1. God Bless Our Veterans says:

    Please thank a veteran today. Please commit to an act of kindness to honor them. Please do not take your good life for granted. There have been so many men, women and their families who have sacrificed for our freedoms that many now take for granted in our technology and bigger and better society. Please be grateful. God Bless Our Veterans!

  2. vet says:

    I am a veteran. I understand #3’s point. Congress used to be 80% veteran (thanks to a massive WWII draft). Today it is less than 20% veteran. I like people having served in some way before they ask for my vote. However, I have in the past voted for some veterans who disappointed me as incumbents. And I find some non-veterans are better than veterans even on veterans’ issues!

    Being a veteran doesn’t make one fit for public office, any more than being a lawyer makes one fit for sculpting law, any more than being an airplane mechanic makes one fit to design an aircraft.

    Nebraskans respected Bob Kerrey as a veteran, a hero, an attorney, a governor, senator and university president. Yet they dumped him for a lady teacher with a bachelor’s degree because they felt she would better represent Nebraska’s interests in Washington.

    What you did before is nice. But what really matters is how you as an incumbent might make us better or more miserable tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Russian bombers in the Gulf of Mexico.

    This is Obama’s fault and that of those un-American traitors who voted for him twice. They can claim stupidity but it hardly matters as they fully deserve the gulag existence they invite for all.

  4. Hey Hey Vet says:

    Bob Kerrey was a carpetbagger and the president of the most liberal university in the world–New School University in New York City. Actually he graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy, and then when he became Governor of Nebraska, he tried to close the College of Pharmacy with the help of the Chancellor of UNMC at the time.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    A belated thank you to Sweeper and #1 and #2 for your sentiments. Expressing gratitude like that is very important for the future of the country as it shows today’s youth that military service is a sacrifice much appreciated by their fellow citizens. So to my fellow veterans, especially those (unlike me) who were placed in harm’s way: Happy Veterans’ Day. You guys rock.

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