Two Weeks

Chris-Anderson02If you’re on the Ben Sasse Senate campaign right now, you are dreaming of your next gig and how you feel about DC being the most expensive city in the country.

If you’re in the Pete Ricketts for Governor camp, you’re still pounding the pavement, but trying to figure out just exactly what might be available for you in Lincoln.

If you’re with 2nd District Republican Congressman Lee Terry, you better have awoken at 5am and on your third cup of coffee because today is the first day of the rest of the campaign. And it ain’t gettin’ easier.


We at Leavenworth St. have not heard any polling lately. Consider that a good thing for both Terry and his Democrat challenger Brad Ashford. We have heard for a while that Ashford’s daily tracking has him up. The most we have heard from Republicans is that they hope it’s close. The universe of “Likely” voters looks much better for Terry than sort of an overall “Favorability” — which is in the crapper.

Where those two cross will be the deciding point for Terry.

One interesting note is that we have heard nothing but how good the numbers for Ashford are, for at least the past few weeks. And Stu Rothenberg has said Terry may be “the most vulnerable incumbent in the entire country.” But considering that everyone thinks Ashford is up, and that Terry’s ad strategy is chucking footballs into the endzone, Rothenberg still does not signal the race as “Lean Democrat”.

It’s still “Pure Tossup.”

At this point, we think the Terry camp will take that.


By the way, we chuckled at the above-the-fold story in the Midlands section that the OWH put up this morning about the “2 Republicans” who don’t like the Lee Terry ad.

A former county attorney and a former county board member.
Neither of whom you could name.

Look, we get it OWH, you don’t like the ad.
But the least you can do is find someone currently in office — or heck, offices most people are familiar with — to make the point, that you set out to make, about how “all Republicans” are down on it.

At least Watchdog found Republican primary loser Dan Frei to criticize it.

Though you could have asked Frei about they way the American flag hangs at Terry’s house, and he would have criticized it.


Heck, if you want to knock Lee Terry, we hate to say but Ben Sasse had the harshest statement that we saw.

In Don Walton’s write-up about the Republican Senator-to-be, he had this line from Sasse, about what sort of legislation he will be pushing once he gets to Washington:

“Not post office-naming bills. That’s fiddling while Rome burns.”


We are guessing that wasn’t intentional, but you all know what the Democrats used to say about Lee Terry’s legislative record.


And about that Senate race, OWH:

Yes the water thing is an interesting note, and David Domina is a wild hypocrite when he says people are overreacting about what the EPA could and couldn’t do (gee, who would use emotion to further their political agenda?).

But is it “stirring up Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race“?
No it is not.


We will update whenever there is news!

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  1. Good time law says:

    How is this not a good law if it help protect just one mail carrier. Need I remind you of the cautionary tale of mailer carrier Ricky Fulton. Ricky was minding his own business delivering the mail when out of the bushes jumped a known felon released on Good Time.

    When the cops got there they found Ricky barely clinging to life mumbling something about Jim Suttle. His XS blue mail shorts were thrown to the side of the road. Just another example of Good Time.

  2. Ricky says:

    Ha ha number 1 but I have not worked for the post office for almost two years now. I retired in December of 2012 after 32 years there. I have another job I like now see if you can figure out where.
    Considering all of the candidates I am aware of in Nebraska this year the creepiest has got to be Ben Sasse. Sasse let Don Walton on his bus and maybe Walton was doing hashish there if you saw the story in the LJS Walton wrote.
    Sasse is a stealth candidate; where does he really stand on anything except Obamacare stinks, not that he can do anything about that if he gets elected. Spending most of his adult life in D C, and getting tons of money from the D C ultra conservative groups, in the Walton story Sasse wants to work with some Democratic Senators he named like Cory Booker. Oh sure Sasse like the Koch brothers will let you do that even if you were serious.
    Sasse kept his kids out of school, and has them on the bus with him. What a warped education they must be getting. (By the way, the children of candidates are usually out of bounds, but this guy makes commercials with them, so in my book they are in bounds. Remember the one with the two girls saying “Daddy will repeal Omahacare” . That is disturbing).
    When and if Sasse gets to D C, watch the Stepford side come out. Thanks a lot GOP!

    ricky from from from from Omaha

  3. Dan Frei ignores the consistent conservative voting record of Cong. Lee Terry (94% from NE Taxpayers for Freedom in 2013) and ignores the consistent liberal voting record of Brad Ashford in the Legislature. Ashford, as chairman of the Judiciary Comm., blocked every bill to alleviate the illegal alien situation in Nebraska. Meanwhile, illegal aliens continue to rape and murder Nebraska citizens.

  4. Sasse's mind like a steel trap says:

    Continuing on with Walton’s LJS article on Ben Sasse, Walton claims Sasse is super smart.
    However, Sasse flubbed a simple question on the NRA’s background check during a debate with the other Senate candidates, and since then he stopped attending the debates.
    Probably so he would not have to answer questions like why did he hire a sex predator as Athletic Director at Midlands, and what was he doing during his time as a House Page tutor in 1996 and 1998 when the scandals broke about congressman Foley sending sexy emails to underage male pages.
    I saw the item on Sasse’s Wikipedia page about the time Sasse spent in that house page program, but now I see those dates were scrubbed from his Wikipedia page. But you can Google that embarrassing episode from Sasse’s past.
    Does Nebraska really want to send this guy to the U S Senate to represent the state? I sure don’t. He sounds like a Manchurian Candidate.


