Bold Desperation

Pete Sasse and Ben Ricketts 01Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska are desperate these days to justify their political existence.

We chuckled heartily at Nebraska Democrat Chair Vince Powers arguing with Boldy Jane about who was going to take credit for Democrat Brad Ashford’s 2nd District Congressional win.

(There has to be a German word — similar to Schadenfreud — for this, right?)

The suggestion that 2nd District voters had anything on their minds regarding the Keystone XL for the Terry-Ashford vote is beyond silly. And there is that little note from the Democrat savior Brad Ashford: He is in favor of the pipeline!

But the distinction is important for Jane Kleeb’s Bold Nebraska. Her group is not really against the pipeline — it is about growing the Democratic base.

The initiative petition for the minimum wage clearly achieved that goal, at least for this election — arguably tipping the scales to elect Ashford over Terry. But considering all of the money poured into Bold Nebraska, they don’t have any real legislative accomplishments to show for it.

Bold Nebraska isn’t about Nebraska rights. It isn’t about saving the environment. It is about community organizing. And if they don’t have a legislative victory then one would question the entire point of their organization.

(And when we say “one would”, we mean those who fund them.)

The House and Senate are looking, at some point, to vote on the Keystone XL Pipeline. The President would likely veto, but you never know.

In the mean time, Kleeb and Bold Nebraska get credit for holding up the pipeline. But to what end?
No one thinks their efforts are really about “Nebraska property rights” — beyond the basic NIMBY-fication of it all. (And don’t even get us started on the whole Ogallala Aquifer aspect).

And of course, it isn’t REALLY about stopping development of Tar Sands oil in Canada. Those will get developed whether the pipe is built or not.

So the New York Times spelled it out earlier this year that the “Stop the Keystone XL” movement is really about building up their enviro coffers with fundraising dollars and email addresses. That way they can push their agenda to likeminded liberals.

But what happened to that Bold Nebraska freight train on the way to the 2016 election?

Heck, they knew they couldn’t push Dennis Crawford through in the 1st Congressional District, so they endorsed Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, for Gaia’s sake! If that ain’t desperation to claim “victory” we don’t know what is. (“We have also endorsed the sun rising tomorrow morning!“)

And hence the move of Jane sticking her nose into Brad Ashford’s, and the Minimum Wagers’ and Vince Power’s victory celebration.

Vince Powers’ pushback against his fellow Democrat Jane, shows that even the Democrats know better.


The OWH and LJS confirmed what Leavenworth St. noted last week — that Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman was never interviewed for the University of Nebraska President gig.

Both papers confirmed that this was old news that they were using up good ink on dead trees to push to the public.



We will give this to 93 County-losing Senate candidate Dave Domina (but, wow, all 93 counties…): His ghost, along with former Democratic Chairman, and now retiring Federal Judge Joe Bataillon, have changed how Nebraska election law will operate for some time to come.

With the decision that initiative petitions don’t have to get a certain number of signatures in every county, Democrats can now concentrate all of their efforts for handing out petitions — as well as absentee voting requests — to a much smaller universe in Omaha and Lincoln (and maybe Saline County).

**UPDATE – we have been informed that Dems in Saline Co. “have suffered a 20% decline in the number of registered voters in just 10 years. ” Their 5% advantage over GOPers is ” the smallest it has been since the Depression Era.”**

It would seem that to satisfy constitutional requirements, you could — and probably should — still break it down by Unicameral district. But that is likely for another avenue of decision, as opposed to such an edict coming from a Judge.


We got the note yesterday that Senator-elect Ben Sasse was betting with Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan on the Husker-Badger football game tomorrow. Sasse put up some Holdrege, Nebraska “”Lucky Brand” beef jerky, against Ryan’s smoked gouda.

(Interesting side note, that Sasse is not challenging a fellow-to-be Senator, but instead one of the highest profile House members, and former Vice-Presidential candidate…)

In any case, props to the Senator-elect for taking it a step further and degrading cheese, in general, in comparison to steaks.
(Sasse’s line was, “Husker steak is too good to wager against just cheese.“) An aspect of any good wager is also digging at your competitor, letting him know about the lameness of his lame ante.

