Calling BS on Becka

Becka - Manson - SAB  04Yesterday on his radio show on the Mighty 1290 KOIL, Tom Becka fleshed out his reasoning for why he is voting for Brad Ashford in Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional race.

(Click here, and go to the 2 segments from 10/23 on Lee Terry, to hear the replays.)

And we are calling bullsh*t.

The gist of Becka’s reasoning is that Terry has gone beyond the pale with the Nikko Jenkins references in his ads.
Becka says they are false and unfair.

He goes on to ask, “what has Terry accomplished?
He notes that we still have the deficit, Ebola and no Nebraska football championships under Terry.
(One of those we made up.)

Becka goes on to note that while he does not agree with many of Ashford’s positions, he points out that Ashford will be in minority, and really can’t do anything — which apparently he feels is a good thing.
He admits that Ashford won’t accomplish anything with any “plan” of his.

But, Becka says, Terry’s ads are so bad that he doesn’t want to “reward” him for them.
So he is voting for Ashford.


Are Terry’s ads unfair? Or racist?

Well, Brad Ashford’s actions regarding the “Good Time” have been a series of denials.

The Omaha Police Officer’s Association asked him to to re-review it back in March of 2013.
Then Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle challenged Ashford about it in front of his Legislative Committee.
Nikko Jenkin’s murder spree brought new attention to it.

And Ashford has even admitted that he “didn’t put 2+2 together” regarding it.

So Brad Ashford has had the issue thrown in his face time and time and time again, but refuses to take steps to fix it.

So why does Tom Becka want to reward ASHFORD for these actions?
Ashford has proven he’s tone deaf.
Ashford has proven he is stubborn – especially if he is in the middle of a Mayor’s race, or a Congressional race where Heaven Forbid he admit he could be wrong.
Ashford does not and will not listen to repeated warnings

And when Nikko Jenkins actions slap everyone in the face, Ashford STILL won’t work to fix it.
These are all valid points to make in a campaign.

So is it tough to use the example of Jenkins on Ashford?
Yes. But apparently even cracking a 2×4 over Ashford’s head won’t get him to budge on an issue if he is in the middle of a campaign.

And THAT’s who Tom Becka wants to reward? Someone who refuses to learn?

Heck, lots of GOPers didn’t like TARP (after it all went bad).
And they blame Lee Terry for voting for it.
But AT LEAST Terry said, “hey that was bad, and if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have voted for it.”
You don’t hear Terry being stubborn and failing to learn from what he admits was a mistake.

Oh, and hey by the way, if you’re looking for an actual ridiculous accusation, you have Brad Ashford making the insinuation that Terry was responsible for Ebola. (Which even the Wash Post ID’d as ridiculous.)

And Becka thinks Ashford is harmless?
Oh, he’ll just be a worthless Democrat!

Sure, until 2 years, or 4 years or 6 years down the road when the Dems threaten to take over the House, and he’s the deciding vote.

Oh, Sweeper! That’s so far down the road! That (probably) won’t happen! And then we can vote him out anyway!

Well, we’re glad you’re so confident.
We’d like to know how many Dems thought they could kick Lee Terry out in 2 or 4 years.

And let’s not kid ourselves; Brad Ashford is not running on any “issues”.

He’s running on Lee Terry saying something dumb.
He’s not even running on the whole government shutdown, because that’s just the McGuffin in his ad to get to Terry saying, “Dang straight” and “nice house”.

Now you can argue, “that’s a good enough reason to vote him out.” But that’s not what Becka is saying. He’s saying “Ashford is campaigning on the ‘the issues’ and Terry is not.

But Ashford’s past and present legislative positions ARE issues, whether Becka likes them or not.
Whether it makes him squirm or not.

And we’ve discussed the use of the Nikko Jenkins video and photo. Yes, he is a freaky looking dude with his face and head all tatted up. But as we pointed out, if you’re a white guy covered from head to toe in tattoos, you are are also freaky looking.

And the last time we checked, there wasn’t a news outlet in town that DIDN’T use Nikko’s pictures in their stories.

Now we will say this: We think the whole “beheadings” ad is way more tangential than the Nikko Jenkins one. But it is no more tangential than Ashford’s Ebola argument. And if you are comparing the two main ad campaigns, “Good Time” is more about issues than “Dang Straight”.

So is Becka grandstanding here because it is good radio?
Come on now.

**UPDATE for PBLs***

I can only do so much magic for Tom.

But here’s his request for an SAB with him and George Clooney:

Young Clooney - Becka - SAB 02


Ben Sasse is going after the votes of immigrants from Spain.
Hear his latest ad here here:

We are in the process of getting the transcript.
In the mean time, call David Kramer and he can let you know what the narrator is saying here.

**UPDATE – here ya go***

Ben Sasse grew up working in the fields every summer here in Nebraska.

Ben Sasse creció trabajando todos los veranos en los campos aquí en Nebraska.

The son of a teacher, his family taught him the value of a good education and hard work.

Hijo de un maestro, su familia le enseño el valor de una buena educación y la importancia del trabajo.

Ben Sasse believes government must do better for people trying to build the American Dream.

Ben Sasse esta convencido que el gobierno tiene que hacer más por las personas tratando de conseguir el sueño Americano.

Ben’s great great grandparents were immigrants to America–he knows that immigrants built this great country;

Los tatarabuelos de Ben fueron inmigrantes a América –el sabe que los inmigrantes construyeron este gran país.

Ben Sasse is running for the Senate and wants your support.

