Maxwell speaks out on Terry

Chip Maxwell 02Former “Independent” 2nd District Congressional candidate Chip Maxwell wrote a post on his blog (a few weeks ago – and since updated) explaining why he is going to vote for Lee Terry in Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional race next month — and why you should too.

Except it’s not an “endorsement.”

We will let Chip explain…

I said I could not endorse Terry. An endorsement is a seal of approval. I said I would explain why I am voting for Terry.

Chip then goes on to argue that he lost his County Board election to Marc Kraft in 2008 because Republican voters stayed home in the Presidential election between John McCain and Barrack Obama.

In 2008, I was a Republican running for reelection to the Douglas County Board against Democrat Marc Kraft. Kraft got 13,882 votes, a 7% increase over what my Democratic opponent got in 2004.

In 2004, I won with 14,426 votes. I lost in 2008 because I got 11,925 votes, a 17% decrease.

That was the election in which Barack Obama won the electoral vote in our congressional district, but there was no unusual surge of Democratic votes. What happened was that many Republicans and conservative Democrats and Independents stayed home, curled in a fetal position waiting for the Obama tsunami to crash through and subside.

Huh. Interesting theory.

In any case, Maxwell goes on to explain that if some Republicans are so pissed at Lee Terry that they just stay home, they will elect Ashford. And as Maxwell says…

Brad Ashford, is a pro-choice liberal/progressive who will be an advocate and sure vote for the Obama agenda. If you want more of what Barack Obama stands for, then vote for Brad Ashford or don’t vote at all.

If you agree with me that Barack Obama is leading this country in the wrong direction, and if you share my alarm at the erosion of our freedom and the undermining of family values that has accelerated under his leadership, then you and I must engage in this race.

He continues…

Lee just received an endorsement and perfect 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee. He has voted against the Obama agenda and needs the votes of all who oppose that agenda.

I urge you to join me in voting for Lee Terry

Don’t let those “Maxwell for Congress” yard signs get too moldy sitting in your garage.
Chip is already planning for 2016:

I have decided to wait until 2016 [to run for Congress], but that doesn’t mean I’m sitting out this election as a voter, and neither should you. Conservative values are under siege. We can’t afford the loss of ground to the left that would occur if Lee Terry loses.


Chip’s discernment between an “endorsement” and “voting for” is a bit perplexing.

We suppose that if he were in the mob, that would mean that he was “vouching for” Terry. As Lefty Ruggerio can tell you, if a guy like Donnie Brasco, whom you vouched for, ends up being a turncoat, it is YOU who will end up swimming sleeping with the fishes.

Which would post an interesting question in that 2016 Primary (which is apparently already happening): Who is worse? The guy (Maxwell, here) who said he was going to hold his nose and vote for Lee? Or the guy (like a Dan Frei) who crossed his arms and let Congressman Brad Ashford happen (in this scenario, anyway)?

You can say for Maxwell that at least he didn’t inadvertently support a Democrat. Though we suppose there’s an argument that Maxwell’s Independent candidacy lifted Ashford’s boat at the start of the campaign and helped it to get to this point in the first place.

We’re not sure about all of that.

But what we ARE sure of, if it’s an open primary in 2016, there will be MANY more candidates involved than just Maxwell and Frei.

Then again, if Terry bounces back once again, and runs in 2016, a multi-candidate primary leaves the non-incumbents in the same position.

Interesting stuff, no?


And then coverage of Lee Terry’s recent “Good Time” law ad hitting Ashford lead to this coverage on Channel 7:

Two things here:

1) Interesting how the Ashford campaign is operating here. First Brad himself tells Channel 7 that he will respond to the ad — particularly after he has a public appearance going on. But then the campaign calls back and chickens out of it.

And that statement they released?

Everyone in Nebraska knows that Ashford strengthened prison sentences“?

Well, no. Not so much.

But of course this just makes us assume they are finishing up their response ad and don’t want to step on whatever that finely honed DCCC message is.

Nonetheless, as far as winning the day’s messaging, Advantage Terry.

2) Oh. My. Gawd do we HATE it when Lee turns into “Campaign Flak Lee Terry”, instead of being CONGRESSMAN Lee Terry!!! He has been doing this for years, and if it makes us shatter the nearest coffee mug when we hear it, we would hate to walk around barefoot in the Terry campaign and Congressional offices.

My garsh (to speak in Tom Osborne language) Lee! When you are asked whether you “feel vulnerable”, you simply don’t answer the question! You say, “My job is to work hard for the people of the 2nd District. I don’t worry about the campaign stuff. The people in the 2nd District know that I’m out there fighting for Veterans, fighting to keep taxes low and fighting to keep government off their backs. Other people can worry about politics.

