Brad Ashford 001Sure this year’s Nebraska 2nd District Congressional race hasn’t had any lie detector tests (yet), but at least we can mark it down with the most goofball, outrageous claim to date:

Lee Terry caused the Ebola outbreak.

That is what the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (aka DCCC) is claiming this morning. Later they will trot out some local Union members to push it further.

The basis is votes on the Center for Disease Control budget. We suppose that would be an interesting contention, if it happened. But it didn’t — even though President Obama proposed cuts to the CDC in HIS 2012 budget. Oh, and Terry voted for more than $80 million to fight Ebola. But nevermind.

We will see if any newsies ask the Union members how much the CDC’s budget was actually cut.
But if that isn’t part of the DCCC’s talking points, don’t expect an answer.


The Washington Post says, “this line of attack is absurd.”
Then they give it “Four Pinocchios”.
(Hint: That’s calling B.S. on Brad.)


Though we will say that the DCCC has a tight grip on Brad Ashford’s reins.

He and Lee Terry were at a function last night and Channel 6 caught up with them. Lee answered the reporter’s questions about the issue du jour – Ashford’s votes on the Good Time law.

Ashford instead would not answer any of the reporters questions on the subject.

“Ashford wouldn’t answer questions specifically asked about the good time law.”

WOWT - Terry-Ashford - 101414

Ya got that 2nd District? Ashford WON’T ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS.

We are guessing Ashford might be down for some more hot Ebola talk though.


In the mean time, the Democrats have TWO new attack ads up for Brad Ashford.

(And, once again, let us laugh off this “he doesn’t care about party!” garbage. Funny we don’t find any Republicans running ads for him, yeah?)

See the first attack ad, on the “Dang Straight” line.
See it here:

And then, the second ad, on the “Dang Straight” line, featuring “Helen from Omaha”.
And you can see that here:

You see, Brad Ashford WOULD give you some response about why he opposes reforming the Good Time laws, but what he MEANS to say is, “But didn’t you hear Lee Terry say, ‘Dang Straight’???


  1. Ricky says:

    This line that Mr Terry is responsible for Ebola is just as absurd as Mr Ashford being responsible for the mess at Nebraska Corrections.
    Did Dave Heineman remove his name from contention for the University of Nebraska President’s job yet? I heard he was asked to do that.

    ricky ricky ricky

  2. Omaha Pensions big lie again says:

    I see the paper has an article about Omaha’s wonderful mayor trying to end oe change the pensions for Omaha’s unions again. And blaming the unions for the lowering of the credit rating for the city which happened under this current Mayor.
    Nice try never going to happen. And Nutty Nabity, the Omaha Alliance for the Private Sector and other GOP entities nobody cares about are having a press conference. If Omaha wanted to pay attention to Nutty Nabity he would have been elected to one of those offices he ran for numerous times.
    Leave the unions and their pensions alone crazy people! That is why they take the low paying jobs in the first place.
    And throwing this bone out there, that somehow the unions will give up their current deals, is one way Stothert is defending paying Mike McQueen an outrageous amount of taxpayer dollars to negotiate with the unions.
    Give it up Mayor you lose again.


  3. anonymous says:

    Well Ricky we could always eliminate a layer of government and simply let the unions run Omaha, which was effectively what Suttle did. But there’s this pesky thing called an electorate, not all of whome are union members, which has kind of a different POV, given they’re paying taxes and all. You know, taxation, representation, that kind of thing.

