Democrat ad flood

The Nebraska Dems have a new wave of ads up.
Let’s take a look!


Democrat Governor candidate Chuck Hassebrook has a new negative ad up of people pretending to listen to him.
See it here:

Pols from both parties do these spots (though the Dems are taking advantage of them here) and they’re generally terrible.

They get a Coke commercial of “supporters” standing or sitting around them in a weird half circle, and they all stand there with a goofy mannequin half-grin on their faces, their heads nodding in the breeze. They are are certainly not listening to what the candidate is saying, and have that look of, “my sister is never going to believe I’m in a TV commercial!

Hassebrook here is standing (in casual suspenders?) in a park somewhere jawwing on about how poor he was growing up. The ad is literally called, “Pinched pennies“. And you can tell Hassebrook was “poor” because his family couldn’t afford color film and they lived in the era when everyone wore hats.

Don’t worry, you don’t really have to listen to the ad to get the gist.
Here’s the gist: “Pete Ricketts is a RICH guy, and my family all wore hats!

And we will tell you this: The Ricketts camp has a point about the class-warfare stuff in this ad.
Hassebrook comes out saying, “Unlike Pete Ricketts, I wasn’t born to a rich family.

Except that Joe Ricketts didn’t make his money until Pete was much older.
And Hassebrook knows this.

So, your Democrat Regent here is a liar, who knows that he’s lying.

And we can stomach if he says “Pete will do this,” or “Pete said that,” even when those accusations are off base. But lying about someone’s bio is actually pretty low.

Of course, for Dems, that’s nothing new.


And then Hassebrook has another ad claiming that Pete Ricketts is soft on crime, much like Brad Ashford (…wait a minute!).
See it here:

First, you’ll notice that Hassebrook is wearing neither suspenders, nor a hat.

Next, is what Pete’s saying so crazy? The legislature needs to change the law (which we’re guessing he would sign).

And C, someone get Hassebrook out of the street so we can get our car past!

Otherwise, nice visuals from Chuck with the Omaha cops — even though the “buck stops at my desk” was a tired cliche after it was used non-stop the 1940s.


Democrat Brad Ashford has a new ad up for the NE-02 race.
See it here:

As you could guess, the ad from some national Democrat group is all about how Ashford will be a solid vote for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, just like 2nd District voters will want him to be.

Oh wait, no, it’s about Terry saying, “Dang straight.

We at least like the graphics they used with the lines turning on their sides, and such.
We did chuckle when for their “Republicans condemned…” line, they quote…MSNBC? Now THERE’s a news source all Nebraskans trust.

We also crack up at the constipated people they show at the end, in bad lighting.
What’s the casting call?
We need some averagely attractive people — not ugly, mind you — but sort of…frumpy! And we need them to look mildly pissed off! Like someone just made an off-color joke about their nephew. Who we got?!

We would just note that the OWH cries and cries and cries that “Lee Terry can’t run on his record after 16 years???“. Yet here is Brad Ashford, who has spent his life in politics, and he hasn’t had an ad talking about THING ONE he would do as a Congressman.

He hasn’t talked about how he would vote with the Democrats at least 80% of the time — which he would.
He hasn’t talked about all the bills he plans to pass as a Freshman Democrat in the Minority party.
He hasn’t talked about how he wants to use government to achieve more Social Justice.

We are just waiting for THOSE ads in these finals days of the campaign.
(Holding breath….now!)


But as long as we are talking about Nebraska’s 2nd District rase, here is a video of Democrat former-Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle in front of Brad Ashford’s committee, telling Ashford that criminals are getting out of prison and onto the streets of Omaha too early.

And, as you watch in the video, there is Ashford telling Suttle that he is wrong.
That criminals AREN’T getting out too early.

You got that 2nd District voters?
That clear enough for you?

(We aren’t sure if this can be, or will be a TV ad, but boy it should be.)


A local political made a point to us about the whole “Nikko” ad stuff.

You will note that for some reason, the NRCC ads featuring Nikko Jenkins have ben labeled as “racist” because…well, we have yet to hear any specific reason why, exactly. As we have noted, Jenkins is a freaky looking guy because of his tattooed face, not because of his race.

But let’s say, for arguments sake, that it IS racist to put Jenkins face everywhere.
Just in general.

Why does everyone know what he looks like in the first place?
Where did you see that tatted forehead first?

You saw it, constantly, on local TV and in the Omaha World-Herald.
Have there been many stories about him that DIDN’T have his mugshot featured?