Or some such.

Is it REALLY that hard??? How many times can you answer that stuff?

We realize that at this point Lee just can’t help himself, but…sheesh.
I mean we’re not suggesting a shock-collar or anything. But maybe one of those spray bottles you use with cats…


And we are hearing that the styles of both campaigns at this point reflect that both Terry and Ashford think Ashford is ahead. Our guess is that it is within margins of error.

But Terry is attacking hard with paid media, sitting down with the press.
Ashford is pulling back, not making any off-the-cuff comments to a TV station, and letting his campaign do all the talking. At this point, they figure they can only step in it. And we would guess that the DCCC has a tight grip on what they are doing.

Which of course, should tell you everything you’d need to know about Ashford actually voting in Congress.


  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Maxwell’s got it wrong! You don’t OWE allegiance to a party leadership out of sync with it’s party platform!

  2. Macdaddy says:

    Congressman Duncan Hunter said that 10 ISIS fighters have been caught coming across the border with Mexico. Boehner, the GOP, and the Chamber of Commerce share in the blame when, not if, Americans get killed in a terrorist attack here. Obama gets the biggest share, but not all of it. The GOP needs to listen. They refuse. They will pass amnesty right after the election. Their inaction has made it easy for people who hate this country to waltz right in and set up shop. My vote is the only voice I have. Hear me now, Lee Terry. I’m done because you and the rest of the GOP refuse to stand up for this country. Good luck winning with Chip Maxwell’s vote. You won’t get mine.

  3. Interested Observer says:

    It’s interesting to observe how it is OK and even patriotic to oppose the Republican nominee for a Congressional office this year, when 2 years ago it was the most despicable and traitorous act imaginable to oppose the Republican nominee for office. My, my, what a difference 2 years make . . .

  4. spectrumview says:

    Chip’s endorsement isn’t the boost for Terry that Brad’s stupidity is. Brad is being defined right now. The timing is Terry’s. But the damage to Brad is his own.

    Arguments against Terry are based on him being 1 of 435 in the HOR. Whatever Terry actually does or doesn’t do is assessed in that context.

    Conversely, the Ashford prison argument is based on Ashford being in charge of his own bill as the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He was in charge of that.

    Brad killed and removed the provision from his own bill, in his own committee, that would have, had he just let it remain, today make him seem a hero to voters by him protecting them. But even that wasn’t enough for the suicidal guy. He repeatedly told the news media that he eliminated that provision, which would have kept felons in prison, because he felt it was not more important than prison overcrowding in his bill.

    What’s Ashford to say now? That he didn’t say it? That it wasn’t his bill? That he wasn’t in charge of the committee? If this is a bear trap, Ashford built it and filed its teeth sharp and stuck his neck in it and then left it up to Terry to trigger it.

  5. Lifetime Republican Donor says:

    I can’t vote for Lee Terry because Lee Terry Voted For the following:

    1. Patriot Act
    2. NDAA
    3. Multi-Trillion $ and counting bank bailout following 2008

    He’s not a “Conservative”, folks…at least not the kind who promotes and protects Liberty.

  6. Interested Observer says:

    But the POINT is that we BOTH could not support the nominee! We BOTH do the exact same thing, but only I was vilified. Nice double standard.

  7. Pseudo-Sweeper:

    If you’re gonna use “Godfather” references, then for pity sakes, get it right. It’s “sleeps with the fishes” … not “swims with the fishes”, which is, I think, an Esther Williams reference.

    You’re welcome.

  8. Ricky says:

    Mr Ashford sure is getting under Mr Terry’s skin by stating he would not vote to shut down the Government if he were in office. At a North Omaha event today, Mr Terry shot out of his seat to complain “There never was a vote to shut down the Government”! I’m guessing that Terry insists the inaction that led to the government shutdown by the Congress was not actually a vote to shut it down, but the effect was the same. Dang Straight it was.
    At Big Mama’s Terry also said something about the Omaha Steel Casings saga and about how he tried to find a home for the manufacturing plant in Omaha, somewhere in North O perhaps.
    And Terry also said he tried to get enough funding to clean up the Ames Locust area pollution so development could start. He failed.
    And Terry said he tried to get a place for another company in North O and failed at that too.
    Three strikes and you are out Mr Terry! The GOP leadership in Omaha with Stothert and Terry and Dunning is failing us.
    Something is really fishy with that Omaha Steel Castings company story. It was an issue in the Mayor campaign, with Stothert claiming Mr Suttle did not do enough to keep that company in Omaha.
    Then it turns out the company is hugely in debt; then it was bought out for some reason by Alan Lozier, then sold to UNMC which really wanted that land.
    I wonder what the real story is with that deal?

