“And fellas this all stays here…”

BurningBridgesFamous quotes from people who (maybe) did not think or know they were being recorded.

“It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”


“There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what.”

And then…

“The guy, you guys saw him, the guy’s a total pussy. I mean, he is. He’s a total cunt.”

I have no doubt you will give your takes on the latest Bo Pelini rant, and have at it.

But for all those who are saddened or disappointed Pelini was taped, know this: when speaking to a roomful of, say, a HUNDRED college kids — every one of them with a combination camera/tape recorder/video camera in their pocket — just assume that ONE of them will hit “record”.

Or, you know, just don’t call your former boss a pussy, cunt and (worst of all) a “fucking lawyer”.

I chuckled out loud at “And fellas this all stays here…”


Not that this is any sort of surprise, but we grind our teeth just a tad whenever we hear Jane Kleeb spout (regarding the latest chapter in the never ending Keystone XL Pipeline saga):

“This is not about money. This is about their family legacies, their land and protecting their water.”

Oh really Jane? So if the Canadian Tar Sands oil was transported to the Gulf by dipping individual beavers into each barrel of oil, loading them into a solar-powered hovercraft, taking them NORTH, over the pole, through Russia, China, India, across the South pole, then back up through the Atlantic and eventually up to the Gulf, then ringing them out into double bagged container in Louisiana, you’d be FOR it?

Well, of course not.
But you won’t find any reporter who will give her that follow-up question.


Interesting piling on of late onto outgoing Governor Heineman.

We have read the articles contending that Heineman’s “legacy” is going to be Nikko Jenkins.
Amazing that such an analysis comes from a Democrat. I have no doubt that Senator Steve Lathrop and all of his buddies at the “Holiday” party nod their heads and agree with each other.

So maybe it is just me, or I missed it somewhere, or it has otherwise been discussed, but…hasn’t the conclusion by Lathrop and the Omaha World-Herald and all of the low-level administrators and everyone else been that the whole reason for all of the prison mess is because of overcrowding?

And if that is the case, then the answer, apparently, is a new prison, yes?

So along with the multi-page list of “recommendations” in the Committee report, we did not see the suggestion for building a new prison. Should that not have been “suggestion” Numero Uno?

And enough of the “oh the Governor has to be the top lobbyist on the THAT issue…“. Oh right. The legislature can tell the Governor who to hire and fire and whether or not a prisoner should be in solitary, but HEAVEN FORBID they suggest how to spend tax dollars on a giant project. Oh, that is much too touchy.

And even if it is specifically not part of the recommendation, shouldn’t that issue at least be addressed, saying “no we don’t think a new facility should be built“?

Again, I did not go through the report with a fine tooth comb with my team of staffers after interviewing everyone from the Governor to the janitor. But if anyone wants to jump in, feel free.


And then there is Democrat State Senator Burke Harr who told Watchdog that the unicameral should not make public votes for Committee chairs, because, it would “hurt people’s feelings.

Yes, you read that correctly.

And then there’s this:

“Transparency is good until it isn’t.”

You got that, public? Transparency is awesome…until it is bad for Democrats.

It is a wonder we have recorded votes at all, yeah?


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And don’t forget to tell your friends (and enemies)!


  1. Virginia RWP says:

    I liked Bo when he was defensive coordinator. I supported his hiring as coach. I should have known then; the bowl-game ejection as a temporary coach was a big clue.

    I grew tired, and eventually embarrassed, by the spittle-flecked rage, week-in and week-out, on the sideline. Regardless of the claims of player loyalty, I’ve never been convinced public venting of extreme anger is an effective management style. And this last little episode only convinces me it was long past time for him to go.

    Aside from the temper, I don’t think he was ever smart enough for the job. He hasn’t a clue how to adjust mid-game. When a player runs up 408 rushing yards against you, it indicates above all you couldn’t come up with a single good idea on how to stop him. And from a guy who rose through the ranks on the defense, that’s sad.

