2014 Election Night Results


We will be updating the major races from the Secretary of State as soon as we get them, after the polls close at 8pm.


Updated at 3:30 am

Nebraska Congress 2nd District
Brad Ashford (D): 48.64%%
Lee Terry-I (R): 46.01%%
Steve Laird (I): 5.35%%

Nebraska U.S. Senate – RACE CALLED
Ben Sasse (R): 64%
Dave Domina (D): 31%
Jim Jenkins (I): 2%
Todd Watson (I): 1%

Nebraska Governor – RACE CALLED
Pete Ricketts (R): 57%
Chuck Hassebrook (D): 39%

Nebraska Auditor – RACE CALLED
Charlie Janssen (R): 55%
Amanda McGill (D): 44%

Nebraska Legislature – District 6
Joni Craighead (R): 4,990 51.53%
John Stalnaker (D): 4,694 48.47%

Nebraska Legislature – District 8
Gwenn Aspen (R): 45%
Burke Harr (D): 54%

Measure 425 – Raise Minimum Wage – RACE CALLED
Yes: 59%
No: 40%


  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Hoe did you know? We certainly didn’t realize that an incumbent Republican would be beaten by a new Democrat in RED NE-02 while the rest of the country in turning RED down here in central TX!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope both Joni’s win! But just saw Lee on channel 7. Sure seemed like he was slurring his words and his eyes looked like he’s been crying.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    Looks like Nebraskans are more than generous…with other people’s money. On the plus side, teenagers will have more time to study since they won’t have jobs.

  4. On the Bright Side says:

    No one is probably happier that the minimum wage bill passed than Lee Terry. It was going to be darn hard to pay for that nice house and kid in college if all he was going to make was $7.25 an hour.

  5. TexasAnnie says:

    Y’all surprised me! I really did not think you would put Lee Terry out, nor pass the minimum wage hike. And now…everything will pretty much stay the same, ’cause in the end the R’s and D’s are more alike than different.

  6. It’s not at all clear Terry has lost. He’s down by 3,000 with 15,000 absentee ballots outstanding. Not where I’d want to be, but not actually dead yet.

    Lincoln turned decided blue last night, electing several left wing wackos to the Legislature. The State GOP really has to get its act together. Statewide, Republicans ran the table, but the unicam stands to be even worse than it currently is. Meanwhiole, all those lefties who were arguing all year Kansas Republicans had gone too far with tax cuts were proven wrong; the GOP held governor and senate.

    On the bright side, two of the three County Commissioners who voted to allow a country music festival next to our home were defeated. Karma is cruel to those who displease RWP.

  7. Ricky says:

    What a bizarre appearance by Mr Terry last night when he claimed the Department of Justice and the FBI were intervening in the election.
    Kudos to Dave Phipps for coming right out and saying Terry is off his rocker.
    Actually Douglas County Commissioner Phipps does a pretty good job, although some argued he attempted to disenfranchise people in North O when he closed precincts there.
    The election office seems to work pretty efficiently.
    And Street Sweeper was pretty accurate with his polls and predictions.
    Ashford won barely, but by more than one percent and there will be no recall.


  8. Bob Loblaw says:

    Why does the state GOP do so poorly in getting good people elected to the Unicam? It seems as though they’d want to do a better job of getting people who can work with Governor Rickets elected. To me the Unicam races are the most important because they are the ones that will have the most impact on Nebraskans everyday lives.

  9. Anonymous2 says:

    electing several left wing wackos to the Legislature.

    You really have an unbalanced view of the world. In most of the country these would be centrists candidates

  10. Bob Loblaw says:

    To: UMMMM Bob,

    My view of the types of people getting elected to the unicam may be skewed since I live in Lincoln. We just sent Matt Hansen, Roy Baker, and Patty Pansing Brooks to the legislature. And the “Republicans” that we do send are Kathy Campbell types. Just wish we could do better in Lancaster county I guess.

  11. RINOplasty says:

    Dear “Omaha News and World Report”: Here’s a wake up call for you. YOU are a RINO. It’s your smug BS that caused harm to Republicans. It won’t be forgotten when you run, Chip. You’re not a “real conservative”, and you’re not relevant, but do enjoy the fantasy while it lasts.

  12. RINOplasty says:

    Actually Ricky, the FBI and DOJ were in town with marching orders to make sure Ashford had every possible advantage. Fact. Read the newspaper.

  13. Greg K says:

    Seems kinda suspicious that no blacks were elected. It’s time we unite and support the minority candinates……OBAMA 2016 !!!!!!

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