Top Secret Meetings

PX*5342204We will get our Husker talk out of the way here first:

We always believed Nebraska Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst had his pick in the bag at least by the day he fired Pelini. And that is for one main reason: He will not pull another Steve Pederson — Dave Wannstedt/Houston Nutt/Bill Callahan — type of decision.

If he does, I will personally sell officially licensed torches and pitchforks to the mob out to get him.


The Douglas County Republican Party met last night, and…WAIT! Come back! Where are you going?! No this won’t be boring!

Meeting in a conference room at the Comfort Inn at 72nd and I-80 they…ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz.

Mmmph. Hey. What?
OK, there is no way to save this.
They’re ALWAYS boring! They aren’t sexy! That’s just the way these things roll!

But here is what we learned:

The Ron Paul wing of the Republican Party is still making its move to stay in power. Brian Baumgart may be leaving as DCRP Chairman, but Jon Tucker — a 2012 Paul Convention Delegate — is gunning to take his place.

Standing in his way is Brandon Petersen, a former statewide chair of the Nebraska Young Republicans. The word we hear is that Petersen has the votes…unless he fudges it up (except I didn’t say fudge).

We generally hear that Petersen is the type who is much less likely to criticize a sitting Nebraska Republican Congressperson on Facebook or hem and haw when asked whether he voted for a local Republican.

Also, we hope he — or Tucker, if he pulls it out — will appreciate the importance of a girthy early voter program.

Oh, and they better know how to raise money.
Word is there’s $250 in the bank.


Also seen at the DCRP meet:

  • Franklin Thompson (not always there…)
  • Pat Borchers
  • Brian Buescher
  • Aimee Melton (less likely to run for #NE02, we hear)
  • Sam Fischer
  • Mike Kennedy


  • Dan Welch
  • Jordan McGrain
  • Garth Glissman
  • John Murante
  • Bryan Slone
  • Chip Maxwell
  • Jim Tressel


A shout out to Senator Deb Fischer pushing through a new law...

…the E-Label Act, which would allow for companies to meet the FCC’s demands for certification labels by placing digital stamps on a device’s software as opposed to etching information on hardware. The senators argued that the changes would allow manufacturers to save money and pass savings onto consumers. This was followed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) loosening its rules for labeling, stating that manufacturers could bypass etching FCC labels on their devices in favor of labeling by alternative means.

Three cheers for some deregulation! What a pleasant breeze to have government changing, ever so slightly, with the times. Kudos to Senator Fischer for taking the lead on this and banging through a bipartisan idea.


And when you’re purchasing that new, soon to be less etched, device be sure to click through our banners up above!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This year, both NU Football and the DCRP won most of their contests but lost out on a championship streak because Pelini and Baumgart are twits who put emotion above reason.

    Pelini now gets a slug of cash for not coaching. Baumgart still needs to pick up his check from Brad.

  2. to the above says:

    Where were you (and everyone else) when Baumgart and 1 other were outside of Brad’s campaign HQ holding “inmates for ashford” signs and using a bullhorn to piss off the Ashford staff? At least Baumgart put up a fight, or a façade of a fight, for Lee.

  3. Question says:

    “to the above”, are you giving that as an example of something “good” Baumgart did, or as an example of a dumbass action, which garnered exactly zero votes and was unbecoming of the Chairman of the county party?
    Just trying to square it all away.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Any party chairman who uses “a bullhorn to piss off” an opponent is a real dimwit. And if he does that as a “façade”, a false front, then he is also insincere about supporting his own candidate.

    Unlike off-color jokes, or insensitive remarks on Facebook, or even a drunken episode of putting a crotch shot on Twitter, Baumgart’s behavior as described by #7 was no momentary lapse of judgment. Baumgart is leader of the largest county party in the state, he spent time and effort being this foolish and his own advocate suggests this behavior and façade are praiseworthy.

    Did Baumgart also “moon” them, throw a bag of flaming poop on their porch, and run away giggling?

  5. ricky says:

    This inside baseball talk of what went on in a DCRC or whatever meeting is way over my head. However, I do know Franklin Thompson as a neighbor and representative and the guy is a lightweight who is not trusted by the council and others like myself. There is a reason why he has not been voted Omaha City Couj cil President after about 10 years in office.
    But the reason for this post is to draw attention to the absolutely terrible job Republican Jean Stothert is doing as Omaha’s Mayor.
    I don’t know where to begin but running off a great librarian, screwing up the negotiations with the public unions and paying Mr McQueen a fortune in taxpayer dollars, or seeing the city’s bond raising fall continually, or screwing up the North Omaha Ames Locust development idea, or the Wendy’s television guys death with an expired contract…. Well that’s a start.
    And L Street thinks Mean Jean would be a good candidate for Congress? God help us ( if their were a God) if the GOP would tout this woman!
    Open your eyes Omaha this mayor is the BO Pelini of Mayors.