  2. Not a Fan says:

    My life goes on even if the Huskers lose. I’m a lot more interested in the numbers I hold in the office pool than who wins the game.

    I’d like to know what motivated the person who turned the tape over to the OWH.

    Were they upset that Pelini used bad language? I doubt it.

    Did they agree with Pelini? Do they belive that Eichorst is a c__t and/or just a f_____g lawyer? Maybe.

  3. NE GOP Member says:

    Committee Chairs Matter! This trashing of the governor is being orchestrated by Democrats that chair committees. Wake up GOP Senators. The Dems will never be non-partisan. Harr, Melo, Nordquist and the gang have proven they cannot be trusted. Pledge an open vote for us.

  4. short n unsweet says:

    If “prison overcrowding” is indeed the problem, then the answer can only be to either build another prison or have fewer laws putting Nebraskans into prison.

    The last time we heard, it takes a Unicameral in NE to do either of those two things.

    We obviously need to punish violent felons and thieves by putting them in prison. Punish not stockpile. If we need a new prison, build a new prison; preferably one consisting of tents surrounded by barbed wire allowing for miserable conditions and much shorter sentences. For recidivism rates have always proved that longer sentences don’t cure criminals of crime. So make it harsh and short and never softer than any or our troops endure. Like I said, tents.

    But the even better no-brainer is, if we can have less law incarcerating Nebraskans, that’s much, much smarter, cheaper and freer on many levels.

    For starters, we can all agree that very many are in prison today for marijuana. I am not in favor of marijuana being on school lunch menus. However, our federal government refuses to enforce pot laws and Nebraska’s neighbor states sell and tax the stuff like Nebraskans sell and tax booze and cigarettes. Perhaps the NE Unicameral can reduce its prison population by taxing pot smokers instead of taxing the rest of us to incarcerate them. — You can mull this over while you go out for a beer and a cigarette.

  5. Brian T. Osborn says:

    short n unsweet,

    I have twice proferred resolutions to the Nebraska Democratic Party State Convention (its “Supreme Governing Body”) which stated that the NDP would “promote and support the legalization of medicinal marijuana.” The first time, in 2010, it passed nearly unanimously. This year it did pass unanimously.

    Vince Powers, when will you get off of your fat ass and begin to “promote and support” that which your superiors have demanded that you do? When will you begin to do ANYTHING to promote Nebraska’s Democratic party, other than wasting the party’s treasury on self-congratulatory fund raisers where you all sit around sheepishly grinning at one another and patting yourselves on your backs for doing such wonderful jobs? And when will you ever begin to support anything that happens in the 3rd Congressional District? You managed to run off one of the best people that we had, Deena Province, with your habitual prevarication.

    I agree with Sweeper on his comments concerning the expectation of privacy in public forums. Anyone in a position of authority that believes their words are “private” is a fool. If you are the “leader” of any kind of organization, you should imagine that every time you open your yap, while representing the position you hold, there will be someone around that wants to ensure they have your words taken down, verbatim, for future reference. It keeps honest people honest and demonstrates to the world that you are a lying son-of-a-bitch when you aren’t. Maybe that is why Vince got so mad at me when he learned that I made a habit of recording the NDP State Central Committee meetings back in the day. They were public meetings that were supposedly held in conformity with the NDP platform’s stated intent that all of our meetings were to be held in the “sunshine.” Mr. Powers, and his predecessor, Vic Covalt, don’t believe that what you do should be done in the open, where you can actually be held accountable for what you say and do. It makes you wonder what it is they had to hide?

    Oh … and we are STILL waiting for that “full and complete” accounting of the NDP books that the NDP SCC demanded several years ago. I have to wonder what it is that Vince, Vic and Steve have wanted to keep swept under the rug?

    Oh, and a Happy Hanukkah to you all!

