Banking votes

Bank-VaultThe Democrats in Omaha currently have a nearly 8,000 vote absentee ballot request edge on the Republicans.
As Watchdog reported, the numbers look like this:

Democrat: 10,679, 65%
Republican: 3,352, 21%
Independent: 2,276, 14%
Libertarian: 34, less than 1%

We’re not saying some Republicans should be in panic mode, but those numbers spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

How could such a thing have happened? Well two things:
1) The Democrats clearly spent money and had a plan. (Hmm, where have we seen the Dems with extra money and a built-in fan base for this?)
2) The Republicans had No Plan, and did not spent any money (at least not anything significant) on pulling in “marginal voters” for early voting.

You may have seen the back-to-back stories about the Dems with the early voting advantage, and the the Minimum Wage campaign with $1.2 million raised for their campaign.

We will just assume that a nice chunk of that over a million bucks went to a PLAN to push early voting.

But some say, “So What! Republicans still have a registration advantage!
Maybe. And they’re not likely to lose many races 80-20.

But…those early ballots represent voters who may not have bothered to vote. They represent many “Maybe”voters who the Dems just BANKED.

Let’s say that voter hears something Brad Ashford or Chuck Hassebrook or Burke Harr says that REALLY pisses them off, and they think, “‘I’m not voting for that S.O.B!
Yeah, well guess what? Too late. Their vote has already been cast.

And then there are other GOPers who say, “Ashford? Hassebrook? Harr? We are not talking about them! We are talking about Raising the Minimum Wage!

Well maybe, just maybe, Raise the the Minimum Wage activists took their lists of thousands of signators and focused on Democrats — especially those “Maybe” Democrats — and pushed THEM to vote early.

Heck of an idea huh? Oh, and they had $1.2 million bucks to play with.

Could the Nebraska Republicans done the same?

Oh sure, they didn’t have these particular built-in lists to work with. And it takes MONEY.

You may have noticed a few weeks back that the county GOP was putting together their “plan” to raise money for this cycle. Which is nice. Except that, as we noted then, that’s the time you should be SPENDING your cash. The GOP donors need to be hit much earlier, and stressed that this Minimum Wage issue is nice. But look what the Minimum Wagers are DOING with it.

For one, they just banked 10,000 Democrat votes.

Jonah Goldberg of National Review made a great point the other day. Democrats are not really interested in raising the minimum wage. They know it’s a job killer and generally bad economics. But they don’t care. Because you know what they really want?

They want Republicans to say they are AGAINST raising the minimum wage.

The Dems lick their chops and run back to their constituency and point at those Fat Cats with their pocket watches hanging off their 3-piece suits and screech, They don’t care about Poor People!

And the Dems have just gotten fired up. And donated money. And banked early voters.
And we will see if it means they have then turned close races.

If so, maybe it will mean that the State and County GOP and the GOP donors will finally realize how crucially important it is to spend money to use technology to GET THEIR VOTERS TO VOTE.

And, if possible, to BANK those votes. Early.


Well, at least the OWH set up a pretty nice ad for the Terry folks on the Good Time issue.

Then-Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle, a current Ashford supporter, but at the time an Ashford opponent in the Mayor’s race, told Ashford in a legislative hearing back in 2013:

Right now, administratively, your Department of Corrections is letting those types of individuals (violent offenders) out on the streets of Omaha before their minimum sentence.

Ashford responds…

“No, they aren’t.”

And now later Ashford says…

“Maybe I didn’t put two and two together. I don’t know.”

Maybe THERE’s a line that could possibly challenge “Dang Straight.”


If you are looking for something October Surprise-ish in the Nebraska U.S. Senate race, look no further than this: Dave Domina, Defender of Nazi War Criminals.

“Aw, c’mon!”, you say.
“It’s not like he’s bragging about this or anything!”