    Not that all unions are all bad all the time. We need a foil for “leaders” and “managers” who imagine themselves necessary and beyond correction, but really deserve a 90% pay cut and a whack in the head. We crow about makers and takers, but who are the takers, really? Not always who we say they are. Mike Kenney for example. And where oh where was Kenney’s boss? Maybe we need two 90% pay cuts and two whacks in the head.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The “Dang straight….nice house” line is going down as well as the “What this nation needs is fewer farmers” line that Dave Karnes delivered at the State Fair in 1988, catapaulting Bob Kerrey into the U.S. Senate. Ashford’s handlers are smart to keep a leash on his mouth. There is still a lot of time for him to make some major gaffes as he is known for thinking out loud.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The “Helen” ad came out a few weeks ago. I remember it clearly because it interupted a perfectly good afternoon of watching a poorly played NFL game on FOX….I thought she was a paid actress until I saw her watering plants in her yard…..then I knew she was a real voter from Omaha.

  6. Omaha Doc says:


    I don’t care if Terry voted for or against a cut in CDC funding; however, what you’re missing here is that Terry doesn’t lead on ANYTHING. He votes “Yes”…He vote “No”, but when it comes to LEADING on issues, Terry is nowhere to be found.

    I mean, c’mon, the guy has been in DC for 16+ years and has absolutely no meaningful influence on important legislation or outcomes.

    Screw it – I’m a Republican and I am voting for Ashford. (No, this is not a joke)

  7. Fritz says:

    Ashford’s crowning achievement in his 16 years in the Legislature was the release of Nikko and torpedoing the Gov’s desired changes to “good time.” Ashford just wants his shot at having good time in federal prisons.

  8. anonymous says:

    Dave Heineman’s employee Mike Kenney let Nikko out. Or do I misunderstand the org chart and chain of command? The worst Ashford can do in Congress is the best Terry did which is nothing. Tough rocks Fritz.

  9. Fritz at 2:09 says:

    You are right Fritz about Ashford letting out federal prisoners early…..and that could have major ramifications right here in Central Nebraska. Some corporation, we don’t really know who, is trying to build a pre-release facility in Kearney to “ease federal prisoners back into society.” Perhaps Ashford could get the location of that facility changed to his own Omaha neighborhood–then he could have his friends close by. We don’t want them in Kearney.

  10. anonymous says:

    Yes, there are no criminals in Kearney and certainly non are wanted – NIMBY. Lets apply that same reasoning to UNK. Don’t need all that tasty state & federal gravy either.

  11. From Kearney says:

    I am happy that Nikko went home to Omaha and not to Kearney when he was mistakenly set free. But I grieve for the 4 people he brutally murdered when he was mistakenly set free.

    We citizens of Kearney have received virtually no information about the proposed “facility” to ease those federal prisoners back into society. Who actually will those federal prisoners be?–Drug gang members–illegals–from Mexico or Guatemala? Murderers from Chicago? Terrorists from Guantanamo?

    Kearney’s city council seems to have no problem with the “facility” as long as no one asks any hard questions.

  12. anonymous says:

    How about business people and politicians? You may want those other felons instead, Kearney. As for getting information, that’s what Kearney’s pols were elected to find out. Go get it. Don’t be afraid to break a sweat.

  13. Meanwhile, the administration official responsible for dealing with the Ebola epidemic, the

    assistant secretary for preparedness and response, whose job it is to “lead the nation in preventing, responding to and recovering from the adverse health effects of public health emergencies and disasters, ranging from hurricanes to bioterrorism.”

    …is a political hack named Nicole Lurie, a major Obama campaign contributor who’s already been embroiled in one scandal, and who has been nowhere to be found in the response to Ebola.

    (h/t Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist)

  14. A cheerful message of hope says:

    Obama’s lack of prudent leadership, indeed his pathological stupidity in dealing with matters that can near instantly balloon exponentially into nation killing events, may move so rapidly that even today’s current Democrat Senate might have time to close the barn door after that deadly horse is already out, by impeaching Obama. That can be done in one day. The problem is this.

    President Joe Biden
    President John Boehner
    President Patrick Leahy
    President John Kerry
    President Jacob Lew
    President Chuck Hagel
    President Eric Holder…

    And you thought Ebola was scary.

