2014 Leavenworth St. Nebraska Politician of the Year

SasseSelfie01When your name ID was zero, you had no cash of your own, your military hero opponent was polling around 80% and your campaign was based on being “WONKy” — and you STILL end up becoming a United States Senator…

…your name is Ben Sasse, and you are the 2014 Leavenworth St. Nebraska Politician of the Year.

When 2014 started, many figured the U.S. Senate seat could be Shane Osborn’s to lose. Some would make a solid argument that Osborn DID lose it.

But, that would discount the astounding effort that Ben Sasse and his campaign made in introducing himself to Nebraska voters. Sasse almost immediately gained credibility with stories in National Review and Drudge, then racked up his own continuing story with his rolling Ben-abago, taking whacks at ObamaCare.

Sasse’s image as the fresh-scrubbed Nebraska-boy made good never really got tarnished. He was able to run a “positive” campaign — with affiliates taking care of the negative ads against his opponents. He NEVER was taken off message on ObamaCare, immigration or any of the other messages of the day. Are those issues nuanced? Sure. But in a campaign nuance can be attacked, and Sasse never let it stick.

Shane Osborn peaked then plunged. Sid Dinsdale seemed to have a chance at shooting the gap. But on Primary Election Day, Sasse not only won, but dominated, with nearly 50% of the vote in the 4-man field — taking 92 of 93 counties.

In the General Election, Sasse took on multi-millionaire Democrat lawyer David Domina like a Grizzly bear takes on a spawning salmon. Some Dems thought Domina was their super-best candidate in forever. However, Nebraska voters had no interest in him, and capped Sasse’s year with a 64% win — taking every county in the state.

Sasse’s domination of 2014 was as complete as a candidate would want. And beyond?

Many already want to position him as a Presidential contender (though not for 2016). An interesting matter was that with his laser focus on ObamaCare during the campaign — National Review had labeled him the “ObamaCare Nemesis” — he did not end up on the HELP Senate Committee that will address all things concerned with the Affordable Care Act.

Nonetheless, we look forward to Sasse’s Senate career, and whether he can mesmerize the rest of America like he did Nebraska.

We do not put anything beyond his reach.


DickHolland01A close runner-up to Ben Sasse?


…financed the political end-run around the legislature?

…gave the lone energy to Nebraska Democrats in 2014?

…was indirectly responsible for one of the few victories for House Democrats nationwide?

Dick Holland.

Holland financed the effort to raise the minimum wage in the state. He pushed aside the Unicameral, where that effort was circular-filed. The campaign fired up local Dems, who used it to not only push their issue, but to bank Democrat votes in Nebraska’s 2nd District.

And those banked votes lead to former Republican Brad Ashford’s victory over 2nd District Congressman Lee Terry.

It was a hydra-headed campaign that few Republicans saw coming, nor made much of an effort to counteract.

And Holland’s next (assumed) plan? Medicaid expansion.

Always funny that Democrats get their dresses over their heads about the “influence” of the Koch brothers on politics. But look at the local billionaire who slammed LAWS through in Nebraska. And he is likely not done.


And others in 2014?

The comeback of Governor-elect Pete Ricketts.

In the crowded Republican primary, Ricketts kept his head and remained the leader pretty much throughout.

You can’t look past his Platte Institute and party leadership for keeping him relevant after getting demolished by Ben Nelson in the 2006 Senate race. He built his way back up in the primary, then kept the hammer down in the General.

Ricketts has big plans for 2015, and politicos will watch to see how he follows up the tenure of Nebraska’s longest serving Governor, Dave Heineman.


And for 2015?

Well, many think the legislature will be where things happen in the coming year. If someone like Holland can make an end-run around them, they may figure they can make an end-run around the Governor.

The race for the 2016 GOP 2nd District nomination will begin in earnest this year. Many names and many meetings are occurring now and will continue to flourish in 2015, with much of the field set up by year’s end.

And hey…even here on Leavenworth St. things are happening. Exciting stuff is afoot.

What kind of excitement?
Stay tuned.


Happy New Year!
Call a cab (or a Lyft or an Uber)!


  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Back when…there was a long-serving Democrat legislator there named Beutler. He never failed to vote for “economic development” schemes whereby the so-called developers got the reward and taxpayers bore the cost. But to his minimal credit, he did faithfully try to get wage hikes and/or benefits for workers within those revenue bills, and by amendment from the floor. While he didn’t have the support he needed for success, I distinctly remember that he did try.

    I guess with the unicam being what it is, “non-partisan” and all, there never really was any hope for Beutler’s success, and I don’t even accept the notion that defining a minimum wage is good economic policy. But if Dick Holland deserves this credit, then by all means, y’all should welcome his influence!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope this blogpost doesn’t turn into Brian T. Osborn stealing the stage again and fighting with a bunch of liberal loons that nobody gives a crap about. It was funny at first to see the Democratic party infighting, but it’s just getting annoying.

