Gloves = Off in #NE02

Are you looking forward to some college football with your political ads on Saturday?

You will be likely seeing just a few during the bathroom breaks of the Husker game tomorrow.
Lee Terry has two new ads up today.

The first, which is getting a little Twitter attention, is from the NRCC.
See it here:

The next, on the same theme, is from the Terry camp itself.
See it here:

Our reax?
Well, if anyone thought Terry was going to go light on the “Good Time” law stuff, that is out the window.

Brad Ashford is more or less getting the finger for both Nikko Jensen and Terrorist beheadings.
We won’t mince words here. I think we can all agree that is the impression voters are supposed to leave with from these spots.

You don’t go much harder than that, right?
Effective, or backfire?

If Terry wins this race — and most agree that if he is not behind right now, the race leans Ashford — then the heavy hand on these ads, among other strategies, will be credited.
If he loses, we doubt much blame will come back to these. Most will say it was lost already.

But while Brad Ashford is playing it very close to the vest right now, coming out and claiming your opponent is responsible for the Ebola virus isn’t exactly a victory lap move like, say, Ben Sasse is taking right now.

You can bet that the Ashford tracking shows things still pretty tight.

And then there’s the whole early ballot request matter, pushed from the Minimum Wage pushers. Heck, an interesting Q is, Would we be talking about Congressman Esch if that issue had been up back in those days?


And on yesterday’s middle of the afternoon debate, boy that was helpful, yeah?
We are sure that 2nd District Voters were glued to their screens, at local bars and Burger Kings, seeing those two flesh out the issues.

Oh you didn’t take the time out of your work day to watch the debate?
Well, then enjoy the ads during the football game.

We will keep you updated on anything we hear, in the mean time.


We always chuckle when a pol makes a statement saying that the major political move he made wasn’t political.

That was state Senator Steve Lathrop, on subpoenaing the Governor, on the hot button issue of the day, just before the election.

Now, Republicans, can someone please explain to us why Democrat Steve Lathrop is chairing this committee?


Here is Ben Sasse on Sean Hannity’s radio show from a few days ago.

At this point, it will be interesting to see what Sasse’s goals will be in the Senate.
Sasse’s talks to Hannity about the debt, Mideast conflict and education issues.


We don’t mean to say it’s been radio silence in the Governor’s race, but the most we hear(aside from the press-releasy type stuff) is Ricketts up by 12 points.

So, FWIW, here are a couple of ads, both on education, from the Hassebrook and Ricketts camps.



And we’re not saying every non-science class should be cut, but how DOES Music have such a stronghold in grade school curriculum? We get Art, but Music? We aren’t sure we ever gained anything from that class ever for eight long years of trudging off to the music room.


  1. Omaha Pensions big lie again says:

    Ben Sasse goes on Hannity? Boy will Nebraska be sorry this guy will represent us in DC. But after all we have Deb Fischer and Sasse can not be less effective than she. Or can he?
    I thought Mr Sasse was going to repeal Obamacare? What happened to that line?
    And as far as the national debt goes, it is not a big deal and not what people care about.
    It’s what Hannity and Fox News watchers care about maybe, and that is who Mr Sasse caters to, sadly.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Always nice to broadcast your generosity in such a humble way by snagging some woman to say how wonderful you are. It’s almost Biblical. So who wrote the 300k check to pay off the Holy Name debt with the parting of the waters?

  3. Calling it now says:

    Ben Sasse was all conservative, all the time back in the primary but he’ll do an about-face once he gets to DC.

  4. David Bywater says:

    The big question about the early ballot requests…are they from frequent or infrequent voters. Do we know that information???

  5. I'm shocked and saddened by Lee Terry's campaign says:

    The latest Ashford / Nikko Jenkins ad just put it over the top for me. Absolutely disgusting. I’m Republican and this was the last straw for me.

    I won’t vote for Ashford, but sure as hell won’t be voting for Terry…I’ll just leave the 2CD race blank on my ballot.

  6. Double Standard? - Yes says:

    It’s interesting NEGOP issued a press release today titled, “TAKE THE POLITICS OUT OF THE COMMITTEE,” then, in the same day Terry’s Nikko ad is released. So, again, it must be okay for Terry and the GOP to politicize issues, but when democrats do the same it is unspeakable.