Er, no. He absolutely is. On his firm’s website. Under the heading “War Crimes”:

Domina Law Group pc llo’s Experience with War Crimes Cases

Certainly, defense of war crimes is not a specialty of Domina Law Group pc llo. But, the fact the firm had an opportunity to handle a case of this kind and was successful with it to the extent success could be expected, is a testament to the breadth and scope of the firm’s practice, and its ability to engage in complex litigation, involving extraordinary subjects, on terms producing results favorable to clients against the greatest of all odds.

Domina Law Group pc llo handled the defense of an American citizen in his 80s accused, as the last person to be charged in the United States with alleged war crimes committed during WWII. These cases have been uniformly successful for the Government. But Domina Law Group pc llo’s efforts resulted in acquittals on key parts, though not all, of the citizenship revocation proceedings they defended for a lifelong auto designer from suburban Detroit MI.

US v. Kalymon
541 F.3d 624 (6th Cir. 2008)

Well, that is one way to round out your website.
Domina is giving, “Better Call Saul!” a run for his money.

We don’t know how many meth dealers Domina has successfully defended, but we are guessing those are easier cases than your average Nazi War Criminal.

Domina tells the Washington Free Beacon that his critics, “have a very weak understanding of the responsibilities of a lawyer to provide professional services with objectivity.”

We must have missed the part where every lawyer is obligated to take on “suspected” Nazi War Criminals as clients.
And then brag about it on their website.


Lee Terry and Brad Ashford had an i impromptu debate at “Big Mama’s Kitchen” in North Omaha the other day, and whaddaya know, the moderator stuck it too Terry right from the get go.

As reported by the OWH:

[Moderator Willie] Hamilton opened the debate by telling the candidates and the crowd of over 100 that he wasn’t “going to allow Willie Horton or any of that bull to be brought in here and used as a basis to elect anybody. … I’m tired of people using certain things to get a vote at the detriment of my community.’’ It was a clear chastisement of Terry for his press conference last week seeking to link Ashford to accused killer Nikko Jenkins.

Well isn’t that nice. Terry agrees to go to a forum, and immediately is whacked by the moderator.

And you wonder why candidates take so much time when agreeing to debates.

Of course, it is likely that Ashford didn’t want to be up there much more than Terry, but he must have been immediately comforted knowing the ambush was there for Terry and not him.


And reporter Emily Cahn for Roll Call was in town last week following around Terry and Ashford as one of the top races in the country.

And she told her readers this was a race of space cadet/Lucky Dude Brad Ashford who has walked into a race he could very well win, versus “Dang Straight” Lee Terry. Really not much you haven’t heard before, but it is always interesting to get the national perspective.

A few take aways:

  • The headline of the article is, “Meet the House Republican Still Sweating the Shutdown“. But the URL of the article, which was likely the original headline, is “the-lee-terry-apology-tour-continues“.
  • We don’t think much of his sincerity, but Ashford did come up with a good line about the “Dang Straight” comment: “The comment reflects the sense that being in Congress is a job when in fact it’s public service.”
  • Hope Bob Krist enjoyed his support by the GOP. Cause that’s over. But at least he may get some sympathy, LITERALLY, from Joe Biden, with this line, “There’s a litany of times when [Terry] has literally stuck his 10.5 [size shoe] in his mouth.” Literally! And Bob Krist has LITERALLY dug a hole for himself. LITERALLY!
  • Brad marches to the beat of his own drum,” says Heath Mello. And the Politico reporter says, “Democrats are fully behind Ashford.” Well, they’re not likely to crap on someone with a “D” after their name. But you can bet that, at this point, they’re PISSED that Pete Festersen or any other ACTUAL Democrat didn’t run. This is appearing as their Golden Opportunity to take the seat, and they have a former Republican running. You can bet that chafes some who know that Ashford “isn’t one of them.”


And late this morning, the NRCC has a new ad up hitting Ashford.
See it here.

We still doubt you’ve seen the last of this.


And finally, we cracked up at state Senator Steve Lathrop saying,

“I will not be pulled into any attempt to make the murders of four innocent people a political issue, no matter what.”

Ooh! “No matter what”!
Said the guy who crashed Lee Terry’s press conference (with Sen. Krist) to grandstand on the issue.
Of course, we guess you can’t be “pulled in” if you’ve already seated yourself there, right?