Well played Ben.

(And now you have lost the Wisconsin vote on that Presidential bid Watchdog has you down for.)


And that photo up above is an example of some of the frightening things we find in our inboxes from time to time…


Go Huskers!!!


  1. OWH Scared?? says:

    Interesting take in todays OWH editorial “Blow things up? Not everything. The influx of new members will bring change, and new ideas are always welcome. At the same time, lawmakers would be wise to proceed cautiously when it comes to changing time-tested rules and procedures or rearranging committee memberships. Committee chairpersons should be chosen based on abilities and expertise, not partisan affiliation, as they are in Washington.” Someone is scared that Democrat State Senators will lose their chair positions in the Unicameral. The only way Democrats are chairs of their committees is that REPUBLICANS put them there. We have 35 Republican Senators (yes I included Cambell and Krist) and there should be qualified Republicans that can run those committees.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No kidding 10:14, exactly right. 7 or 8 Dems would never have been Committee Chairs without vote trading among Republicans who supported them. Enough!

  3. To Anonymous above says:

    I’m tired of deal making Republican State Senators. We elect them and they backstab us. Their votes should be public. Are they afraid to expose their votes to their constituents?

  4. Macdaddy says:

    Their votes should absolutely be public. It is the height of arrogance that any vote by an elected rep is not public. It’s also un-American.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t agree more. The Unicameral is supposed to be the most ‘transparent’ legislature in the nation, yet leadership votes are secret. The Unicameral should reject secrecy, open up the institution and make leadership elections public!

  6. Screw the OWH says:

    Really? Don’t shake it up. Make sure you pick the best person and not partisan. So says the team with only 13 elected senators. This stupid private ballot crap is only for horse traders. Dems ALWAYS vote for their guys and circle the wagon. Republicans are stupid if they think Dems will vote for committee heads based on qualifications.

  7. Ricky says:

    L Street is as sore a loser as DSNH Terry. Jane and Bold have defeated the Keystone Pipeline and the righty’s just won’t accept that. It was a David V Goliath battle and sure enough Jane from Hastings and the nobodies from Central Nebraska beat TransCanada, the GOP, and all that big energy money.
    Somebody should write a book about it someday.
    I don’t think the Keystone was that big a deal in D2, but it sure didn’t help Terry.
    What motivates Mr Ashford I believe is that he voted for LB1161, the law that enabled Dave Heineman to okay the pipeline’s path. I bet at the time Ashford did not think his vote was that big of a deal. He and most of the other senators in the Unicam did not do their homework and passed an unconstitutional bill. Ashford’s buddy Jim Smith of Papillion (re-elected unopposed this time), can not face the fact that their screw-up was the nail in the coffin of the Keystone pipeline.
    Ashford being the lawyer that he is, does not want to admit they did not follow the law.
    And funny Dave Domina lost big in the Senate race but likely will be the guy that won the case for the landowners of Nebraska that brought down TransCanada and the Keystone Pipeline.

    ricky from ……… Omaha

  8. ‘Non-partisanship’ can only survive as long as committee votes are secret. Once votes become open, the voter can see whether their self-described Republicans are really Republicans. Our ‘non-partisan’ legislature is based on deception and concealment. It’s time to end it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ricky, I agree something should be written. Like an expose on Green/Enviro government tax money hand-outs to people like the Kleebs, a Nebraska version of Solyndra. Where did it all go and how did the Kleebs buy pricey farmland a few years into the government largess giving to Scott’s Energy Pioneers? The OWH and LJS can wrote extensively on Jon Bruning going in on a lake house with frat brothers and how did he become so wealthy while a public servant. Well I’d like to know how former ranch/hand, part-time college prof and the community organizer came to own farmland and don’t tell me it was scrimping and saving. These two know what vehicles to ride to get where they want and they have been riding the green money give-away and Dick Holland’s ongoing Sugar Daddy for years. Before you start patting Jane on the back why don’t you take an honest look at how they really rake in the money and why, other than to feather their own nest and propel the notion that they are just regular Nebraska landowners concerned about the environment.