  3. Coming Soon... says:

    Watch Leavenworth St. – so called “Talk of Nebraska Politics” – go completely dark on the Lincoln city elections as Democrats win by crushing numbers like they’ve been doing for 16 years now.

  4. Ricky says:

    Happy New Year to Mr Street Sweeper and others!

    I agree with Ben Sasse as Pol of the Year 2014. He came out of nowhere and ran an excellent campaign.
    It remains to be seen how effective he will be as a rookie Senator. Not much is expected with that dysfunctional bunch. And how much of a right-wing jerk Sasse will be in D C. With him hiring a Heritage guy as Chief of Staff probably a pretty big asshole Sasse will be.
    Since Mr Sasse for some reason escaped real scrutiny on his run to the Senate: I E no questions about his role in the torture memos he wrote (possible – we don’t know ) for Cheney and Bush. And no questions about the pedophile he hired at Midland to be the Athletic Director, and no questions about the abusive way he used his children in his Senate campaign; yea Sasse probably thinks he can get away with anything; so Katy-bar-the-door for the mischief Sasse will try to cause as Senator from Nebraska. (A mitigating factor in my analysis of Sasse is when he spoke Spanish at one point in his campaign. Maybe he does get it for a politician?)
    Anyway the runner-up for Pol of the Year has to be Brad Ashford. We wish him luck in D C.
    Happy New Year!

    ricky from omaha

  5. jcrew says:

    Top people/stories in 2014;

    1. Dick Holland – continues to bankroll progressive projects from BOLD NE to Initative 425. Without him, there’s no Jane Kleeb or Jeremy Norquist. The Democratic verison of the Koch Brothers. His influence continues to grow.

    2. Brad Ashford – breaks 16-yr old GOP hold on 2nd District seat. Following disappointing loss in Omaha’s mayorial race, bounces back to win a seat for Democrats on a nite when they were getting beat all over the country.

    3. Dave Heineman – Or should I say “the demise of Dave Heineman”. For the man who did the impossible: he beat Tom Osborne in Nebraska, got off to a strong start with high hopes of historic tax policy changes, he limps off into the sunset tied to some of the state’s worst scandals such as HHS, prison system, good time, Nikko Jenkins, etc.

    4. Emergence of “Blue Omaha” – No longer your Republican father’s town of ConAgra, Mutual, nearby Offutt Airforce base. Making history with a blue dot for Obama in 2008, the trend of a once small underground arts and music scene has developed into a vital clog (remember the Clog Factory?) of the city’s economy. Benson was once Hal Daub country, now its bars, tattoos shops, poetry venues, coffee shops, bike shops, etc. When you start batching small entities like Dundee, Gifford Park area, NoDo, Film Streams, and so on you end up with a liberal city with bike lanes down Dodge Street.

    5. The whole Bo Pelini firing and hiring of Mike Reily saga. Can someone ask Wisconsin to give us our program back?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sasse’s motto could be “Nebraska: a great state to be FROM.” He’ll end up at The New School eventually.

    As for Holland, he’s doing what leaders do. And if he’s rich, that’s capitalism, baby. Ever hear of it? If you don’t like Holland, do what he did: get rich and push back. Next question please.

  7. Virginia RWP says:

    It’s always amusing when someone becomes rich not just by capitalism, but by a variety of vulture capitalism that lefties pretend to deplore, and then turns around and funds an anti-capitalist agenda. It happens over and over again. I think it’s another instance of ‘last one ion the rich man’s club, lock the door’.

    Agree with the picks, and a shout out to my friend Doug Peterson, who won statewide with an even bigger margin than Sasse or Ricketts, and who will be a great Attorney General.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sorry VaRWP, there’s no “good, virtuous capitalism” vs “bad, un-virtuous capitalism” any more than there is “good, virtuous physics” vs “bad, un-virtuous physics.” You can make that distinction about people; as an academic (“RWP”- Right-Wing Professor) you’ve had ample opportunity, I’m sure. The market has no morals, only human beings do.

  9. TexasAnnie says:

    I guess you mean that it shouldn’t be the marketplace. But the marketplace is what it is, corrupt politicians and all.

  10. Lincoln Police Bulletin says:

    Update: Be on the look out for the Homeless Person we identified earlier. He is now at the Husker Ticket office demanding that ex-governors get free tickets.

  11. TexasAnnie says:

    marketplace, (n) 2. the commercial world; the realm of business, trade and economics.

    What does your dictionary report?

  12. TexasAnnie says:

    What is property tax relief?

