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IVotedx2 01Latest Nebraska Polls (particularly for those outside of Nebraska coming today to see what is going on.)

U.S. Senate (open race for Mike Johanns-R retiring seat)
Ben Sasse (R): 59%
Dave Domina (D): 30%

This race was decided in the GOP primary — which newcomer Ben Sasse won handily in a  tough race. Sasse is a 42 year old President of a small Nebraska college. He has degrees from Yale and Harvard, worked in the Bush administration, and was a Chief of Staff in Congress. He is wiedly regarded as extremely bright and an expert on ObamaCare. Many expect him to be a thoughtful conservative — but less of the Ted Cruz firebrand type.


Nebraska Governor (open race for Dave Heineman-R term limited office)
Pete Ricketts (R): 55%
Chuck Hassebrook (D): 35%

Another hotly contested GOP primary where Ricketts won in a very close race,  endorsed by Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz. Ricketts is the 50 year old son of billionaire Joe Ricketts of TD Ameritrade where Pete has been an executive. A University of Chicago graduate with an MBA from there, he lost the 2006 Senate race to Ben Nelson, but stayed involved in Nebraska politics during that time — though has still never held elective office.


Congress – 2nd District (Omaha area) (incumbent Lee Terry – R)
Brad Ashford (D): 46%
Lee Terry (R): 41%

Most local politicos consider this race to be closer than 5%. Terry is the 16 year incumbent, who has had many close races in his district over the past six years. The 2nd District in otherwise Red Nebraska went for Barack Obama in 2008, and Terry has had to lean on other Republican strongholds in the district to fight off Omaha area Democrats.

His opponent is a 64 year state Senator with a long history in and running for various offices as a Republican, Independent and now as a Democrat. He arrived in the perfect storm in this cycle when another Democrat dropped out of the race, Terry made national headlines for a foot-in-mouth statement during the government shutdown, and local Democrats built up a strong GOTV effort around raising the state minimum wage. Terry also ran a surprising difficult race against a Primary opponent, which left him shoring up his Republican base during much of the race.

Republican insiders still think Terry can pull it off, using up his ninth political life. However, Democrats are confident in this race — and their candidate has been nearly silent over the past weeks, sitting on a presumed lead and afraid to make any gaffes. Many think their early voting leads from the minimum wage ballot effort mean that the cat is already dead in the road.

Pollsters see Terry’s Favorable/Unfavorable rating of 34/54 for Terry in the most recent poll as very, very bad news for him. Early returns with the early vote totals could be the coffin nail in this race.


Wasn’t that happy?

Well, here is the deal: Election Day is notorious for being news-free until the polls close.

So what we want you to do is take out that camera in your pocket, take some blurry photos of candidates and signs and sticker and all that stuff send them to us at Leavenworthst at gmail.com or Tweet them at us @LeavenworthSt and we will post them if they’re any good.

We will be updating from the Sec. of State once the polls close.

And now, here is a very cool video of drone video shots “Nebraska from Above” (h/t Becka):


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  1. To Omaha News & World report says:

    Buwahahahah hee hee hee ha ha ha

    Oh wait..you’re serious??? back slowly away from the wishful thinker…..

  2. Macdaddy says:

    No news? What? One of RWP’s colleagues breaks into a 98 year old time capsule because of political correctness and there’s no news?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Omaha News…..don’t most GOP voters hit the polls after 5pm when they get off work? Wouldn’t that make morning exit polls rather biased and pointless?

  4. anonymous says:

    Should Lee Terry lose….do not feel sorry for him and his family. He lied to the voters by breaking his first campaign pledge to serve only 3 terms a long time ago. The voters gave him several “second” chances to prove himself. He will make a lot of money lobbying to fund his nice house and kids college.

  5. Tonic & Tonic says:

    the idiot above probably called their friends in Sarpy county, got a two and tow vote, and said “ahh screw it, I need to draw some attention to myself! I’m calling the race; Ashford- 51, Terry- 49.”

  6. Ricky says:

    Was at Ashford campaign office today and it was hopping. People coming in and out and at least 6 people working the phones.
    This was at 24th and Cuming. I was told there Mr Terry only had robocalls, meaning probably nobody wants to volunteer anymore for the washed up GOP.
    The guy at the Ashford office said they did not have any trouble getting volunteers. Dems are pumped thinking this time we got him.
    I think they are right, especially considering even the Republicans are sick of DSNH Terry.
    Party tonight at 72nd and Grover for Brad.

    ricky from omaha

  7. To Omaha News & World report says:

    Oh yes….based on your scientific exit polls LOL OR…..you are an insider at one of the election commissioner’s offices…see ya in jail buddy 😉

  8. Anonymous says:

    in a GOP-run HOR, after Democrat Congressman Ashford completes his useless vote for Pelosi to be House Speaker, and then settles back into a life of being totally unable to get any bills to the floor without Ashford sucking on some GOP committee chairman’s butt, who will be Brad’s designated staff GOP ass sucker? I mean, Second District voters have no say in Congress unless Ashford someone puts some obedient lackey’s lips to GOP ass. There’s a career for you.

  9. Pete says:

    I’ll double down on Bywater’s offer! That’s two whole slushies once a month for a year…. that’s 24 slushies all to yourself

  10. Spencer J Rothfuss says:

    Thanks so much for posting this article. Great summary of what’s happening today, for those out of state as well as those in.

  11. anonymous says:

    To anon @ 12:41
    Dang straight!! I forgot about Lee Terry’s 1997 pledge!! So that he could get elected the first time Lee Terry pledged to serve only three terms or six years, because he did not want to be a career politician. I guess that he liked the cushy job so much he broke that pledge. He luckily got another ten year extension because of the voters’ generosity and forgiveness. Ironically he became that career politician by choosing to keep his paycheck when other fed employees went without during the gov shutdown. It’s a long overdue payback – He needs to go.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Omaha BS Report, every time I see your logo, I see the Onion. You’re about as founded in fact as the Onion is anyway.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully Lee Terry is only a congressman for another hour and a half! I’m a Republican who voted for Ashford, and I got 3 co-workers and 2 friends today to do the same – all Republicans!

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