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First, a quick Separated at Birth…

Democrat Senate candidate, and chief anti-Keystone pipeline lawyer, Dave Domina’s campaign logo..
And the logo for TransCanada, the maker of the Keystone XL Pipeline!

Domina-TransCanada Logos SAB 02

That’s hilarious, no?
Ya think the Domina peeps had TransCanada on the brain just a little when they came up with that?
Same color scheme, same wavy lines. (“No, we’ll put in some stars, then it will totally be different!“)

Thanks to a dedicated reader for passing that along!


The latest polls from YouGov/NYT/CBS:

Nebraska U.S. Senate (for Republican Sen. Mike Johnanns’s retiring seat)

Ben Sasse (R):59%
Dave Domina (D): 30%
*Not sure: 11%

*Note that there are 3 Independents on the ballot, and one, Jim Jenkins, will shave off maybe 3%.

Nebraska Governor (for Republican Dave Heineman’s term-limited office)

Pete Ricketts (R): 55%
Chuck Hassebrook (R): 35%
Not Sure: 11%

These polls have come under some criticism for their methodology (online, self-selected, etc.).
We would note that for YouGov’s Colorado Senate poll, they recently had the Democrat Udal up by 1%, but SIX other polls have the Republican Gardner up anywhere from 1% to 7%.

So while, that might shine a thin sliver of light on the Domina and Hassebrook camps, it probably ain’t making up 20 to 30 points.
But hey, Paul Wellstone in 1990, right!


For Nebraska’s 2nd District race between incumbent Republican Lee Terry and Democrat Brad Ashford — recently listed as the 2nd most competitive race in the country — alas, we note that we have no polls to give you.

But, we would just note that BOTH sides think it is neck and neck.
Our guess is Ashford up, but by how much is a guess.

Heck, here we are in the final week and both camps are bringing new issues to the airwaves to knock the other guy.
This should encourage the Lee Terry partisans, as many believed him behind. Note that Ashford is not running any more happy ads of him jogging through Omaha’s Old Market wearing short-shorts. It is all battle issues.

First, a new anti-Ashford spot from the NRCC, entitled “Registry”.
See it here:

So, immediately the Brad Ashford campaign went into overdrive to give their side about this ad.
Oh, wait. Not the Ashford campaign, per se, but the Omaha Word-Herald.

The Ashford camp said the ad was “digusting” and “vile” — and then is not quoted in the rest of the OWH’s story. So we don’t really hear any reason from them about just why they think that.

But we do get an eight paragraph description of why the OWH thinks Ashford’s proposal to change the law is A-OK.

And Ashford has gone on the attack against Terry as well, putting up a new ad critical of Terry.
(Well, we think he has anyway. We have not seen it, but the OWH’s website headline says there is a new ad, but their story doesn’t mention an ad.)

[Update – apparently it is not an ad – OWH updated their headline.]

Ashford sent some recent college grads to complain that their student loans are too high.
Well, not THEIR student loans. But they totally know people whose student loans are too high.
And they made signs that said so, says the OWH.

Here is what they reported:

“I just think that Lee Terry hasn’t done enough to support the students, and I believe that Brad Ashford will work together with his colleagues out there and be able to get something done,” Spooner said.

Why does he think those things?
Anyone’s guess.
But at least they had the decency to bury this on page 2 of the Midlands section…


Politico has a new story out about the Obama National Security team — mainly National Security Advisor Susan Rice and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

The story is entitled, “Team of Bumblers?

Very hard knocks on Rice, but the way it is set up and the photo they use, not really as harsh on Hagel.

The gist on Hagel they give is that people seem to like him and respect him but he has 1) been overly engaged in committing to NOT committing troops anywhere and 2) his head has been around issues other than Russia, Syria, Iraq, etc. He is oft noted as being a “good soldier” and rarely not in lock-step with the President. However, coupled with Rice, he as seen as almost non-involved in the big issues, at best.

Have at it.