Hey, and there’s Democrat Dave Domina for U.S. Senate talking at a semi-circle of people with his corporate agriculture herbicide company logo!
Let’s see his bevy of new ads!

First a semi-circle of people, here:

And the 100% take-away is…What’s with the guy with the green coffee cup! No one said beverages were allowed in this shoot! He’s not even looking at Dave while he furiously nods his head! And who’s idea was it to flank Dave with two hipster dudes?! You’re blowing the chick vote!

OK, let’s just move onto the next one here

Again with the green coffee cups!
Who came up with this campaign font?

And what’s that in front of Dave? Is that a water carafe or a GIANT creamer?
Or is Dave just drinking a LOT of coffee?
He has clearly been talking at semi-circles of people for quite some time, so we can see why he needs the extra pick-me-up.

And for this last one, well, we will post it here, and we will try not to be too harsh.

So here is a CLIENT of Domina’s with a disabled child.
We won’t be too mean about someone who is clearly emotional. We don’t really blame her.

But John Edwards did this same stuff Domina is doing here when he was running — showing how much he got from insurance companies for his clients.
So, tell us Dave, was this a Pro-Bono case? Much like we are sure most of your cases have been as you have amassed your $80 million+ fortune, taking 1/3 of the cash from your clients?

No, of course not. It’s a job, and you charge them.
But thanks for throwing a disabled client in there to ask Nebraskans to vote for you.


Right now everyone is talking about their Get Out the Vote mobilization.
Here is an article talking about that for the Colorado race.
We will see to what extent the campaign “ground games” really do-it for the various candidates.

So, on that point, the Washington Post talked to a few experts who have been studying this, about what “ground games” can actually do, and what is effective.

(The whole thing is not that long, and worth your read.)

The gist they come up with is, that with an awesome ground game, a statewide or (probably) even Congressional campaign can hope to make up — MAX — a 3% difference. And that’s with an “awesome” campaign of door-to-door and GOTV and calling supporters and all that.

They note that the most effective strategy is to get those voters who they have I.D.’d as “Very Likely Voters”, who they KNOW are on their side, who wouldn’t otherwise be going to the polls, to go out and vote.

That’s a trick, yeah? And they note that the most effective method is a door-to-door, personal request. They sort of pooh-pooh mail and TV.

We would say that for City Council and state legislative races, this is absolutely the case. You can win one of those races by actually walking door to door to appeal to voters. (And you, reader, have likely experienced this yourself.)

But the story notes to be leery of those campaigns who tell you they will make up the 10 point deficit with their GOTV. If they’re just talking about the final week, it probably ain’t happening.


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  1. Ricky says:

    Looks like Nice House Dang Straight Lee Terry got the kiss of death when Mean Jean endorsed him.
    As she did Brian Buscher for AG and Bruning for Gov.
    Losers all!
    And the Mayor’s obsession with the city’s employees unions have got her spending tons of money on Mike McQueen as a lousy negotiator and she STILL got sued by her friends the police.
    Amateur hour no doubt about it at city hall.


  2. Mert the Avenger says:

    You didn’t mention the “we need a country ad” from Domina which could be the most nonsensical ad I have ever seen. Horrible. BUT… if you were Domina and you know you will lose, what would your campaign be about? His entire campaign is about increasing your law practice. How does he do that? Make it seem that you are a “man of the people”, that important people are afraid of you (Sasse won’t debate me), and I can get you paid by big insurance and evil big companies. All these Domina ads make more sense in that filter. He isn’t running for Senate. He wants more than $82M in lawyers fees over the next decade.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha! Domina’s ads are just funny. Love the hipster with the green coffee cup nodding vigorously in both commercials. He sure agrees with whatever Dave’s selling!

  4. Interested Observer says:

    I wonder if the firms that create these ads ever monitor sites such as this one to check the feedback/critiques for effectiveness?

  5. anonymous says:

    FYI Ben Sasse, campaign staff and Mark Fahleson. Lee Terry should have won by a wider margin in the primary. Why not? Because Lee Terry’s district office staff, campaign staff and volunteers were instead spending their working and free time helping Shane Osborn in the US Senate primary. Many were also spreading lots of disrespectful untruths on Sasse. It’s laughable how they are now trying to act innocent to get in Sasse’s good graces. Lee Terry was also privately for Osborn. Don’t trust any of those two headed snakes.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Hey! Pajama Boy got dressed and finally came into the office. To do some filing, probably. Maybe bring Dave his coffee.