Ben esta postulando para el Senado y quiere su apoyo.

We need people like Ben. He recognizes the value of good paying jobs, letting working people keep more of their hard earned money, and making Government work for the people. And Ben wants to make sure that future generations can get a good quality education.

Nosotros necesitamos personas como Ben. El reconoce la importancia de un buen trabajo, quiere que nos quedemos con mas de nuestro dinero, y cree que el gobierno debe ser para el pueblo. Ben quiere asegurar que las futuras generaciones pueden tener una buena educación.

Ben Sasse. Big Solutions. More opportunity for everyone.

Ben Sasse. Grandes Soluciones. Más oportunidades para todos.

I’m Ben Sasse, and I approve this message. Paid for by Ben Sasse for U.S. Senate, Inc.

(Why is the tagline in English? There is no official U.S. language, so we would have to think that if Sasse had rattled that off in Spanish, that would meet the requirements, right? ¿Por qué no hablas español, Ben?)


Hide your Beer Brats! Chris Christie will be tailgating at the Husker game with Pete Ricketts Saturday!
Please send your camera phone pics of Christie playing Corn-Hole to us, and we will Tweet them out.

(So does Christie feign support for Nebraska football on this visit? Or does he show up in Rutgers gear? And the over/under on references to Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” album?)

And the Sasse camp announced that none other than Mitt Romney will be coming to Nebraska to campaign with Ben in Hastings on October 27th.

Not sure which guy this says more about. We would note that we like Romney, and wish he won the last election.

But trekking all the way to Hastings (sorry, Hastonians…Hastingsers…Hastingsites…dudes from Hastings, but it’s not exactly a travel hub) for a Senate candidate waaaay out in front?

And if Romney is trying to re-establish himself, it’s not exactly in the Iowa media market.
We dunno.


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  1. Tom Becka says:

    LOL Thanks Leavenworth St. for proving my point. You disagree with me so you compare me to Manson? That’s the problem with too many republicans. If you don’t agree with everything they do, they won’t try to sway you with an argument, they’ll demonize you and compare you with a mass murderer. Thank you for making me feel better about my decision.

    BTW… When I take a shot at someone I have the balls to attach my name to it. Something you are too cowardly to do.

  2. Tom,
    We just plugged the hell out of your show, and you’re attacking us?

    And we didn’t “compare” you to Manson.
    We’re just implying that you’re just like him.
    See the difference?

    (Oh, and way to respond to the arguments here. VERY brave…)

    And thanks for reading!

  3. Tom Becka says:

    BTW Why not call out police union president John Wells. He supports Burke Harr who also supports good time. So evidently good time is only important unless union issues take precedent.

    And I attached a link to this on my FB page so I just plugged the hell out of your website. ( And I will talk about it on my show today.)

    So we’re more than even.

  4. laughing says:

    Now Tom….the Charlie Manson pic is just a parody. I think you are a little too ruffled over this. Sweeper is right – the basis of your argument is BS.

  5. Dave says:

    I’m a PBL, but have been listening less lately. Has anyone else noticed that Tom has been taking the opposite stance of his former employer on almost every topic?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good call, Becka. If you don’t agree with everything they do, they won’t try to sway you with an argument, they’ll demonize you and compare you with a mass murderer. That in a nutshell describes the majority of posters on this site, SS included.

  7. Fairbury Hot Dogs says:

    Stock tip of the day:

    Buy more shares in Fairbury today…with Chris Christie coming to town, sales will be through the roof this weekend.

  8. Husker Bob says:

    Ben Sasse trying to woo “immigrants from Spain”? Did I miss something or are you seriously that ignorant? There are many legal immigrants from south of the border that appreciate a candidate going out of their way to speak to them in their native language.

  9. Fort Street Fury says:

    Sasse is likely doing the event in Hastings to tie into his reach for votes of Spanish immigrants. Mitt Romney is Cuban or something. See the connection there? All of the Adams county mexicans will see Romney’s name, and think “Hey, this Sasse guy parties with guys like me!” then when they hear the commercial en espanol, their votes will be signed, sealed, and delivered to Sasse like Aretha Franklin to a southern bakery!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sasse brought right wingers Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin in for the Primary to excite the far right. Now he brings in Mitt, whom many in the far right consider moderate at best, to go after Dem and Independent votes? Huh? I too wish Mitt had won but it’s fun to sit back and watch how things change from the Republican Primary to the General. Had he brought Mitt in in the Primary it would not have accomplished what he needed at the time which was branding himself as the most conservative candidate. Once the Primary is over, they dump the conservatives and head to the middle, every time. Love it.

  11. Husker Bob,
    We realize there are immigrants that speak Spanish, other than the ones from Spain, but we would correct you that the Basque region — currently trying to separate from Spain — is NOT “South of the border”. It is in Northeast Spain (though also is part of Southern France, so you may have a point there). However, many proud citizens there also speak the Basque language (near to, but not to be confused with Catalan).
    However, we doubt Sasse speaks either Basque or Catalan — and surely does not want to get mixed up in Spanish national politics!
    Thanks for your input and thanks for reading!

  12. PBL says:

    Street sweeper seems stressed…his boy Lee is self-destructing…it will be hard to find a consulting job when your cash cow get slaughtered.

  13. Fauxbama says:

    Tom’s tiny audience should know that Brad Ashford voted for O B A M A in 2012. He’s on the record for having done it on another blog. So know this: Brad Ashford voted AGAINST Gov. Romney AFTER 4 years of failed Obama policies, and now Ashford’s running as a Democrat in SUPPORT of those failed policies.

