#NE02 GOP 2016 – the BIG list

As Congressman Lee Terry graciously bows out after his loss to Brad Ashford, it is time for us to gear up!

Taking a cue from Senator-elect Ben Sasse to “Go Big or Go Home”, we have come up with the BIG list of contenders for the 2016 GOP 2nd Congressional District nomination.

We have included many we think could run, some we think might run, a few we think, or have even heard won’t run and a few that maybe no one else considered. And even now we are sure we have left out a few that are or would seriously consider it.

(You can toss out any we missed in the comments, or email them to us at LeavenworthSt at Gmail.com or Tweet them to us @LeavenworthSt.

And if you REALLY didn’t want your name or mug on here…well…just be flattered you made the page.
And you can tell your family, significant other, co-workers, or constituents you had nothing to do with it.
(Though we are NOT looking your way, Chip Maxwell.)

Here are, in alphabetical order by last name, 20 guesses for the #NE02 GOP 2016 nomination!

Gwenn Aspen
Gwenn Aspen
Pat Borchers
Pat Borchers
Brian Buesche
Brian Buescher
Dan Frei
Dan Frei
Mike Kennedy
Mike Kennedy
David Kramer
David Kramer
Chip Maxwell
Chip Maxwell
Beau McCoy
Beau McCoy
Jordan McGrain
Jordan McGrain
Bart McLeay
Bart McLeay
Aimee Melton
Aimee Melton
P.J. Morgan
P.J. Morgan
John Murante
John Murante
Shane Osborn
Shane Osborn
Rita Sanders
Rita Sanders
Bryan Slone
Bryan Slone
Jean Stothert
Jean Stothert
Franklin Thompson
Franklin Thompson
Jim Vokal
Jim Vokal
Dan Welch
Dan Welch


  1. Hesdeadjim says:

    Bart, Beau, and Franklin could win.

    I hope Gwenn doesn’t take last night’s loss too hard. She is too well spoken, knowledgeable, and passionate to ride off into the sunset. She will be a great representative for our district someday.

  2. Run Jean Run says:

    But then she would have to list off her accomplishments, in a good way, and she would have a very short list. Like blank.

  3. Mike Kennedy says:

    Thanks but no thanks Sweeper. Thanks for the mention. I’ll be busy picking up my yard signs for the next year after yesterday…lol I love education policy and the Learning Community needs to be killed. There are several people I can think of that should run for this seat. Jean Stothert is the top dog on the list as she is the strongest candidate we have for higher office. You will have to ask her if she is interested. On another note, congrats to our legislative candidates!!!!

  4. Kerrey for NYC Mayor says:

    I heard that Brad Ashford is considering running on the Republican ticket so he can run against himself. In response when somebody reminded him he just won as a Democrat, he said “oh ya, I forgot.”

  5. Freedom, Sweet Freedom says:

    Keep dreaming, GOP. First, Jean would never run for the House. It is not higher office than Mayor of Omaha in most people (and her own) mind. PJ Morgan is a laugh. Just because he is know as “PJ” like the kid on Family Circus, doesn’t mean he is young and would be even interested in the US House. Finally, it seems to be poetic justice that a Demo won this house seat only 3 years after the GOP gerrymandering of the district by giving it western Sarpy County instead of the eastern part of Sarpy with the City of Bellevue.

  6. Other names for Congress says:

    Why were John Wells from the Omaha Police Union, and Steve LeClaire from the Omaha Fire Union left out? Wells did a GREAT job of endorsing in TV spots, and LeClaire was a compelling OPPD candidate. They’ll be competing to get that guy from Omaha’s Redstone Advertising to be their campaign manager.

  7. anonymous says:

    John Murante would not run either. Too risky for him to give up his self drawn gerrymandered legislative seat. He would be up for re-election in 2016. Besides that his Senator title has transformed him from a nerdy policy wonk to a power hungry party animal with his buds DUI Too Smashed Brent Smoyer and Senator Lots of Shots Scott Lautenbaugh.

  8. Lil Mac says:

    Perhaps Brad Ashford doesn’t want to be gagged in a GOP controlled house. Maybe Ashford, as a 16 year GOP NE State Senator, has a chat with Boehner and in exchange for a bit of sway Ashford becomes Republican U. S. Rep. Ashford. -1 for Dems, +1 for GOP. Its not like he is overly loyal to any party. Stranger things have happened.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Harry Reid says voters clearly want McConnell R to work with Reid D.

