Tracking #NE02

NE02The latest we have heard in Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional race is that tracking polls show Republican Lee Terry down no more than 1% on Democrat Brad Ashford.

And trends showing the gap narrowing all week.

That is good news for the Terry folks, who have been battling back for some time now. And we would add that 1 point is significant here. Five points down could be just a little more scary. (Boo!)

So you were looking for encouragement Terry camp?
Is a one-point race close enough for you???

So now we ask…

Can Sarpy County bail Terry out again?
Will North Omaha show up for Ashford?
Does the Dan Frei “endorsement” make much of a difference for Terry?
Will the Minimum Wage absentee voters pull it out for Ashford?
Will the Steve Laird option on the ballot hurt Terry?
(On that last note, we would still guess not, unless it is crazy close.)

We will update you as soon as we get answers to these and other questions.


It seems local female leaders read Leavenworth St.’s last post regarding misogynist Chris Jerram, featured in the recent Brad Ashford for Congress ad.

They have mailed the following letter to Brad:

Dear Mr. Ashford,

Watching your most recent television advertisement, we were appalled to see featured in your ad Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram, who last year infamously displayed a sexist, misogynistic and vulgar t-shirt about Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert. That such a person would be featured by your campaign in any way is reprehensible, but the fact that the advertisement in question touts your record of so-called positive support for women’s issues only adds insult to injury. We are writing to request you take down the television advertisement immediately and ensure Councilman Jerram is not featured in any future Ashford campaign material.

We find it deeply troubling that you chose to feature in your campaign advertising someone who was caught degrading, insulting, and sexualizing a respected elected official simply because of her gender. It is the pinnacle of hypocrisy and the women of Nebraska deserve better.

We look forward to your prompt action in removing the advertisement and scrubbing Councilman Jerram from your campaign material.


Mary Daub
​Wife, Former Congressman and Mayor Hal Daub

Joyce Simmons
National Committeewoman, Republican National Committee

Gail Werner-Robertson
President and CEO, GWR Wealth Management ​

You do have to wonder at what point the Ashford camp said, “Hmm, Chris Jerram. Now THERE’s the guy we want to bolster us on women’s issues. Maybe he can make US a t-shirt!


The big legislative race to watch will be the District 8 between Democrat state Senator Burke Harr and leading primary vote getter, Republican Gwenn Aspen.

We chuckled a bit at Joe Jordan’s characterization over on Watchdog that each was spending hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars “looking for that $12,000 a year Unicameral salary”.

We would suggest that anyone running for the legislature is NOT doing it for the $12K per year. If you were looking to make some extra cash, rummaging through Warren Buffet’s couch cushions could probably get you there faster than a Unicameral gig.

The thing about the Leg races — like City Council — is that you can win or lose by actual face to face contact with voters. Walking these districts make all the difference. Probably more so than all of the cash raised and spent.

Watch this one closely Tuesday night.


We don’t think we posted these two before, so just for your afternoon viewing pleasure, here is one of Lee Terry’s ads regarding ObamaCare…

And then here is Ashford confirming that he will be a solid vote with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama…


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  1. ricky says:

    Hate to disappoint you Mr Street Sweeper but just because you claim some anonymous “tracking poll” has Mr Terry trending upward does not mean we believe that.
    We prefer to believe an actual poll that is released and is not anonymous like that last one.
    And who are those women that wrote that letter to Brad? I don’t think they have ever been elected to anything, although that Werner-Robertson lady gets appointed to a lot of things maybe because of the “Werner” in her name, the large trucking firm who donates a lot of money to Republican causes.
    Not impressed.

  2. Sorry Ricky,

    But I don’t make stuff up to print. Never have, never will.
    Now you can doubt my sources, or quibble with their methods or results, but I don’t make stuff up for L.St.

    But if you’re looking for solid poll data, we are sure the OWH will come up with something you like.

    And thanks for reading.

  3. As long as Mrs. Daub is going after misogynists.... says:

    …she should be consistent and ask her husband to resign from the Board of Regents.

  4. Comely Lobbyist says:

    I’m glad those Republican women from Nebraska are so quick to forgive Mr Terry for cavorting with me in that DC bar a couple of years ago.
    He was pretty drunk at the time by the way.
    Forgive and forget that is what I say.

    That Comely Lobbyist in DC.

  5. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Do any of my fellow Republicans think it’s awesome that Hal Daub holds more political clout than any Democrat in the state, all because he is Hal Daub?