  14. NE Guy says:

    SS is right. You need to defend your Ashford position and it can’t be because he is a lame duck. Horrible ideas and leadership is not saying, “I am not Terry. Vote for me even though I won’t represent the beliefs of 70 of the population of Nebraska, but I am not Terry.” Lost a lot of respect for you if you vote for Ashford because, even though you disagree more with him, you think he won’t matter. That kind of thinking hurts Nebraskans voice.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Tom’s biggest mistake this week was allowing the guy who can’t make up his mind if he’s running, which party he’s in and what to do with the 2,000 (wink, wink) signatures he gathered to not run sub for him while he was at the World Series. I thought the FCC had regulations of having declared candidates on air especially ones to cheap to pay for time to promote their views and name. This guy promised he was running for sure in 2016. Equal time for every one and anyone?

  16. Tom Becka says:

    OK Ne guy. (Another one who has such convictions they won’t put their name to their views ). How about this. Brad says he’s going to try to find 25 congressmen he can work with to try to change the culture of Washington. Brad has years of legislative experience. Brad is not married to one party. In fact that’s a criticism of him I’ve heard from democrats.

    Lee Terry only started to vote against spending bills when Obama came into office. Other than that he’s been a lap dog for the Republican Party.

    By rewarding ads like the ones both the Terry camp and the RCC have put out it will only guarantee more of the same. I’m tired of republicans just demonizing their enemies. Let’s sell a positive message. What’s Lee Terry’s positive message?

  17. Ricky says:

    Problem solved if you do what I do: not listen to Mr Becka.
    Actually I don’t listen to KKAR or KFAB and won’t until they get hate mongers RUSH and Hannity off the air.
    And Mr Becka was the guy who helped gain signatures to recall Jim Suttle, paid signatures when it was obvious Omaha did not want to recall Mr Suttle.
    Now look what the city has: a Mayor that is in over her head and everything she touches turns to crap.
    Stothert’s obsession with the fire fighters union and the other unions have cost the city a ton of money and the bond ratings for the city have dropped under Stothert’s failed “leadership”.
    Today the Mayor and her hired hand, Mark McQueen, are in court for botching the police union contract negotiations. Why does Omaha pay McQueen of Baird Holm over 300 hundred dollars an hour when the city has an employee on staff to handle contract negotiations?
    Stop listening to right wing talk radio; nothing good comes of that and it changes nobodies mind anyway.

    Ricky From Omaha

    PS I do not agree at all that Mr Ashford is responsible for the mess at department of corrections. That was caused by the Republicans in charge; Governor Heineman and AG Bruning

  18. Dave says:


    You are right about Ashford he has no allegiance towards a party. Because ever time he loses an election he changes parties.

    Again, not someone I will vote for.

  19. If I refuse to vote for any politician with a dirty, negative ad I wouldn’t have anyone left to vote for. It’s part of the ‘game’ and a fair shot in the war that is politics. Lee Terry does say some stupid things every once in awhile, but Brad Ashford has also stuck his foot in the mouth over the years too. I vote for Dan Frei so I’m definitely not a Terry fan. There just is a tiny thing that Ashford endorses horrible legislation and refuses to correct any mistakes if they are pointed out to him. That I can agree with this blog and the reason why Ashford will never get my vote no matter what his party affiliation is.

    Becka might hate this site because of the anonymous nature, but the internet wasn’t made for people to attach their name to everything no matter what Mark Zuckerberg thinks. I know if I attached political views on my facebook page I would lose half of my friends pretty quick. (okay maybe only 25%. this is Nebraska). A lot of people can care about politics without having to be attacked for their stance or their personal blog. And if it’s one thing people on the internet like to do is attack people with differing opinions.

  20. Nikko Ashford says:

    I could care less about Lee Terry’s dang straight nice house etc.

    I care about his voting record in Congress. That’s it, end of discussion.

    Terry has my vote, and Brad Ashford has my condolences on his impending defeat.

  21. Ricky says:

    Hannity is not on KKAR anymore? Maybe I will listen if Mr Becka apologizes for leading the recall-Suttle drive a couple of years ago; having slum lord Aspen on the radio and making fun of Mr Suttle and paying people to get signatures when Aspen and Becka and Nutty Nabity knew the majority of Omahan’s did not want to recall Mr Suttle. That stunt by those guys cost not only Mr Suttle thousands but the city about 350$K to hold the election.
    Why does the anonymous street sweeper care that much about Nice House Dang Straight Lee Terry anyway? Nobody likes that guy. He had his chance and is totally ineffective and laughably bad as a politician. If quoting Terry over and over is the way to get him out of DC then I am all for that.
    Let somebody else have a chance to represent District 2 for a chance. Our forefathers did not expect politicians to stay in one position for 15 years or more; we are supposed to rotate representatives.
    The Republicans need at least one person of Nebraska’s delegation to show them the way up in DC. Mr Ashford is experienced and smart and willing to do the job. For goodness sakes for the sake of Omaha get Terry out of there.

    ricky ricky ricky ricky

  22. Fauxbama says:

    Oh, Tom. Tom, Tom, Tom. How soon we forget that Republicans PUMMELED Lee Terry for having been voted most bi-partisan member of Congress. Remember that one? The cat calls from the Dan Frei’s of the world were calling for Lee Terry’s head. “Kick that RINO out,” they cried! “No self respecting CONSERVATIVE would be caught dead talking to a Democrat!”