    Terry’s desperate and backed in a corner. As a lifelong Republican who has never missed an election, I can’t wait to cast my ballot.

  7. David Bywater says:

    What Terry did is political. Running for a political office is political. What Lathrop is doing is policy and he and the rest of the committee members should keep the politics out of it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m on the fence with the Terry ad, but the NRCC ad is way over the top. Do they not realize that the familes of Jenkins’ victims are likely to still be in the Omaha area and will be forced to relive the entire situation when they see that?? Seriously people….

  9. “… can someone please explain to us why Democrat Steve Lathrop is chairing this committee?”

    This is a question well worth asking and deserves an answer, soooo …

    Not trying to be self-serving here, but I did a whole post on this very thing a while back … post is entitled “The Great Nebraska Unicameral Committee Mystery” for those interested. I won’t be so gauche as to put the link in, but for those who want to, its easy to find.

    And, Sweeper, if you don’t want to allow this post, I will understand. I dislike poachers too …

  10. Well, first of all, in this state, party registration is no guarantee of your political views. Given there’s seldom much of a choice in the Democrat primary, and the Republican primary is more competitive than the general election, it makes perfect sense for a Democrat to register as a Republican. In no sane state would Kathy Campbell be a Republican.

    Second, as you noted, there’s a secret ballot for committees, an abhorrence in this day and age. ‘Non-partisanship’ can only survive if it’s protected from transparency.

    And finally, the newspapers are left wing and parsimonious with the truth. You have to dig hard just to find out what the crook who represents you in the state senate has been up to.

  11. anonymous says:

    If Terry had been doing some approximation of his job he wouldn’t need Nikko’s help now. Last ditch effort to keep a job. Sad and so avoidable, if only time travel were possible.

  12. State Prison Official says:

    If Mr Terry keeps his job; and I am betting he won’t; he should appoint Nikko to be on his staff in D C.

  13. Some Ads Get Big Results says:

    The obvious racist nature of the Terry ads is sure to produce big results. Look for the voters in North Omaha to turn out in record numbers to vote against Lee Terry.

  14. Interested Observer says:

    Even though the title of this post is about the gloves coming off, I think that as nasty and dirty as it’s becoming, I’d be more inclined to put the gloves ON, along with masks, gowns and every other form of protection that’s available.

  15. anonymous says:

    IO, this is how the game is played. Not how it should be played. Play to win and then hope you remember what goodness could be like. That’s the entirety of the American Project.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s a despicable example of something someone dared to call “advertising.” NO, it’s not. It is a sign of a desperate candidate who proves to not know how to lead to resort to such nasty methods to apparently make himself look…..good? Advertising is meant to advertise the best qualities in a product, service or person. Maybe that’s why you don’t see too many MacDonald’s ads slamming their competition to say their burgers are pink slime with fries are greasy. These are attempts at political hacks who have not a clue what constitutes a good ad let alone one that makes their client look like a wise choice. This makes Lee Terry look like a creep. A desperate creep willing to use all methods to make sure his “leadership” lifestyle is protected If he wins? What do we get? A class act leader who is a statesman? Or? A joke who can’t even lead the group that is airing these ads to a better message of his positive traits and contributions? Leadership? He can’t even stand up to the power boys in his own party. He shrinks away with a shrug and some stupid remark straight from his own lips. There is no excuse for this kind of filth except from people who fancy themselves “political consultants” to proclaim this junk works when it only disgusts the voting electorate who either stay home or drop out of the process. What does it say about those stupid enough to buy a sitting congressman’s creepy methods as a valid reason that he represents them?

  17. Macdaddy says:

    How creepy is it that Ashford is blaming Terry for the VA scandal and Ebola? He sounds pretty desparate to me. And in the governor’s race, Hassebrook continues to run ads with the lie that Ricketts supported those Platte Institute proposals. And lastly, the Democrat Senate candidate wants everyone to get high, legally.

  18. anonymous says:

    I think Ebola Ashford is as good a name as Nikko Terry. Unfortunately it take two to climb out of the political gutter and neither of these guys have the good the good sense, manners or values their mothers taught them. That is why I don’t watch political ads, leave the radio off, ignore the pronouncements of the candidates and their parties about each other. Terry’s had 16 years in office – plenty of time to be useful and he wasn’t. Give Ashford two years to fail and then throw him out. There’s got to be a pony in here somewhere.