  15. Macdaddy says:

    Does the CDC need funding to stop flights from West Africa? Oh, that’s right. That’s the FAA, or the TSA, not the CDC. Of course, this all falls on Obama (The buck stops where?) who was last seen giving Africans wrong advice about how to avoid Ebola. Smartest man ever to be President, folks. BTW, the TNMC Biocontainment Unit can take only 3 patients. There’s room for only 2 more. What is Obama doing about that? Fore!

  16. anonymous says:

    MacDaddy I say send you to biocontainment. Cable tv but no internet. That way you can stew but we don’t have to read your comments. It’s better than bleach.

  17. Terry Voter says:

    What I don’t understand is why Terry is running such a poor campaign. I am a Terry voter and have voted for him in every election and will vote for him again this year. Normally by this time the campaign has a yard sign in my yard, I’ve received dozens of invitations to fundraisers and I’ve been hit several times with direct mail pieces. This year, no yard sign, no invites to fundraisers and no direct mail. Just this week alone, I’ve received three pieces of mail from Brad Ashford’s campaign (or the DCCC) attacking Lee Terry. They are targeting likely frequent Republican voters hard while the Terry campaign seems to have gone dark. Has the Terry campaign given up?

  18. 30 second ad says:

    How is the RNC or the Terry campaign not already taken a sound bit out of the above wowt video with Ashford saying: “This Election is about Washington” isn’t that something that can be taken out of context, put in a 30 second ad, and run non stop till election day?

  19. Fritz says:

    This election is about Washington…in Ashford’s dreams. This election will be about Ashford, Nikko, and Obama’s ineptitude with Ebola. Terry wins by 5 points. Next, Dems will tee up grandson Buffett. Terry will win again.

  20. Terry Campaign Cash Rumor says:

    I’m hearing (multiple) rumors that the Terry campaign has run out of money and they haven’t been able to raise more. Is this true? If so, Ashford wins.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    #21, why wouldn’t the Nebraska Medical Center have wi-fi? You do know that Ebola isn’t transmitted over the internet, right?

  22. Poor Lee says:

    Terry has money but consultants have more. He also paid 17K for one poll. At least when you are in jail you know it is coming.


  23. Redstone says:

    If Lee loses this one its not going to be because of his “consultants”. Ryan is plenty smart to get this done and was able to get Jean elected even though she was a terrible candidate.

    Trust me, the brain trust Lee has can get the job done.

  24. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to know that someone’s boss is keeping up with the blogosphere, but rest assured the so called “braintrust” that took over post primary has pissed it down their leg so badly it hurts.

    Hey- at least they charged four and five times what they should have along the way!

  25. anonymous says:

    Jean Stothert was an excellent candidate. She has always been one of the most hard working candidates and elected officials. She connects with voters very well. Comes across as very genuine one on one and speaking to a large crowd. Very knowledgeable but relatable. Always willing to listen. You can feel that she will get the job done and she does. Walks her talk. Lee Terry has never had the impression on voters.

  26. Macdaddy says:

    Stothert could stand on her own without the burden of the GOP national leadership. Now if she could just get the roads department to not foul up Dodge for months at a time and get rid of the restaurant tax and lower the crime rate, she deserves re-election.

  27. Hardy Haar Harr says:

    Stothert already deserves re-election for getting the fire department under control, sacking the chief, lowering property taxes, and lowering the city’s pension liability. With a couple more years, let’s see what else she can accomplish.

  28. Bruning Successor says:

    Anyone know if Dem nominee for AG, Janet Stewart, is the same Janet Stewart on the board of directors for Planned Parenthood Voters of Nebraska?

  29. Anonymous says:

    To #31: Jean Stothert was not a product of Redstone. She did it on her own accord. Ryan Horn was a Walmart pitchman peddling their emergence into small town markets and lucked upon Jean. He didn’t do so well with Bryan Slone now did he, but he sure got paid. Stothert did the hard work and showed passion with drive while doing it. I agree with #34 though I didn’t support her mayoral run. She gets the job done. Give the woman some credit without always deferring to Horn as if he was the second coming of Christ. Lee Terry is tired and worn as well as arrogant in his attitude towards those he serves. His words drip with self interest. Stothert always brings up the best interests of those she serves. Terry is still trying to figure out how it is done 16 years later. Outed and out.