    So now you want libtard Brad Ashford because he’s not a Republican, and will deliver nothing but rose petals and champagne to the halls of Congress. He’ll serve that champagne to Nancy Pelosi from her own Gucci slippers, Tom because if he doesn’t the committee assignment he’ll get from her is the House Bathroom Oversight committee on which he’ll be the most junior member in the minority party.

  23. Nikko Terry & Ebola Ashford says:

    So Ashford will start, at year one, where Nikko Terry arrived after 16 years in office. Sixteen years of pay and nothing to show for it. Nikko Terry, welfare queen. What a place to end up after 16 years in Congress.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a script for Senator Sasse’s post election video wherein he eliminates Ebola, right after single-handedly freeing us all from the scourge of Obamacare:

    – Start with a series of unrelated stock footage clips of health care providers going about their day.
    – Pan past several hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices.
    – Bring in a high, wide shot of the Sasse-abago, in its new livery of “Ben Sasse – Ebola Fighter,” pulling into the UNMC parking lot.
    – Cut to a medium shot of Ben strutting down the buffed corridors of a hospital, stethoscope at the ready.
    – Back out to a group shot of Ben’s family, all decked out in bio-hazard suits tending to some poor sufferer of the heartbreak of psoriasis.
    – Finish up with a closeup of Senator Sasse, doing his best Bugs Bunny impersonation, while racing down Highway 30, at the wheel of a borrowed ambulance, to save the world!
    – Fade to black.

    Or – we could just wait until Congressman Terry introduces a bill to rename the disease, et voilá, no more Ebola!

  25. Nikko Ashford says:

    Tell us what votes he’s made in Congress you object to? BTW Ashford was in the Legislature for…wait for it…SIXTEEN years. How will Ashrord VOTE in Congress? Go.

  26. Another Thing Becka Did on His Show says:

    Another reason to not listen to that guys show is when he conspired with Senator Loserbaugh and others to overthrow the elected Omaha Public Schools Board.
    Especially when they spewed that nonsense about how the OPS board was sworn in late and – aghast! they swore themselves in a week too late they are all legitimate.
    That was the phoniest gift ever. Even Mr Chambers fell for that speaking about it on the floor of the legislature. Then Senator Lastatbar did get his bill passed and the result was discarding the vote of the people who voted for the school board the first time.
    By the way nobody ever admitted how that bogus late swearing in BullS… got started. I originally thought Justin Wayne leaked that from an OPS board private session, but he denied it so now I think it was former lawyer of OPS David Kramer that started that; leaking it to OWH reporter what’s his name, then Becka ran with it on his show.
    So if Becka apologizes for that, and for the recall Suttle episode, and has me on his show, then I will listen

    Ricky From Omaha

  27. Defending Sasse says:

    If you are trying to make issue of Sasse’s Spanish ad, you need to realize just how many Spanish and bilingual speakers are out there. This not a matter of just illegal immigration. It has to do with fact that USA took half of Mexico and Puerto Rico. Why else do you think Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz exist?

    If conservatives and Republicans are to be taken seriously, they need to be on Spanish media. Without such contact, the Spanish speaking media has continual misinformation about Republicans being fed to Spanish and bilingual speakers.

    If you think this does not matter, guess again. Hispanics may actually displace much of the black community in the next decade.

  28. Nikko Terry & Ebola Ashford says:

    Please respect us and our ads by using our proper names. Thank you. These names have already been established in prior posts. No variations are permitted.

  29. Macdaddy says:

    I told you guys about Sasse. The only way he doesn’t vote for amnesty is if the Republicans pass it in the lame duck. Sasse is another Ben Nelson. When it counts, he will not support conservative positions but he’ll try to blow smoke up our asses about it. Becka will likely believe him.

    I just might vote for Terry to cancel out Becka’s idiotic reasoning.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been calling Sasse the next Chuck Hagel from the beginning. The man will forget is supposedly conservative principles within 6 months of taking office. As a bureaucrat at heart, his entire life revolves around coming up with a new government program to spend money on and grow government to justify his buck toothed existence.

    I will be astonished if he turns out to be what he claimed to be during the primary. In fact, I will be out there knocking doors for Sasse like crazy if he is still conservative 6 years from now. You won’t find a bigger sasse wagon rider if he turns out to be the real deal. For now, he is unproven and has a history as a gubment lackey.

  31. Yeah, well, go vote for Dave Domina then, and buy into his unashamed liberal agenda. And, to give the man credit, he doesn’t pussyfoot. You vote for Dave, you get Dick Durbin/Carl Levin/Bernie Sanders. Enjoy.

    Folks around here probably walk into Wendy’s and complain loudly there’s no filet mignon on the menu. No, but the hamburgers are OK. Just don’t order a salad if you actually wanted meat.

  32. Nikko Ashford says:

    Tom Becca’s arrogance blinds him to the fact that being on here is good for his radio show, but most people on here don’t aspire to being radio talking heads. He’s a hothead, and we just enjoy talking abbout issues and blowhards like him. Tom- are YOU actually Sweeper?

  33. Anonymous says:

    One reason Dave Domina doesn’t pussyfoot, Gerard, is that he knows what it means to serve other people and what that service means to them. I’ll vote for Dave Domina for the same reason I voted for Dave Heinemann, they both put on the uniform and took an oath to defend our Constitution, and they took it seriously.
    Domina has a way of speaking that is straightforward and convincing, maybe that is why he has become such a successful attorney. He doesn’t cower in the corner when you throw tough questions at him. Mr. Sasse, on the other hand, just leaps back into his RV and says, “Ooops, gotta go, there are more counties to make brief appearances in.”

