Bombing the Waves

You can’t watch an episode of “Boating Naked” or “Afraid to Cook Naked” or “Naked with Thomas the Tank Engine” these days without getting hit square in the mug with a political ad.

Let us take a look at a few of the latest!


First, from Lee Terry, a new ad on the topic of the helium reserves.

Hahahaha! We kid! It’s on Brad Ashford’s support of and resistance to change the “Good Time” law, of course.
See “One Bullet” here:

Say what you will about that topic (oh, and OWH, can we get you a nice goat cheese to go with that whine?), but this is an effective ad, delivered well by the Omaha Police Union’s John Wells. It is an in-your-face spot by a strong advocate on the message of the day.

All we can figure is this message MUST be moving the dial for Terry, or they wouldn’t be pounding it over and over again. Look for Ashford to attack more, or to at least pop his head out of the Whack-a-Mole game the DCCC has secured him in. The more you hear him talk, the closer the race will be.


And then Brad Ashford has a new ad up on Part B Medicare Reimbursement.
Hohoho! (Slapping knee.) Of course it’s not! It is on Terry saying “Dang Straight”.
See it here:

How hilarious that they use the OWH’s “We [the all-knowing fact-checkers for you slovenly mouth-breathers] have examined the facts [of which there can be NO disagreement, because WE decide what the facts are, cretins] and endorsed Ashford.”

Funny how often the populace examines the facts and goes the opposite way of the OWH’s endorsements, yeah?

And then the hilarious endorsement from two “Republicans”.

First, it’s Lincoln Senator Kathy Campbell.
What, no Scottsbluff area state Senators to tell the 2nd District voters what to do?

As one politico noted about Campbell…

…Champion of liberal causes – led the fight for Medicaid expansion and prenatal for illegal aliens. Generally an unreliable vote on important GOP issues like tax cuts, guns, voter ID, winner-take-all, etc. Also generally assumed that she voted with Democrats on committee chairs and leadership votes. Big spending, big government “Republican.”

And “it’s time for Lee Terry to go”?
Well, we will say that’s some freaking nerve from a “Republican” state Senator.

We can sort of understand saying you support your Unicameral colleague. And we see what some local Republicans are doing by sitting on their hands in the race, hoping to get THEIR shot in 2016 — however short-sighted and lacking judgment a view that is.

But, as an office holder, to describe yourself as a “Republican”, and then call for the ouster of the sitting Congressman? If there is a method of excommunication from the Party, it should be exercised. Or maybe exorcised. Something along the lines of, “The Power of Reagan COMPELS you!”


But seriously, we laugh at the new OWH editorial that could not be any whinier, and really just some sort of strange list of talking points from the Ashford campaign.

“Brad Ashford didn’t make Nikko pull the trigger!!!!!
Brad Ashford didn’t behead anyone!!!!!!”

You see voter, the OWH will explain to your feeble mind how to draw a line from A to C.
Now don’t you nevermind letter B there. They will tell you what to do.

Let us now just dig through the OWH archives and find that Editorial about how Lee Terry didn’t cause the Ebola outbreak like the Ashford campaign claims. Darnit! It MUST be in there somewhere…


And as long as we’re piling on the the ads, take a look at Channel 7’s analysis.

Dave Roberts Ch 7

We heard Dave Roberts final thoughts of…

One of the ads in this race gained national attention tonight. The Republican National Committee’s [actually the NRCC, but whatever] attempt to link Ashford to serial killer Nikko Jenkins, another inmate released early for the Good Time law. Democrats call the ad racist and misleading. “TIME” magazine just put it on the list of the “Most Terrifying Ads” of the 2014 Election.

And like your’s, our first reaction was, “There’s still a TIME Magazine?”

But as long as we are talking about how Brad Ashford thinks the Good Time law is just hunky dory, we find it curious that the Democrats call the ad “racist”. Because, why? Because Jenkins is black?

Because what about an ad saying, “Ashford will vote just like…Barack Obama!“, with a picture of Ashford next to the President?

Is THAT racist?

We grant you that Jenkins is a scary looking person.

Nikko Jenkins

TIME Magazine (kids, this is one of those paper products on the back shelves at Walgreens) says the ad is “Terrifying”.
Now, what if Jenkins didn’t look freaky. Would it still be “terrifying”? Or is TIME Magazine racist?

You know who else looks freaking scary?
This guy:

Chris Andersen 02

As far as we know, this guy hasn’t killed anyone.
He makes millions of dollars in the NBA. But he freaks us out every time we look at him.
If he came up to your car late at night, would you ask him for an autograph, or would you roll up the window as quickly as possible?

So let us suggest that the racists ones are the people who think the NRCC ad is somehow derogatory, simply because Jenkins is black.