  19. Interested Observer says:

    I remember that Virginia Smith also served 16 years in the House of Representatives from the Third District and, for all intents and purposes, essentially ran unopposed after her initial victory. She did such an exceptional job in both representing us AND making us believe that she was doing such an exceptional job representing us, that she never had a credible challenger. So, now what exactly is the difference in her 16 years and this other guy’s 16 years in office? Just what did she get right and he got wrong in their same 16 years? She still remains a beloved legend out here to almost everyone over the age of 40.

  20. anonymous says:

    Smith is different because people believe she’s different. Demonstrable matter of fact? Line up her record against Terry year by year. See what each person actually accomplished over time.

  21. cy says:

    March 28, 2014, Nebraska Radio Network — Title: Gov. Heineman disappointed change in good time not in prison reform bill, —– “I still wish they would address the good time law,” Heineman says. “The people of Omaha have told Sen. Ashford repeatedly, criminals ought to have to earn their good time, rather than automatically getting it.” Sen. Brad Ashford of Omaha, Judiciary Committee chairman and sponsor of LB 907, stated this week good time provisions didn’t fit with his assigned task: reducing Nebraska’s prison population.

    July 23, 2014 Lincoln Journal Star — Title: Judiciary chairman (Ashford); Good time law should not be focus of debate. —– State Sen. Brad Ashford of Omaha, chairman of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee, says Nebraska’s prison system needs more than an overhaul of how inmates’ good time credit is calculated. In the effort to find solutions to Nebraska’s crowded prisons, the chairman of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee says the good time law should not be at the center of the debate….

    The NRN and LJS lean leftwing. Yet they reported Ashford on this issue MORE THAN A HALF A YEAR AGO. Ashford knew he was running for Congress but still he was either too dumb to lie about his desire to coddle criminals OR Ashford was simply blind to how voters would see his actions. What did he think was going to happen?

    After a violent felon got “good time” and murdered nearly a half dozen Nebraskans, and with the governor screaming to keep them in prison, the head of the Judiciary, Ashford, says that same issue of “good time” is not as important as “prison overcrowding”. Holy shit.

    We have in Barack Obama a man who dumped terrorist killers out of Gitmo. Ashford himself seeks that same image. That’s stupid but its also his own fault.

  22. Lil Mac says:

    IO, the difference between Smith’s 16 years as a Senator (and Brad’s 16 years as a State Senator) and Terry’s 16 years, is Terry said he’d quit after 3 terms. That brief unnecessary statement haunts Lee Terry him like Teddy Roosevelt was haunted when he blurted out something similar. Brad Ashford however has spent most of the last year repeatedly saying that space in prison is more important than keeping felons in prison. That isn’t a briefly uttered mistake on Brad’s part. Every single day Lee Terry regrets having said he’d run only three terms. Brad Ashford however is into being politically stupid for the long haul. And lest we forget, we have a Democrat President who dumped violent killers out of Gitmo. 2nd District voters may or may not make the connection.

  23. anonymous says:

    Lets quit pretending Gitmo is anything other than an illegal holding tank. Look at each prisoner and either a) kill ’em or b) let ’em go. Anything else is a farce.

  24. GrandZIpper says:

    First off, where the hell is all this anti-Sasse crap coming from? Are such criticisms coming from union supporters?

    Secondly, everyone knows Lee Terry was going to have a heated race. Everyone also knows Ashford is a mixed bag of confusion. The negative ads were a foregone conclusion and only an ignorant fool would disagree.

    Third, good time law is so controversial it is has burnt Gov Dave. So to say the Lee Terry ad is out of line is totally foolish.

    Fourth, as the for the minimum wage issue, it is going to fail because you can’t push an idea without grassroots support. Right now, the 425 advocates are using PAID canvassers to push their message and all they are getting out of it is die-hard Democrats who would vote for Adolph Hitler if he had a D after his name.

  25. Fritz says:

    Gitmo! Undoubtedly a Brad Ashford favorite for another use for good time! Anon makes a good point. Let’em go Nikko style!

  26. IT'S OBVIOUS says:

    The World-Herald endorsed Ricketts for governor. He must be a closet liberal. I’m voting for the true conservative in this race, Chuck Whositsbrook.

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