  1. Thank God consultants do not get paid based on results says:

    Common sense would tell you that when you have min. wage, OPS Bond, and the prospects of beating Terry early voting would be high. Why in the hell did none of the “brilliant” consultants see this coming and why are the Republicans so pathetic on early voting? Why is money not raised for early voting and why are none of the top ticket candidates pushing? Another example of the GOP snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That would be Big Mama’s Kitchen….I see where the same people who managed to give rotten legal advice (Baird Holm) resulting in the swearing in “glitch” of the OPS Board that had to be removed or hell would prevail—managed to squeeze out a 5K contribution and the Chamber who hand picked the next slate of board members and swiftly funded their campaigns gave 50K and of course First National gave 30K. Ah yes…just to get cranes in the sky again while Johnny still can’t read or graduate.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    I have no idea what Terry’s response to Mr. Hamilton was, but that comment was just a big old softball that any conservative should have been able to crush. “Willie Horton? If only Nikko Jenkins had left it at a Willie Horton level of violence. Instead, he killed somebody right down the street, and somebody else 3 blocks over. You don’t think this affects you? You’re ok with a certain level of violence against African-Americans as long as nobody goes Willie Horton on one of the guys who could have done something about this? Whatever, sir. I think you’ve lost your way. When you get home you might want to do some soul-searching.”

    I’m sure Terry said something just like that and then left out how the GOP was picking illegal immigrants over American minorities.

  4. anonymous says:

    Typical Lee Terry camp. The blame has already started should he lose. Don’t blame the state GOP. Every cycle it has $$ probs regardless of who is the exec dir, chairman, committee man or woman. Lee Terry broke a 3 term pledge, can’t stop saying stupid things and hasn’t done much in sweet 16 years. Lee Terry has only Lee Terry to blame.

    His camp should have had a better $$ allocation strategy for early voting. The camp manager has never managed a campaign before. A field rep mysteriously left right before early voting started. The consultant is too preoccupied with his bachelor status. The primary camp staff was just as mediocre. Really I feel sorry for his camp staff.

    Camps are always tough. Volunteers, time and $$ are always in short supply and staffers are not perfect. The reality is that even if he had a consistent top tier five star staff and a ton of cash – they could not save Lee Terry from his own gravy train hole. Lee Terry needed to help himself from himself a long time ago. Dang straight.

  5. anonymous says:

    Lee Terry visits North Omaha like clockwork, every two years. Why shouldn’t he get a boot in the ass for all the good he does for his fellow citizens in North O? It easy to ambush a moron. Just deserts.

  6. anonymous says:

    Uh….Oh….It’s time to send in the big guns. The crazed secret weapon…..Robynn Terry. Send her door to door for Lee Terry. She can talk her way out of any situation at the listener’s peril. She can also get some prospects for her new real estate selling business. Come January 2015 she could be the bread winner to pay for the “nice” house and college.

  7. Do I have this right? says:

    So, it’s a bad thing if convicts get out of prison early when the Department of Corrections under a Republican administration miscalculates the minimum sentences of inmates.

    But it’s not a bad thing if convicts get out of prison early when Democrats vote to allow convicts to receive good time credit that they haven’t earned.

    Do I have this right?

  8. Do I have this right? says:

    Did Steve Lathrop say anything critical of the Department of Corrections miscalculating minimum sentences? He did, didn’t he?

    And heads rolled, did they not? Over at the DoC? And they’re looking into criminal prosecutions of DoC employees who didn’t do their math homework, right?

    The upshot of which was that some prisoners were released from prison early, right?

    Do I have this right?

  9. Do I have this right? says:

    When it comes to calculating sentences, releasing prisoners too early = baaaaad.

    When it comes to comes to giving good time credit to prisoners who don’t earn it, releasing prisoners too early = goooood.

    In either case, prisoners get out too soon. But, in the first instance, it’s because Republicans did it. And in the second instance, it’s because Democrats did.

    Do I have this right?