  10. Pete says:

    Don’t get me started on Energy Pioneer Solutions. That company has yet to turn a profit and is a black hole for money.

    Additionally, I would like to point out to Ricky that KXL is, as I type this, more likely to happen than it has been in the last 6 years.

    Finally, thank you insane Jane for your years of service. Without your chimp like outbursts in various public hearings, your cult like followers getting arrested in DC, and your lies in front of Congress, I wouldn’t have had nearly as many reasons to laugh. Cheers to you and the pipeline!

  11. Ricky says:

    Am I missing something or did Mr Streetsweeper post something about the unicameral on this thread?
    Start your own blogs people that whine about how many committees in the Unicam are chaired by normal people and not right wing zealots.
    Also when Mr Obama vetoes the keystone bill it will be only the third veto in two terms.
    So what does that say about the pipelines chances? Our hero commander in chief leader of the free world will come down on the side of Jane from Hastings and the brave pipeline fighters from Nebraska.
    And Dave Dominas legacy in beating keystone will probably be greater than anything Tea Party oddball Senator Sasse will be.

  12. Before I go out clubbing on Friday night, let me just note a few things:
    1) Ricky, I always…smirk…when people on the comments section address everything about what I write…except for what I wrote. In this case,I addressed that the issue is what is BEYOND the pipeline issue, and the matter that JANE brought up, that forced Powers to reply. And…
    2) I am fine with people generally straying from an issue. In this case, it was fairly tangential, or maybe even unconnected, but I’m OK with some passion away from my intended target.
    Carry on, and thanks for reading.

  13. To Ricky says:

    Your right. There are several Republican Senator’s that don’t view their conservative colleagues as worthy of running committees in the Unicameral. They should open their vote up so we know that they feel their liberal friends are more qualified to run those positions.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    I think that Dicky Holland ought to give Jane Kleeb a huge chunk of money. Surely he can spare 10 or 20 million. She’ll do nothing but waste it. Maybe I’ll go into the poster board and marker business.

  15. Interested Observer says:

    If the main point of this post is that Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska are irrelevant, then why even mention them in the first place?

  16. TexasAnnie says:

    Of course, they are not irrelevant, Interested Observer.

    The Unicam has many tricks to it’s trade. After observing it’s operation up close for a decade I’m convinced it’s much worse than the two-party system. But why, Gerard Harbison, do you distinguish between ‘self-described Republicans’ and ‘real Republicans?’ When someone tells me they are a Republican, I take them at their word. And it’s by observing Republicans, that I choose to avoid registering ‘Republican.’

  17. Jane is “from” Hastings the same way Hillary Clinton is from New York.

    I wonder if she still gets Christmas cards from her old union pals as she’s trying so hard to keep them out of work.

  18. The BO Pelini Project says:

    The only thing worse than Pelini as coach of the Cornhuskers and the fans having to watch his antics on the sidelines is Pelini on the sidelines in a Big 10 game.
    So Osborne was responsible for getting the team into the awful Big 10 AND he hired BO.
    Well there goes that legacy.
    Will be watching to see if this is the game BO slugs a ref or a player and then we can be rid of the guy.


  19. Anonymous says:

    GH @ #9, I wish you were preaching to the choir but I fear you are preaching to the deaf. For in Nebraska, partisans notice that a Nonpartisan Unicameral doesn’t run correctly. Yet instead of concluding why that is so, they dance around the edges.

    When this one-legged unicameral wobbles, that is not deemed to be because it is missing a leg. Nebraskans want to presume that one house can magically hold itself accountable when no other concerted policymaking human endeavor ever has done so to any useful degree.

    Similarly, and despite this “non-partisan” legislature existing amid partisan governmental structures above, below, and beside it; and also despite its members soliciting for partisan votes and donations; when Nebraskans see transparency and honesty utterly fall flat within the unbalanced, unaccountable, one-legged, totally-partisan-yet-officially non-partisan Unicameral, most Husker pundits seem to scratch their heads and assume it must be due to something other the puerile existence of a state legislature that is, a) nonpartisan, and, b) a unicameral. They argue ancillary points as if two sides parsing over what kind of bread to use in a crap sandwich.