    Ricky from omaha

  6. TexasAnnie says:

    Ricky: Is there a reason Franklin has been elected for 10 years? Also, I did not know you are atheist!
    So why, after retirement, do you stay in Omaha, particularly in Franklin’s district?

  7. What would Jesus do?? says:

    lol, would he vote for Franklin or Mean Jean?? Would he sleep with Tressle for a national championship?? Would he ever consider registering as a Democrat??

  8. Just a Common Name says:

    From what I understand, it’s nothing more than a common last name being shared between Brandon and Scott.

    I’m betting they’re also both not related to Attorney General-elect Doug Peterson.

  9. Common names 2 says:

    I know Sara Howard is not related to Gwen Howard. No one ever pays family members out of their NADC campaign accounts!

  10. David Bywater says:

    To Ricky,
    A, you don’t live anywherer near Franklin and B, you might say the electorate trusts him and of the two (Omaha City Council members or the electorate) whom does he need to trust him in a election? I think you know the answer to that.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    Let’s see. Fire a coach who the players loved and who has won at least 9 games every season at Nebraska for one whose current team is 5-7. This has success written all over it. Did Eichorst wake up a month ago and say, “OK, Husker fans want a nice coach. I’ll get them the nicest coach ever. And make them choke on the results. Screw them.”

  12. Pete says:

    to anon @3:12
    If he’s off the air at KOIL permanently, I’ll be buying a lotto ticket tonight because that is damn good luck! I hope you’re not just teasing. NMB (No More Becka, not to be confused with PBL) isn’t something you joke about.

  13. Dunno who MIke Riley is … don’t care. As long as his last name doesn’t end with a vowel, and his vocabulary includes more than F-bombs, I’m a happy guy. And yes, I’ll be OK with a 9-3 (or 8-4. or 7-5 or whatever) season, as long as the kids don’t have to put up with that strutting foul-mouthed Nazi wannabe

    It’ll be a nice change to have a ball coach that doesn’t bring a verbal Uzi to every press conference.

    Barry Switzer (yeah – THAT Barry Switzer) said it best many years ago in a TV interview I recall …”Remember – it’s just a game, folks … just a game”. The bootlegger’s boy was a stone bastard in a lot of ways, but he understood the relative importance of football

  14. Anonymous says:

    How could anyone possibly worse for us than Baumgart? All this Ron Paul stuff is all fun and games until Nancy Pelosi picks up a congressional seat.

  15. The memory of Kate McEwen says:

    Yeah, let’s go back to the good old days of Dr. Tom and his felonious thugs. They got us the National Championships, but they drug our name and our reputation through the filth.

  16. Macdaddy says:

    And yet the Huskers still have a reputation as a fine, upstanding bunch of guys. I feel bad for you, #25, because I hear that paranoid schizophrenia is the hardest kind to treat.

  17. TexasAnnie says:

    Ricky: I asked a serious question. Why have you remained in Omaha after retirement? It seems you might be happier among fellow Democrats somewhere. Or do you like both 100 degree summers, and, shoveling snow?

  18. To 24 says:

    Ummm we do not have the congressional seat because our former Congressman could not stop shooting himself in the foot. You really think the public knows/ gives a crap about the inner workings of the DCRP. No offense but know one cares.

  19. taking offense says:

    #28, you and Sweeper both say that no one cares about the inner workings of the DCRP. It is indeed boring. But you are wrong to say no one should take offense at that. For the boring inner workings of partisan politics is where candidates and policy emerge.

    People ignoring DCRP level politics mirrors them ignoring their responsibility as voters to do their homework. When they don’t, they vote on hope rather than facts and we end up with a guy running this country who previously ran nothing bigger than a school newspaper.

  20. Hesdeadjim says:

    I’m an active Republican in Douglas County but I completely ignore what goes on at DCRP… do I therefore ignore my responsibility as a voter to do my homework?
    I’ll go so far as to say I’m in the top 2% as far as activity level goes but I can’t for the life of me recall the last time I went to a DCRP meeting. That is, unless you count the John Sieler pancake feed.

  21. Interested Observer says:

    I would suggest that the inner working of any county or state party meeting are a lot more important to the people who do attend than they every will be to all the other people who do NOT attend!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Comment #20’s Pete. You’re a prince of a guy to celebrate someone’s rotten treatment. I bet you enjoy kicking others when they are down just to see if they can get up.