  6. Nikko Terry & Stripbola Ashford says:

    Sorry, Rick, but if its wrong for Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich to disrespect women, its wrong for Stripbola Ashford to tolerate even the appearance of misogyny from Chris Jerram, much less such a sorry lump of meat in a commercial. I say this as a convinced disliker of Lee Terry. Simpy from a crass, tactical perspective, if Ashford wants to beat Terry, why do ANYTHING that would jeopardize even the chance to win. In this instance Ashford is dumber to Terry’s dumb. Terry will get two more unearned years on office because of Ashford’s stupidity.

  7. 16 years in Congress is more than enough time to prove one’s mettle in the political arena.

    Simply put, folks ’round these parts (from both political parties) realize it is time for a change in the 2CD House seat. We can all just vote Ashford out in 2016 if he’s not doing a good job.

  8. D. Commonwealthy says:

    NT&SA-that’s them bottom line, he might be a nice guy, and have many favors as he has certainly played the all positions and is the everyman of old school Omaha, but he is a p— poor lawmaker

  9. Khan Czerntrahl says:

    ON&WR: Sounds like the folks are ready not just for change, but HOPE & CHANGE! Because there ain’t no strategy like hope, and no destination like change, amirite?

  10. The Curse of the Sarpy Royals says:

    I doubt the Kansas City Royals will ever win a World Series, not with the curse of playing your AAA farm team in a rural area and call it “Omaha”.
    Anybody who thinks that the move of the minor league team to Sarpy County to compete with Omaha’s downtown stadium is good for Omaha is not thinking correctly. Omahan’s should want the jobs and the tax revenue to stay in the city, not go out to the suburbs.
    Maybe you can argue that having a AAA franchise in the metro area is a quality of life issue, and the Sarpy County board decided that building a baseball park (with taxpayer dollars for a team partly owned then by billionaires), is what they wanted.
    Okay fine but to call it “Omaha” is an insult to my city. The Royals wanted Sarpy County as a home so take their name don’t use ours.
    And so, until the Sarpy Royals change their name from “Omaha”, the karma will not let them win a championship.

    Ricky From Omaha

  11. Nikko Terry & Stripbola Ashford says:

    Rather like Stripbola Ashford, Ricky. No championship for Ashford! He could have beat Terry, but here’s Ashford pissing away his lead over Terry. At least I keep my Jerram private.

  12. Frauds In Fur Coats says:

    Did the good ladies who are shocked that Brad Ashford has a sexist pig supporting him write any letters when Jeremy Jensen was getting paid by Charlie Janssen? It seems Jeremy is still openly supporting Charlie. Can you get a copy of that letter and run it Sweeper?

    I’ll believe these women are sincere, not just political hacks, when I see the ad they star in supporting Amanda McGill for Auditor.

  13. How correct is the data says:

    I would not be surprised if the Lee Terry pulls ahead by 5 percent. The polls I have seen show Libertarian candidate getting an unusually high number of voters beyond what is reasonable.
    Also, even the minimum wage initiative may fail. It seems the Democrats have exhausted all measures to get Democrats to voter early, that I think some of it may have backfired and result in unusually low voter turn out on election day.

  14. Nikko Terry & Stripbola Ashford says:

    Is that 3.5% inside the margin of error or outside of it? What’s your survey methodology anyway?

  15. I have a non-political question … who the hell is Brad Ashford’s tailor?? Not only did striped sharkskin go out with Lucky Luciano, that suit fits him like, as my sainted Daddy used to say, a saddle on a brood sow. Dunno much about Brad, but sartorially resplendent he ain’t.

  16. Anonymous says:

    A two-page memo from the SECDEF Hagel to national security adviser Rice warns that Obama’s Syria policy fails to clarify U.S. intentions toward Assad.

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest says U.S. strategy against Islamic State in Syria is working and the “policy that we have for Assad is really clear.”

    The thing that is really clear is that Obama is bad at picking appointees.

    Hagel bailed on Reagan, bailed on his Senate Republicans, bailed on his own GOP President. My guess is, when Barry got down to putting a buck sergeant in charge of Defense, he was out of options.

    However, Hagel quit Reagan to help veterans with cancer from agent orange and is slamming Obama over the President jeopardy our troops in Syria and Ebolaville, where Obama prefers being the African God Barry more than he likes being a crappy unpopular President Obama.

    Hagel may be short sighted but his eyes are riveted on our troops. Always has been. When you look back, it is what has helped and has hurt his career. But its nice to see Chuck bite Barry in the ass. Took long enough.