    According to your constitution, “free instruction in the common schools” (K-12) is a state obligation (income, sales & misc. taxes). Yet the majority of school funding there derives of property tax.

    Simultaneously, many municipal & county projects, which are properly local obligations (property tax) get funded via state revenue. This is especially true when the desired project is occurring in Omaha and to a lesser extent, Lincoln, as compared to the balance of the state.

    Yet the balance of the state beyond Omaha, Lincoln, and a few other population centers, enjoys property tax relief via assessment practices, despite fervent complaints of landowners.

    What do you suppose Pete Ricketts has in mind when touting “property tax relief?”

  13. TexasAnnie says:

    To clarify: ‘fervent complaints of landowners’ = their unappreciated advantage!
    I do recall, while living there, that my downtown Omaha home w/ much less than one acre, was being taxed at a greater rate than vast acreages west of Grand Island.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mince all you want about rising tides raising all boats and wealth sharing and other cerebral floor painting. The fact is, if the other guy’s boat is nicer than yours, then you feel poorer regardless of the sea level; and if his dingy is paid off and he owns the title on your yacht, you are still poorer regards what you feel.

    Nationally speaking, China is where we should be but aren’t, and NE suffers the same DC regulation that hamstrings all US states. Nebraskans are stuck suffering Wash. DC’s freedom to disadvantage us against other nations.

    Moreover, the wealth you “share” is zero if zero if all there is to divvy up. Currently our economy is based on divvying up debt as if it was substance. That is like screwing for virginity.

    In the more focused view, property tax in Nebraska is high because that is what Nebraska has to tax because Nebraska hasn’t figured out a good way to drain dollars from other states. We need to be China on the Platte sucking up our neighboring states’ bucks. Not saying we put NE NG tanks on I-80 and turn it into a toll road. A bit more subtlety. But the equation stands. NE is solvent but it needs influx. Cash flow, calories in. Unfortunately, we are solvent within and insolvent nation. It just doesn’t know it yet.

  15. TexasAnnie says:

    “…Nebraska hasn’t figured out a good way to drain dollars from other states.”
    REALLY! When my family was moved from Texas to Nebraska it was for the specific purpose of paying taxes. Don’t believe me, check the transcripts from LB775. But don’t stop there. Check the transcripts from that entire legislative session, because sometimes the senators spoke out of order. You will learn that in exchange for giving tax incentives to major corporations, the corporations agreed to make their employees new Nebraska taxpayers. Sounds incredible, I know. But that is the stain all Nebraskans now bear. And I can’t forget ‘ya!

  16. Ricky says:

    I heard Steve Lathrop will challenge Deb Fischer for the 2018 Senate seat from Nebraska.
    Good luck to Mr Lathrop! I think he can win against Fischer who is not that popular.

    ricky from omaha

  17. Dinsdale supporter says:

    Great pick for politician of the year. I couldn’t agree more. The man who is pro amnesty and pro-raise the debt ceiling, and fooled the big third party organizations and Nebraska primary voters into thinking he wasn’t. I feel bad for Club for Growth, Sixty Plus and Senates Conservative Fund. They spent millions of dollars hammering Sasse’s opponents only to find out who he REALLY was.

  18. Fort Street Fury says:

    The Dinsdale supporter above wrote “pro amnesty and pro-raise the debt ceiling…”, in a way as if to indicate that Dinsdale is not also both of those things.

    There wasn’t a single candidate in the hashtag NESEN race, primary or general, who would vote against raising the debt ceiling. There was maybe one candidate who would take a stand against amnesty but I really couldn’t see any of them voting against an “immigration reform” bill that includes amnesty for “dreamers”.

  19. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Will one of you economics experts please explain to me how we are to cut down on an $18 trillion national and $13 billion state debt by lowering the amount of revenue brought in by taxes? I’ll admit, I’m no financial whiz kid, but this trickle down stuff just brings to my mind the image of some poor guy sitting underneath the outhouse.

  20. David Bywater says:

    “Will one of you economics experts please explain to me how we are to cut down on an $18 trillion national and $13 billion state debt by lowering the amount of revenue brought in by taxes? This sentence is where your misunderstanding begins. Assuming you are talking about lowering tax rates, that in no way means lowering “revenue,” in fact, the lowering of the tax rates in the 80’s is clear and unequivocal proof of just the opposite. By lowering the tax rate, you free up more money for investment. That money, to that point, was not subject to tax and there you could make your statement “lowering the amount of revenue brought in by taxes,” because that’s what happens when you have less money subject to taxes. Funny thing is, I’m no expert. It’s real simple stuff!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Sure, it’s simple stuff if you don’t understand it. Supply side economics works to some extent if top tax rates are fairly high, like the 70% rate in the ’70s. However you can’t expect the same results with the historically low top marginal rates that we have today. In fact, after Reagan lowered tax rates, the federal deficit started growing alarmingly fast. Unlike today, saner minds realized the “magic” wasn’t working and started adding fees and raising taxes to reduce the deficit.