  6. Ricky says:

    I said everything before about Pelini and it appears the L St readers were in agreement with me and Street Sweeper. Too bad it took 7 years for the NU administration to get a back bone and send the guy packing. And it was pretty sad to see the LJS and the OWH refuse to acknowledge the obvious. Those papers above all valued the access to the Husker football team, and breaking with the coaching regime was not worth it to them to report the truth, even AFTER BO told them to F;; Off.

  7. Ricky says:

    If having a secret ballot for Committee chairs in the Unicam resulted in a good outcome in three examples, then that is a good thing.
    1. No voter ID bill made it to the floor last session. Everybody with half a brain realizes voter fraud in almost non-existent, but the desire for the GOP to suppress voters they don’t want voting is very real.
    2. No anti-choice legislation made it to the floor last session. Anybody with a brain bigger than a thimble knows abortion needs to remain safe and legal, and women don’t want the Repub white men in the Unicam coming between her and her doctor.
    3. No charter school bill came to the floor last session. Charter schools are no better than public schools, and take resources away from public schools. (This was sort of an upset, what with Senator Loserbaugh and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce doing their best to undermine the OPS board and lobbying for charter schools. Ironically, the re-make of the OPS board hurt the charter schools bill, because the Education committee decided to let the new board get a chance to improve OPS. So the fired Becka and Loserbaugh hurt the cause of a profit-seeking body seeking to make money off of schooling in Nebraska).

    So if Birther Brian Bumgarner gets his way, which I highly doubt anyway, then the state will be worse off if these bills come forth. So go away Tea Party GOP.

    ricky from omaha

  8. Anon says:

    You can pass the blame on Heineman and follow righteous Lathrop, but to ignore the unicameral’s role in goodtime laws gains nothing. If the lawmakers role is not in the report, it is not credible.

  9. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Virginia RWP,

    Yeah, you are probably right. I think I’ll go challenge Jon Bruning to an intellectual wrestling match. I’ll even tie my prefrontal cortex behind my back to make it more fair for him.

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Jon is proving, once again, that he is just a prima-donna grandstander that is willing to spend every taxpayer dime he can misappropriate in order to massage his needy ego. Now he wants to sue Colorado because they believe in a state’s right to follow the will of its own electorate. You know, as defined in the Constitution’s fourth article and its tenth amendment.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You missed a word, Ricky – abortion “safe, legal and rare” – that’s what the Clintons say. Rare. Rare abortion, Ricky. Thank your long suffering parents for your undeserved life.

  11. To Ricky says:

    Don’t worry, The only funds the DCRP seems to raise is squeezed from their own candidates then spent on an empty office with no phones. They can’t suppress any votes even if they wanted to.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If NE Republicans are screwed up, then how screwed up are NE Democrats who apparently can only win a Congressional seat by running a career Republican State Senator?

  13. Virginia RWP says:

    Sportswriters who mute criticism of the Huskers in order to retain access are in no way unique. Local journalists in general tend to avoid criticism of the university, lest they lose access to the newsfeed, and actually have to go out and do their own investigations.

    Howard Kurtz’s media show on CNN used to have one resident far leftist, who had one valid point he used to make regularly. The besetting sin of modern journalism is not bias. It’s laziness. They cosy up to whatever elite is in power in return for a few bones thrown their way.

  14. Ed Stevens says:

    OK … one more comment on Bo-gate – as most every one is aware, I was/am one of Bo’s most vocal detractors; he is in my opinion an arrogant, coarse, foul-mouthed bully with no more than average football chops, and NU is waaaaaaay better off without him … but there is one thing worse than even Bo, and that’s a person who will surreptitiously record what was clearly intended to be a private conversation between the ex-coach and the team and then anonymously leak it for public consumption. I assume it must have been a team member since it would be difficult to understand why anyone but players would have been present at the Lincoln High meeting. It was a pure act of cowardice; Bo was already gone, the deal was done … why record his whining death throes? For money? For spite? We’ll likely never know the who or the why, but I hope the culprit will someday, in some way, be held accountable.