  20. Sarpy County Republican says:

    I know Smith, Murante, and Kitner will announce who they are voting for chairs. I don’t trust Senators that don’t

  21. Rumor says:

    It looks like several of the new Republican Senators are going to demand an open vote on chairmanships. Who will publicly say they are against this?

  22. branmuffin says:

    US obesity has increased to an overall 27.1% The skinniest state is Montana, where only 1 in 5 citizens has an ass the size of a truck. Nebraska at #25 has 27.1% wide-load Huskers. Oddly, Nebraska is #3 in lacking chronic diseases associated with cholesterol laden veins. So, apparently, cheering for football and Runza cabbage really does blow out the pipes. BTW, fire Weenie Pelini and scatter his metaphoric ashes to the winds. Now, back to the chat on fat.

    Mississippi at 35.4% obesity wins the “gimme one mo’ hushpuppy” award. That, however, doesn’t give healthier Nebraskans any less chunk in their own trunk. Fat and happy is a dubious accolade.

    Can the low voter turnout in 2014 be attributed to the difficulty of waddling to the polls?

  23. Anonymous says:

    That’s funny, Bran. Also, did you notice how Pete Ricketts actually looks bad with hair. Or more correctly, he looks good sans the skull lawn.

  24. Two subjects dear to this old plaque-ridden heart … Screamin’ Pelini and the unicameral “nonpartisan” canard.

    As much as it pains me to agree with Ricky, Bo needs to GO … and the sooner, the better. His sideline rant at the kid (I think it was Davie) who missed the tackle on Gordon’s first big ramble was nothing short of contemptible – he followed the kid around, face all contorted, screaming at him – made me sick. Lordy, how far we have fallen, lionizing a psycho like him ….

    And secondly, it’s time to lance the carbuncle of a single-house, “nonpartisan” legislature. George Norris knew exactly what he was doing when he more or less singlehandedly birthed this travesty. A product of the pernicious Progressive movement, he looked around and understood immediately that for progressivism to flourish in a profoundly conservative venue (which Nebraska decidedly was and is), he would have to find a way to nullify the influence of those sensible citizens who politically opposed the rubbish of the liberal-progressive zealots. So he decided to neuter political opposition by hiding under the cloak of “nonpartisanship”, as well as removing any possibility of those checks and balances afforded by a bicameral system – and it worked! Since 1936, the Dems have frolicked essentially unchallenged in the Capital chambers, claiming all the while that they are above those nasty political squabbles that other states suffer from. What a joke. I pray that the new crop of state senators will do better … but I am not optimistic. I will bet my front seat in Hell that they will meekly accept their offered portion of pottage and support the secret ballot nonsense that has made the Unicam the laughing stock it is.

  25. Anonymous says:

    UW offered an informed and insightful analysis of two major problems at the heart of Nebraska.

    A Progressive at #30 then came storming in here to inadvertently prove UW’s point by throwing out an unrelated chide about math which was not remotely a factor in the discussion.

    It reminds one of a snotty entitled child trying to suddenly hog the attention of a room full of adults by telling a joke, getting the punchline wrong, and then quite unawares guffaws at his own impression of his wittiness, while everyone within earshot of the child suffers to produce a patronizing smile at what surely is a walking, talking egotistical embodiment of parental embarrassment.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Pelini is not a psycho. Just an asshole with a face like a camel, who acts like camel, is behaviorally unfit to coach any school team, and holy shit but will you look at the score in that last game!

    He’s not worth it. If we paid Pelini only the $174,000 per ear Osborne got as a Congressman, Pelini would still be a waste of Nebraska money.

    2011 Pelini said “Our crowd (Nebraska fans)… What a bunch of fucking fair-weathered fucking — they can all kiss my ass on the way out the fucking door.” – Osborne later said “We worked it out. My main objective was to try to help Bo and make things better.” Tom speaks as if about a retarded child. Pelini learned nothing from it.

    2013 Pelini said “Chicken shit! If they want to fire me, go ahead…I don’t apologize for anything I have done.” Pelini dared said that after he swung his hat at an official’s face thus drawing a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

    Nebraska cannot teach good sportsmanship or win consistently with a flaming asshole as coach.