  34. To Tom in Post# 27,

    You asked: “What’s Lee Terry’s positive message?”

    Answer: He doesn’t have one. He’s never had one. Lee’s message has always been either “Anti-Democrat, or “Anti-Whichever-Republican-Is-Challenging-Him-In-The-Primary. Lee is the epitome of all that is wrong in American Politics, regardless of party affiliation. As a conservative person, I too hope Ashford wins.

  35. Nikko Terry & Ebola Ashford says:

    If Nikko Terry wins it will be the effect of a cosmic ray and equally random fart, not any merit on his part or perceived virtue on the voters part. Then the worlds supply of helium will be safe, and Terry can ignore North Omaha for another couple of years. And Treebeard will coaxe the Republicans of Sarpy County and Millard back to sleep, awakening only to give Congress to the Republicans in time for them to plan Hillary’s inauguration. And because Mrs. Clinton has bigger balls than Mr. Obama, a way will be found for NATO to deal with ISIS and Assad. Happy now?

  36. Oh please. Domina serves people, taking a 30% cut. It’s a living, and he’s gotten rich off it, but let’s not pretend it is what it’s not; some sort of altruistic mission.

    When he represented the Nazi war criminal Kalymon, was it because he thinks Nazi war criminals deserve a fair shake at US citizenship, or was it because he got a nice chunk of change out of the suit?

    My grandfather and uncle took an oath and went to war against the man Domina defended. I’ have good friends who survived the camps. I have no love for those who assist Nazis.

  37. perspective says:

    I took the oath too, several times. So what? I can still a tell a Domina from Kerry from McCain from Lee Oswald. And so too can Nebraskans who just sent Sen. Bob Kerrey and his Medal of Honor back to New York rather than trust the guy in the U. S. Senate again.

    Domina is so dead meat he is maggoty.

    The only reason why anyone at this point would defend Domina is because they donated to the guy not knowing he defended Nazis and they are now in wallet shock. Conversely, the only reason why anyone would actively defend Sasse at this point is because they have mountain of money bet on Sasse beating Domina by 50 pts.

  38. Hey Gerard! says:

    If Domina is capable of defending nazis, then he’d probably even be able to get Bush and Cheney off from their war crimes accusations should they ever make the mistake of traveling to the Hague. I’m sure that if you needed a good attorney your first priority would be finding one that shared your ideology rather than one that was good enough to actually save your ass.

  39. Nikko Terry & Ebola Ashford says:

    The Republican Party supposedly is a party of principle, beginning with the rule of law. Our law – our Constitution – doesn’t distinguish between the worthy and the unworthy, however defined. The thing that makes us different from the despicable, hateful, damnable Nazis is we recognize that even they are human beings with rights, even if they would kill me on sight. What’s that excellent line by Tolkien? “Many alive deserve death. Many who have died deserve life. Can you give it to them? Don’t be in a hurry to deal out judgement and death.” Of what possible use are aging Nazis? To charge them, try them and punish every last one of them as a continuing reminder of who won the war and whose values – we hope – are worth fighting and dying for. And to make sure that Holocaust is never forgotten, and therefore never happens again. That may yet require much more than time in court – more like steel-on-target, lots of it, with prejudice, and as soon as yesterday.

  40. Boston Massacre says:

    John Adams was the same kind of low life lawyer that Domina is. He was the defense attorney for the British soldiers who did the killing at the Boston Massacre. His work got most of them off scot-free. He was even so bold that he claimed it was among the moral high points of his life.

    If Adams had had the bad judgment to also take on the job of prosecuting a couple of crooked politicians in their impeachment trials he’d have never been elected to the Presidency…

  41. Anonymous says:

    John Adams was hated. Even Geo. Washington hated him. He became VP because it was a useless position. Thanks for the history lesson. — Let’s drag all this back to NE.

    A Governor has massive power, right? But few are discussing that race here. Most would rather become excited about things that matter less or not at all.

    The 2D House race gets the most attention. For it is close. But then, if that matters most, your interest isn’t driven by policy but by a gambling addiction. You figure, screw good government and national survival, I donated a quarter to Brad/Lee and I want the mini-mind orgasm that comes from a useless win.

    It is silly to expect 1 guy among 435 House reps can make a dent. We don’t even have a dozen people blogging here at L Street and this is chaotic. If you think 1 of 435, or even 1 of 100, that is Congress can function against things like Ebola and Islam (which will governs efficiently enough in a medieval post-apocalyptic world), you are skimping on your psych meds.

    And if it is not excitement because the useless 2D race is close, it is the even more useless excitement about the U. S. Senate race that isn’t at all close, because Democrats who think they are witty calling Republicans “nazis” stupidly nominated a real Nazi war criminal defender to run for the U. S. Senate. They are twisting on the hook and it hurts but they climbed up there.

    I’d say we are fiddling while Rome burns but that gives us credit for being able to carry a tune.

  42. Anonymous says:

    We’re not discussing the governor’s race because we all know that if Pete Ricketts gets in there Nebraska will become about as successful as his Chicago Cubs. Oh sure, Pete and his pals will profit immeasurably, but it won’t be a picnic for the rest of us. I hope all of you that are supporting Ameritrade’s takeover of Nebraska’s government are well invested with Pete and his daddy, because you’ll be the only ones doing well after they’re done raping our economy.