  10. Ricky says:

    Looking at those numbers it’s no wonder Mr Terry was so bent out of shape at Big Mama’s the other day. Clearly Brad has gotten under the skin of Terry by hammering at the Dang Straight Nice House comment. (Thanks again Joe Morton of the OWH for that story).
    When Willie Hamilton said what he said about Willie Horton and Nikko Jenkins I and a lot of others heartily applauded. How often does one get to confront a fear monger-er like Terry in person in your own neighborhood?
    Shame on Terry for trying to use four victims of Jenkins for political purposes. Time to move on Mr Terry. 16 years or whatever is long enough. You probably have a lobbyist job lined up already, so move on.

    I don’t know if the early voters are anxious to vote for the OPS bond issue. More likely they are lined up to vote AGAINST the issue. I sure would if I lived in OPS. Just to send a message to the Omaha Chamber of Commerce for orchestrating the take down of the old OPS board by devious methods.
    WE DON’T COAST; that is an example of how clueless the Chamber is and I hope they get egg on their faces. I am talking to you Dave Brown nobody died and left you in charge of Omaha

  11. anonymous says:

    Ricky, no shame in the OPS Board – a whole team of Lee Terrys – losing their jobs by whatever means, including “devious methods.” Not unlike the “devious methods” the Clintons used to 86 Chris Christie, eh? All’s fair in love & politics.

  12. Ricky says:

    Well if you put it that way; the OPS board was a whole team of Lee Terry’s, then maybe they should have been jettisoned. But not all of them were; favorites of the Chamber like Justin Wayne were propped up with cash.
    So how about this: we form a team, maybe get Dave Kramer and Aimee Melton and Chip Maxwell Smart and Charlie Janssen and have meetings and find a way to get Dave Brown of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Omaha fired. They can say he fudged his time card or put something on his resume that wasn’t true or had his fingers crossed when he took the oath of office or something.
    WE DON’T COAST! We can send an Omaha King Maker packing!
    Why put up with a body that supports the far right agenda and gives money to people like Qwen Aspen?
    Send your resume in to me now! We can do it Non Coasting!


  13. anonymous says:

    Pathetic. Terry campaign continues to blame David Kramer on their sorry situation. Where’s national committee woman Dr. Joyce Simmons? Chairman JL Spray? That’s right they also have their full time paid jobs too. Joyce fixing client’s teeth. JL giving clients legal advice like David just not as highly visible as the OPS ballot initiative. Just because David Kramer lives in Terry’s district does not make him the only party leader to work 24/7 to save him.

  14. WAKE UP, GOP! says:

    The “Republican Base” would be just as excited as the Democrats in early voting and on election day if our party would actually promote REAL CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES, instead of the usual group of RINO’s. I didn’t vote when Romney was our choice for President, and I won’t vote this year knowing that I still have to see Lee Terry’s name on the ballot. As the “Republican Base” becomes more Constitutionally aware and is shifting, year-by-year, to more of a stance on issues that are mostly in-line with traditional Libertarian values, the Party Big-Wigs keep beating the same ol’ drum and singing the same ‘ol song…this is why the Democrats will keep winning.

    Side Note: I attended the Gretna / Skutt football game last night (GREAT GAME). The esteemed Congressman Terry was in attendance with what looked like a couple of handlers. It was interesting and amusing to me as I watches scores of people walk by him without saying a word. Folks in the stands where I was sitting later on were less than complementary when discussing Lee and the job he’s done representing the 2nd CD. Looks to me like Ashford has a real chance of winning this, when considering Gretna is Lee’s traditional strong-hold. The best way I can put it is: Folks are just plain fed-up with Lee and most who traditionally vote for him will just stay home on election day (I know I will).

  15. Stay Home Don't Vote says:

    To wake up gop: Good to hear you will not vote—not vote against raising the minimum wage and fall right into Holland’s trap. All us crazy Democrat libs will be quite pleased to know you won’t vote because it will help us out a lot. Thanks.