  23. Ricky says:

    Well Texas Annie Omaha is my hometown and I love it!
    Never in a million years would I move to Texas, home of Ted Cruz and Rick Perry.
    I don’t know why Franklin has been elected over and over; I worked for his first election as Omaha City Council candidate. He has been pretty in-effective, voting to “blight” his own neighborhood.
    Thompson voted to disignate our neighborhood “blighted” to get TIF money for the Crossroads Project and the Nebraska Furniture Mart to fix up a building, like that Berkshire Hathaway company needed another tax break.
    I see the city council voted to “unblight” the Old MIll area, since Governor Pete Ricketts’s T D Ameritrade company got TIF money for their headquarters. And Ricketts does not want to be known to have his company headquartered in a “blighted” neighborhood. Alas, our Loveland area remains “blighted” until Rod Yates gets done stealing our tax money for his project.
    And I see Stothert lost her lawsuit against the Police Union, and the electrical board is being screwed with by this mayor. OMG she is terrible!
    Oops I mentioned GOD again; knowing there is none.
    That’s why Ron Brown of the Huskers needs to get out of this state and stop organizing “prayer circles” on the field after football games.
    Get out of here Ron Brown; and BO; good riddance!

    ricky from omaha

  24. Anonymous says:

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    If the Husker student athletes want to do pray after games let them pray. Enough. Go back to unsuccessfully predicting elections Ricky.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Ricky, what do you have against Barack Obama? “Good riddance!”??? He’s the biggest sinker of “BO” we know.

    My but you Hillary people are starting early!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Of 121 reported NCAA football coaching salaries for 2014, every single head coach in college football earns more in base salary than the highest paid members of the U. S. House and the U. S. Senate. No one in Congress earns more than the worst college football coach.

    At least 108 NCAA football coaches earn more than the President of the United States.
    Feel free to run the numbers yourself. But I don’t suppose this is any big surprise to any of you.
    You do not always get what you pay for. You may get less than you expected or be pleasantly surprised. But when you buy a $2 dollar bottle of wine, you are fairly guaranteed to end up drinking piss.

  27. God says:

    Just a note to Husker fans: I am a LITTLE TOO BUSY right now in the Ukraine and places like that to pay attention to football.
    I know everything, and so do know about Ron Brown setting up those prayer circles at the end of Husker games, but I don’t follow their advice and give them a Husker win, nor do I protect the players against injury or anything like that.
    (I did give Taylor Martinez a bumb toe, that was fun to take a little poke at BO).
    Anyway Brown can pray all he wants and coerce the players also, but truth be told I prefer the Buddhist religion rather than the Christian religion Brown prefers, so I don’t pay any attention to Brown.
    Well, gotta go like I said I am pretty busy these days.


  28. Pete says:

    Ricky, you’ve got to be the most dim witted man in the state. What in the name of all that is sacred leads you to believe that Ron Brown has ever coerced anyone into joining in on a prayer session?

  29. Anonymous says:

    One of the 2016 alternatives is Rand Paul. He was discussing marijuana law on the air. He admits to having smoked pot, says it is bad for people, says “I made mistakes when I was a kid” and so he wants the federal laws against pot to remain and yet he also doesn’t want federal government to enforce those laws in states that allow pot smoking. It’s a page out of Obama’s playbook.

    But Rand goes further.

    Paul thinks himself forthright for admitting that he took illegal drugs. He said shame on the last three presidents who “either admitted or skirted around the issue” of them using illegal drugs in their youth.
    And yet Paul himself skirts the entire issue of law by wishing to keep a federal law and selectively enforce it to allow States to break that federal law.

    They have a name for that. Its call “Not federal law.”

    Before pot was federally criminalized, states variously allowed, outlawed, or ignored pot smoking and other drug use. It literally wasn’t a federal case or crime. And if such differences exist, it shouldn’t be. If a law cannot be applied fairly to all those under its jurisdiction then this crazy on-off enforcement amounts to jurisprudence bias allowing some kids to smoke pot so their states can tax it, while the same federal law puts neighboring kid in prison for doing the same.

    And why all this tortured Obama-like illogic from Rand Paul? Because Rand Paul is for Civil Rights for minorities!

    I shit you not. Says Paul, “If they (presidents) had been poor or lived in poverty or lived in one of our big cities where there are a lot of (police) patrols, there’s a good chance none of them would have ever excelled,” Paul said. “So I have a great deal of personal sympathy for people who have made mistakes as a young person.”

    So, smoking pot wrecks you if your dad is a black ghetto thug but smoking pot doesn’t wreck you if your dad is well-to-do Ron Paul? And that impacts one state breaking federal law while another doesn’t because…. hell your guess is as good as mine.

    What the hell has this guy been smoking?

  30. Jesus says:

    Just want to second what God said at 2:28 PM; My dad and I are too busy to prefer one football team to another, so we just stay away from sports mostly.


  31. Macdaddy says:

    Ricky, you do know that the players gather after the outcome has been decided, right? And that players of both teams are there. Why would they pray for a win then? Even football players are smarter than that. How come you people on the Left are such idiots when it comes to Christianity? Don’t you people pride yourselves on knowing everything about everything and yet when it comes to Christianity you are dumber’n a bag of hammers.

