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Hillary 01For campaigns coming down to the wire, this will be both the longest and shortest week of your political life.
Enjoy! At least the weather’s nice!


A story by the AP in the LJS confirms what we noted about the Minimum Wage vote in Nebraska: It is proposed completely to turnout Democrat voters.

Its supporters see it as a “wedge” issue, and compare it to votes on same-sex marriage that have previously been on the ballots in various states. They are hoping their supporters on the issues will in turn boost the totals of Democrats on the ballot.

If Brad Ashford makes it through in the 2nd District Congressional race, you can likely credit the Minimum Wage effort for his success. And if that is occurs, it will be interesting to see how that is factored in by prognosticators in a re-election campaign in two years.


Hillary was in the news this weekend — though if you watch network news you wouldn’t have noticed.

Here is her latest line:

“Don’t let anybody tell you that, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

OK all you Democrats out there! Here is your party’s standard bearer.
Tell us, do you agree with Mrs. Clinton that business don’t create jobs?
Come on, speak up!

While we are at it, let’s hear from all of the candidates as well.
You too, Mr. Buffett, who took Hillary shopping at Borsheims, a few years back.
And while you’re at it, please let us know who does create them.


Tom Becka of the Mighty 1290 followed up on our Friday post and had a long segment on his show featuring Leavenworth St.
You can listen to it by clicking here, and going to the 10/24 “Leavenworth Street” segment.

Tom spent most of the time complaining about the Charles Manson SAB, which led us to believe he either didn’t get the joke, or just didn’t want to address the points we made in the post.

In any case, we thank Tom for the discussion, and look forward to his continued readership in the future.


Please say a prayer for the pilot of Senator Deb Fischer and GOP Senate candidate Ben Sasse’s plane tomorrow.
Get aload of this itinerary — ALL for Tuesday:

Beatrice to Holdredge
Holdredge to McCook
McCook to Sidney
Sidney to Alliance
Alliance to Chadron
Chadron to Norfolk
Norfolk to Columbus
Columbus to Fremont

Here is a map of the route (we had to use Google’s walking map, but you get the idea…)

Fischer - Sasse barnstorming

Holy Dramamine Batman!

Go to the Sasse website to see when you can see the barnstorming team in your town.


That will actually be quite the party plane.
All aboard will be:

U.S. Senator Deb Fischer
U.S. Senate Candidate Ben Sasse
Governor Candidate Pete Ricketts
Lt. Governor Candidate Mike Foley
State Auditor Candidate Charlie Janssen
U.S. Congressman Jeff Fortenberry
U.S. Congressman Adrian Smith


In Don Walton’s column in the LJS today he wrote…

“Last chance for the candidates to make their case before Nebraska voters hand out grades on Nov. 4.”

Which is an interesting way to put it.
Are voters “grading the campaigns?”

Here on Leavenworth St., we do that on a daily basis. We discuss what’s good and what isn’t. Who made the best ad. Who looks to have the best GOTV program — what have you.

And all of that certainly matters.

And, for instance, Tom Becka said he was voting for Brad Ashford to make the point that he doesn’t like the Lee Terry campaign.

But we would suggest that most Nebraska voters are more sophisticated than that. They can see a good campaign, or a nice TV ad, but still realize that the candidate is going to vote wrong once they get to Congress, or the state capital, or where ever they’re hoping to end up.

You want to “give Brad Ashford an A” for his campaign by voting for him? OK, fine, but please note that Brad Ashford will take a dump on your “A”, by supporting Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama once he gets to Washington.

Ain’t that nice?

And we would note that Nebraska voters aren’t ALWAYS that sophisticated.
We were told time and again how awful Pete Ricketts “Old Ben Nelson” animated turkey ad was.
And so Nebraska voters sent Nelson to Washington.
And then they got ObamaCare.

See how that works out?

In a perfect world we wish the candidates of our choice ran the best campaigns and the best ads and had the best ground game.
But we know that campaigns, like most people, are imperfect, and we have to use our judgment to realize what happens when the campaign is in OUR hands, on Election Day.

This isn’t a classroom, or an experiment.
This is your country.