  27. RICKY IS RIGHT!!!!! says:

    Ricky! WE AGREE! I just can’t believe what I’m reading from you! Ricky is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT: The practice of secret committee votes should be out the door forever. It’s time for transparency in the Legislature, and RECORD all of those committee chair votes.

  28. Macdaddy says:

    OMG! We couldn’t find a way to stop this year’s Heisman trophy winner. Fire Bo! Good grief. What a bunch of fair weather know-nothing “fans.”

  29. Ricky says:

    The behavior Pelini exhibits on a weekly basis to a national television audience does more to hurt the image of the state then anything imaginable. If you tried you could not get a more negative person to represent Nebraska. Worse by far than Larry the Not Funny Tea Party guy who by the way is close friends with Pelini.
    BO’s bullying and abusive behavior would not be anything tolerated in a school setting, any office, or any business anywhere.
    But the $3 million dollar a year coach gets away with anything. Why I wonder?
    Because Tom Osborne hired him and Regents Hawks and Clare support the guy?
    Pelini is not nearly good enough to coach the Cornhuskers.
    What a sad sad state of affairs.

    Ricky From Omaha

  30. Anonymous says:

    For christ sake, Ricky, can’t you even agree with conservatives about football without you acting like you want to slit the throats of Republican and “Tea Party” babies?

    You might be on fire someday and those around you may not be willing to piss on you to put it out.

  31. MacDad:

    It’s not about “stopping a Heisman winner” … it’s not even about wins and losses – in the W/L column, Pelini has done no worse than many NU coaches, and better than several (Glassford and Jennings come to mind). But what it IS about is character; first and foremost, a coach has to be a teacher, a role model and mentor for kids … and Pelini appears to me about the worst sort of role model. He has little to no control of his temper, he is arrogant and abusive, and apparently believes that he is incapable of being wrong. What some diehard fans see as passion in him, I see as simply a lack of self control. He is a poor judge of ability (look at the parade of assistants over these long, long seven years), disses those whose support he should be grateful for, and in general evinces an attitude of entitlement and disdain for virtually everyone.

    I’ve said elsewhere that if I had a kid in college, with or without football talent, I wouldn’t want him withing hailing distance of Bo Pelini … and I still feel that way. I don’t care what our won/lost record is, this year or any other – with a bully like Pelini at the helm, we are doing those kids a mighty disservice for which we’ll answer one day.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Bully? Why don’t you ask the football players? All I’ve ever read is that they love Bo and respect him for his mentoring. There might just be a lot of behind the scenes care that Bo does of his players that no one ever hears about because it’s one on one, not in the limelight. How else do you explain their allegiance to him? If he was that much of a brute behind the scenes it would get out via the rumor mill. We have no idea how much he acts as a Father figure and helps those kids. I’ll take Bo’s passion anyday over the namby-pamby show no emotion era. GBR.

  33. Anonymous says:

    #41, I’m betting you’re one of the 23% that supports those in charge no matter what. The players’ loyalty is similar to that of a beaten wife that keeps coming back.

  34. David Bywater says:

    So , IO, are we considering elections national championships…because if we are, Lee’s got 8 of them. And while were at it, I guess the Sub Committee Chair is equivelant to being named AD for life. 16 years in the House, from this district is no small feat. You no how I know that…no one else, in recent memory, has done it.

  35. Husker Player on the sidelines after screwing up under BO says:

    “Gosh I am really sorry I missed my cut-back block on the back-side while in cover 2 formation second and long. I will sit here and take verbal abuse on the TV because I need my scholarship while really what I want to do is put my helmet right into Pelint’s big nose.
    I know BO makes three million dollars a year and I just get a one year- renewable scholarship, so I better play it cool and realize soon I will be out from under the influence of this psychopath.
    Oh crap! There goes that Gordon guy zipping by us for another 60 yard run. None of us really give a damn though knowing it reflects on Coach when we let the guy waltz around.
    The team is getting a good vocabulary lesson from BO we can use later in life if we need to tell people to F;;; off in a business situation by the way.
    Well gotta go, Ron Brown has a Bible study coming up and it’s mandatory”.