  32. Ricky says:

    I don’t think it is proper for players, led by a coach, to gather in Christian prayer on the property of a public facility like Memorial Stadium.
    The state should not favor one religion over another, and it looks like the state of Nebraska is sponsoring the Christian religion.
    And I contacted the Nebraska chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union to get this practice stopped, but I was told that if the players participate willingly, then it is not against the law.
    However, if a player stepped forth and said he was being forced to participate in the prayer, that could be addressed and stopped.
    But since Ron Brown thankfully and hopefully is getting canned along with the hapless Pelini, then maybe the practice of prayer on public property will end.
    Sure hope so, because if the state today endorses Christianity, then tomorrow they might endorse some other religion that people don’t like.

    ricky from omaha

  33. Freedom from Ricky's says:

    Are you upset that they may be praying for people like you, but do not want to conduct themselves like you?

  34. Please read the Bill of Rights Ricky! says:

    Praying football players all have freedom of speech, to assemble peacefully, and to worship or not as they wish. Those rights individually and collectively allow those players to pray together after the game. That’s their use of their public property for 10 whole minutes. And in a fit of pique Ricky you want to deny those people their rights? What kind of Demcratic, atheist, ACLU member does that? “First they came for the minimally observant football players, but I was an atheist so I ignored it….” You know how that goes? If you protect my right to be Christian. I protect your right to be atheist. That’s brotherhood and solidarity. We need more of it. Please practice it even if others won’t.

  35. Macdaddy says:

    And in a 2 page spread in the Money section of the BWH, we learn that Creighton and Boys’ Town are chock full of socialists. And they are a bunch of intellectual lightweights. I’m sure the Jesuits are proud.

  36. Spike says:

    Football is for Children!
    Religion is for Old Ladies!
    Nebraska is for Idiots!

    Why not a discussion on how the US is going to take out China after it enslaves Russia??

  37. Longing for the good old days says:

    I sure wish Leavenworth Street hadn’t become The Talk of Nebraska Sports. Can anyone suggest a blog that discusses Nebraska politics? Please?

  38. Tonic & Tonic says:

    There’s not a whole helluva lot going on in politics right now. We have two things to talk about in this state- The stupidity of Democrats and Nebraska football.

  39. Macdaddy says:

    There’s Spike! Haven’t heard from you in a while. I see they finally let you have internet access again. Welcome back!

  40. Prayer Circle says:

    If Ricky thinks I will cease to exist just because Ron Brown is gone, he is hugely mistaken. I have survived every coaching change at Nebraska, other universities and pro NFL teams.

  41. Longing for the good old days says:

    “Not a whole helluva lot going on in politics right now.” WTF?
    Tonic, you must be one of the bloodsuckers that only thrive when there is a campaign going on.
    We are about to have an even more Republican legislature, with a new governor and several other changes in statewide and federal offices. In Congress, the U.S. Senate is about to drop-kick Harry Reid into the back benches and the House is becoming even more conservative. One with any lick of sense would think that politically interested people would have plenty to discuss in light of the changes that are just around the corner.
    But, then again, Nebraska is a state that can only concentrate on one thing at a time during football season, as if anything that happens on a football field has any consequence at all in our real lives.

  42. Longing for the good old days says:

    And Tonic, how stupid are Democrats if they were able to get their Initiative 425 passed with a healthy majority? It isn’t that Democrats are stupid, it is just that they are led by fools. But, then again, so are we.

  43. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Dear longing,

    while you’re longing, somebody has been shorting you (on intelligence). I’ll say it again, there just isn’t much going on in Nebraska politics right now. That’s why literally everybody calls this period “lame duck”.

    Get a grip.

  44. Tonic & Tonic says:


    Democrats getting 425 passed had nothing to do with their being smart. It’s absurdly easy to convince people to vote yes on a minimum wage increase, mostly due to the electorate’s relative lack of understanding basic economic theory.

    I’d also like to say that while Republicans enjoy a bigger majority in the house, it is definitely not more conservative than before.

    And finally, if you think much is going to change down in Lincoln…

  45. Longing for the good old days says:

    Why is it that all of you pimple faced, recently graduated political science majors that plague the novice candidacies with your phony political prowess are always so quick to whip out your egos and stroke them for our benefit? Can’t you all get together in a circle somewhere and massage one another’s ids without having to subject the rest of us to your needs for over-compensation?
    Those of us that have been around politics longer than you’ve been out of your diapers can usually find something of interest to discuss at any time. You kids that believe in your own hype, that what you do before an election is far more important than everything that follows, have caused more harm to the world of politics than any other thing. You sink your fangs into the necks of people that step up and put their names on the ballot, then you suck every dollar out of them that you can, more often than not leaving a shriveled carcass that finds itself incapable of ever mounting another viable candidacy.
    You, and your ilk, are the lamest of all ducks.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of the good old days, remember back when Obama was first elected and he was spending our money like a Kardashian with an unlimited trust fund? And remember how liberals would come on here and defend him by saying stupid stuff like “you never complained about George Bush’s spending when he was in office, so if you’re complaining now, it’s only because Obama is black.” Remember that? Well I saw that the national debt just eclipsed $18 trillion, up 70% since Obama took over. Haven’t noticed any libs trying to defend him lately.