  16. anonymous says:

    Not saving the Old Country Buffet saved hearts everywhere – literally. And all this hatin’ on Dems is getting old. Nebraska Democrats are middle-of-the-road Republicans everyplace else. Except Kansas.

  17. Amnesty Dave says:

    Kramer will never be a congressman. His support of amnesty will kill him. Our next congressman drinks at the Green Onion

  18. Anonymous says:

    It is hard to get excited about Nebraska’s nuts candidates when we have one as POTUS.

    “I believe the President may literally believe we should suffer along with less fortunate nations…. that is a very dangerous psychological stance from which to confront Ebola,” Dr. Ablow said. —Dr. Ablow has degrees from Brown, Johns Hopkins, and Tufts in psychiatry, neurology, and forensic psychiatry.

    Obama wrote of himself… “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students… foreign students… the Marxist professors and structural feminists… it was necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses… — I don’t believe it is possible to transcend race in this country.” — Barack Obama

    Dr. King thought we all could rise above race. But Obama doesn’t. And Obama’s “black masses”? No “black” was ever raised among fewer blacks.

    Obama was abandoned by his father, step father, his mother (who kept his sister), and by his white grandparents to a male socialist writer with whom young Obama in verse compared their underwear stains. He spent kindergarten to third grade in Indonesia and then in the racial melting pot of Oahu where he stood un-melted as racially different. His records are today sealed and not because they are flattering. Ferguson MO blacks had a more normal upbringing.

    People with Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder need admiration and yet lack empathy. They expect to be recognized as superior without superior accomplishments, expect admiration, believe others envy them, have fantasies of attractiveness, power, intelligence, lack the ability to empathize; when frustrated become arrogant, take advantage of others, are adept at engineering people to like them and set unrealistic goals. Narcissistic disorder is similar to antisocial and borderline personality.

    Obama wrote that his father hated America being above the suffering of the third world (Africa in particular) and that his father’s dreams formed Barack himself. So nuts or not, this President wanted and wants America to suffer. Nebraska simply has no candidates as crazy as the POTUS.

  19. anonymous says:

    Not quite Anon. The point behind defending alleged Nazis in court is that even the hateful and undeserving deserve their day in court with representation. Something the likes of you might take advantage of. Be grateful you live in a place where this is possible, and Nazis are, for the moment, unlikely.

  20. Sarpy County Republican says:

    Who is this D-Bag named Nolte running for legislature? The guy is a Neanderthal. To go after one of the most accomplished republican women in State Government is shear lunacy. Who is running his campaign???

  21. When Ivan Kalymon went to court, it was already admitted he was a member of the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police, and it was already established the UAP had shipped 150,000 Jews to the death camps. What was unknown was whether he had personally killed or transported any Jews. That is all he could deny.

    What was also admitted was that Kalymon had concealed his membership in the UAP in order to obtain US citizenship. And that’s all the proceedings were; to remove US citizenship which (the government claimed, and proved) had been applied for under false pretenses. That was what Domina was trying to fight.

    It turns out it didn’t matter. No other country would accept Kalymon, so he couldn’t be deported, and US court proceedings stalled the matter so long that by the time a German court had prepared a war crimes indictment, Kalymon was dead.

    So Domina was not aiding justice. He was obstructing the course of justice. Granted he’s on record as saying that anyone in the US who isn’t presently a fugitive from another country is deserving of citizenship, but I’d say Nazi war criminals are rather an extreme case.

  22. 1st Amendment says:

    Looks like the OWH turned off its comments section on the Ashford endorsement. Seems like the paper is going to give us another dud like Jim Suttle. The paper is clearly run by Susie Buffett now.

  23. To Sarpy County Republican says:

    The answer is Ryan Horn. He is also in charge of Terry’s campaign. Nolte wouldn’t know how to look up Lauren Kitner’s salary, I’m sure Ryan gave him the idea. Great Job of trashing a prominent Republican woman Mr. Horn.

