A very quick post on a couple of topics.

We had noted when Chuck Hagel was up for the job for Secretary of Defense that he probably wasn’t qualified. Much of that was based on the fact that Hagel’s Senate committees were foreign relations related and not defense.

When he got to the Obama administration, he butted heads with Susan Rice over policy that was more centered towards foreign policy than arming troops and killing the enemy.

It’s a wonder that didn’t succeed, huh?


I am sure that everyone wants to talk about Ferguson this morning. All I would note is that it is a wonder to me that reporters and Twitterers think they know more, and have better info, than the members of the Grand Jury.

And for those jumping on the stupid Twitter meme that the Ferguson looters are just like the idiotic post-World Series rioters, we would just note that there aren’t usually 12 fires still burning the day after the game.


For those of you who say it’s too early to talk #NE02 2016, we say it’s only too early if you haven’t had your coffee.

So two new names:

  • Garth Glissman, Kutak Rock attorney and former Husker QB
  • Dave Lopez, Asst Attorney General

Another name being tossed again is Rex Fisher, but were suspicious of him for the House.

More on these guys later.


Readers, please note there are were a massive number of typos here, that will be fixed soon we fixed. We wanted to get a post up ASAP for you to comment, and this is the best that can happen on an iPhone…


  1. To most Americans, Susan Rice is the clown who went on 5 talk shows to tell a transparent lie about Benghazi.

    To the White House she’s all-powerful foreign policy guru.

    Most Americans are not wrong.

    Re Ferguson, there are 24 volumes of grand jury evidence, testimony from 64 witnesses, hundreds of photographs, dozens of forensic and other reports, all public… Dave Domina tweeted the verdict was ‘wong’ before he could possibly have read any of them. Some lawyer!

  2. Vazzini says:

    I know it sounds inconceivable but dining at Le Voltaire the other day I overheard someone talking about Franklin Thompson running for Congress.

  3. Hesdeadjim says:

    I’m thinking about who in Nebraska politics is A) qualified for as high an office as U.S. House B) Has knowledge of high level issues C) wouldn’t get drunk on power having “Rep.” before their name D) doesn’t have baggage of previous votes etc…

    It leaves a pretty short list. I’m just so tired of the egos around NE2 and the same old crop of politicians. I want a newcomer to shake things up but I don’t want another damn lawyer! Hopefully such a candidate surfaces, we can all agree that a new face and a true conservative is what our district needs!

  4. buck turgidson says:

    Garth Glissman now makes FOUR Kutak Rock lawyers potentially saddling up for CD2, joining Bryan Slone, Bart McLeay, and Brian Buescher.

    C’mon Baird Holm, Erickson Sederstrom, Husch Blackwell, Koley Jessen, McGrath North — REPRESENT!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    We can expect newcomers. But we cannot expect anyone to “shake things up” in the House because they face 434 other voting members.

    Its not supposed to shake. The sheer number of House members adds inertia to the two houses and three branches, all of which exist in opposition to disempower federal government that by definition is tyranny requiring the restraint of lots of check and balance. Government isn’t supposed to work better. Its supposed to work just barely. If you don’t grasp that, you are blind to freedom itself.

  6. Rumor says:

    I heard Brandon Peterson is giving the NE2 race a hard look. Having successfully dwindled down the young Republican membership to two members and an old guy, he is looking for a new challenge.

  7. Matt Hansen says:

    Look if the Young Democrats had problems with membership at times but the problem with Republicans is that they are always on the wrong side of history on the issues.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, I’ve asked before….WHO IS BRANDON PETERSON…..oh yeah, there’s a good congressional start…nobody knows you.

  9. RWP in Fantasy Land says:

    Dear RWP,
    In case you did not hear because the GOP released the information last Friday evening, the Repubs reported there was no cover up or conspiracy on Benghazi.
    When Rice spoke on the Sunday morning after the incident the report said she was giving the best information they had at the time.
    It was the intelligence from the CIA that was giving mixed signals.
    The death of those guys in Libya was sad but everybody knew how dangerous it was there.
    The fault was not giving enough security to the compound, but the entire government was responsible for that.
    It’s so sad the rightys keep going back to this topic. Like deaths to diplomats never happened before Mr Obama.
    The prosecutor in Ferguson led the Grand Jury. Everybody knew what was going to happen.
    White cops shoot black people all the time and almost always get away with that.
    Same thing is going to happen with the Wendy;s incident; but this time they will get away with shooting the TV guy too.