  47. Anonymous says:

    #60, thanks for parroting ReiNCe PRieBuS’ talking points. Both sides can be guilty of simplistic thinking, but your side wins this battle consistently. By just looking at national debt at the start and end of a presidency, Reagan comes out ahead of Obama by quite a bit (190% increase in national debt, 130% at the same point in office). Your ridiculous assessment doesn’t include the state of the economy Obama inherited or the increase in GDP during his term These and other factors have to be weighed in, but I understand that any sort of complexity might hurt your brain.

  48. Anonymous says:

    More of that simplistic thinking I was talking about. If the economy is in a deep, deep recession (which started in the Bush era), GDP will drop. So if you understand ratios and practice Keynesian economics (the govt. is NOT like a household), spending will go up and GDP down when trying to recover from the neglect of the last administration. Now the chart has been tending steeply downward the last two years, so what’s your point?

  49. Anonymous says:

    #61: When Obama starts fighting the USSR, instead of setting up another Muslim brotherhood, then it’s more likely you can kind of, but not really equate Reagan’s spending with Obama’s.

  50. Ricky says:

    When conservative Christians get ahold of young minds like college kids lots of things can go wrong.
    There is pressure to conform with Coach Brown’s prayer circle, or else you might face loss of playing time.
    The state should NOT be preferring one religion to another. I have a feeling that if my favorite religion, Buddism, was to be honored at the end of every Husker game that would not go over so well.
    And if a Muslim prayer and their prayer rugs were thrown out on the field after the lastes Pelini home loss, then all hell would break loose.
    Just stop with the prayer circle, and get in the unemployment line Ron Brown, along with the jerky Pelini.

    ricky from omaha

  51. Becka's Long Goodbye says:

    While I don’t like to see anybody unemployed, I can not shed too many tears over Becka not being at KOIL. Not after he and Slum Lord Aspen forced that recall Suttle election we did not want, and after he and Sen Loserbaugh (before the senator left early to seek lobbyist cash) took down the OPS board.
    But instead of Becka losing his job, too bad it was not the crew at KFAB; Rose, Baker and Voorhees.
    I really wish all those people were canned, so I could listen to KFAB again. I grew up listening to the station, but that was before RUSH was brought on board with his hateful and bigoted and misogynist speech. So of course Baker and Vorhees have to act just like RUSH. (and by the way Clear Channel is losing a ton of money and is about ready to go bankrupt).
    And Rose needs to go just for his ass kissing of the Husker Athletic Department. Rose gets paid over a hundred thousand dollars a year to promote NU Athletics, but I bet he does not tell that story on 1110 AM. So KFAB has the rights to the Husker broadcasts, and we are forced to listen their garbage along with the games should we tune into 1110AM.
    So I don’t listen to KFAB, but somebody do me a favor and send Rose an email tell him how bad T O was as AD and how terrible Pelini was.

    thanks for doing that

    ricky from omaha

  52. Anonymous says:

    Ricky…’re an absolute moron, and that is an insult to all morons in the world. Do Ron Brown and Ameer Abdullah share the same religion? And who has started at RB every game for the last 20 some games?? Your theory is so idiotic that every person who read your blather is now stupider for having done so.

  53. Anonymous says:

    If the Rolling Stone is looking for another slanderous and conclusory writer to fill Erdley’s spot, Ricky would be a good candidate.

  54. Interested Observer says:

    Ricky, do you feel that you speak on behalf of the vast majority of Nebraskans? Do your views on everything that matters mirror those views held by everybody else?


    Do you simply represent a tiny minority of ONE and even then, one that is located on the most extreme fringe of the continuum of Nebraskans’ views?

    What percent of Nebraskans favorite religion is Buddhism and what percent of Nebraskans are atheist? At what point in life will you finally realize that you are incredibly out of touch with society, out of the main stream of thought and that YOU might want to finally defer to the conventional wisdom of the MAJORITY? So many times you have reminded me of the opening sequence of the old “Gomer Pyle, USMC” TV show when Gomer was out of step with all the rest of the entire platoon and Gomer was the ONLY one who was, in fact, out of step.

    (By even typing any of this, I do fully realize that I have further enabled ricky’s need for attention and for that I apologize)

  55. Anonymous says:

    And that is the Republican viewpoint. Majority rules; screw everyone else. Seems to be mutually exclusive with Christianity (which most of you are), but what do I know.

  56. Anonymous says:

    #64, Reagan didn’t have to deal with the slew of inherited problems Obama had (i.e. 2 wars). And if you study history you’ll realize that the USSR was close to collapse when Reagan took office. They couldn’t keep up with our technology. But nice try mucking up the argument.

  57. Interested Observer says:

    First of all, I NEVER said “majority rules”. I DID say that a minority of ONE is “incredibly out of touch with society, out of the main stream of thought”. Therefore, a minority of ONE does NOT get to dictate policy to everybody else! The flea on the tip of the tail does NOT get to wag the dog. At some point, that minority of ONE does not have any credibility telling everybody else that they are the ones who are out of step.

