New pro-women Ashford ad features “Stripper Stothert” pusher

Ashford and Jerram 01

The latest ad in Democrat Brad Ashford’s Nebraska 2nd District congressional campaign says Ashford is better than Congressman Lee Terry on women’s issues.

But the ad also features Ashford sitting and chatting with Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram — who infamously displayed a t-shirt depicting Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert as a “stripper”.

Stothert strip shirt 02 - Jerram

Leavenworth St. broke the story (the OWH’s account notwithstanding) of Jerram sitting in a bar grinning, holding up the t-shirt which read, “Jean Quit Stripping”, and showed an image of a woman depicting Stothert wearing a bikini, hanging from a “stripper pole.”

The shirt also stated that it was “Sponsored by Suck My Private Sector”.

Stothert strip shirt 01

And now Ashford features Jerram in his ad for Congress.
Wonder what sort of advice Jerram is giving…

Ashford and Jerram 02


  1. ricky says:

    I believe Councilman Jerram DID hand the mayorship to Stothert with this foolish stunt.
    Or certainly helped her a lot.
    I wonder how many beers he had that day, I think it was St Patricks Day.
    Anyway all this is too little too late.
    Most people have made up their minds and I believe in the poll that showed Mr Ashford up by 5 points.
    I heard that a month ago, and most people agree right?


  2. PROPAGANDA ALERT AT 6:49 says:

    Ashford has nothing locked down. What idiot would think that in a DEAD HEAT? Time to repeat MATH 101. Seeing a moronic statement like that in print doesn’t make it true, just proves naivete.

  3. Anon says:

    Ricky she won by a big margin,it wasn’t a t-shirt, if anything rated a big issue it was OFD, which is spending, The glowing catholic gentleman, won his district by a wide margin.

  4. Anonymous says:

    At this stage of the game television viewers are so damned sick of seeing political ads that they change the channel as soon as any of them pop up on their screen. The only good thing about all the money spent on these ads is that the people who produce them and transmit them are making money hand over fist. It is good for the economy.

  5. growsomeadultperspective says:

    From ancient Rome to right now, nasty political ad work especially well on pompous idiots who think they don’t work.

    Those who say American politics has never been nastier than now are ignorant of history.

    Pres Washington had scandals, traitorous appointees, Senators who plotted to give Florida to the British, and Washington himself burnt in effigy outside his own window by Americans who hated him. President John Adams was hated by everyone, Washington couldn’t even stand him. Political parties began immediately and fought. News media was eager to profit off public anger. Political broadsides were scathing.

    After a deadlocked EC, Jefferson and Burr were appointed Pres and VP by the House after 36 rounds of voting. Jefferson, with plenty of scandals, dumped his own VP Burr off his second term ticket, who then, due to journalistic political hate articles, shot and killed a former Treas. Secretary; the VP was indicted for murder, fled in disgrace, tried to convince states to leave the USA and was charged with treason. President Jackson’s wife died during a viciously partisan campaign that called her “whore” and him “bigamist”. He swore death on his political opponents. He shot people.

    Today we have lightweights like Landreau in LA saying Obama is hated there because he’s not white, in a southern state run by the not-white Gov. Jindal. That’s what passes for “demonizing” among the dim and dumpy of modern politics. Original Americans were brutally violent, a nation of Sam Adams types who bashed out the brains of American tory infants on cabin walls. We once were hard like ISIL head choppers. Now we are soft as marshmallows with faux outrage at political ads.

    Those with a comfortable lead have the luxury of appearing nice. The rest must fight opponents. And they all must lie simply because no two voters can agree on what exactly is good government.

    Free people hotly disagree and freedom is never smooth. Get used to it.

  6. Nikko Terry & Ebola Ashford says:

    I am used to it. I choose my information sources and my battles. And I choose to make up my own, poor mind without the “assistance” of people who are in the business of molding weak minds to do the bidding of others. The present mode of political advertising does not continue the vigorous political discourse of the Founders and their early successors by other means, it inhibits it.

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