    I despise tattle-tales … especially ones who don’t have the cojones to own their tattling.

    Good luck to Mike Riley and Big Red V4.0

  15. BTOciopath says:

    One thing I’ve always said about Brian T. Osborn is that he only attacks 3 different kinds of people.

    1. Ben Nelson
    2. Whoever the NDP party chair is (Achelpohl, Covalt, Powers, etc.)
    3. Women

    If you notice Brian T. Osborn always seems to lash out at women for some reason. Lisa Hannah, Marion Bahensky, Deb Quirk, Jane Kleeb, the list goes on and on. It never seems like he attacks anyone other than women or the NDP chair anymore. He must have had some sort of dysfunctional relationship with some sort of female authority figure as a child.

  16. Brian T. Osborn says:


    You can add at least two other types of people that I love to attack to your little list. There are idiotic assholes, such as yourself, and Republicans, such as Jon Bruning (see above.) But, of course we didn’t expect you to be able to compile a complete list, and we congratulate you on what you did accomplish, with your mommy’s help.

    I did notice that you neither refuted any of the comments I’ve ever posted about those people you indicated, nor offered any comments that defended the things I have accused them of in the past. That is typical of the NDP clique that has been running the party for the past several years – attack the messenger and hope that the recipients ignore the message.

    Ben Nelson deserved every bit of condemnation I shoveled onto him. I hold him more responsible for the decay of the Nebraska Democratic Party than I do any other. He ensured that the NDP never had a bench of up and coming figures that could jeopardize his position. He ensured every asset of the NDP served him or his allies. He was like the baby bird that tosses its siblings from the nest, ensuring its own survival.

    I don’t condemn everyone in the NDP leadership, as there are a few that have figured out what their purpose in life should be. But the past three State Chairs? They have deserved every ounce of my disdain, and then some. They haven’t a clue what it takes to render a political party effective, they feel like they are some sort of privileged class that needn’t heed their constituents, and they habitually heap praise (and generous bonuses) upon their underlings for accomplishing a legacy of ineptitude.

    I respect women enough that I treat them just as I do men when they have done something that merits criticism … or praise. I support them when they deserve it and I defend them when I see their rights being trampled. I won’t stay silent when they have done something so egregiously wrong that it needs to be pointed out to others … just as I do with men that have done the same thing. I’m an equal opportunity attacker of assholes, regardless of race, sex, religion or national origin.

    I wonder what kind of dysfunctional relationships you have experienced that you need to sling anonymous turds at people?

  17. You Go Girl says:

    BTOciopath forgot to mention some of the other ladies who frequently make BTO’s list.

    I can think of Bud Pettigrew, Kyle Michaelis, Phil Montag, Brent Hultine and a slew of twerps that have worked in the NDP office like Jim, Joey, James, and a whole lot of others.

    Maybe if they’d take off those damned skirts BTO would leave them alone.

  18. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I have been known to wear a skirt (kilt) from time to time, but only if it is in the clan Kerr tartan. Look them up if you need an explanation of how I became such a sanctimonious, obnoxious curmudgeon. It is in my blood.
    You Go Girl, please don’t attempt to point out the truth to BTOciopath. Things like that tend to make their itty bitty heads explode.

  19. BTOciopath says:

    I also forgot about Missy Wigley. Brian T. Osborn created an entirely fake person “Piggly Wiggly” on here to make fun of an slightly overweight woman who works for the NDP. He posted on here as “Piggly Wiggly” to intimidate and mock her.

  20. Anonymous says:

    BTOciopath is right, that is how a typical sociopath operates, through intimidation and bullying. We all saw it on here with his relentless attacks on here of an 85 year old woman named Marion Bahensky because she dared to stand up and defend another woman from Osborn’s sociopath behavior.