  36. GR says:

    The Sierra Leone physician who died in Omaha of Ebola was a doctor, who was misdiagnosed by doctors, and allowed by doctors to walk around for three days spreading Ebola in Sierra Leone, because tests for Ebola don’t always work.

    Doctors are unfit to speak of plagues because doctors treat patients not populations. If you want Ebola’s viewpoint, you need to ask a killer of entire cities. A WMD expert.

    Hagel says our WMD handling is inept. Since we cannot get assured safety in our handling of WMD, we sure as hell aren’t safe with doctors who cannot tell when another doctor has Ebola.

  37. Macdaddy says:

    UW, I will piggy-back onto #41s comments. The players, with the exception of Taylor Martinez’s dad, love Pelini. Contrast that with Callahan for whom they clearly quit playing despite having superior talent than what Bo has to work with. The players see Niles Paul and Roy Helu Jr. and several other players who probably would have not landed up in the NFL if it weren’t for Pelini. I think Pelini does a lot for his players off the field, too. Are there better coaches out there? Of course. But just remember that we couldn’t get any of them to come here in the 3 chances since TO retired.

  38. 20-year-old flaming conservative says:

    Could be a really interesting session at the Nebraska Legislature if 50% or more of the senators disclose who they voted for, for chairs and speaker, and the rest do not.

  39. Patty Hearst: I would play for BO says:

    What a lot of people do not know is that I, Patty Hearst, granddaughter of the gazillionaire William Randolph Hearst, am a big football fan.
    And I especially love those Nebraska Cornhuskers. I can see why recruits would want to go and play for BO; he can brainwash with the best of them. I wouldn’t doubt Pelini has kinship with the Symbionese Liberation Army.
    So, the current Husker players know when they have a good thing going, and I support them as they support their nutty coach.
    Go Big Red!

    Patty From Cali

  40. Anonymous says:

    Why would you think a Unicameral Senator would disclose who they voted for. And, if they told you, why would you think they’d be honest about it?

  41. Macdaddy says:

    And speaking of votes, Ashford just voted for Nancy Pelosi to be the Minority Leader. Has he ever felt less significant than with that vote? It’s only downhill from here. My advice to Ashford: stay home. You’ll get more done around your own house.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Look at it this way. We are paying Ashford a heckuva lot less money to not legislate than we are paying our football coach to lose games. Its a win, win deal with Ashford there.

  43. Buff-a-load says:

    A sticker on a car pulling into a Goodwill store said “Oil Spill/Keystone Pipeline”. A liberal Democrat environmentalist shopping for used underwear. No wonder they want to share the wealth.

    All people are stupid. GOP entrepreneurs buy Buffett’s book on how to get rich, which only makes Buffett richer. However, people always appear most stupid when they most avidly work against their own sincerely avowed principles.

    Keystone pipeline’s competitor is Buffett’s own hundreds of oil rail cars, which have already spilled plenty of polluting oil into Midwestern soils and skies. Yet environmentalists side with Buffett to stop a pipeline from being built, which would benefit hundreds of working union Nebraskans and be environmentally safer to a stunning degree.

    We are talking about a stationary pipe as opposed to hundreds of high-speed Buffett Missiles rocketing on sparking metal rails across the pristine Nebraska landscape every day.

    That this billionaire nature-rapist manages to co-opt environmentalists seems funny, until you realize these impoverished environmentalists are sincere and thus like mentally deficient children are being bent over and buffeted in the seat of their principles.

    There is something horrendous about a billionaire raping the literal goodwill of environmentalists and them then bragging about it. You feel as if you need to call child services.

  44. Anonymous says:

    “However, people always appear most stupid when they most avidly work against their own sincerely avowed principles.” Then they elect Republicans.
    Ask the Canadians why they won’t have anything to do with refining their grease in Canada. They have people that would like to have the jobs too.
    All of these theoretical jobs brought to America kind of makes us the equivalent of the illegal aliens of Canada doesn’t it? Since they are a pipe dream anyway, it really doesn’t matter. Even the CEO of Keystone XL has admitted as much.

