Closing arguments

New 30 second ads out in the #NE02 race.
See Lee Terry’s spot here:

This is an accurate spot regarding Ashford’s position.
Will it make the difference at this point?
Not sure.

This is the argument most Republican Senate candidates with a tough race — like in Iowa and Kansas — are making. If the Democrat wins, the Congress hangs in the balance.

It is a much harder sell for Terry in the House race, where that national dynamic isn’t really being sold.


And Brad Ashford comes out strong on the issues against Lee Terry, just like the OWH and his other supporters point out.
Oh, wait. No he doesn’t.
He again says, “Dang straight.”

Here is the DCCC’s spot…

And here is the Ashford camp’s spot, with Lincoln’s Kathy Campbell, from Jeff Fortenberry’s district, telling the people of the 2nd District that she doesn’t like Lee Terry.

What could be more convincing?


As we noted yesterday on the Twitter, Stu Rothenberg has changed his prediction on #NE02 from “Pure Tossup” to “Tossup/Tilts Democratic”.

Our guess is that he was waiting for some actual polling evidence to show what most believe — that Ashford holds the current polling lead. And, as we noted, even more than the straight up, “Who will you vote for?” question is the “Favorable/Unfavorable”, where Lee Terry is tanking.

It is THAT rating that gets the blood flowing for most pollsters.
No doubt it got Rothenberg to lean to Ashford.


Dave Domina was on Sean Hannity’s radio show yesterday.

First, let us give some props to big Dave for going on this show. He knew he was going into a buzzsaw, but figured it was a national audience, so why not. And Dave thinks he is smarter than everyone else, so he plowed right in.

We did chuckle a bit when Domina was exasperated to announce that he voted for Barack Obama twice, and gives him a 7 out of 10 rating as a President. Domina was almost angry that he had to say it.

And Domina extensively defended his record of taking a former Nazi as a client.
He also staunchly defended his TV ad where a comatose person was wearing a bright green Domina for Senate t-shirt.
And he laughed at the idea that U.S. borders needed to be further secured.

Hannity also needled Domina with the current poll numbers that show him 20 points down. Dave said they were going to shock the world on Tuesday.

And that’s fine (and delusional), but you gotta come up with a better line than that. Domina’s such an evidence driven guy, he could have pointed out some other times polls were wrong, that this poll was off, that Democrats have a voting lead or some such. He came off particularly weak there.

And then Hannity got into making bets with him, where he could have laughed it off a little, and gone to whatever strong suit he thinks he has. Instead he got angry and responded, “Mr. Hannity I wont’ take part in illegal wagering on your program and I decline.

Mmm OK Dave. Party on.


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  1. We expect a significant percentage of Sarpy County and West Omaha registered Republicans will cast “Anti-Terry Votes” and send Ashford to Congress. These same folks will vote against Ashford and support the Republican Nominee in 2016.

  2. Domina lied through his teeth from start to finish about the Nazi case. It was really stupid to do so, because the trial record is public and contradicts virtually everything he said. He also contradicted what he himself said to the Washington Free Beacon.

    My favorite line was ‘The Ukrainian Ausxiliary Police was not a Nazi organization’. They were founded by Heinrich Himmler, their higher officers were all German, they deported Jews to the death camps and carried out pogroms, in the chain of command they reported to the SS…but they weren’t Nazi!

    However, given he’s losing by 30 points, it’s not even worth doing a blog post about it.

  3. To Dan Frei says:

    Who are you trying to fool? Your last second endorsement of Lee is to cover your ass if Ashford gets elected. If Lee loses no way in hell will you be the nominee

  4. Daddy Mac says:

    Macdaddy, while I don’t think he would be in a stronger starting position than Stothert for the 2016 CD2 race, I would definitely bet that State Sen. Murante runs.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dan Frei didn’t go door to door for himself. It’s one reason why he lost, plus a free team of experts who don’t know how to win.

  6. Dan Frei going door to door for Lee Terry! says:

    Nobody voted “FOR DAN FREI”. It was a protest vote. But he encouraged the protest vote and will OWN an Ashford victory, with or without his lame little commercial. Looking forward to kicking his ass in the next primary. He won’t get the easy ride next time. Can’t wait.

  7. Too little too late says:

    Sorry Dan. Even if Brad wins this round, you aren’t going to get much support in two years for the primary. You burned enough bridges. Thanks for stopping though.

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