  17. The Chameleon says:

    Hagel can go honorable but like Ben Nelson he can sell out and do a 360, is he just positioning once again like the Bradster, his moves at SecDef have not been a boost to his reputation, and the writing is on the wall

  18. Macdaddy says:

    I see Domina supporters are out and about painting over the S and E on Sasse’s signs. You stay classy, Democrats, but maybe a tad bit less felonius.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Amen to comment #3! Oh me oh my a man holds up a T-shirt and suddenly the guy running for Congress in the ad with him is toast. ALMOST….almost like running an ad of a murderer next to your opponent because of your fine qualities of being a class act and a statesman. As for the ladies writing the letter? Is this really the worst you’ve seen? A T-shirt? That’s it? Come on girls grow up and take a look at all the good ole boys you give a pass to on a consistent basis who hold power. Much. Ado. About. Zip.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hey, didn’t Hal Daub beat Brad Ashford’s wife in the Regent race? I’m sure he played real, real nice there, right Mary?

  21. Nikko Terry & Stripbola Ashford says:

    Regarding sASSe signs, Democrats deserve a hearty “Oh do behave!” for doing what many Republicans are thinking. Gerard is correct, but the line between civilized and barbaric attitudes and behavior is not exactly a party line. Except in Chris Jerram’s case.

  22. Actually, I hate myself for saying this, but Ezra Klein has an excellent column on about this. Everything these days is polarized. Republicans and Democrats didn’t differ that much in their attitudes to Bernie Goetz or OJ Simpson. They were radically polarized on Trayvon Martin and Ferguson.

    Yeah, it really is us vs. them. And the barbarians are on their side. We don’t riot when a white guy gets shot by the police. We don’t use the courts to try to incarcerate our opponents. We don’t write books abou how we skillfully molested our little sister, and then whine we’re oppressed when called on it. These people are barbarians.

  23. Bold Nebraska Dropped The Ball says:

    Bold Nebraska is supporting Jeff Fortenberry, who supports the pipeline, over Dennis Crawford, who doesn’t. Fortenberry has given lip service to renewables because it polls well with farmers in his district and environmentalists in Lincoln, but he hasn’t done a damn thing in Congress to get anything done as far as that goes. Jane just wants to look bipartisan, and seems willing to push a pro-pipeline candidate in order to do it. If KXL is her number one issue, what is the point of Bold Nebraska?

  24. To Gerard says:

    Gerard, I would disagree, from that same time period Democrats and Republicans were radically polarized over Anita Hill and Rodney King.

  25. BoldNebraska has to maintain the pretense, however far-fetched, that they are not an overtly partisan organization. So the chose the most hopeless race and endorsed the Republican. The same cynical game has been played by the Lincoln Journal Star for years. I don’t know why they bother; no one is fooled.

    I bet they called Dennis Crawford and got his consent before they endorsed his opponent. He’s not a complete idiot. He knows he’s going to lose.

  26. Can’t find poll data on Rodney King; after the hearings, 75% of Republicans supported the Thomas nomination, and 48% of Democrats. Compared with Trayvon, that’s unpolarized.

    And remember, after the King riots, LA, including a majority of Democrats, voted for Republican Richard Riordan for mayor.

  27. Ames - Locust and Omaha Steel Castings says:

    Two important Omaha projects that were an issue in the last mayoral campaign.
    Stothert claimed Mr Suttle dropped the ball in not getting development going in North Omaha and in Midtown.
    Turns out Omaha Steel Castings, where supposedly the city was not doing enough to keep them here, the company is deeply in debt and had to be bailed out by Mr Lozier. Too bad Lozier did not step up before the election.
    Then at the Ames-Locust site the guy that owns it, Anderson, was a huge monetary supporter of Stothert. He wanted the city to buy his property for a industrial tract for North Omaha jobs. Now we learn the property needs at least 20 million dollars to clean up the pollution there. The city has backed off buying the land from Anderson, but too bad the extent of the pollution was not known or acknowledged before the election for Omaha’s mayor.
    The city has a problem now cleaning up at Ames Locust, but it seems to me some wool was pulled over somebody’s eyes to make it look like Mr Suttle was anti-business when he was just being cautious about the expense for the city.


  28. Ebola Question says:

    Gerard, with your scientific background, what is your take on the widespread panic on Ebola? Do you think it’s an impending national threat that we couldn’t survive, or do you think people are a little hysterical?