  24. The Buffett Herald says:

    Pro-Choice, Check
    Anti-2nd Amenment, Check
    Raises taxes, Check
    Supported Obama, check
    Anti-Death Penalty, Check
    Against Good Time reform, check
    Supports Obamacare, Check
    Supports gay marriage, check

    The Omaha World-Herald has never endorsed a more liberal candidate ever

  25. Anonymous says:

    If you want to defend Nazi’s go right ahead. You can also help the KKK and Nation of Islam and ISIL beheaders if they come to trial here. Cut off your own head, by all means.

    Pick a side ass wipe. People are dying, as millions died before and millions more to come. When the big squeeze comes, and its coming here, the little altruistic pips pop out first as they always do.

  26. anonymous says:

    Its called the rule of law, which fortunately for you, compels me to not wipe my ass with you or your words. I’d die defending you and your rights. I doubt you’d do the same for me. Your move, asshole.

  27. Watch Out says:

    Don’t vote for Nolte. He is being strongly supported by the NSEA and he supports increasing taxes. For him to attack one of Nebraska’s most prominent Republican women is shameful. Lauren has run the policy office for years and has the respect of all sides in Lincoln.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Buffett tells 400 women that Hillary will run for president and win in 2016. I think he’s right. She’d win even if he never said it. But he did. And as newspaper owner.

    This incredibly wealthy man owns the only newspaper in Omaha. And he’s decided the next president already. How? Maybe because he has 50 times more dollars than people like Joe Ricketts who owns entire ball teams.

    Buffett just bought all the ketchup out from under John Kerry making Obama’s Secretary of State a far wealthier zillionaire and beholding to Buffett, and therefore unlikely that Kerry will run against Buffett’s choice, Hillary Clinton, who is of course now beholding to Buffett.

    This is the Buffett who is against the oil pipeline because Buffett owns the oil railroad tank cars that would be put out of business by a cheaper-for-the-people pipeline. This is also the Buffett who preached against owning newspapers until he bought his city’s newspaper and then a slew of other papers, so he can control American political speech like a neo-Hurst. He doesn’t mind you having free speech as long as he can leave you without a voice and his loud and clear.

    Buffett owns Omaha like a man owns a bitch dog.

    Hillary would be the next president without his help. But this way, he can own a big piece of her too.

    And of course there is baby Buffett who needs an Ashford to beat in the next Dem primary. There is nothing happenstance about any of this.

  29. anon says:

    Using EV to predict a “wave” is tricky.

    It is not about getting more AB’s requested/returned its about getting people who otherwise would not have voted to turnout (thus expanding the electorate).

    While the numbers are eye-popping I see no data to suggest these AB requests/returns are from democrats who wouldn’t have voted anyways (on election day instead of via EV).

    Show me data to the contrary and then I will be worried.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Funny you should say that. I spent several months in military hospitals after having defended your right to now defend a fellow who defended a Nazi. That is your right. I expect you are simply nervous about Domina losing Jewish votes. Don’t be. After the Black vote, there is nothing more solidly Democrat than the Jewish vote.

    In 2012, the NYTs reported 70% of Jewish voters voted for Obama even after he was bashing Israel and getting a Peace Prize for being nice to Arab nations. And that was only a slight fall off from the 74% Jewish vote Obama got in 2008. Millions were spent to try to sway the Jewish vote away from Democrats but that failed. The 70% average support of Democratic presidential candidates by Jewish voters has been valid since exit polling began in 1972.

    The folks down at the temple know Dave’s a mensche. He has them, plus the rest of the Democrats, the pot smokers, and now also the neo-Nazi skinhead vote. He’s a shoe in.

    There is no way Sasse can win. Domina has this won. Your donation was a wise investment. Mazel tov.

  31. anon says:

    Show me data from ANY off presidential election that had this big of a difference in Dems versus R’s. When you can not find any such instance start worrying. I am sure the OPS bond, min wage, and anti Lee will not bring Dems out.

  32. Macdaddy says:

    #37, Baby Buffett is going to have a time of it. He’d have to win in a primary against an incumbent and then he’ll have to beat the Republican nominee who will be quite formidable, voters having a number of elected Republicans to choose from. But if Buffett wants to take the Jim Esch route that was so successful in wasting others’ money, then have at it.