Onto happier ads, there is the another ad for Terry for pushing renewable energy.
See it here:

We are looking forward to the next OWH editorial:

FACT: Scientists in lab coats do NOT fight against terrorists with RPGs!
FACT: We studied this ad and Brad has waaay more lab coats than Lee Terry.


So the reporter who caught Ebola in Liberia comes to Omaha and is declared “Ebola-free” in a week and a half.
Dude has the organ stewing disease that is currently the scourge of the planet, so he goes to the NU Med Center, downs a few Runzas and is good to go.

On the other hand, we’ve had the same cold for a month and half, and the phlegm cough that never ends.

Does anyone else see the hand of Big Kleenex keeping the cure down?


  1. @ OWH says:

    Sweeper made a great point, OWH Staff and “writers”: Where TF is your article about how misleading and downright false it is for Ashford to claim that Lee Terry is the cause of the Ebola outbreak?

  2. TexasAnnie says:

    I read the OWH editorial offered and I must say, characterizing the ‘facts’ presented as ‘whining,’ tastes like sour grapes to me! The editorial itself is not over the top; the premises outlined have a continuous and natural relationship to one another. And one might easily agree with the conclusion drawn: that folks are fed up with negative campaigning! Oh, and did Ashford’s camp REALLY accuse Terry of causing the Ebola outbreak?

    It won’t matter if Terry holds on, or not. Ashford and Terry both serve corporate masters and they will not work to fix our corrupt tax policies…so they will both be useless.

  3. I Hate Sasse Robo Calls! says:

    Ridiculous ads approved by Ebola Ashford and Nikko Terry. For good taste please select different candidates.

  4. Law and Order says:

    John Wells nails it. Just like Peyton Manning hitting a receiver for the winning touchdown. Assford got drilled hard!

  5. Wendys at 9 oclock at night in Omaha says:

    Instead of the Police Union guy wasting time making ads for Republicans, he should be training his officers not to fire 40 times at a guy with a toy gun and kill a TV guy inside a fast food restaurant.

    Ricky From Omaha

    Oh Crap I forgot the chief and the mayor already have determined nothing was wrong there.
    Where is that grand jury?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ben Sasse should get an Academy Award for the part he plays in his new TV ad. Putting on his best “aw shucks” stupid grin while driving around the country side in a borrowed pickup truck, cutting down some random trees out by the river for no apparent reason (reminds me of Bush Jr. clearing brush down on his ranch) and dressing up in a plaid shirt that was bought just for the occasion to plod around in someone’s field. I’ll bet if you asked him what was growing there he wouldn’t have a clue.
    Ben Sasse, this year’s Scott Kleeb!

  7. ^^^they're right, you know^^^ says:

    Ben Sasse is the right of center version of Scott Kleeb. See, I didn’t call him “conservative” because most recently he is too much of a coward to call himself a conservative, instead saying he is “right of center”. What a wimp. I bet he was pretty consistently on bottom back in his ivy league wrestling days.

  8. Governor Bruce Bailey says:

    Democrat Mayor of Omaha Jim Suttle, Omaha Police chief Schmaderer, and John Wells went to Brad’s committee and asked for help with crime in Omaha, no political agenda, Brad the independent chameleon, running for mayor, treated them with disdain and Ernie railed on his power to oversee state departments, Lathrop was no better, the mayor and police were polite, they were representing went probably a majority of what citizens wanted and were treated like crap-January 27, 2013 LB 379-google it

  9. Sassy says:

    I am laughing at all of these tea party and conservative voters that voted for Sasse. What did you think was going to happen? Looks like DC bought and paid for your vote again!

    Don’t get me wrong he will be great for Nebraska, just don’t look for any help with your “causes”.

    Moderates rule the day on this one and that’s why he will have a crushing victory in November. Thanks for putting him in the general!

  10. Anonymous says:

    looks like all those folks who overlooked Sid are starting to smell what sasse is cooking. Or at least a couple of them.

  11. anonymous says:

    Rather like our ability to opine on politics and the issues of the day. Cheers was a great TV show, and here we are virtually living it. We even have a Post Office guy here.

  12. City's Hired Hand Negotiator Mike McQueen says:

    This is the sweetest gig I have ever had! Drag out the negotiations and still get paid for nothing!
    And here Mayor sold herself as a budget hawk! Thanks Jean!
    Thanks for obsessing over the public unions!

    Mike friend of Dave Kramer

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don’t really like either choice we have for auditor. What’s with all the contracts that Janssen has for himself with the government? Can someone explain how that ISN’T a huge conflict of interest?

  14. Anonymous2 says:

    How it is hogwash? Current auditor Mike Foley has stated it is a huge conflict of interest. Oh, I forgot. If it’s “your guy” or “your party”, logic and common sense go out the window.

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