  30. Who? says:

    Who is Ryan Horn? And why is redstone running a congressional race?

    What other campaigns has this guy worked on or won? Who is he working on this cycle??

  31. Yes, Janet Stewart, Dem candidate for AG, is on the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland. Google her name, Planned Parenthood, and Vote 411 voters guide. But she doesn’t mention this on her website. Why is that?

    I’ve worked for Doug Peterson as an expert witness. He’s not just a good lawyer, he’s a very funny and intelligent guy. Oddly enough, all the cases we worked on were pretty horrible personal injury suits where an employee was severely injured or killed by employer negligence. So he’s not your stereotyped corporate GOP Montgomery Burns type (but let’s leave Dave Domina out of this).

  32. @6:39 says:

    Here’s what he has done:

    He was shut out by all gov. Candidates and was worthless to RS until poor Bryan Slone came along. See Slone was a good candidate and could have gone the distance if he had hopped in back in may2013.

    Then Ryan got involved. He sucked the campaign coffers dry, knowing that alone had zero chance to begin with, and an even worse chance with the elf at the helm.

  33. Where's my parachute? says:

    Ron Nolte keeps talking about being a pilot. Looks more like to me he’s a first time skydiver with a terrible instructor and no parachute. Don’t worry…talking about raising taxes will provide for a graceful landing I’m sure.

  34. Dave's not here says:

    VP Biden’s son was recently thrown out of the Navy in disgrace for criminal drug use. Biden’s son is a lawyer who knows better. VP Biden told a crowd that he blamed his son for having the “bad judgment” to join the Navy. Thanks for that Mr. Vice President. The son says he’s “embarrassed”.

    Being embarrassed is the selfish result of being caught, like a bad child. While being ashamed is the internalized knowing of right from wrong. The entire Obama administration is embarrassed. But they wouldn’t know adult shame if it came up and bit them on the ass.

    All politicians are flawed. But few of them are this outright stupid. It is hard to imagine a more vapid pair than Choom Barry and Plagiarism Joe.

    Let’s ask Doper Domina, Buds Brad and Hashpipe Hassebrook their opinion of this. They are sort of experts, right?

  35. anonymous says:

    Come on, “Dave’s not here,” who’s responsible for your stupidity, you or your parents? In you’re right mind you’d say you are, though your long-suffering parents are certainly not guilt or responsibility free. Same with Joe Biden. Have mercy on Joe, his biggest burden is himself.

    As for Joe’s moronic son, I don’t know who is dumber, the son for joining the Navy at 40, or the Navy for letting him. There’s no way that wasn’t a political deal, and everyone involved – especially the American public and taxpayers – suffered for it. Nobody does coke on a lark and then suddenly gets caught, so this is an addiction. Hunter Biden needs to get his shit dealt with. Lets see him deal with his bad self and get on with his life, without inflicting his stupidity, his disease or his recovery on the rest of us.

    As for the “Obama Administration,” that’s just the current phrase for “lame duck.” We’re already into 2016 and divided government – a Republican Congress and a Clinton in the White House. At least its the smart one this time.

  36. anonymous says:

    Lee Terry’s campaign manager Kent Grisham is not a good choice. He was briefly communications dir for Slone’s gov campaign. Horn and he thought they would be Slone’s saviors. He has never managed a campaign, poor work ethic and a very odd personality. Not a winning strategy.

  37. Yikes says:

    From the sounds of it, if Terry manages to win this thing despite his “winning staff” and “winning strategy” it will be nothing short of a miricle.

    What the hell was Terry thinking turning his campaign over to these people?

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