And on that note, here is an SAB of Tom Becka and a Walrus.

Becka - Walrus SAB 02

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  1. The minimum-wage issue on the ballot will turnout Ashford voters in a very big way…this, coupled with many traditionally Republican voters who plan to vote for Ashord as an “anti-Terry vote” means Ashford likely wins this race by a small margin (we predict Ashford wins by 300-500 votes).

  2. Ricky says:

    Hey that is not nice comparing Mr Becka to a Walrus. I will admit he is getting a little chubby, having seen Becka at Jazz on the Green.
    But all of us need to lose a little weight right? By the way I don’t think Mr Becka has any children, so why does he think he knows more about running the Public Schools better than the professional educators?
    For that matter why does Scott Lautenback think he knows more about schools than the professionals?
    I predict the OPS bond issue will FAIL!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Ricky, you seem to think you’re an expert on quite a few topics of which you know nothing about. Something for you to ponder….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh geez did you have to do the “I am the walrus” photo? Now he’s going to blather on about LS doing that. Wait, maybe that’s what you want…

  5. Not Ricky says:

    “Oh, but I am an expert! I got my palm read, slept in a Holiday Inn Express, and THAT is how I know about bond issues and Tom Becca’s children!”

  6. We predict says:

    We predict a very tight race as well, with Brad Ashford drowning in a like a bug in a bottle of liberal syrup. He’ll stay on the surface for a while, but then succumb and get sucked to the bottom of the vapid socialist rhetoric.

    People fancying themselves as conservatives, but voting against Lee Terry are hopelessly full of themselves.

  7. TexasAnnie says:

    You are totally overlooking the libertarian-conservatives.
    They don’t want Lee Terry because he is not fiscally conservative.
    And because he is too socially conservative…

  8. Anonymous says:

    At least the Governor tried to help Lee by releasing the review of good-time screw ups on a Saturday instead of blowing up Lee’s argument when people might notice.

  9. Anonymous says:

    A Lee Terry supporter talking about people who are not voting for him as “hopelessly full of themselves” is hilarious. Oh, the irony!

  10. Ricky says:

    Actually I know a LOT more than Becka and Lastatbar put together.
    But I am not a right wing talk show host nor am I a failed State Senator. So it does not really matter what I write here because it won’t have any effect on nutcases in the radio audiences and I don’t have a vote in the legislature.
    I post here and on facebook and on whatever just for the fun of it. However, I can tell the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and their lapdogs in the Unicam were wrong when they threw out the old OPS board. They failed at promoting charter schools and now they will fail on the OPS bond issue.
    Nobody died and made Dave Brown of the Chamber King of Omaha. He should mind his own business and let the public schools alone.
    Also Chamber I don’t see many we just coast signs around. I think that thing went in the dustbin with Nebraska Nice.

    ricky from omaha

  11. Joesph says:

    Lee Terry tweeted a picture of a dog licking his face on Friday…..I don’t think he’s too worried about his chances.

  12. John Semberelli Peemadoddle Dusky says:

    @ #12–Ricky, two things are clear. You will never be a right wing talk show host or a state senator, and when it comes to an intelligence comparison between you, Becka, and the state senator, you are clearly the dullest knife in the drawer. Accept your lot in life and move on knowing you are the best you will ever be.

  13. To Omaha News says:

    Lee Terry is not banking on the Omaha vote. He just needs to raise the crime issues enough to prevent a tidal wave of Democrats. At the same time, the minimum wage issue may be popular with core Democrats but overall it is not catching on with people. There are simply too many jobs available at $9 + so people just don’t see a need for a hike in the minimum.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Somebody needs to tell Eddie and all the clowns working out of Cavanaugh’s law firm at 6053 Binny to play it straight.