  29. Actiually, no one I know is hysterical. Some of the media are hysterical. Mostly what I’ve heard is Ebola jokes, some pretty funny.

    No, it’s probably not a significant threat, but letting people to return the US without a quarantine already has caused two people to develop the disease here, and this will happen again. I don’t understand why we put military personnel who’ve had no direct contact with Ebola cases on 21 day quarantine, and let medical personnel who have had such contact go bowling.

  30. Pelosi v Terry. Comparison says:

    The DCCC hypocrisy, aided by Dan Frei, is almost too much to stomach. Lee Terry was elected in 1999. Nancy Pelosi was elected in 1987. Has anybody EVER seen Pelosi attacked for her length of service? Nope. Hey Dan: Get ready to wear a big D behind your name if Terry loses. We’re not fooled by your insincere radio spot.

  31. Interested Observer says:

    If an important cannon of medicine is “First, do no harm”, then why WOULDN’T a medical worker returning from an area impacted by Ebola WANT to voluntarily quarantine themselves, if only for an abundance of caution?

  32. Lil Mac says:

    Most flight accidents happen during takeoff and landing. In terms of fatalities per million flight hours, airlines suffer 4.03 while private planes 22.43. Shades of Buddy Holly!

    Tomorrow, the day before the 2014 election, the NE GOP is cramming together into one private aircraft, Gov. Dave Heineman, U. S. Senator Deb Fischer, Ben Sasse, Pete Ricketts, Doug Peterson, and Charlie Janssen and flying them all from Lincoln, to Wayne, to Grand Island, to Kearney, to North Platte, to Scottsbluff, and then to Omaha. 848 air miles with five take offs and five landings.

    Whose came up with this idea, Democrats?

    Just kidding. For a more calming perspective, please know that flying is safer than driving. The National Safety Council shows the odds of dying in any aircraft accident (including private acft) is 1 in 7,178 for one’s lifetime, while the odds of dying in a car accident is 1 in 112 for one’s lifetime.

    In case you are thinking it’s too risky to leave your home to go vote on Tuesday, know that your lifetime chance of dying by suicide in your own home is 1 in 103 and that the odds you will eat yourself to death (heart disease/obesity) is 1 in 7. So forego that second waffle on Tuesday and drive to the polls and vote. It is safer than staying at home.

  33. Plane rides says:

    Flying is inherently safe, but history is replete with examples of entire company management teams being wiped out in a single plane crash. In June, a Gulfstream IV killed the owner pilots, and 7 passengers. Remember a US Senator named Heinz? His widow married another Senator named Kerry. The Hooters company plane crashed killing 4 including the son of the company’s owner and a NASCAR driver. How about a governor from South Dakota named Mickelson who was killed along with 7 others onboard? I’m sure it will be fine, it’s just that odds of tragedy don’t mean a whole lot when those odd roll up. Charter a second aircraft, please.

  34. Macdaddy says:

    The threat from Ebola in the US is not that you’ll get it. The threat is that it will take down our health system by sucking up and/or depleting all the human resources, ie, nurses, doctors, and staff. Add to that the current enterovirus outbreak with the coming flu and other winter virus outbreaks and you have a recipe for showing up at the hospital with your run-of-the-mill heart attack, asthma attack, or stroke, and nobody will be there to take care of you. You’ll be on your own. Good luck!

  35. Gov Bruce Bailey says:

    Maybe they wanted to use campaign money on the campaign instead of gong to the casino in Ks. or flying to Turkey

  36. Frei? Frei? F R E I? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? says:

    Republican Victory event was tonight. Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy showed up from California. But not Dan Frei? No Chip Maxwell? With apologies to Ferris Bueller, “Pardon my French, but Dan Frei is so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass, in two weeks you’d have a diamond….Life moves pretty fast, Dan. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

  37. Anonymous says:

    Expedient judicial lawmaking increasingly is replacing the purposefully plodding balance of constitutional federal legislation. That means it only takes one robed fool to let a Typhoid Mary loose on some right wing patriotic or left wing altruistic pretext.

  38. Final Prediction for 2CD 2014 House Race:

    Ashford 52%
    Terry 47%
    Independent 1%

    Prediction for 2CD 2016 House Race:

    Republican Nominee 55%
    Ashford 44%
    Independent 1%

    Ashford is a protest vote this year – nothing more, nothing less. Many Republican voters in 2CD will vote for Ashford this year, only to vote against him in 2016. Hey, at least Ashford will get that sweet $174,000 salary for 2 years!

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