  43. If you can’t distinguish a President of the United States from a Nazi who shot Jews for trying to escape from death camps, #63, you are an ethical zombie, and like all your kind, dead from the brainstem up.

  44. One more time, for the braindead among you. Domina wasn’t a criminal defense attorney for the Nazi. Domina was helping the Nazi keep his US citizenship, even though Domina conceded the Nazi had lied on his naturalization applications.

    The result of Domina’s efforts was the process was stalled out long enough the Nazi never had to face justice for his crimes.

  45. Question says:

    Is it worse to serve as defense council for an accused Nazi in a deportation trial, or is it worse to cover up for a creep who molests college girls as the head of a college?

    The posts I’ve seen running here seem to confirm that the Republican Party IS waging all out war on women.

  46. He wasn’t a counsel in a deportation trial. It was denaturalization. Why don’t you bozos read the legal record?

    A Nazi got US citizenship by concealing the facts, and Domina (for money) tried to help him keep his citizenship.

    And what has this got to do with a supposed war on women, except that the Nazis Domina defended thought women’s role was in the kitchen?

  47. Hey Gerard! says:

    Harbison, if you can’t distinguish a war criminal President of the United States, and a war criminal Vice President of the United States from Nazi war criminals, then the problem is that you don’t possess even so much as a brain stem. You are on the intellectual scale of a paramecium.
    Many of those Nazis that found refuge here in the United States were welcomed with open arms by the OSS, SSU, State Department and the War Department. The early CIA probably helped bring in several more. Our space program and our weapons programs probably would have been much more primitive had we not done so. If you want to open the whole can of worms, you go right ahead, but that was my grandfather’s war and most of those guys are all dead now. Life goes on. If you want to seek revenge agains terrorists, perhaps you should look into your own family over in Northern Ireland.
    The cover up of Midlands Athletic Director Jason Dannelly’s sexual dalliances by Ben Sasse is a far more recent, and much more pertinent, issue to Nebraskans. It seems Mr. Sasse has a history of such shenanigans, seeming to have helped cover up sexual abuse of several House of Representatives pages while tutoring and proctoring the House Page Program in the late ’90s. It seems more focus should be placed on his ties to convicted child pornography addict, Timothy DeFoggi, as well.

  48. If you think the President of the United States is a war criminal, you’re a deranged lunatic.

    The US certainly brought some Nazis in to help the space program. That was a deal with the devil. it doesn’t justify random Nazis lying to get citizenship. And it doesn’t mean Domina should have gone to court to help them.

    The terrorists in my family are all dead. But thanks for bringing that up.

    Sasse had no role in covering up the House page scandal. That’s pure slander on the part of your feverish little brain.

  49. Hey Gerard! says:

    Nor should it. You guys keep trying to cover it up, hoping it will go away, but the stench just keeps rising to the surface. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  50. Wrong Again Gerard says:

    The Nazi’s didn’t think women’s only role was in the kitchen. Much like the modern Republican Party they thought the only purpose of women was to breed and produce more party members. In Hitler’s Third Reich young women were told it was their duty to have sex with good Arian men solely for the purpose of expanding the race.

    Making women simple cooks would have been a promotion. As it was, they were just supposed to be simple whores.

  51. Hey Gerard! says:

    I don’t believe it has anything to do with the old Franklin case, but nice try Gerard. I’ll let Sweeper’s readers do their own Googling. They are smart enough.
    Meanwhile you toss your Nazi association crap at my candidate and I’ll expose Sasse’s close association with a number of sexual assault and pedophilia cases to the daylight. We’ll see what sticks.
    Maybe this is why Ben doesn’t want to face anyone in a live debate any more. He’s afraid he might get questioned about all this. Pleading the fifth is his best case scenario.

  52. You're Getting Pickey Gerard says:

    The purpose of the denaturalization trials was to facilitate deportation. You’re just splitting hairs.

    The fact remains that Domina’s client was granted citizenship. Due process required a legal procedure to revoke that citizenship. That means he was entitled to legal representation. Domina, like John Adams and all of the Founding Fathers, recognized that as a RIGHT that even the most despicable criminals deserve. The Supreme Court has even gone so far as to declare that even noncitizens have those rights.

    Owning all the guns you can get your hands on and not paying any taxes were not the only protections the Founders deemed important. You and your Tea-Klux-Klan friends can bend and twist the facts all you want, but your narrow focus and distortions of history don’t come close to reality.

  53. Macdaddy says:

    Splitting hairs is what lawyers do. Lawyers like Dave Domina who is currently suing the taxpayers of Nebraska in the hopes that his hair-splitting will make him even richer, so pony up suckers. Not sure why we’re wasting so much time on the next loser in the Senate race, though. BTW, Domina bragged about keeping the Nazi in the US. I guess we can guess how he’ll vote when it comes to all the murderers, rapists, and gang members from other countries getting amnesty. Aye!

  54. No, he was never deported. Denaturalization entails deportation only if you can find a country to take the slime ball. The U.S. could not find one. Eventually, Germany would probably have extradited him, but he died first.

    And the 6th amendment only requires counsel in criminal trials. Denaturalization is not a criminal procedure.

    There is no doubt he had to have access to counsel. The was no requirement he had to provided counsel, and even less any particular counsel had to represent him. Domina not only did that, but he advertised it on his website.