    Ricky From Omaha

  10. Macdaddy says:

    Actually, ricky, the report said there was enough security in Benghazi and completely exonerated the CIA for any of it. I think the authors were cloaking the truth with sarcasm.

  11. anonymous says:

    Rumor #11 / #13 – no class. Bashing someone openly by name like that and picking a fight needlessly and undeservedly only shows how petty you are.

  12. To 17 says:

    Huh? Is Brandon Peterson not running for Congress?? He would make a fine Congressman. Most conservative are for cutting the size of government. B to the P showed he can do that we he cut the size of the Nebraska Young Republicans in half. He would make a fine candidate.

  13. DCRP Member (2) says:

    I’m not the DCRP Member above. I really don’t know Brandon. I know he is involved in the YRs and has volunteered on some campaigns. If he wants to be Chair then I would need to know the following, 1) has he ran a campaign or run for office, 2) has he ever raised money, 3) what is his experience in managing, and 4) what is his vision for the party? There you go folks. I’m looking for answers

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is Brandon any relation to Scott? Different Peterson/Petersen? Never heard of him though it is nice his Mom is blogging the rumor of his existence.

  15. Just a Common Name says:

    From what I understand, it’s nothing more than a common last name being shared between Brandon and Scott.

    I’m betting they’re also both not related to Attorney General-elect Doug Peterson.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hey Gerard, tell us more about the good old days when you and your sis used to hang out with the upper crust of the Irish Republican Army terrorist organization.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Obama let his Berkley Liberal-Democrat Bengasi Ambassador be killed and his corpse raped.

    Plus every American soldier today is a volunteer. They all could have quit during the last 6 years. Obama is poison to the DoD, as Hagel discovered. Yet everyone in uniform today stays in uniform knowingly, willingly sworn to obey Obama. And yet Obama is RIF’ting these same troops right now, kicking the out. But are they relieved to be out from under him? No. They are trying to stay in uniform so they can risk getting an early retirement without having their corpse raped thanks to the President they choose to work for.

    Leave it to Conservative Republicans to care more about this than Liberal Democrats do.

  18. To 30 says:

    Running a campaign and raising money is important considering your #1 job IS GETTING REPUBLICANS ELECTED. Brandon Peterson is going to learn on the job? 2016 is too important to have a FNG.

  19. DCRP Member (2) says:

    I’m not a Paulista or supporter of Scott Peterson. It’s time we have a decent chairman or chairwoman in that office. Is Carlos Castillo available?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I hear Mark Elworth Jr, the Libertarian’s 2014 Candidate for Governor is starting a new Party called the “Marijuana Party of Nebraska” and is planning on running for the Nebraska District 2 spot. He may make the race a little more interesting. Plus I assume his former party will run a candidate as well. What i like about Mark Jr is that he is real and a hard worker. What I don’t like about him?? He’s dreaming, he can’t compete with the big guys, but I’ll tell you, his idea of starting a “Marijuana Party” might be what it takes to get him really noticed. I just wanted to mention him, because I hear he is gonna run.

  21. Anonymous says:

    If the NEGOP would come out in favor of medical and recreational pot, the NDP could just as well close its doors in this state forever.

  22. Zilla Thrilla says:

    My dad is looking for a job. Could he be the DCRP Chairman? He’s run for office, raised money and ran the Pentagon. Hey Anonymous, I’m all for recreational pot.

  23. To 007 says:

    Tell Amanda I look forward to seeing her at 6pm when Target opens tomorrow. Have her save me that XBOX One Assassins Creed Special Edition for my kids. I know there are limited quantities.

  24. Sara Howard??? says:

    Rumor has it she is working on a bill to make December 17th National Unicorn Day. She is also working on hard hitting legislation like a mandatory mitten law, protecting rainbow statutes, and a law that would require pocket protectors to be made of biodegradable wood.

  25. Heath, Jeremy, Amanda, Sarah says:

    Nobody I know likes any of those candidates. They are about the opposite of what Nebraskans are about. They only win because they run unopposed in Districts with low turnouts.