    I’m just blown away with the 7th grade reasoning of the OWH endorsement of Ashford. I think the paper has actually gotten dumber since Buffett bought it.

  33. TexasAnnie says:

    I looked on-line Macdaddy, but I didn’t see an endorsement of Ashford, per se. I did see the editorial about Ashford of Sunday, wherein it was stated that Ashford returned to the D’s after 25 years because he seeks equality and opportunity for people, and because the D’s better fit with his core belief that ‘when people do well business will also do well.’

    Well I happen to believe this core belief. But what about Ashford’s other core belief that business must have tax incentives to do well? Necessarily if you give tax incentives to one, and you hold out a belief that equality and opportunity should be evenly spread around, then you must give tax incentives to all. That’s what equality means. And if you give tax incentives to all, what’s the point of the tax incentives? Why not just establish a flat tax? With a flat tax both people and business could do well…

  34. Anonymous says:

    A bit of nostalgic look-back.

    The 1918 Flu pandemic killed 3% to 5% of the world’s population and @ 700,000 Americans. Mass graves dug by steam shovel. Bodies buried without coffins. — Japan had very much lower mortality because its government immediately shut down travel to and from Japan. However, with Freedom of Assembly and railroads, the USA saw the flu spread like wildfire. And more Americans died when the US Surgeon General recommended deadly massive doses of aspirin, a relatively un-researched drug at that time. — Nebraska wasn’t spared.

    In Nebraska, flu was statewide by October 1. On October 7th, 2,500 cases in Omaha and 400 in Lincoln reported. A week later, nearly every county reporting, some 500 cases a day. 160 deaths in one week in Omaha. Figures were inaccurate/low. Many deaths and cases went unrecorded. By October end, NE officials reported 20,835 cases and 1,495 deaths. Real numbers probably much higher. NE authorities were overwhelmed. NE Health banned all public gatherings. Mayors ordered theaters, churches, schools, taverns, etc. closed. Hastings College quarantined, armed military around the college. With no cure or treatment, Nebraskans wore garlic amulets and used VapoRub. Nothing was effective. In Omaha, schools were closed, public gatherings banned and church services moved outside. On Oct. 20th, the governor banned church services. Creighton Medical College was closed Nov. 11. NE doctors estimated 3,000 Nebraskans died. They didn’t know the true total.

  35. To #43 says:

    The sun came up this morning. Oh yes, that reminds me—wouldn’t some sunshine on business incentives in Nebraska be a good thing?

    It is cloudy out this morning. Oh yes, that reminds me how dark it has become in Nebraska from the damage to the atmosphere caused by business incentives.

    Repeat ad nauseam

  36. Anonymous says:

    If Ryan Horn was so brilliant why does it look as though Lee Terry is running a nasty campaign of a desperate man. I thought Kent Grisham was the “manager”? When is anyone in the GOP going to start looking at their numbers of newly registered voters to see they aren’t cutting it in Douglas County. They have no message or promise. Just nasty to the lowest depth. Why hasn’t Lee Terry done something about Nikko Jenkins since his ads show is “real world” concern for the people he serves safety? Oh, that’s right, use it for political intent when it’s good for retaining power, but not so much when you are faced with the burdensome task of addressing constituent’s concerns. Oh the bother. Use the tragedy of someone for political gain. That really says leadership in desperate form. Way to go, Ryan.

  37. Anonymous says:

    The only reason Kintner is in office is because of his wife, Lauren. If she wasn’t employed by the Governor Bill would still be a door to door salesman.

  38. Fauxbama says:

    MacDaddy- Your comparison of the Warren Harold’s endorsement of Ashford having been written by 7th graders is an INSULT! (To 7th graders.) How about the editorial today saying all of Terry’s slings and arrows at Ashford hold no water? Interesting isn’t it, that the paper held Ashford accountable for nothing on his ads? Warren must have a new secret office at the paper. Susie? We have now witnessed confirmation of a shift in the philosophy of the paper.

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