  7. Dana College says:

    Oh I’m sorry? Did we miss something? Is Dana Opened as promised? Did sass’s AD not threaten to kill a girl after not having sex with him and then was covered up? Among the many many other things that still exist in his past? Page Program? Crazy Church? Illegal Immigration and backroom deals?

    His staff and supporters may wish those small items did not exist but they will continue to dog him for the rest of his political career because of the ignorant way they were handled.

    John Edwards would be proud of his moral history.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If Sasse doesn’t scream “Chuck Hagel” 2.0 then I don’t know who does!
    Someone (a republican, working for a republican) who worked in DC once told me that they actually preferred to work with Ben Nelson and his people rather than Chuck Hagel and his people because ole chucky wouldn’t even touch the bill if it wasn’t some sort of government expanding, world changing legislation. Now we have Bens Asse talking about how he won’t “waste time” on bills to name a post office.

    Newsflash, ya blowhard: non world changing legislation still has to get done, and just because you won’t get to tout it in a Presidential debate doesn’t mean it is below you. From where I’m sitting, there ain’t much that is below the likes of Ben Sasse.

  9. Ashford voted for Obama in 2012 says:

    And that pretty much says it all. After FOUR years of Obama, Ashford was able to vote against Romney?

  10. News Flash says:

    For those who post here having a hard time dealing with reality, it may come as a surprise to you, a solid majority of the voters voted against Romney. It might not have been because Obama was doing a great job. Maybe they figured Mitt would only make things worse for anyone not in the 1%.

  11. Interested Observer says:

    I see that Omaha’s misguided embarrassment is once again going to try to eliminate mountain lion hunting and the death penalty. But, nowhere in the entire article did it say anything about what he is doing to eliminate black “hunting” in his own Legislative District. Remember that his district encompasses a big chunk of North Omaha, which had 80% of all murders in Nebraska 2 years ago.

    What a fraud! According to the OWH interview, he is on a “crusade to save cougars”, but apparently, not little girls eating their breakfast or high school boys just stepping off a school bus.

  12. Mydogswormsvoteddemocrat says:

    Anyone who voted for Obama, especially for his second term when they knew he abandoned Iraq to ISIL, when they knew he sold weapons to drug cartels and asked CDC’s budget be cut; and of course anyone who campaigned for him or worked for him, voluntarily, like the Berkley Democrat Ambassador who was murdered in Bengasi while Obama watched… frankly, they deserve it.

    Obama isn’t stopping Ebola patients from going to your hometown, not stopping illegal aliens from voting in your elections, not stopping ISIL killers from walking across your national border that he refuses to defend.

    Obama invites Death into America and he uses your tax dollars to send out the invitation.

    Obama is crazy stupid and he hates America per the thousands of his own words which apparently as many Democrats have read as have read the Obamacare bill, i.e. none of them.

    If the universe was just, then the only Americans beheaded and contracting Ebola would be Democrats. Unfortunately, pestilence, war, famine, and death are equitably non-partisan. Thanks a lot assholes.

  13. News flash for News Flash says:

    Dear News Flash: If you’re a libtard and voted for Obama over McCain, I probably can understand that. What will be politically lethal for Ashford is the fact he KNEW what a disaster Obama was after four years of Obamanomics, and then voted for his re-election. Knowing all of THAT, Dan Fry is trying to help Ashford be our Congressman.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The dumbest Democrats come here and gnash their teeth over Ben Sasse who they say might be as successful in DC as, gee, I dunno, a Secretary of Defense? I don’t like Hagel working for Obama. But Hagel ended up higher in power han any Nebraskan since that other appointee Gerald Ford.

    Democrats are especially brain dead when they hammer Sasse. Because the Democrats’ own Senate nominee, Drooling Dave Domina, defended Nazi war criminals.

    For Sasse to worse than Domina, he’d have to eat human children on live TV while waving a “I Hate Husker Football” flag.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I see the last three posters had their usual breakfast of razor blades today. Thanks for visiting, Mr. Cheney – and friends.

  16. Gov. Baily says:

    A type of Ashfordesque republican like Kathy Cambell may be worse, as you can understand democrats by their support of a former faux independent, now democral, for lack of candidates. Look at how they sold out Hillary. Their support of a poor, and he is bad as a legislator/lawmaker. Terry’s voting record is mostly true to form, despite how he may come off, but look at Biden.

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