  55. Right on Mac says:

    Domina probably will try to make sure everyone gets their day in court. Even the lowlifes.

    On the other hand Sasses’ record indicates he’ll do his damnedest to make sure sexual predators of every stripe never go to court at all.

  56. I’m amused at how the local Nazis have flocked to the defense of their Legal Eagle (probably should be Adler). Usually these people stay in the shadows. But I suppose anonymity is safe enough.

    Die Fahne hoch!

  57. Question for Gerard says:

    Did you learn all of that German from your IRA terrorist ancestors who were supporting the Nazi’s in WWII while my good Democratic ancestors were in the trenches fighting and dying to defeat the SOB’s?

  58. Hey Gerard! says:

    So, you said that your IRA relatives are all dead. You don’t deny that you had relatives that were terrorists. You must be very proud of them.

  59. One common feature of my family is that none of the are running for office . Unlike Stormfront’s best buddy, Dave Domina.

    So why don’t you suspend your stalky little obsession with my family and concentrate on the fact the Democrat candidate for Senate would have represented Mengele, if the money was good.

  60. Nikko Terry & Ebola Ashford says:

    “Hey Gerard!” – Gerard is too polite to ask you to fill in these letters. I don’t have that problem: F__K Y_U.

  61. Psycho Analysis says:

    Is that “projection” we’re seeing from you, Gerard? It’s a well established fact that the modern neo-Nazi groups in the U.S. vote a straight Republican ticket. They’re very active in the Tea Party. Your constant spewing of insults about Democrats and their association with Nazi’s seems to be a form of psychosis. It looks like some variation of Obama Derangement Syndrome where right wingers and racists constantly hallucinate about conspiracies that never existed.

    I’m sure the Nazi’s didn’t mean to torpedo your grandfathers. If they’d have known it was a bunch of IRA terrorists they would have surely held their fire.

  62. Hello Commenters!
    Why don’t you all take a big deep breath, watch a little baseball, then come back later.
    I understand the passion everyone has, but I don’t really feel like checking every 2 minutes to block a particularly offensive personal attack.
    So take it down a notch, would ya?

  63. You’re nuts, #94. Apart from you own candidate’s represntation of a war criminal, we have the deep love of the progressive movement for Hamas, who deny the Holocaust and have openly expressed admiration for Hitler.

    Since one grandfather and my uncle were in the Royal Navy when they were sunk/ captured, I expect your Nazi pals knew what they were shooting at.

  64. Thanks, Sweeper, but the more discussion of Nazis we have here, the worse for their preferred Nebraska lawyer, Dave Domina. Actually, I may be wrong – the worse for his candidacy, but the webpage he put up advertising his defense of Kalymon clearly indicates he wants more clients of that type.

    Dying business, though.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Sweeper, for giving the son of an IRA terrorist such a welcome space to espouse his hatred of anything that stinks of democracy and justice.

  66. Nikko Terry & Ebola Ashford says:

    “Hey Gerard!” @ #95 – Nope, no ears on my belt. But my cat would have your nuts for earrings right about how. As for class, waiting for you to show just a little. If that’s not possible you can crawl back under your rock. Thanks, bro.

  67. PEDO Sasse? says:

    Sasse and pedophiles? Huh? I doubt it’s true but if it even has an ounce of truth to it why wasn’t it
    talked about in the primary? All I was aware of is his coverup for his athletic director who threatened to kill some coeds. Hardly pedo!

  68. UNL Chemistry Student says:

    Would you guys knock it off! The Psych Wing Prof. is going to slap us all with pop quizzes tomorrow now that you’ve riled him up.

  69. American Male says:


    I have word from the guy that was posting as “Hey Gerard!” that he was ready to expose himself to you, but Sweeper blocked him!

  70. Anonymous says:

    The New York Times had a very interesting article today about how the CIA brought in hundreds of ex Nazis to spy for them. Many were rewarded with naturalization papers.

  71. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure what’s with all the keyboard warriors, we all know what the outcome of the election will be. I think 1 or two dems just dropped in to blow off some steam.

    Sasse by 16
    Ricketts by 8
    Terry by the skin of his teeth
    the rest will be straight republican and a festivus for the rest of us.

  72. Lil Mac says:

    # 117, a lucid observation. Let us add to that that RWP appears also invested.

    Political Science is to science what a fart is to a meat pie; at best a vaporous unpleasant and thinly related remote result. And while some profs who are used to hard sciences proving truths can thus have an unrealistic grasp of politics, we have seen RWP’s political reasoning here and it is substantial. And so we assume he is not here to blow off steam but rather to twist the screw so as to delight in watching some of the people he finds most damaging to freedom and progress writhe in exquisite pain as they find themselves defending a defender of a Nazi war criminal.

    I knew an old fellow who had been a master tool and die maker on the JU-87 prototype. I assume he was a Nazi party member. I also worked with an older gent who had been in the Waffen SS, the army branch. My own uncle, with two silver stars, was captured early in the war behind the lines and spent time in Buchenwald, a German death camp, as some US POWs did. But never have I met a death camp guard, especially not a genuine war criminal. Not some random Kraut chewing wurst and swilling bier in Milwaukee; but rather, a mass murdering monster that the most Liberal of Nebraska Democrats are today defending by proxy.

    No wonder RWP is here rolling in that like a happy mutt in tall grass. For Republicans, this is fun. For a Libertarian, its ecstasy.