  45. Ricky says:

    By the way Warren Buffett has never said anything one way or another about the Keystone Pipeline that I recall. Some people have said Warren is against the pipeline because he owns the Burlington RR. And that railroad ships a lot of coal or whatever.
    I sincerely doubt the Keystone pipeline would make a big dent in BNSF bottom line, and building the pipeline would not change Berkshire Hathaway’s earnings by even .00005 percent. And Warren has enough money I guarantee you building the pipeline or not won’t affect his income.
    Berkshire Hathaway has invested billions of dollars in wind, solar and other alternative energy. And is invested in Exon Mobile and other energy stocks.
    So to suggest that Warren is somehow stopping the Keystone pipeline is kind of dumb. He probably does not care one way or the other.

    ricky from omaha

  46. Anonymous says:

    Buff-A-Load, it also benefits Jane and the Boldies to look the other way on the Buffet oil filled rail cars since they can benefit in the end via massive donations either directly or funnelled through others. It’s all good. Jane doesn’t bite the hand that feeds her.

  47. Funnelled Through Others says:

    The hand that feeds her is Dickie “no pipe” Holland, who gained his wealth through Buffett stock. So it is a perverse and incestuous liberal circle jerk that never ends.

  48. Anonymous says:

    it is a perverse and incestuous liberal circle jerk that never ends
    There’s an interesting brain order know as “Hemineglect”. Google it. I swear that 99% of the righties that post here have very severe cases of this.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Meant to say “disorder”. And if you don’t get it, let me spell it out. Your side practices this with much more money and to a much greater degree than anyone on the left. But you choose to ignore this.

  50. To:Hemineglect says:

    You said “order” when you claimed you meant “disorder”. Interesting, isn’t it, that the word “order” and the correction “disorder” appeared on the LEFT side of your post. Hmmmm. Kettle, meet pot. Perhaps you didn’t see them as you typed. Sorry, I just couldn’t “ignore” that part of your post.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Years ago, when it was announced the President of the United States had something important to tell the American people in prime time, every TV network – CBS, NBC, ABC– shut off their entertainment programs and let the President speak to the people. No drama, comedy or game show was more important that the President. But this President is different.

    Obama will speak primetime on Thursday. Some news channels will airit but none of the big TV stations that most Americans watch.

    So what is more important to Americans than anything Obama has to say?

    Grey’s Anatomy on ABC. Big Bang Theory on CBS. Bones on FOX. And The Biggest Loser on NBC.

    The biggest loser indeed.

  52. Anon says:

    ricky, ricky ricky, so BNSF bringing in engineers from all over their system, and the railroads admitted problems with congestion doesn’t make that much difference to Buffet, like candy selling, warehouse space to dope growers. You know you are the one’s Gruber is talking about

  53. Ricky says:

    I wish I knew what all that meant Anon at 10:28. Well not really I don’t care that much.
    But if L Street readers and commentators think Warren is secretly behind the killing of the Keystone pipeline well…. show us some evidence or something Buffet has done or said about the pipeline.
    Look at the size of Warren’s BRK; the Keystone pipeline would not affect the company in the least.
    The pipeline is dead because the people of Central Nebraska won’t let the thing go through their land. They are correct; they made a stand, and they won. Bold Nebraska, Jane from Hastings, and the pipeline fighters defeated big oil on their own behalf, not Buffetts.
    Hats off to them.


  54. Anonymous says:

    Ricky, some commenters here don’t proofread and what seems lucid in mind doesn’t get down as keystrokes. That happens.

    But for you to say Buffett owns the alternative to a pipeline, has millions upon millions of dollars invested in shipping oil by rail, and yet you need proof that that direct competition has nothing to do with him not waning to lose his millions to a pipeline, is disingenuous on your part and in an obviously stupid way. You shill for Buffett and he should be paying you for your lying on his behalf. But it is poor lying. Persuasion must be based on at least some semi truth that isn’t so obviously contrary to reality.

    You are speaking to Republicans who know credits from debits and who value free enterprise more than you wealth-spreaders value it. Buffett appreciates it for himself most of all. Or do you think rich Republicans get that why by greed and rich Democrats by niceness?