  21. You Go Girl says:

    I’m slightly confused. What’s your point Anonymous? Is Marion Bahensky an unfit target because she’s OLD and senile, (she’s 86 by the way) or just because she’s female? You don’t seem to indicate in any way that she was ever right about anything.

    You folks also might look up the definition of sociopath. One of the key elements is a lack of a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. Those don’t seem to be problems for BTO.

  22. To you go girl? says:

    My understanding is that BTO broke up with Kyle M. when he gave up men in pursuit of getting his butt kicked in a legislative race. BTO was so distraught that he sought Marion’s “companionship”. Marion called off the affair because BTO threatened her because she would not him Dukakis campaign swag for Fesitvus.

  23. OK Sweeps says:

    OK, Sweeps, this is the last one I’ll post tonight.


    While I am flattered that my missives posted so long ago on Leavenworth Street made such an impression on your microcephalic mind, I am at a loss for your insinuation that I had assumed a nom de plume for the purpose of intimidating and mocking a person that had never crossed my path. I will admit, you did arouse my curiosity, so I did a quick Google search on “leavenworthst” and “piggly wiggly.” All I could find were links to several grocery stores and:

    “Piggly Wiggly February 24, 2010 at 9:39 PM
    Jim Suttle and Chris Jerram are Heinemann’s people….lol!! Those are the people raising your property taxes. You guys must have brains made of pig s@!t!!!!”

    as well as:

    “Piggly Wiggly November 4, 2011 at 6:47 PM
    Get over it Osbron. THe NDP hasn’t been the party of the people for a couple of decades now. Why do you keep wasting your time on them?”

    How you interpolate that into an attack against someone that worked for the NDP is beyond my capacity for comprehension!

    You know, until just recently, I abstained from posting on Leavenworth Street so as to allow the demigods of the NDP free rein to prove my estimation of their political prowess wrong. The results of the recent mid-term elections have buttressed my opinions of their ineptitude. In fact, I am convinced that the NDP will soon have fewer adherents than those registered as Independents.

    I really don’t know why I still care. I’ve been kicked in the teeth by the NDP hierarchy so many times, more often than not by anonymous proxies such as yourself because they are too cowardly to do so themselves, maybe I’m a masochist. It is just that There are a lot of good Democrats in this state that do care about the things our party is supposed to stand for, it is just that they mistakenly put their faith in incompetent leadership and expect those they elect to actually represent them. If a true leader were ever to obtain access to the NDP’s reins I am certain that it could arise from its doldrums and become a force to be reckoned with.

    Brian T. Osborn

  24. Old Timer says:

    Brian Osborn came to the party way too late. If he’d showed up earlier he’d realize that the decline and fall of the NDP really started when Deb Quirk was in charge. Everyone since then has just continued on the course she set, running things deeper and deeper into the ground.

  25. Anonymous says:

    On the Bob Kerrey campaign, Bob came for a campaign stop in Holdrege, where he actually met Brian T. Osborn. Who knows what kind of crazy nonsense BTO told to Kerrey, but afterwards he turned to his staff and said “Who in the hell was that guy? That guy was nuts. Does he work for my campaign?” When Bob was explained who BTO was, Bob said “Oh good, I was going to say fire him and fire whoever hired him.”

  26. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Sorry, Bonzo, but I missed that Bob Kerrey gig. I was working and couldn’t make it. But thanks for more lies about me. They all contribute to my legend.

  27. Old Timer says:

    That’s an old joke Anonymous. I know a guy from Columbus that tells it every time I see him. The names and places change, but the punch line is always the same.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Dave Domina got 14% of the vote in Phelps county. The democratic party chair for Phelps county is Brian T. Osborn. That’s how f—ing smart and effective BTO is. Hey Brian, why don’t you stop worrying about what is happening statewide and start worrying about Phelps county?