    I guess when voters dumped Pelosi in the House and Harry lost seats in the Senate, that wasn’t clear to him back then, because Harry just kept on screwing Republicans at every turn. But now that he’s out of power, he suddenly wants to have some role in exercising power. What an asshole.

  10. Anonymous says:

    What is with Dan Frei’s head? It looks like its been crushed. If that’s not from an RPG that’s some serious malformation going on there.

  11. Why is Aspennn on this list says:

    Because her husband does a bad job on right wing talk radio and they and Becka cost Omaha a bunch of money for a recall of Mr Suttle we did not want?
    Didn’t Qwennnn run this one time and got beat by 15 points? And she is going to run for Congress?
    Oh okay.
    Also I have never met Ryan Horn but I think he was Terry’s campaign manager. Yahooooo to him!
    He’s the man!
    One reason Terry did not have support from his base is because of the long list of capable candidates that want a shot at Congress.
    But, considering Stothert, outside of being electable, what has she accomplished?
    I am going to sit here by my computer and wait until somebody tells me something anything she has done positive for the city while she has been Mayor or even Council member. Go on, somebody, tell me I am waiting. I don’t have to get up early tomorrow so I can wait a long time.
    Probably the GOP will go far right to get past the primary, and then probably that person won’t be agreeable to the good progressives of Douglas County.
    Ashford may be there for a while, but not as long as Dang Straight Terry we hope.

    ricky from omaha

  12. Sasse for President says:

    So the Sasseites are now pushing Ben for President. Isn’t this kind of like Obama recieving the Nobel Peace prize before he had done anything as President. Ben need to get a few years under his belt and get something accomplished in the Senate. Turning around a small college doesn’t make you qualified to sit in the White House. The Spanish speech at his election party was planned not for our consumption but the National Press. I’m afraid Ben is going to sell Nebraska out on immigration for his presidential ambitions? Ben I know you were not in Nebraska for a while, but do you remember Chuck Hagel???

  13. Run Ricky Run says:

    Ricky Fulton for Congress. Think of it. Disgruntled former postal employee will set things straight in Washington!

    Campaign Slogan: “Get off my lawn!”

  14. Friends of Keystone left wanting says:

    Politics make for strange bedfellows I heard and this holds true for backers of the Keystone XL pipeline.
    Looking around the Ramada Hotel, where the gathering of Dems was held Tuesday eve to watch election returns, I saw a lot of prominent Democrats. I ran into Ben Nelson and Mike Fahey and Marc Kraft and Mr Ewing and lots of others.
    Missing though were members of local whatever it is union that supports Lee Terry and the Keystone pipeline. Remember Ron K of that local and Barry Rubin, who for goodness sakes used to be spokesman for the Dem party or something.
    Alas, they were nowhere to be found. I actually felt sorry for them having to hang around the post election party with Lee Terry, where doom and gloom and paranoia ran rampant.
    So those guys took a hit; see what happens when you lie down with dogs; you get fleas.

    So Jane had a great night, and so did Bold Nebraska and the hundreds of people along the pipeline route in Central Nebraska, as their nemesis Lee Terry is soon to be unemployed. And he finishes his term in office having sold his soul to TransCanada, and never once did he visit the people near Grand Island along the pipeline route.

    Terry will not be missed, and I wonder if Ron and Barry will be welcome back to the Democratic Party once the Keystone pipeline finally and officially is dead?

    ricky from ……………… Omaha

  15. Fort Street Fury says:

    I’m giving Sasse a chance. He wasn’t my guy in the primary but he is my Senator now. That being said, I’m watching him. Picture Robert DeNiro doing that thing in Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers.

  16. Anonymous says:

    You do know that your new Congressman, former Republican Brad Ashford, supports building the Keystone XL Pipeline, right?
    And you do know that the anti-pipeline squad’s lawyer, David Domina, got demolished by Ben Sasse, right?
    And you’re aware that the new Governor, Pete Ricketts is a pipeline supporter, yeah?
    Oh, and the third district’s rep, Adrian Smith, also a pipeline supporter.
    Yup, can see why Jane’s taking a victory lap to Disneyland.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I saw the Sasse for President article, good Heavens. He hasn’t even packed up the RV yet. Thought the Spanish thrown in his speech was all about signaling his next move. Wonder what all the Tea Party types think about that. On the plus side, the littlest Sasse will be way too big to carry around during the next election.