    Republicans understand Burffet’s motives better than you do. Because he’s screwing you and has you lying for him. You are the Progressive here, you ought to be the first one barking loudest against monopoly guys like Buffett and others.

    For you to say Buffett isn’t Big Oil is a really stupid lie. But the problem is, its such an obviously ineptly lie. You want to suck Buffett’s nuts, find another way.

  55. Macdaddy says:

    #61, choosing the party leaders is not an official function of Congress. Incoming freshmen get a vote. If Ashford was the only Democrat Congressman to abstain from voting for Pelosi, then that would be news. And if he abstained it was because he got lost and missed the vote. The OWH has a pretty embarrassing portrayal of the hapless Ashford’s initial few days on Capitol Hill. Somebody needs to put a Medic Alert button on him before they find him disoriented and dehydrated in some closet in the basement.

  56. Macdaddy says:

    Buffett never misses an opportunity to make a buck no matter if it’s only 1. The guy is cheap beyond belief. Even a dime is precious to him. Like most rich people not named Zuckerberg, Buffett scratches and claws for every penny. They don’t get rich hitting home runs but by getting on base and always advancing the runner. BNSF is extremely important to him and do you know how I know? Because he hasn’t sold it.

  57. Ricky says:

    I have heard Mr Buffett speak many times at his annual meeting. He is far more lucid and brilliant than anybody that writes here on L Street, with the possible exception of yours truly.
    I understand Warren quite a bit I think, more than the average person that reads L St.
    He doesn’t care about the Keystone pipeline, he does not interfere with the management of his railroad (which was a good investment by the way. No, a great investment).
    So anyway you can trust me when I say Buffett doesn’t care about Keystone, and does not try to influence it in any way.
    I am right about this, as I am right about BO being a jackass and an albatross on Nebraska; I was right about dang straight nice house lee terry, was right that the new OPS board is no better maybe worse than the last one, etc.
    So believe it.

    Ricky From …….. Omaha

  58. Interested Observer says:

    A few points. First, Ricky just said that the KXL is “dead”. I kinda got a hunch that in a couple months the new Republican Senate is going to say in a very “Frankenstein” like manner, “It’s ALIVE!”.

    Next, I was told recently that there is so much oil in Canada to move, that the KXL won’t be able to handle all of the volume. Also, even when the KXL is completed and operating at full capacity, BNSF will still not be able to accommodate the remaining oil. There’s simply that much!

    I’m not stating this as an absolute, irrefutable fact, I’m simply repeating what I was told. If anyone knows otherwise, please clarify.

    The bottom line is that from what I’ve been told, the BNSF (and other railroads) is not necessarily the “alternative” to KXL. It’s going to take both of them working at full capacity and then there is still a massive volume available to be moved.

    Lastly, I have to wonder just how absolutely committed the White House actually is to blocking the KXL when the North Dakota and the Canadian oil seems to be flooding the world market enough to have brought the price of oil down almost 30% recently and by doing so, is helping to put enormous economic pressure on Putin and some of the Middle East terrorists by reducing their income stream so much. At some point, their profit in their oil sales is not going to be what it once was, I hope. The White House might try to keep up this façade of bluster and obstruction, but I wonder if that is real or just pandering to their Liberal base, for appearance sake.

  59. Congrats Amanda!!! says:

    Good hire for Ashford. Amanda McGill will be running the 2nd District office. No one knows Omaha better than a Lincolnite!

  60. Buffett also owns Union Tank Car, the biggest manufacturer of railroad tank cars in the United States.

    And Dick Holland, Berkshire shareholder and Buffett buddy, bankrolled Bold Nebraska.

    Besides, Bold Nerbaska is BN. Burlington Northern is BN. Need I say more?

  61. Bold BS says:

    Jane Kleeb gets her Bold money from Dick Holland. Scott Kleeb gets his money through a political travesty that allows him to screw the taxpayer. Remember the days when Scott Kleeb claimed to be a rancher and Jane was a talking head wannabee on television?

  62. Question says:

    Now that Matt Hansen is an elected official and not the President of the Nebraska Young Democrats hopefully he will stop attacking YR’s and Patriots like Matt Pinkerton!

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