  29. Brian T. Osborn says:

    There it is again. Anyone that dares to hold the NDP hierarchy’s feet to the fire can expect one of their succubi to come after them anonymously. They haven’t the courage to do it openly because they are spineless cowards.
    I wasn’t the Phelps County Chair for the past four years, but Vince’s attack dogs want to lay the entire blame for four years of inactivity here at my feet. I do appologize to the Democrats of Phelps County for not having done a better job, I was selfishly taking care of my own worthless self following some surgeries I had this past summer. But Vince was doing such a wonderful job of leading the party, organizing all of those fundraisers in Lincoln that paid for the fundraisers in Lincoln.

  30. Old Timer says:

    As bad as they were, the Democratic Party had several candidates running for office in state wide races and was also pushing the raise in the minimum wage. It’s hardly fair to just point out just the lack of results in the Senate race in Phelps county and attribute the poor performance to the inadequacy of Brian Osborn.

    In the Senate race Cherry County produced 14.65% for Domina. That’s less than 1% better than Phelps County, and Domina had an office set up in Valentine.

    Phelps County had a higher percentage of votes for every other Democratic candidate running for a state wide office than Cherry County did. On Initiative 425 Phelps County supported it with 51.24% of the vote. In Cherry County it failed with only 47.63%.

    Bud Pettigrew, the Democratic Chair of County Chairs is the County Chair in Cherry County. By the standards set by the anonymous poster at 1:38 am. it looks like Osborne did a much better job than Pettigrew. That’s not much praise for Osborn, we all know how “f—ing smart” Bud Pettigrew is.

  31. Old Timer says:

    I’m not sure what Petegrew’s official title was in the Domina campaign. I do know that with Bud’s help Domina didn’t manage to win in a single county.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Bud should stop worrying about what is happening statewide and start worrying about Cherry county. He’s afraid nobody from Politico would call him and ask for his opinion any more.

  33. Anonymous says:

    This is interesting to see several unique entities of Brian T. Osborn’s multiple personality disorder manifest themselves on this blog. I wonder if in his own conscious mind he himself knows that he is Brian T. Osborn, You Go Girl, Old Timer, Curious George, and Anonymous sometimes.

  34. Old Timer says:

    Since I’m not Brian Osborn, and I know some of those other Tags that keep getting attached to Brian Osborn by various paranoid members of the NDP aren’t either, I have to wonder;

    Are they like normal paranoid nuts? Do they check to see if there are monsters under their beds before they go to sleep at night or do they look under the bed and see Brian Osborn there?

    And just so I can claim to be fair and balanced;

    Bud Petegrew isn’t the only one in the NDP who is illiterate. He’s probably the worst, but I’ve seen a lot of posts that someone on here assumes is Bud and I can tell they’re much more literate than Bud could ever hope to produce.

  35. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Chickenshit @ December 21, 2014 at 4:01 PM,
    See the name above here? That’s me. Unlike you brown-nosers that so eagerly carry water for Vince, I don’t mind putting my own name on my missives. Go back and read anything that I have posted, using my given name, and ask yourself, seriously, what could I possibly write under a pen name that I haven’t had the cojones to write openly?
    Oh, and if you want to continue to practice psychology using no more knowledge than you’ve picked up by recording your cousin’s classes for him, you might want to have him read his books to you as well.

    ( ( | ( ( ( (
    | | | | | | | | |

  36. Coach Ron Brown says:

    Peace fellow Nebraskans! (Actually I moved here from elsewhere, but anyway); can we just forget about BTO and his feud with the Democrats or whatever is happening here?
    There are more urgent situations here! I am about to get fired and also the birth of our Lord JC is nigh.
    Don’t tell anybody but I was told after the bowl game I am gone, and who will lead the team in prayer after I, like Tom, will have been forced out?
    Just an aside, but now I can say it; I think TO is going to hell. For what he did with the Lawrence Phillips deal, and for talking bad about Steve Pederson and the great Bill Callahan.
    But in this holy season, lighten up; I will get a buy out and already have made millions of dollars on my failed job with NU. And, don’t forget BO will get seven mill for going away. No wonder he dared the AD to fire him!
    Anyway, see you on the TV from San Diego; last go-round with the Big Red.

