Conservative, I expect more from my Congressman than just showing-up and voting however he or she is instructed by GOP Party Leadership.

    Call me an idealist, but I also expect my elected representatives to embrace, protect, & promote Liberty – Lee Terry has failed all of us in this regard. From voting For the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), to voting For the Patriot Act, to his several thoughtless & insensitive public comments over the past couple of years, Lee Terry has proven to be little more than an embarrassment to the people of Nebraska. Thanks in part to Lee Terry’s votes in favor of the NDAA & Patriot Act, our government now has unprecedented legal authority to spy on its citizens and can indefinitely imprison any American Citizen without due process (all they have to do is label you or I as an enemy, without the burden of proof)…Thanks Lee!

    I could go on and on about how Lee Terry has been completely ineffective at actually selling or influencing those who are on the Political-Left to support common-sense conservative ideas and ideals, or about how he dutifully towed the GOP Party-Line by voting for the $700 Billion bank bailout in 2008 (forever a stain on our nation’s history); but you see, these acts of incompetence and injustice pale in comparison to Lee Terry’s vote to grant the Federal Government almost unlimited power over its citizens via the NDAA & the Patriot Act; a level of power that is straight out of Orwell’s “1984″ and that completely flies in the face of what our Founding Fathers stood for.

    From my perspective, based upon several decades of life experience & observation, I am convinced that Lee Terry is a Big Government Bureaucrat who has proven time and time again that he will vote for any bill that he feels will help to prolong his political career, and it seems to me (and to many others who have been paying attention) that political survival is Lee’s paramount ambition in life.

    I will vote for Brad Ashford in November, and if he turns out to be an Anti-Constitutionalist Far Left-Winger as a Congressman, then I will support a Constitution & Liberty Loving Republican (if there is one running) in the 2016 election.

  3. to 40 year registered republican says:

    blah, blah blah. you keep posting the same diatribe over and over and over and over. no one is reading it anymore. come up with something new and MAYBE we will pay attention.

    Never mind…we won’t.

  4. 20-year-old flaming conservative says:

    It’s a shame that Leavenworth or some other political medium can’t get its hands on the Feb. 3, 2014, Business and Labor Committee hearing on the minimum wage bill. That’s where Brad Ashford loses his mind, yelling at citizens (the so-called ‘second house’) who are testifying and telling them to sit down and shut up. The footage is owned by the taxpayers and the Legislature, but Nebraska Educational TV refuses to release the committee hearing film. It’s visual proof positive that Brad is more than a few nuts too short.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    The DCCC may be a day late and a dollar short. Isn’t most of the ad space already spoken for by now? I’m seeing Ernst ads now. That’s got to eat into Ashford’s opportunity.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Hassebrook is doubling down on the Goebbel’s strategy of continuing to lie. Chuck, when you lose, please take it on down the road to some other state.

  7. Went to a Pro-Life doings here in K-Town Sunday eve … good chow (brisket) and great speaker. Pete was there, shaking hands and working da crowd … stayed practically till the lights went out. Ben and his Sasse-mobile also showed up, pumped a few hands and split early … apparently had some other blow-out to attend. Looked high and low (especially low) but couldn’t find Brad or Chuck the Schmuck. Guess they don’t like good barbecue.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ben Sasse and his folks take off early from every event. Funny, it’s always to get to another event.

    At the 5county bbq over in Johnson, Sasse spoke first, talked plenty fast, and split. They said it was to get to another event, but I looked around on the interwebs and can’t find evidence of any other events that night that they could have possibly made it to.

  9. Anonymous says:

    On March 28, 2014, Heineman said “The people of Omaha have told SEN. ASHFORD repeatedly, criminals ought to have to earn their good time, rather than automatically get it. I think it’s fair to say things have changed, particularly regarding what happened with the Nikko Jenkins situation (murders which happened after 2011).” — Well, duh.

    In 2011, Corrections Director Houston relaxed the law, which made sense at the time, to some, due to prison “overcrowding”. Nebraska prisons are said to be officially “overcrowded”. But inmates live better than any POW and better than most US troops in the field. Yet early out programs are tried over and over again nationwide to save money. However, then came the Omaha Nikko murder spree and Ashford as Judiciary Chair went out of his way to stick a cherry bomb up his own arse..

    As Judiciary Committee chairman and sponsor of LB 907, all Ashford had to do was nothing. Nothing.

    Had he not removed this provision from his own bill, Ashford would today be the hero candidate who safeguards Omaha voters. Yet back in March, while knowing he was running for Congress, Ashford said, the provision “didn’t fit with (his) assigned task: reducing Nebraska’s prison population.”

    How stupid is that?

    What does that mean? That Ashford thinks overcrowding made the murder spree happen? More televisions and exercise equipment is the cure for crime? Hasn’t he seen recidivism rates? But if he doesn’t care about justice and law, doesn’t he care about himself running for Congress? He knew he’d appear to be endangering Nebraskans for sake of his obsession with making inmates more comfortable.

    And then he pulled his pants down in the last debate.

    When asked what he’d with Nebraska’s Tax Surplus, without hesitation Brad said he’s spend it on “prison overcrowding”. That’s Brad for you… making ‘em comfortable makes ‘em solid citizens.

    All he had to do what nothing and today he’s be the hero who kept bad guys in the slammer.

    I Sweeper is right. This political dipshit has never been scrutinized.

  10. TexasAnnie says:

    Pleeze – – – 40-Year Registered Republican:

    Keep posting your message. I don’t read it through anymore, but I’m always glad to see it available for those who have not seen it yet. The National Defense Authorization Act and the Patriot Act have been as bad for liberty as the bank and auto bailouts have been for tax justice. Yet your statesmen have kept touting their efficacy, or, as here at Leavenworth Street, ignored the grave danger they have caused the people of America. What has Lee Terry done to curb the excesses of the very industries which brought our economy to it’s knees just a few years ago? Anything? Anyone?

    Ashford may or may not make similarly stupid judgments; that’s an unknown factor. But y’all know what Lee Terry will do! Pleeze put him out of office. And I’ll keep working to do the same here with my errant congressman for the benefit of all liberty lovers everywhere!!!

  11. TexasAnnie says:

    I have not read about the prison scandal(s) there and don’t know about the murders y’all seem to be blaming on Ashford. But don’t worry, Ashford won’t be asked to fix Nebraska’s prison overcrowding in the Congress…

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