    Ricky Ricky Ricky From From From Omaha

  9. Interested Observer says:

    Uncle Wiggily, you’re really showing your age with the Esther Williams reference, just as I am for picking up on it!

  10. GOP Voter says:

    Anyone seen our National Committeeman? Is he raising any money for the GOP? I hear he is very involved in the OPS Bond issue.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ricky, if three strikes and you’re out is enough to say a politician failed and should be ousted, why did Obama get reelected?

  12. Good Gawd says:

    Can Lincoln Public Schools just cut the social experimentation crap and just, like, teach kids (boyz and gurlz) how to frickin’ read, write, add and subtract? And just not worry about gender inclusivity for middle schoolers? Please?

    Too much to ask? Maybe this will finally get voters interested in who gets elected to the school board.

  13. Anonymous says:

    To Clueless Observer: You had a personal vendetta. You made your point about Deb Fischer. And then you kept making it. The same point. Over and over and over. And over. And over. And over and over and over. At first is was just tiresome. Then annoying. By the time the election rolled around, I honestly grew to hate you. (Just sayin’.)

    I don’t even care about Deb Fischer, really. I just harbor a deep satisfaction in knowing that her winning the election must eat at you daily and leave you with profound frustration that you can do nothing at all about it.


  14. Real Property Listing Service says:

    Has Lee Terry decided who’s going to get the listing when he puts that “nice house” on the market in January after he joins the ranks of the unemployed?

  15. Podunk University and Diploma Mill says:

    If Lee Terry has trouble financing his kids education when he’s no longer getting that government paycheck he can send them to us. We’re running a special scam on government backed student loans that will only put them in debt for the next six generations.

  16. Anonymous says:

    24, you invite Karma to smash your own loved ones lives when you target other people’s children.

    If you don’t like Terry or Ashford, fine. But leave their children out of it. Everyone tries to give their children a home and an education. And in fact many majorities of voters in second district have elected and reelected Terry despite his promise to limit his terms. The same applies today in this race.

    If you want to help Brad, please do that. But don’t do it by hitting Terry’s or anyone else’s children.

    It makes Brad look bad for him to draw such people to his side. Brad would not attack Terry’s children.

  17. Karma for the uninformed says:

    25, you must not remember Lee’s comments when he supported the government shut down and insisted he NEEDED his government paycheck to pay for his “nice house” and “kid in college.” That had nothing to do with Brad Ashford or any of his supporters or Lee’s children. If Lee gets thrown out of office it’s just a simple case of karma biting Lee on the butt.

  18. Anonymous says:

    26, don’t try to wiggle out of it. If you see a parent bashing their kid, that doesn’t give you the right to do the same. That’s then your karma not theirs. You made a choice. And wasn’t a very nice one.

    You are correct that if Lee gets thrown out of office its due to himself. Of course. For when is that not the case? But his words and actions are all his, not ours. Brad too must live with his own past, what he did on the Judiciary, what he says and does. What you do to poke at Terry’s kids is seen as being done for Brad and that’s not fair to Brad. He appreciates support but I am sure he’d say to lay off the kids.

    Everyone who runs for office puts their families through a meat grinder for their own ambition. They do that so they can have terrible power over their neighbors. It is a bad thing for any human being to do. They try to sugarcoat that nasty tyrannical aspect of human nature but there it is.

    Politics is like a toilet, a necessary instrument of civilization. It is something to observe and fastidiously clean in November. But don’t for a minute think you can dive in for a swim without getting nasty. Those who think they can sip cabernet out of it are even worse off.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Will someone please tell Chip Maxwell to go away, because nobody cares. Dead presidents were more relevant. They certainly have less ego in their attempts to keep media attention.

  20. Breaking: Washington Free Beacon just reported Dave Domina defended a Nazi police officer and war criminal in US court. No, it’s not a joke.

    Some prime quotes from our fearless defender of monstrous murderers.

    “Mr. Kalymon lived an honorable life in the U.S.”

    “I was involved on a professional level and did my best professionally for a person who, decades after these events, needed help,” Domina said. “I performed a professional service. … It was a service I rendered without making a judgment on a person.”

    (Well, just because he murdered Jews for the Nazis, doesn’t make him a bad person)

    “Domina told the Free Beacon that he should not be criticized for defending Kalymon.

    His critics “have a very weak understanding of the responsibilities of a lawyer to provide professional services with objectivity,” he said.”

    (Yes, everyone deserves a lawyer, but there’s no obligation on any individual lawyer to defend someone they consider abhorrent)

  21. Anonymous says:

    I like both Chip and Lee however Chip has a tendency to be mercurial which makes him look like he’s coming and going at the same time and Lee should know by now how to temper his remarks so they don’t become TV ads. Brad Ashford? Every State Senator thinks they are known around the State for their actions in the Legislature. It’s a rude awakening when they run for a higher office and find out that the average Nebraskan is not paying attention to the Legislature nor knows who they are.