  15. Running unopposed is Clare and Hawks says:

    For the N U Board of Regents. Well for one thing it looks like Pelini’s job is safe. Clare is best buddies with Pelini, doing lawyer work for him and serving for a time on the Pelini Foundation (Where does that money go anyway? Doesn’t Pelini make enough at three million dollars a year he has to ask for more? Larry the Not Funny Tea Party Guy makes money for the Pelini foundation. Two Peas in a Pod).
    Anyway were was I….. Oh yea Howard Hawks was going to retire at age 75 but the lure of picking the next NU President was something he just could not pass up. On that score I think the state is safe from Heineman as President of that University. Even Clare and Daub and Hawks are not that dumb after all this to make Heineman president of the NU system.
    Sometimes even the lure of big money can scare off competitors for Regents and other political positions. Hawks has unlimited resources and will spend them as he did the first time he was elected.

    (If God has a sense of humor maybe he will send a huge gust of wind or a lighting bolt at that plane carrying Mr Sassy and Ms Partisan around Nebraska today).

    ricky from from from from Omaha

  16. Anonymous says:

    Annie, I usually skip your posts but the one at #9 was short, so …

    You’re complaining about a guy not being fiscally conservative enough but being too socially conservative. But what guiding principles would make someone more fiscally conservative that wouldn’t also make them socially conservative?

  17. The Mayor at Wendys at 9 oclock at night in Omaha says:

    OMG what if JS had wanted a Frosty that summer night?
    Anyway how is that for gratitude? Stothert stands up with the Police Chief and says the shooting where 40 bullets rang out against a guy with a fake gun and a television guy was unavoidable. Even without interviewing the officers involved. Then still the OPD union sues the city!
    When is somebody going to ask why Omaha has paid over $400K in fees for Mark McQueen for doing a bad job negotiating with the public unions? When the city has an employee who’s job it is to negotiate?
    Amateur hour at City Hall example #101.


  18. Hillary says:

    Don’t let anybody tell you that, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.

    The presidential B job was created by my husband. When I am president I intend to carry on the tradition by hiring ricky.

  19. presswatch says:

    OWH endorsements of those candidates whom we like and of those candidates we dislike are equally based in a profound ironic journalistic ignorance of how government and human nature works.

    The OWH endorsed Ricketts saying he needs to “respect the Legislature’s independent role if elected.” Independent of what? Adult supervision? Governors aren’t supposed to work with legislatures but rather check and balance against them, especially when there is no second house to act as a brake.

    The OWH also says it fears Ricketts might obey his GOP party leaders when in fact all executives lead their parties, not the other way around. When a Gov. Ricketts confronts a crisis, he alone deals with it. A Gov. Hassebrook would too. The OWH seems unaware that governors govern apart from partisanship.

    Just as dumb in the other direction, is the OWH’s endorsement of Ashford because to Brad “political party matters little.” Matters little? In a House of Representatives that is totally controlled by party? There is zero voice for a House Rep and thus for his district if he is a member of the non-majority party.

    Sure, Ashford can speak to the press. We all can do that. But to have a “voice” in the HOR means Brad needs to get his ideas to the floor past committees that are controlled by a GOP majority that gags all Democrats, just as Pelosi’s Democrat majority gagged Terry and other GOPers years ago. The OWH admits that the Senate will probably go GOP and that the HOR will become even more Republican. Yet its endorsement means Brad must magically put Pelosi back into power else NE 2D has zero voice in Congress.

    There are reasons why the OWH can dislike Terry, but not because Terry is a chairman of a GOP run House subcommittee that gives Nebraskan’s a voice in the House. Similarly, there are reasons the OWH can give for liking Ashford’s leftwing desires, but it is insane for the OWH to endorse Brad because he disregards partisanship in a GOP controlled House where Ashford will be gagged silent.

    The OWH bragging about Ashford disregarding party in a partisan HOR is like Domina bragging about having defended a Nazi war criminal. You cringe at such stupidity.

  20. Macdaddy says:

    One week to go and not that anybody cares, but here is how I am going to vote:
    Gov: For Ricketts
    Sen: Against Domina
    CD2: Neither. Neither Terry nor the national GOP have addressed my concerns and in fact are going to allow Obama to bring great harm on this country right after the election. Allow it gladly, I will add. Ashford is dumber’n a bag of hammers. He’s 8 different kinds of stupid. If he gets elected, well, it takes a village to elect an idiot.

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