    Ultimately, at some point, a minority of ONE can credibly be viewed as abnormal, other than the norm, a freak of nature.

    Oh, and another thing, I never even mentioned Democrats or Republicans. I specifically referenced the minority of ONE. But just for the record, I also feel the same way about other radical, fringe, extremist minorities of ONE on both sides of the political continuum.

  58. Prayer Circle says:

    Those that support homosexual marriage say to those who don’t “how does it personally affect or harm you?” They are right, it doesn’t.

    So Ricky, “how does a prayer circle personally affect or harm you?”

  59. Anonymous says:

    #71: I’m sure if I read your history books they would say that slavery was about to collapse too before the Civil War because it wasn’t economically viable. No need to beat up those nice plantation owners, slavery wasn’t working out for them really! Luckily that narrative is not accepted just like your conveniently omitting that Reagan was cleaning up the economic mess (admittedly starting in Ford’s years) and perpetuated underneath nice-guy Carter and his Watergate Democrats. And as if Obama hasn’t spent your tax-dollars anywhere except on those two wars he vowed to end. But, yeah, nice try at mucking up half an argument.

  60. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 71, you might want to read up on what Reagan inherited and what he didn’t. You obviously have no clue. The problems he faced were even more serious and he didn’t have all the cool toys like the Internet or DVDs or iPhones either. No drones, no Twitter, oh, and no fawning press that had an orgasm every time he looked their way. The Soviet Union was close to collapse? Really? That’s not what anybody said at the time and it took another 9 years for it to collapse. Reagan was raked over the coals daily for his attempts to push the Russkies towards their doom without firing a shot. The venom directed at him from the press and Hollywood was relentess. Even W didn’t have it as bad. No, what Reagan really inherited was from his parents and that was a mature outlook on life and a great work ethic, not a bunch of excuses and I-can’t-be-bothered-because-I-want-to-go-play-golf-waaah-why-do-bad-things-always-happen-to-me attitude that our current narcissist-in-chief has.

  61. In 1984, a few years after I left the U.S. Navy, I was employed by Raytheon to support classified equipment at the Comiso nuclear cruise missile base in Sicily. When I started there, the base consisted of a handful of trailers parked on an abandoned WWII airstrip and a few hulks of buildings remaining from that era. The build-up that took place was intense, with the construction of offices, barracks, housing, stores, recreational facilities, churches, and of course – the hardened sites where the missiles and weapons were stored. Comiso eventually became one of, if not THE, largest NATO bases in Europe.
    The legacy of the Reagan years can be witnessed by clicking on my name or searching Youtube for “Comiso legacy”. It will make all of you conservatives cry to see the billions that were wasted.

  62. Interested Observer says:

    Why is it that whenever I see a picture of new head coach Mike Riley, I almost expect him to grab a guitar and start singing “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain . . . “?

  63. Anonymous says:

    Try asking the Czechs and Poles and Hungarians and East Germans and everyone else who lived under the Soviet hammer if they think the Cold War cash was “wasted”.

  64. Anonymous says:

    It’s really impossible to discuss anything with you folks since you appear to live in a bubble that is impervious to reality. The CIA vastly overestimated the resources and capabilities of the USSR. It did not take our massive defense expenditures to reach the same results. For many and various reasons, the USSR was unsustainable. While anecdotal, Brian’s account confirms reality.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Sure, Reagan inherited problems, but he can thank Paul Volker (Carter and Ford years) for starting the hard work of taming inflation. Of course his cure was very damaging to the economy in the short term. Reagan goosed the economy by cutting taxes, but unlike the R presidents after him, he reversed course and started raising revenues when deficits started spiraling upwards. Honestly, you righties treat Reagan as if he were a fairy tale. Study the actual facts.

  66. And The Winner Is... says:

    There is no doubt that Reagan’s escalation of defense spending and an unsustainable war in Afghanistan caused the USSR to collapse in bankruptcy when they tried to compete. We were hanging on by a thread when George W. Bush, “The Decider,” decided to wage two more wars. Their cost has bankrupted the United states. The whole time China just stood patiently by and watched. Reagan and Bush I & II determined the winner of the cold war – and it was China.

  67. Macdaddy says:

    Their cost in no way shape or form has bankrupted the U.S. You lefties are just breathtaking in your stupidity and insistence on sticking to some chant you heard in a drum circle. If you want to know why the deficit has increased 70% in the last 6 years look at Obama’s trillion dollar payback to his peeps and the 28% increase in the federal spending on top of that. Obama invented an entirely new economics theory to get us to this point. Keynes apparently wasn’t smart enough for him. This is all on The One.

  68. Y'all Is Right says:

    Yes we are bored, but none of us is SS, and only SS has the ability to enter a new piece. How long SS lets us beat on a dead horse is totally up to SS.