  73. Domina was not appointed. He and one other attorney seem to have been the last in quite a long series, most of whom withdrew. While we will never klnow why, attorney client privilege being what it is, and Kalymon being dead their withdrawal seems to have coincided with the progress of discovery, which made it clear Kalymon was not simply an innocent bystander caught up in events, or a guy who signed up half-heartedly to avoid the alternative (the eastern front) but an active participant who shot Jews who tried to escape from his custody. Had those earlier attorneys been lied to, it would have explained their withdrawal.

    As I said above, IO, there is no constitutional right to an attorney in a civil case. The relevant federal regulations [61 Fed. Reg. 55,554 (1996)] say the defendant may be represented by counsel, but there is no requirement one be appointed.

    Yes, I am enjoying this; it is always fun to see one’s adversary forced to defend the indefensible. And their attempt to turn this into an ad hominem against moi shows they really are trapped like rats in a cage.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Rat’s trapped in a cage? And who would have them trapped? You?
    Gerard, your ego is more massive than the black hole at the center of our galaxy. You live in a fantasy world wherein you are the most intelligent person in the room, but the little voices that speak to you inside your head tell you the truth. You’re what (probably one of your heroes) Spiro Agnew used to call a pseudo-intellectual. Why don’t you just stick to playing with the chemistry set the IRA bought you?

  75. Still in denial that the Democrats’ Senate candidate, of his own free will, was hired by a Nazi war criminal to help him keep his fraudulently obtained US citizenship. To Domina, it was just a ‘professional service’, which he later advertised on his web page. Is there anyone or anything he wouldn’t take money from? I mean, once you’ve represented a Nazi killer, they really isn’t anywhere lower to go.

  76. Anonymous says:

    GH, you may be an intelligent guy, but your brain has a serious deficiency when it comes to understanding “perspective”. This is typical Republican gotcha crap and should be beneath a university professor. Trying to define Domina by this one event is a joke. Maybe we should define you by some of your own voluminous blog postings such as Main reason both my wives have been American: Irish women punch too darn hard

  77. Ok, you’re Aksarbent. That explains a lot, including the po-faced sanctimony. Well, no need to out yourself, then. I should have spotted your writing style, but I honestly don’t read your blog very much, though you clearly pore over mine.

    I see nothing ‘gotcha’ about the Domina Nazi war-crime practice. It wasn’t a one-off gaffe. He was quite proud of it. You would think someone would have sidled up to him and mentioned that 100,000 Jews were deported from L’viv to the death camps by Kalymon and his merry band of Ukrainian collaborators, and that maybe, just maybe, his limited success representing Kalymon isn’t something he should be bragging about, especially as Domina admits the DoJ had Kalymon dead to rights. All Domina was able to do was show the Ukrainian auxiliary police weren’t actually at war with the United States, which is merely geographical reality.

    Even now, one major element of Russian propaganda against Ukraine is the collaboration by some Ukrainians with the Nazis. Ths is not forgotten history, and is changing events, even now.

    And we’re not ‘defining’ him by it. I’ve criticized Domina plenty for other things. At the same time, this particular case shows an ethical vacuum at the man’s core. He really, truly doesn’t understand the problem.

    I’ve had other lawyers tell me that if I were facing some horrible charges, I’d want a guy like Domina, with a record of defending the morally repellant. That is probably true. But there’s a difference between who you want defending you when the cops have found your stash of kiddy porn (I’m sure you’ll do another blog post on that little gem), and who you want in the Senate. The world needs lawyers who will take on the most repugnant clients. But we probably don’t need them in the Senate.

  78. Anonymous says:

    GH, you’re not half as smart as you think you are. I’m not Aksarbent, but that is where I got your quote. I guess I could have read through your blog, and I’ve occasionally perused it, but there’s a thing called Google which speeds up the process. (Unlike a college professor who is only required to teach 2? classes, my free time is much more limited.)

    I’d say that the OWH article about Domina gives a more complete picture of the man than the caricature that you and many of your ilk on this site attach to him.

  79. Anonymous says:

    So, Gerard, you have admitted that your own father was an IRA terrorist and that you have, in the past, personally given aid and comfort to the leadership of that bloodthirsty gang of cut-throats and mass murderers. I have to ask you, is it worse to defend the rights that all American residents have, or to hide wanted murderous thugs in your own home, knowing full well the number of innocent victims they were responsible for slaughtering?

  80. Uh, no, #126, but it is clear you are a slimy anonymous coward who is too chickenshit to post his vicious calumnies under his own name. A typical Nebraska Democrat, in other words.

    Nobody has the ‘right’ to US citizenship except the native born; particularly not if they have in the past committed warcrimes and then lied about it.

  81. Anonymous says:

    So, Gerard, would you say that anyone that posts anonymously is a chickenshit coward, even the host of this blog that allows you to post your ever so heroic, and “manly,” bullshit? Or do you reserve such astute analysis only for those that disagree with the drivel you post?

  82. The Slimy Anonymous Chickenshit Coward says:

    But, Gerard, how can you call the truth, as it must be the truth since it was written by you, “calumnies?”
    Must be those tales you penned under your own name, as told in the February 9, 2010 issue of the Daily Nebraskan, where you wrote about your daddy’s IRA associations and you and your sister providing hospitality to “the chief of staff of the IRA who was, as always, on the run.”
    How in the world could I have possibly gotten the idea that there was any truth to anything that you ever wrote? Perhaps someone should look into how many lies you told to obtain entrance into this nation after your self admitted associations with the Irish Republican Army terrorist cells, at the highest of levels according to your own words.

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