“He worships my [unintelligible].”

sarcasmdetectorsimpsonsIs it impossible for reporters or newsies or commenters or what have you to note saracasm?

Do they only get it if they clearly get a “#sarcasm” or “<sarcasm>…</sarcasm>” inserted in a statement for them?

Case in point, the Nikko Jenkins “endorsement” of Lee Terry.
See what we did there?
We put the word “endorsement” in quotes because Jenkins didn’t “endorse” Terry “for real”.
He was being SARCASTIC.

But you wouldn’t know that from reading press account of Jenkins’ court room statement:

  • KMTV: Nikko Jenkins says ‘vote for Lee Terry’ in court
  • Watchdog: Nikko Jenkins in court: ‘Vote for Lee Terry’
  • Roll Call: Nikko Jenkins Endorses Lee Terry
  • Cook Political Report: “Probably not the endorsement headline you want”
  • LJS: “”Vote Lee Terry guys, greatest Republican ever.” — Nikko Jenkins. No but really, he said that.”

One reporter from Channel 3 couched his tweet a little, saying “Nikko Jenkins in court today, joking or not, says he backs @LEETERRYNE. “Vote Lee Terry guys, greatest Republican ever,” Jenkins said.

Joking or not?
“...Or not“?????

Crazy man Nikko ALSO said of Terry,

“He worships my [unintelligible].”

Was that “ass” or “shit” or “tattooed face” or “ethereal presence”?
Help us out here KMTV.

This reminds us that all reporters are 3rd grade girls out on the playground who say, “You LOVE Booger Billy, don’t you????!!!!!!
And then the deadpanned response is, “Ohhhh yes. I am DEEPLY in love with him…
And the reporters squeal (and in the modern world, Tweet), “OHMYGOD! She admitted she LOVES HIM!!!!!!

We recently went through this after using a joking image of a serial killer next to a local radio host.

Point being, here are serious, we assume educated, reporters saying, “Oooh! This looks bad! A murderer just ENDORSED Lee Terry! Oooh! He ENDORSED him! We heard it!!!!!

We feel like Mugatu here!


As long as we are talking extended goofiness, here is the Lincoln Journal Star’s headline telling us how awesome Amanda McGill would be as State Auditor because she’s a woman and how Democrats…well, let us just read the headline:

Democrats seek more women in Nebraska government

Ya got that? MORE is your key word there.
But let us delve into the article:

This year, three women are running for positions in that exclusive club: lieutenant governor nominee Jane Raybould, auditor candidate Amanda McGill and attorney general hopeful Janet Stewart.

Each is running as a Democrat.

They are joined by seven women running for state Legislature: Laura Ebke of Crete and Patty Pansing Brooks of Lincoln, along with Omaha-area candidates Carol Blood, Stacy Ryan, Joni Craighead, Gwenn Aspen and incumbent Sen. Lydia Brasch.

On the officially nonpartisan legislative ticket, all but Blood and Pansing Brooks are Republican.

So, let us do a little math here:

5 Democrat women are running for office in Nebraska.
5 Republican women are running for office in Nebraska.

But the Democrats want more?
Seems to us, that the Democrats actually want the same number.
And we would argue that the odds of Republicans actually ELECTING more women is greater.

<sarcasm>But we will have to analyze the polls on that one.</sarcasm>


We are convinced that the media’s spin from state Senator Steve Lathrop’s hearings today will determine how Governor Dave Heineman is viewed in all of this.

That is nothing, but especially here, where Lathrop is working court room style, but Heineman will have a pulpit to speak from later.

And does this affect Heineman and the UNL gig?
We will be watching.


  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Of course by ‘more’ the Democrats mean more women elected, not merely more candidates.
    A sixth grader would understand that .

  2. KMTV: The word equates to "junk" says:

    Nikko thinks Lee Terry worships his, “junk.” He told it to a judge. On the record, unintelligibly. Reporters present. There. Now we can talk about a sociopath’s junk. And on that happy note, it’s time to boot the libtards on the Nebraska Supreme Court and bring back the electric chair. Enough of this stupidity with euthanasia (aka “lethal injection”) The chair would be more like junk afire. Crass? Disgusting? Uncaring? Vulgar? Perhaps as uncouth as using a deer slug on a defenseless woman. Rant over.

  3. Ashford will defeat Terry by 300-500 votes…and then Ashford will lose the 2016 election by a landslide to whomever wins the GOP Primary that year.

    I wonder what Terry does for a living after losing this election…
    a car salesman?…
    a suit salesman?…
    a pro-bono lawyer for the destitute?…
    a bartender?…

    I would say a lobbyist, but since nobody in DC listens to him now, I can’t see anyone in the private sector paying him to produce zero results.

    What are your guesses?

  4. If the Dems want more women elected, why not nominate more women? Can’t see how pulling two random women out of the Dem. address book could have come up with much worse than Dave Horst Wessel Domina and Chuck Weed-the-fields-by-hand Hassebrook.

  5. Gov Bailey says:

    When the elections over maybe they could get Domina to be special investigator for DOC, like in commonwealth to further vindicate the unicameral and Terry to get #3’s website up to challenge OWH

  6. Have you noticed? says:

    Most posts on here attack Lee Terry. Yet the spots against Nikko Ashford keep running. Why? ( They must be working.)

  7. Nikko Terry & Ebola Ashford says:

    The original meme and still champion – see the name above. And so easily avoided, but we’re way past that now. Terry deserves to lose whatever job he gets after losing the election for bring the unfortunate Mr. Jenkins into the election. Ashford is no better for bringing up Ebola in any wise.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday someone told me Domina looks like Peter Hoagland, that ratlike fellow with a hatchet jaw containing a jumble of eel teeth. They gleaned that by looking at Domina’s own yard signs. Ouch.

    Granted, Domina is better looking than the Gargoyle of Lyons. But see for yourself. Domina looks more like a grinning Mengele than a Schweitzer. What was he thinking? Don’t Democrats ever tell other Democrats they are ugly? Well, no, they don’t. It is against what passes for leftist principles.

    Democrats are afflicted with a pathological altruism that doesn’t allow them to tell ugly people they are ugly. If the truth hurts, they ignore truth.

    While the GOP certainly draws the naively patriotic and brutally honest to ride the elephant, you need only look at the Jackass crowd from Obama on down to Domina, to see that that party is a big draw for literal freaks and the insane. Indeed, if not for its oddly effeminate men and hirsute women, the Democratic Party would be empty but for the odd Trotsky look alike.

    To these creepy people, appearances count as little as sanity. Most of them look like they need a bar of soap. That may be a holdover from their hippy days.

    Try to imagine Ben Sasse advocating for Communist mass murderer Stalin. What is deemed beyond bizarre for the Right is business as usual for the nut bags on the Left. So far, voters have nationally preferred the nut bags and death by nice. It is not nice to be honest to ugly people.

  9. Nikko Terry & Ebola Ashford says:

    “Try to imagine Ben Sasse advocating for Communist mass murderer Stalin.” Give him time. Once he gets to DC he’ll forget he was ever in Nebraska.

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