OWH crushed by new poll numbers…for Heineman

Heineman 901.jpgThat sound you hear is the sad trombone — wah, wah, waaaaaahhhhhh — of the OWH’s poll numbers that show 60% of Nebraskans, and 80% of Republicans give Governor Dave Heineman a positive approval rating on his way out of office.

And even as their own poll gives up the juice, they STILL try to squeeze some bitterness out of it by IMMEDIATELY going to…Democrat state Senator Steve Lathrop to see what HE thinks!

Well, Ben Nelson was higher leaving as Governor…” you can hear Lathrop sneering.

(…As all Republicans yell, “SENATOR CORNHUSKER KICKBACK!“)

And the OWH goes immediately to uh….uh… “prison scandal!”…uh….uh….”Lieutenant Governors!”.

When was the last time you saw the OWH sooooo dubious of their own poll?
Hmm….certainly not when they showed Bob Kerrey just 3 points behind Deb Fischer days before the election (hint: she won by 17).

And then there is the little point that 80% of Republicans are still positive on Heineman. Gives the whole “partisan” nature of Lathrop’s hearings a nudge, eh?

We have no doubt the OWH was surprised by these numbers, since they don’t jibe with all of the hammering they have done on Heineman over the past 12 months.

But…well, no buts.
We are just looking forward to reviewing the crosstabs that they will absolutely publish.
(Right? Right?)


  1. Ricky says:

    And the same polling showed Mayor Stothert with a 60 per cent approval rating despite having accomplished nothing. Nothing but a fall in the bond rating for the city.
    And with all the bad news and failed administration for Governor Heineman, either people are not paying attention or the polls are not accurate. I was not polled.
    Apparently the polls are not worth spending money on because they do not reflect real public opinion.
    Oh but these same polls show a majority of Nebraskans want a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in the state.
    So do L Street readers believe this? I don’t.

    Ricky From Omaha

  2. Old Timer says:

    Isn’t it ironic that an old ambulance chaser like Vince Powers is now being followed around by a fleet of hearses driven by funeral directors looking to make a buck off of the corps of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

  3. Old Timer says:

    I AM NOT Bud Pettigrew!

    I know that it should have been spelled C-O-R-P-S-E. My fingers don’t work as well as they once did.

    Sorry for any confusion there.

  4. Cornish Game Hen says:

    I am a Republican. I approve of Governor Heineman.
    I have met Steve Lathrop before. I don’t think we agree on much, but he seems like a nice guy.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    I’m a Republican and I don’t approve of Dave Heineman. I don’t think he knew about what was happening in the prison system but he should have. Public Safety is one of those “You Had One Job” issues. The Republican Party used to be the law and order party for crying out loud. Now? Not. Heineman should not think about running for higher office. I won’t vote for him. But don’t mind me. I realize that I’m an outlier in expecting my public officials to actually do their f’ing jobs.

  6. Brian T. Osborn says:

    IO, it is Democratic Party, not democrat party. Have you been taking your neighbor Bud’s remedial English classes? And who around these parts gives a rat’s ass about anything you have to say, about anything, around here anyway? Aren’t you that “conservative Republican rancher, that hated on Senator Fischer?
    The only pole I care about right now is my Festivus pole, which I finally found out behind the garage.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, and in case you think I’m going soft, the Unicam, especially Brad Ashford, shares a huge amount of blame for this as well. Have you guys been able to wash the blood off of your hands yet? Please remember that there are 3 kids in West O who don’t have their mom to make Christmas special thanks to the Good Time Law. Merry Christmas, Senators.

  8. Brian T. Osborn says:

    ” I realize that I am an outlier in expecting my public officials to actually do their f’ing jobs.”

    Macdaddy, we have something we can agree on!

    Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!

  9. Interested Observer says:

    Actually, Mr. Osborn, my use of the words “democrat party” was intentional and deliberate. Also, no, I have not been taking Bud’s remedial English classes and as such, I do realize that if one is going to use quotation marks, that one often times uses them in pairs, not singularly, as you just did.

  10. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Oooooooooh! You are right, IO, I did forget to close my quote in my previous comment. I shall be sure to flagellate myself for a good fifteen minutes, using a barbed wire whip made from Deb Fischer’s fence! I apologize for not recognizing your grammar police badge. I thought you were just happy to see me!

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