    Coach Ron Brown.

  37. Brian T. Osborn says:

    To celebrate the holiday season a donation has been made in your name, Sweeper, to THE HUMAN FUND – Money for People. Happy Festivus!
    I gotta go find my pole.

  38. Sinter Klaus says:

    I like seeing Democrats argue. It makes them seem human.

    All that Brian has ever argued for here is that Democrats simply behave per their own stated principles. I disagree with plenty of those principles but I sure as hell understand what hypocrisy is among those who say they agree with a principle and then violate it. As for being crazy, that has never been an impediment to anyone’s career in politics.

    Question: What is the appropriate color thong for Festivus pole dancing?

  39. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I was asked by an anonymous jerk why I care more about the statewide NDP record than I do about Phelps County. There is only so much one can do in a place where Republicanism runs so deep, but I try. It bothers me that the NDP office in Lincoln doesn’t really help its county chairs, nor do they give a crap about the candidates with a “D” on the ballot – unless you consider squeezing every dime they can from them as “helping.” Ask pretty much any recent candidate how much “help” they got from the NDP and why, once they’ve been defeated, most of them will have nothing more to do with the party.

    Old Timer’s comments got me to looking in depth at the results from last month’s election. I’ve kept a graph going with the results since 1980 of the general elections. Despite Nebraska’s population increasing over those 24 years, Democrats registered to vote in this state have hit an all-time low. In 1980, Democrats accounted for 45.34% of the registered voters in Nebraska. Today, they are at 30.88%. Vince Powers ran on a platform of “continuity” this year. The delegates elected him. They got what they asked for.

    Now, some of you will ask why I air my Festivus grievances on Leavenworth Street. Well, just as Sweeper states at the top of this blog, this is “The Talk of Nebraska Politics.” It doesn’t say this is a blog of the NEGOP. The NDP is still a political party in this state, although I’ll admit that might be debatable. It also doesn’t say that it is a sports blog, so I thought a little political conversation was appropriate.

    Now, I have thrown some actual facts out there to substantiate my case. If anyone from the NDP would like to argue my stance based on those facts, I am, and always have been, more than ready do discuss them. If all they want to do is come here to anonymously toss monkey poop my way, then we can all just consider the source.

    Felice Festivus!

    Oh, and to the idiot that thinks sailors are pussies, you have just been assigned fantail watch. Ooooops! Man overboard!

  40. Democratic Strategists says:

    BTO when we want to know how we can get our Democratic candidates 14%, we will ask you because that is clearly what you know about.

    BTO – the legend of 14%.

  41. Brian T. Osborn.. says:

    Funny how they still won’t address the problems of the NDP. I’m just one of many distractions that serve to keep Nebraska’s Democrats from looking behind the curtain.
    By the way, DS, I wasn’t running the candidates’ campaigns … YOU were.

  42. To BTO says:

    How dare you attack Dave S!!!! The Democrats picked up LD 20 and LD 12. With minumum wage, OPS Bond, and getting rid of Lee Terry. Tip of the hat.

  43. Old Timer says:

    I’d like to thank Vince Powers for following through on his promise of continuity in his “leadership” of the Nebraska Democratic Party. Watching the decline lead by members of the Bar Association has been amazing. They’ve just about driven things as far into the ground as a group of lawyers could hope to do. They should probably start searching for leadership in the hospice industry for the next State Chair if continuity is their goal.

    I’d also like to congratulate Bud Pettigrew for his performance as Chair of County Chairs. There are more counties without an active Democratic County Chair than at any time in the last 100 years.

    We’ll know when the strategy for the NDP developed by Deb Quirk has reached her final goal in ten or twelve years. At that point, the last registered Democrat in Nebraska will change his/her party registration and resign as State Chair.

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