  5. anonymous says:

    Hey, NTF, there are legal citizens of Nebraska who are raping and murdering other legal citizens of Nebraska. Justice for those victims too, please.

  6. Steel Trap says:

    No doubt Sasse will win the senate seat.

    But in his recent ads, and when I listened to him at a corporate event last week, he really goes overboard on the “aw shucks, I am just an old farm boy” crap. Does he really think Nebraska voters are that stupid that he can make fun of them and they not notice his insincerity? I fully expect to see a video of him with at wheat straw hanging out of his mouth, an old tattered straw hat on his head, shuffling his worn farm shoes at the cobs in the driveway, talkn’ about pulln’ calves, castratin’ pigs, spreading manure. He sure does have the spreading manure down pat. Come on Ben, treat Nebraskans like the well educated intelligent people they really are…..not your county bumpkin dolts.

  7. anonymous says:

    Ben’s not the only aw-shucks, good ole, farm boy with a spendy PhD from an East Coast school. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Or is there? Barak went to Columbia and Harvard. Bush Jr. went to Yale. If there is a theme here it crosses party lines.

  8. Steel Trap 2 says:

    Ha that is funny @12:59 PM.
    Sasse is an actor for sure. That must be why his handlers won’t let him debate anybody. He might get thrown off script, and say something stupid like he did in his last debate.
    I have seen a few letters to the editor from college kids in Lincoln and they praise Sasse. Apparently he can relate to young people; it’s the adults Sasse has a hard time with.
    Sasse takes his children out of school and rides them around in his bus; that is bad for both parent and child. I know more about parenting than Sasse; we raised two kids who are successful adults.
    And it’s weird what he is doing. Kids should be in school and adults should have free time away from children. But apparently Sasse is different.
    We will find out how different next January when he gets sworn into the Senate, if we were to be so unlucky.

    ricky ricky ricky ricky

    ooops sorry just can’s stop typing my name

  9. Yes, damn those educated people. How dare they?

    Thomas Jefferson graduated William and Mary in two years. John Adams went to Harvard, Hamilton to Kings College (became Columbia) , Madison to Princeton. Traitors, the lot of them.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Education is a sharp knife that can cut either way. The power that makes it helpful makes it harmful. But a dull mind cuts nothing. It’s a danger even to itself. And Domina is as dull as a stump.

    Not to take away from Sasse who has more education and experience sculpting federal policy than most second term senators, but Domina actually brags about defending death camp Nazi guards and tells prickly Nebraska voters he’s going to put pot in their neighborhoods. You cannot run for dog catcher and be that stupid.

  11. Ricky says:

    FYI; My job is coordinating the Intramural Leagues at what we now call Nebraska Medicine.
    It’s the first job I have had in 59 years that I enjoy.
    What I like about it besides I love sports is that the students and others that participate in our program are super smart, polite, and always exhibit good sportsmanship.
    We just announced an expansion of our fitness center (thanks to Ruth and William Scott), and have a new web site and a new re-branding.
    Anybody that goes to school at the Med Center, is an alumni, faculty or staff, is eligible to participate.
    It’s pretty good competition too.
    Thanks for asking.

    Ricky from Midtown

  12. David Bywater says:

    We shouldn’t be surprised abut Dan Frei supporting a democrat. This is not the first time for him. He supported Tom White in 2010. His record is crystal clear.

  13. To David Bywater says:

    Last I heard, Dan was telling his supporters to vote for Lee. My understanding is that he has even offered to go on the radio for Lee.

    Dan, can you verify or deny this?

  14. Fritz says:

    David Bywater is correct. Fry is a Libtard who has likely already voted early for Ashford. Just to show you that it’s all about Fry, and not about his Republican core principles, or lack thereof, he refused to endorse Lee Terry, and now has come onboard with the Ashford campaign. Republicans will remember that when he runs against Lee Terry in the next primary.

  15. Anonymous says:

    There you have it. One claims that Frei will vote for Terry and has told his supporters to vote for Terry, Bywater claims that Frei supports Ashford, and Fritz claims that Frei has already voted for Ashford.

    Which is true?

  16. Fritz says:

    Here’s what we know for sure. Fry was quoted from one of his social media accounts in a post talking negatively about Terry and the Republican Party, referring to the politics of personal destruction.

  17. On the other hand says:

    What would happen if Domina actually won? Sweeper points out that the hangers on from the campaigns expect to get jobs in D.C. if their candidate wins. Can anybody imagine Bud Pettigrew, the Democratic Chair of Chairs, wandering the streets of the national capitol trying to figure out which end is up? No terrorist group from the middle east could pose a bigger threat to the country.

  18. Fritz says:

    Wonder how the OWH editorial bored is feeling tonight knowing they endorsed an admitted Obama voter for Congress. “Tissue? Ya jackwaggon!”

  19. Fritz says:

    The BIG red flag for Ashford’s voting isn’t just that he voted for Obama…it’s that he voted for him in 2012 when Mitt Romney was the Republican nominee. Think about that…Ashford voted for Obama to be RE-ELECTED.

  20. I Hate Sasse Robo Calls! says:

    And a vote for Romney would have been a vote for his Republican brand of Massachusetts Socialism. Your point, Fritz?

  21. o puh-lease says:

    Just because Mitt Romney isn’t the dear defender of the constitution that your man in the poorly tailored suit jacket is, does not mean he is a freaking socialist. Mitt would be a good President.

  22. I Hate Sasse Robo Calls! says:

    Obama ‘s not my man. Neither was or is Romney – he’s more like Obama than different, both Socialists (and wear tailored clothes to boot).

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