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  1. Illness and Fatigue says:

    I’m sick and tired of idiots my age bitching and moaning about our student loans. Not that I don’t have my own to worry about. I have north of $30k to pay off, just above the national average. What kind of relief do those people want? Do they want simply lower payments or do they want their debt forgiven?
    We took the loans happily, knowingly, and willingly. That being the case, debt forgiveness has to be off the table. Some people in my generation (I think “they” call us millennials) are so entitled it is makes my head spin. If borrowers aren’t required to pay back the money we borrowed, then we didn’t really borrow the money, it was given to us by a government that will simply make it up by taking more of our paychecks. Additionally, if these debts are forgiven, then what debts are up next? Will we end up with a whole generation of 40-somethings demanding mortgage relief?

    As for payment relief, I am pretty well versed in it. I’ve had payments put off, I’ve had payments lowered, but all paths lead to the debt being paid off. The only way to get this monkey off your back is to throw giant piles of hard earned money at it until the debt is paid off. It sucks but that’s the way borrowing money works. Don’t put off payments or ask for lower payments, because it just costs more money.

    Some millennials are acting like spoiled brats, and it’s giving the responsible lot a headache.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    I’m a little confused about the complaints, especially Nebraskans, complaining about student loans. Nebraska has at least 2 high quality state universities that are flat out bargains. In addition, it shouldn’t be hard to find a job to also work while you go to school. Unemployment in these parts is 3.6%. So unless you went to Creighton, your student loans should not be huge. This is an investment in your future. If you feel you aren’t getting your money’s worth, go talk to the Dean, but I don’t see how that’s my responsibility.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    Ashford was a lousy, tin-eared legislator and now he’s shocked Terry is trying to make an issue out of his bad judgement.

    And the OWH has a serious ethics issue. It is quite obvious that the editorial desk and the news desk are working together with their active campaigning for Ashford.

  4. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Macdaddy is right about the OWH ethics breach. The OWH is very quick to decry the anti-Ashford ads and call them lies that should be taken off the air. They do not examine the content of the advertisements and weigh out just how factual they are. If you clear your head of emotional appeals for a moment and weigh the facts surrounding the anti-ashford ads, it is clear that they are based completely on fact. Their truly not even exercises in stretching the truth. They are genuine attacks on his crummy record.

  5. buck turgidson says:

    The OWH article is bad, but how about the press release for Amanda McGill in today’s Journal Star? I know Janssen isn’t a perfect candidate, but do these newspapers, much less Nebraska voters, really prefer the Target cashier, state tax dollar traveling McGill to a navy veteran who started his own business? Besides being a wholly unqualified candidate, Amanda McGill has voted for more new spending than almost any other senator in Lincoln these last 8 years. Newsrooms and editorial boards must really hate Charlie Janssen.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you clear your head of emotional appeals for a moment and weigh the facts

    Wow, talk about needing to take one’s own advice! You truly live in an alternate universe.

  7. P says:

    Why are they mad at Terry about their student loan amounts? Isn’t that a state issue? If they want to take out their frustrations on a current candidate who actually could have had the power to have done something about that it would be the democrat for governor.

    That said, if they want reduced tuition costs the best thing they could push for would be LESS “assistance” from federal student loan sharks whose free money inflates the market for a college education. But I guess that requires knowledge of how the economy works to make judgments like that one. It’s not like they went to college or anything…oh, wait…

  8. Fort Street Fury says:

    Comment #5 is spot on about the editorial boards and papers. McGill is a second rate state senator and has no place in the auditor’s office in comparison to Janssen.

    Janssen owns and operates a company that has to operate in accordance with very high standards dictated by the joint commission. He knows how to spot waste, fraud, and abuse. Meanwhile McGill possesses negligible experience and what experience she has reflects a record that is flat-out bad.

  9. Ben and Mitt in Hastings says:

    Ben, best of luck to you in Washington, and on the campaign trail with Mitt. If you need any help writing your RNC convention speech, just reach out to us here on L St.

    Rupert is very proud of you, and Dave Domina will eventually get over his humiliation when he can point to you with pride and say, “At least I was destroyed by an opponent with a Secret Service detail, without any of my own money put into my campaign!”

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