  22. anonymous says:

    Domina’s defense of a Nazi may be reprehensible but it is literally Constitutional. Those rights are for everybody or they are for nobody. The rain falls on the good and bad alike.

  23. BREAKING NEWS (Mainstream Media POLL) says:

    The Following Poll Will Be Released on Sunday:

    4,027 likely voters

    Ashford: 2,498
    Terry: 1,445
    Undecided: 84

    Looks like a landslide…for Ashford

  24. Nobody’s arguing the constitutionality.

    What is more reprehensible, IMO, are Domina’s statements justifying his actions. That it was decades previous is a defense? There is no statute of limitations on war crimes. He didn’t make a judgement on Kalymon? Looking at the US government’s case, which was extremely strong IMO, he didn’t think “Who the hell am I defending here”? Contrary to what Domina said, the signature was a small part of the evidence. There was only one Ivan Kaymon, he served in 3 separate units of the UAP, and simultaneosuly there was documentation of atrocities by an Ivan Kalymon is those exact 3 units. The identification was rock-solid.

    And then Domina boasts about the case on his website, and brags he got some of the case overturned (actually, it was the least important claim, which was that the UAP was hostile to the US.) It’s one thing to defend a Nazi war criminal, but to use that defense in your advertising?

    The man escorted Jews to death camps, and shot those who tried to escape.

  25. anonymous says:

    I could have written the above, predictable as it is. We would have fewer dead Jews but for well-documented, home-grown, All-American isolationism and anti-Semitism during World War II. Let’s condemn that while we’re at it.

  26. Punditty says:

    Domina, Ashford and Hassebrook all relatively lack name rec. Lucky them. Sasse has sparkle but he is also doing well because he is less well known than Ricketts and Terry. Lucky Sasse.

    We’d like to think voters prefer Sasse to a doped up Nazi apologist but voters don’t really see that far.

    This is a throw-the-bums-out sort of year. Sure NE voters are disgusted with Obama. But are they disgusted with NE Democrats here? Maybe not.

    In this blog, die hard Republicans can barely get together to vote for their only big incumbent running for reelection, i.e. Lee Terry. Statewide the average NE voter saw a truly vicious GOP primary compared to a nice quiet Democrat Primary. Since Mike and Dave are already out, the only one left to throw out is Lee.

    On Election Day, Lee’s, Mike’s and Dave’s seats will all be occupied by one political party. If NE voters cannot throw the bums themselves out, they may feel they can switch to a new kind of bum. This is the opposite of proactive partisanship. Its more like flushing a toilet to average voters.

    Those who decide this aren’t partisan. They don’t think like Republicans or Democrats or pudits. They are a-partisan swing voters who love quiet primaries and prefer candidates whom they don’t know.

    I don’t think it much matters what Brad does. He’s not the incumbent and that’s good enough. Similarly, Domina was toast against newbie Sasse even before we got the mental image of Dr. Mengela smoking grass. The Gov election is less clear. The best thing Democrats can do is shut up. Except for Domina who has about the same chance as twins in a Mengela clinic.

  27. Godwin’s Law:
    “As an intenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.” There is an Internet tradition that, once this occurs, that thread is over, and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever argument was in progress.

    So many transgressors in this thread I’ve lost track … so I’m just gonna tell people I won.

  28. Fed Up Republican says:

    I just saw the news stories on early voting. We are getting our ass kicked. Who is to blame?? Why doesn’t our state party have money for an absentee ballot program??? Why do we have a National Committeeman that does not raise any money? Why is David Kramer spending his time helping OPS and not helping Lee Terry??? Rumor has it Kramer wants Lee’s seat.

  29. anonymous says:

    Typical Lee Terry camp. The blame has already started should he lose. Don’t blame the state GOP. Every cycle it has $$ probs regardless of who is the exec dir, chairman, committee man or woman. Lee Terry broke a 3 term pledge, can’t stop saying stupid things and hasn’t done much in sweet 16 years. Lee Terry has only Lee Terry to blame.

    His camp should have had a better $$ allocation strategy for early voting. The camp manager has never managed a campaign before. A field rep mysteriously left right before early voting started. The consultant is too preoccupied with his bachelor status. The primary camp was just as bad.

  30. Concerned says:

    Common sense would tell you that when you have min. wage, OPS Bond, and the prospects of beating Terry early voting would be high. Why in the hell did none of the “brilliant” consultants see this coming and why are the Republicans so pathetic on early voting? Why is money not raised for early voting and why are none of the top ticket candidates pushing? Another example of the GOP snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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