  69. Sasse and the Torture Memos says:

    Well too bad Mr Sasse, like Omaha’s Mayor Stothert, has a good news only policy. Otherwise some media outlet might ask him if he were involved with setting torture policy while at the Justice Department in 2004. The first “torture memo”s came out, justifying the Bush/Cheney torture methods, in 2002, but were tweaked later when Mr Sasse was working for the Justice Department.
    “From January 2004 to January 2005, Sasse served as chief of staff for the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Legal Policy in Washington, D.C”
    (I quote here from the Wikipedia page on Sasse, hope Mr Street Sweeper does not mind).
    Now it would be nice to know what involvement Sasse had justifying torture for the Justice department. I heard a guy from the CIA on NPR say well everything we did was legal.
    But Mr Teflon Sasse only gets asked softball questions, so I am not holding my breath anybody from the Herald or anyplace else will ask him about it.
    I tweeted that question to Sasse, and am waiting to hear back, but I won’t hold my breath.

    ricky from omaha

  70. Ricky says:

    Wow that Ron Brown was a heck of a running back coach. He coached his team to a third place finish in the weakest division of the weakest conference in big time college football.
    Ameer was probably too good for Brown to not play, Muslim or not.
    People do not get to vote on my rights, and one of those rights is freedom from the state of adopting one religion over another.
    So just because most people think it’s fine for Brown and NU to promote Christianity, that does not make it right.
    So, get out of here Brown!

    ricky from omaha

  71. Anonymous says:

    Ricky Retardo, I have a question: if the government cannot choose one religion over another, can the government choose absence of religion over religion?

  72. Anonymous says:

    Ricky, I’m trying to avoid calling you stupid, but I’m having a tough time of it.

    1. Ron Brown was just the running backs coach, not the head guy, so you can’t say that he, Ron Brown, coached the team to any sort of finish. If you don’t see the stupidity of trying to suggest that Ron Brown is responsible for how the team finished, then I don’t know what to tell you.

    2. Ron Brown could have chosen to play Andrew Green or Braylon Heard as backup to Rex Burkhead but he picked Ameer instead. Hmmm. Kinda blows your second argument out of the water.

    3. There is no freedom from religion. You can choose to worship or not worship but you can’t expect the state to take action to make sure you never have to see anyone praying. That would actually violate their Constitutional rights. The First Amendment protects Ron Brown’s right to pray as well as his right to pray in public. You have NO Constitutional right to look wherever you want and not have to see people praying. If you don’t like watching Ron Brown pray, don’t look at the middle of the field after football games. It never ceases to amaze me how people don’t get this; especially people like Ricky who likes to talk about HIS rights.

    4. NU isn’t promoting anything by Ron Brown praying. Ron Brown certainly is but the University is not. There is no law saying you give up your Constitutional rights by accepting a job with a pubic institution like the government or a university. That would be tyranny.

    5. “So, get out of here, Brown!” Ricky, why do you hate Christians so much? I mean, it’s your right to hate whomever you want. It’s just a little hypocritical considering what you said up-thread about Rush Limbaugh being hateful and bigoted. Considering your public displays of hateful bigotry, I guess hypocrisy would be among the least of your faults.

  73. Macdaddy says:

    Ricky, if you asked Sasse what his role was in CIA interrogations you would have asked one more person than the idiot Democrat Senators who put out this report. How can you report on something and never talk to the people you are reporting on? It’s the height of incompetence and it is going to get people killed. I hope you are happy. By the way, maybe you should ask Obama about the hundreds of innocent kids he’s killed with his drone program. I’m pretty sure they would have preferred to have been water boarded instead of blown up.

  74. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, you just made me realize that the Democrat Senators reporting on something and never talking to the people they were reporting on is somewhat like what happened with the Rolling Stone magazine reporter not talking to any of the Fraternity members. A one sided slander job is not technically “reporting”. It’s a totally biased smear, instead.

  75. Ricky says:

    Good points Anonymous at 4:00

    I don’t hate Christians but I just wish they would not dominate their world view on us; like the five Catholics on the US Supreme Court that control things.
    The University would like to tell Brown to take a hike, and I think they will pretty soon.
    Just as they were not happy when Brown went to an Omaha City Council meeting and gave his address as “1 Memorial Stadium” and went on to say he disliked gay people.


  76. Macdaddy says:

    And it turns out Rolling Stone didn’t talk to her friends either. I’m thinking the Senate Democrats just bought a report from Rachel Madcow and switched out the title page. Obama’s laziness is trickling down to the rest of the party.