  26. LOL, the Howard’s are the worst type of politicians in Nebraska. They live in a so called LA-LA Land. They waste our tax dollars and are married to that stupid Democratic Party of Nebraska. Those people don’t think for themselves. I’d call them political cronies. The Howard’s and the rest of the Democrats are bad news. Also I’d like to say I looked up that Mark Elworth Jr’s webpage and it clearly states he’s running for legislative district 9 in 2016 not congress, I don’t know where they see he’s running for congress. But anyways point being is Mark Jr is gonna go after Sara Howard’s legislative seat. So yeah get ready for the Howard Bashing cause I’m gonna support Mark Jr. I’m sick of lying politicians, It’s time for real people to run. Plus I heard he doesn’t even take donations, that’s great because we all know what the Howard’s do with their donations. They pay each other for their help. Crooked as could be.

  27. Maybe the “bashing” of Sara Howard (a nice person who disagreed with me and voted differently than me more often than not), and the bashing of everyone else, can take a day off while you all -and the Howards, and everyone else–have a happy Thanksgiving with your families and loved ones. Tomorrow’s another day….

  28. bASHER bOY says:

    Some people aren’t thankful. Some people are hungry. This is Nebraska. You have to remember that everyday is a holiday to me since I can’t find a job. I’m a professional spammer bro. I make more money on the holidays. I’d be happy to dig up some dirt on you Mr. Lautenbaugh for the holiday. Maybe I could get some hits on that one. In my business it’s all about getting you corrupt politicians in over your head and to burn a fire under your ass. Everyone’s off work and reading the net this whole weekend. Thanksgiving weekend is a great weekend to tear you all up. Have a good meal..

  29. Re Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    Leave that Drunk Asshole Lobbyist Alone, he already know everyone thinks he’s garbage. He’s just another one of those politicians who can’t handle the heat when they get caught be shady. So yeah these guy think that by quitting is gonna make the problem better?? Why don’t any of you stand up for what you done?? Accountability, you Mr. Lautenbaugh have none.

  30. Ricky says:

    Does anybody know why politicians have fund – raisers for themselves in an off-election year?
    Senators Howard and Nordquist throw parties for themselves and oh – yes you can donate to …. what? Their campaign? they don’t have one for at least two more years.
    I prefer those senators to most others in the statehouse but come on why do they need my money?
    (by the way Ms Howard gave her mother 8 grand for “consulting” during her last campaign).
    At least Sen Loserbaugh is forthright in saying I quit leaving my district without a Senator because I need to chase some lobbyist cash.
    Stop trolling for money democrats give us a break for awhile!

    ricky from omaha

  31. Educated Guess says:

    Re RE Lautenbaugh;

    It might not be a lack of education. Maybe they drank to much for Thanksgiving. That, or it’s Bud Pettigrew – the NDP Chair of County Chairs who has a masters degree. Bud didn’t have the skills to learn English as a first language. His degree probably came out of a Cracker Jack box or he got it with Green Stamps.

  32. To Ricky says:

    Ricky don’t forget Sara Howard also received thousands from mom’s campaign for “consulting” fees. Maybe she is paying it forward.

  33. To Educated Guess says:

    Put the bong down. It is too not to if you consuming an excessive amount of drinks. You keep this up, I will be taking way your Green Stamps!

  34. To Educated Guess says:

    The “Educated Guess” poster is obviously Brian Osborn. He’s back in Democratic politics again, I guess the American Legion didn’t want him either.

  35. Educated Guess says:

    I’m not Brian Osborn.

    I have seen some samples of Bud Pettigrew’s abuse of the English language.

    It’s been said that if you gave enough monkeys enough typewriters they could eventually turn out all of Shakespeare’s works. If you put Bud in charge of organizing the monkeys the chances of it ever happening would decrease exponentially.

  36. Interested Observer says:

    Since the price of oil is now back down to the mid 60 dollars per barrel range, I wonder how long it will be before the Nebraska Department of Roads renews their complaint that they are “underfunded”, especially since a few years ago, the Legislature brilliantly changed the Motor Fuels Tax to include the new Motor Fuels Sales Tax of 5% of the average wholesale price of fuel.