  18. Ricky says:

    Not much has changed regarding the building of the Keystone Pipeline with this election.
    Except their spokesman Terry got his hat handed to him, in which many rejoiced, but none more so than Jane and Bold Nebraska.
    The fate of the pipeline still lies in the hands of the Great President Obama, and gains in the Senate will change nothing. Jane is right when she says a congressional vote to approve the pipeline, even if it survives a presidential veto which I doubt, will result in a federal lawsuit challenging Congress’s right approve an international pipeline.
    And speaking of which, Mr Domina was always a long shot to win a Senate seat in red Nebraska, but he is right about LB1161, which is unconstitutional and soon that will be upheld by the Ne Supreme Court.
    Which will mean TransCanada will have to start the approval process all over again through this state, but I think they might just give up on Keystone. It’s not needed nearly as much as it once was when first proposed 6 years ago. And if they do start over, Crystal Rhodes on the PSC will vote against it I bet.
    And anyway it was always the case that the Senators and Gov and House members in Nebraska support Keystone, but that has proved useless before, and it remains irrelevant.
    The only question is when the Keystone dead-enders will finally give up and go away.
    Admit it, Jane from Hastings beat everybody. Just admit it go ahead L St readers!

    ricky ricky ricky

  19. Anonymous says:

    The only question is when did Ricky morph into BTO and will he get a p/t job so he’s not on here all the time. Jane beat everyone? Oh Ricky, you are delusional. Jane is off in Florida after getting her liberal rear kicked across the country. Guess she didn’t want to go on Fox News as the Dem defenders on this election. Lee Terry’s defeat did not come at the hands of Bold Nebraska.There were five or six other pertinent situations in front of that which were instrumental in electing The Wanderer to NE2. Ricky, please go apply to be an upaid intern in the new Congressman’s Omaha office.

  20. Why isn't Ricky's picture up there? says:

    Oh that is right it is a list of the GOP’s options for 2016.
    Obviously, Ricky would never register in THAT party.
    Even though Ricky is smarter and knows the issues better and has better name recognition than most of those pictured above.

    Posted by Not Ricky From Omaha

    PS I am told that Ricky does have a part time job but he works evenings.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Rose makes a stand and sticks with his convictions. WOW! Now there’s something to consider. Even if you don’t agree at least he makes a stand. Has intelligence, is media savvy and well connected with great fund raising skills.

  22. Sacreligious says:

    To anonymous at 1:00. Please, please don’t ever compare Ricky to BTO. BTO has a brain and knows politics better than most on this site. Ricky on the other hand…..well, you fill in the blank…and I mean blank in every sense of the word.

  23. Elect Bart McLeay says:

    He would be the best candidate for that position. Jean needs to run for a second term. I just don’t see her being able to run for Congress or have the desire to be part of 435, maybe 100?? Maybe Jean runs for U.S. Senate at some point??

  24. Hardy Haar Harr says:

    2 who would have no chance: Frei and Chip.

    Existing politicians who could run on the Dem side, long term: Baby Buffett (obviously), Crystal Rhoades, Patrick Leahy, Burke Harr, Pete Festerson, Chris Rodgers, Jim Begley.

    Could Ashford get primaried or be “persuaded” (paid off) to retire?

  25. The Wisdom of Ricky says:

    “I also think Omaha’s Mayor should stay out of the endorsement business and stick to running the city. She needs to get better at that for sure. We will see how many candidates Stothert endorses that actually win, Maybe none.”

    “I predict the OPS bond issue will FAIL!”

    “I can tell the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and their lapdogs in the Unicam were wrong when they threw out the old OPS board. They failed at promoting charter schools and now they will fail on the OPS bond issue.”

    “I don’t know if the early voters are anxious to vote for the OPS bond issue. More likely they are lined up to vote AGAINST the issue.”

  26. OMG says:

    Please get out of the Hollywood for nerds echo chamber and join the cool kids. The list has one legitimate one Jean. This is what happens when your best friends are imaginary. Why are there so many nerds in politics. BTW Ricky your an idiot.

  27. Stothert for Snow Plow Driver says:

    “Traveling to Washington, D.C., and running for something with a two-year term is not anything that’s really attractive to me,” she said. “I have no intention whatsoever to run for Congress.” (Good move, Your Honor. Right now you need to focus on my being able to drive, and not slide to work.)

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