  77. Yellow Journalism says:

    You like to criticize Scott Petersen and Bryan Baumgart quite a lot don’t you Sweeps? I’m not sure what your beef is with them, but it is clearly personal. I’ve been involved with the DCRP for a long long time and I’d like to share a different observation. I don’t want to diminish the efforts of previous DCRP Chairs, but the fact are: Just four short years ago before Petersen and Baumgart took over as Chairmen of the DCRP respectively, the Party was over forty thousand dollars in debt, had no office, no hired staff, no organization, were outnumbered by voting democrats in the county by well over two thousand registered voters, and democrats had held the majority of major seats in the county including mayor, city hall, ops, legislature, county board, utilities, etc. for quite some time. Donors had given up on the Party and donated directly to candidates instead. Those “boring meetings” really were empty. There was no energy, no communication, no organization, no momentum, no nothing outside of Lee Terry who absorbed most of the resources and $$$. No wonder he was the only major Republican office holder to maintain his seat over the past almost two decades. Just look at what a sham the YR’s have become. (They were no more than a minimal group of Terry volunteers and cheerleaders with empty meetings and no real energy whatsoever. They were quite literally a branch of the Terry camp)

    After Petersen and Baumgart were elected the Party became relevant again. They managed to erase all of the debt and even pull in the tens of thousands of dollars to support candidates and push out candidate slates in each of the elections during their terms. Those slates along with the organization and energy they helped create proved effective and the GOP now holds most major offices in the county including city hall, mayor, the majority of seats on the legislature, etc. I can’t remember the last time Republicans held so much control in Douglas County. The meetings are now packed and full of energy. Hundreds of volunteers were organized and walked precincts and delivered candidate literature before the elections. Great candidates were actually recruited and successful in their elections. The voter deficit was erased and now there are more than two thousand extra registered Republicans than Democrats in the county. There is now an office and hired staff and a functioning website and communication from the Party. Chairs have been appointed with duties in each Legislative District. Donors are returning as they apparently see value in the county party. A Major Donor program was established, quality fundraisers have been held, and outreach has been quality. The GOP is finally equipped to battle the unions. And battle they did, and finally won!

    Perhaps the biggest positive change I have observed is the ACTION that finally comes out of the Party. Members actually show up and participate. They think for themselves. Resolutions are debated and passed, but it doesn’t stop there. Elected officials have been lobbied, encouraged, pressured, called out, and praised for adhering to the direction set by the party. That action helped lead to positive results on several important issues such as opposing the establishment of state exchanges, Medicaid expansion and National Popular Vote Compact to name a few. I see the Party is now taking the lead on the issue of transparent votes for committee chairs in the legislature. I’ve been around the party for quite some time and I can honestly say that I have never seen the DCRP so active and effective. So frankly, I take issue with your unwarranted criticism of the efforts of Petersen and Baumgart. I believe the role of DCRP Chairman is an unpaid gig and I’m sure quite time consuming. I applaud their tireless efforts. The results speak for themselves. I can only hope that the next Chair continues to build on the success and momentum they have created and can avoid the rhetoric and divisiveness you spew within the party. Thank you Scott Petersen and Chairman Baumgart for your fine leadership.

  78. Anonymous says:

    For some reason, this site only posts posts sent from my phone about a third of the time I try to post something. Will it let me post post #100 in this thread?

  79. NFRW says:

    Republicans now control 70 legislative chambers and hold 32 lieutenant governorships, and 29 secretaries of state. Republicans control more chambers and hold more state legislative seats than at any point in the history of our nation. Moreover, they’ve secured control of both houses of Congress and but for only 3 Congressional Districts lost it was a resounding sweep of an election. The NE2 seat of Lee Terry’s was his to lose of course as he was the candidate and obviously takes responsibility but it was also the DCRP’s Chairman’s (Bryan Baumgart) job and that of the NEGOP 2nd Congressional District Chairman’s (Jon Tucker) to retain it by fully supporting the Party’s nominee. That they did not do; and like Pelini, both should be fired for their freshman antics. Losing our Congressional seat here in a Red State, in this election cycle, makes us a national embarrassment to which the RNC will remember in two years while deciding where to throw their Victory Office support to. We needed leadership at a critical juncture but were delivered pretenders.

  80. NFRW? says:

    Let’s see:

    Election Results from Douglas County:

    Ben Sasse: 81,226 votes
    Dave Domina: 58,917 votes

    Pete Ricketts: 74,049 votes
    Chuck Hassebrook: 65,979 votes

    John Gale: 86,503 votes (no Democratic opponent)

    Don Stenberg: 82,155 votes
    Michael J. O’Hara: 50,656 votes

    Doug Peterson for AG: 77,904 votes
    Janet Stewart: 60,352 votes


    Charlie Janssen for AUDITOR: 67,958 votes
    Amanda McGill: 66,158 votes


    Lee Terry: 63,044 votes
    Brad Ashford: 72,938 votes

    So you’re claiming that Baumgart and/or Petesen are responsible for convincing around 10,000 to 20,000 (25% of the voters in Douglas County who bothered to come in and vote for the other Republican candidates), to not only NOT cast their vote for Lee Terry, but to actually vote for the Democrat? I’m sure Baumgart and Petersen appreciate your compliment, but I’m sure even they would disagree with your assertion that they have THAT much influence! Facts are facts. Lee Terry beat himself long before November. There was nothing Baumgart, Petersen, or the YR’s could do to save him.

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