    That would mean that since the average price of gas has fallen around $1 per gallon, the NDOR is now getting around a nickle a gallon less in tax revenue. Now multiply that nickle per gallon by the several hundred million gallons of motor fuel sold in the state each year. It’s gonna come to tens upon tens of millions of fewer dollars than the stable, predictable, traditional fixed cents per gallon system that served Nebraskans so well since 1925. This unnecessary, ill advised short fall is obviously going to have to be replaced somehow. The question now is, just how are we going to fix this mess?

    Who’s cockamamie idea was all this, anyway?

  37. To IO says:

    I don’t mind paying for roads with gas tax. I’m pissed at Deb Fisher for skimming money from other sources to help pay for roads. This needs to be fixed

  38. Anonymous says:

    It’s hilarious to watch Bud Pettigrew and Brian T. Osborn fight on here anonymously. Democrats lost by 20 to 30 points all across the state and they spend their time attacking each other on here.

  39. Macdaddy says:

    Nice to see Bo save his job. And save my sanity at work on Monday now that I don’t have to listen to trash talk from all the Council Bluffs people.

  40. Senator Cockamamie says:

    Sir, I resent your implication! My new gas tax will include that which your Aunt Mamie expelled on Thanksgiving. Here in the Unicarnival that is the smell of money.

  41. The Heat's Off says:

    Now everyone can stop trying to figure out why the Governor was letting violent criminals out of prison early so they could murder people. We have more important things to worry about, like who’s going to be the next football coach at the university.

  42. Brian T. Osborn says:

    To: To Educated Guess,
    Nice to know I haven’t been forgotten.
    I don’t need to go anonymous to condemn NDP’s hierarchy for being dysfunctional, particularly for anything I might have to say about its Chair of Chairs, Bud Pettigrew. He is as insignificant as is Vince Powers.
    I am still the Commander of the American Legion Martin-Horn Post #66. I would like to invite you to the next veteran’s funeral at Prairie Home Cemetery when the wind is blowing hard and the temperature is in the teens. I will be there with the Honor Guard, just as I always am. That is the way I roll.

  43. ricky says:

    Wow BTO Commander of the American Legion Post. What a powerful and influential position.
    But anyway my estimation of Nebraska Athletic Director Eichorst just went up 1000 per cent. It took guts to fire a four million dollar a year coach who had knuckleheads like Larry The Not Funny Tea Party Guy and Steve Supple and Bud Pettigrew in his corner.
    And the Regents were not consulted? Rich booster guys like Howard Hawks did not give their consent?
    Eichorst said the Pelini buy out came out of the regular athletic department funds. Really? NU does not have to ask for a booster to buy out the contracts of the coaches?
    Why have boosters then?
    And in reading the LJS stories and the OWH stories about the BO canning little ink was given to Pelini foul mouth and sideline demeanor.
    Is that topic off limits? Is it because people accept abusive behavior of entitled coaches like Pelini?
    Eichorst did mention “Class” as a way Nebraska acts. That certainly leaves out Pelini.
    What I take from all of this is how much BS people in the media like Tom Shatel and Brian Christophan to have access to the Husker program.
    Act however you want BO and we will kiss your ass just as long as you give us quotes and allow us to be in your presence.
    Finally though I can root for the Huskers again
    Ricky from omaha

  44. Brian T. Osborn says:

    You are one of those Democrats that just don’t get it, aren’t you? It isn’t about being “powerful” or “influential,” it is about SERVING.

  45. It Makes Sense Now says:

    Bud Pettigrew was a big Pelini supporter?

    Bud was all in for Bob Kerrey. Then he was all in for Dave Domina. Poor Bo Pelini had enough trouble. The last thing he needed was Bud helping to sink his ship.

  46. cornhuckster says:

    AD Eichorst extended Coach Pelini’s contract and now Eichorst fires Pelini who is owed $6.5 million to not coach through 2018. Since that isn’t coming out of Eichorst’s own pockets, Nebraska taxpayers will ultimately pay $6.5 million dollars for a useless asshole to not lead Nebraska until 2018.

    The good news is, we pay another useless asshole less money, the cost of which is spread over 50 other states full of taxpayers, to do nothing in the White House until only 2016.

    As useless assholes go, Obama is a bargain.

  47. Interested Observer says:

    None of the above. I think I might have mentioned previously, I’m a Conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area, but maybe you missed that.

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