    I swear that some of you treat supply-side economics as an item of unshakeable faith, like a religion. If you’d actually look at the Laffer curve, you’d realize that even it shows increasing taxes now would increase government revenues, not decrease it.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Nice mincing #40.

    I know an economics professor who swears by the usefulness of a debt economy. He nearly lost his house to the finance company and is up to his neck in credit card debt.

    Debt has its proponents and they their reasons. Our founding fathers had some who demanded a debt-free economy while others felt the necessity to purposefully establish a national debt so as to develop credit. The argument isn’t new. And neither is the effete disregard of common sense.

  23. Anonymous says:

    #41, you are an example of the typical poster here who only see things as black or white. It may be easier to live this way, but it’s not the way reality operates. I was in no way promoting rampant debt. In fact, I was arguing the opposite. Reagan went the debt route by cutting revenues. He and his team were smart enough to realize this wasn’t working. So, what exactly is your point?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, the U.S. has $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities through the year 2100, while China will have a GDP of $127 trillion by 2050. I have seen the future. In it the United States is a socialist, mini-superpower, the spot now occupied by France. Yay.

  25. TexasAnnie says:

    Of course my dictionary is fine. Thus, you agree, RWP, that the “realm of business, trade and economics” IS the marketplace. Yet you do not agree that tax incentives to selected business IS within this realm? Are you just disagreeing for the purpose of being disagreeable?

  26. TexasAnnie says:

    Brian, I’m not eschewing revenue brought in by taxes; my point concerns variable tax rates. I believe that if we all paid taxes at the same rate, no exceptions and no excuses, taxes would become justifiable. This position concerns ethics, not debt-or-supply side economic theory.

    I was born mid-20th century and within my lifetime we have always endured national debt. I know no other reality and when China overtakes our economic prowess, I assert: it will be because tax incentives and deductions have skewed the marketplace, not because REAL capitalism has failed.

  27. TexasAnnie says:

    Please read what I wrote above and consider whether Y’ALL think it rational to utilize the property tax for state obligations and simultaneously utilize state revenues for local purposes.

  28. Virginia RWP says:

    Whn a government agency engages in crony capitalism, TA, that is not the market in action. Unless, perhaps, he has held an auction, with the tax break going to the company that provides him with the biggest bribe.

  29. TexasAnnie says:

    I do not believe in establishing a minimum wage. However…
    1) With the wage stagnation in Nebraska, Texas, and across the USA, I get it that folks working full time must earn enough to eat!
    2) Because tax policy has become so corrupt, particularly in Nebraska, a populist revolt (minimun wage hike) has been overdue.
    3) I absolutely believe in the people’s right to unionize, etc.

    Human nature is such that too much oppression brings on revolt. Smart shopkeepers reward worthy employees without being forced to do so.

  30. Interested Observer says:

    I heartily agree with your last sentence. That is a perfect example of an open, competitive market place, unfettered by unnecessary governmental interference, working as it should.

    The Journal-Star reported recently that the unemployment rate in Lincoln is down to 2.1%, the lowest metropolitan rate in the entire country. The market should be allowed to determine the worth of an employee to that business.

  31. Anonymous says:

    But what is Lincoln’s underemployment rate? My son, a college graduate, had to leave town to even have a chance at better pay and promotion.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I understand wanting to stay in a college town because of the vibe, and connections to family and school. Its also a good way to get stuck so far in an employment hole no sharp stick can poke you out. Youth is made for adventure – better to get your degree, get out of that college town, and try life elsewhere. Best advice I ever received and I am glad I took it. I went to school in Columbia, MO. I’d have had no future if I stayed there forever.

  33. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Have you all read Cindy Lange-Kubick’s article in today’s Lincoln Journal Star, “A legal doobie for Nebraska?” Comments?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer should observe that Lincoln has the lowest unemployment in the nation because they’ve been consistantly electing Democrats to city government for 20 years.

  35. What a joke says:

    Saw Sen. Ben Arse on the national news again. The guy is worse than Lee Terry. When is Washington moving to NE???? Is it warmer?

  36. zookeeper says:

    24 House Republicans voted against Boehner as Speaker so he threw some of them off of their influential committees. Payback? No, more like crowd control. While Boehner now flirts with Democrats like Brad Ashfordm in order to overcome Obama’s veto, these rogue elephants now have less power than a newbie GOP House member.

    Rules chairman Pete Sessions dryly says of the rogues, “Sometimes there are casualties and changes, and people make decisions to do things knowing sometimes there can be consequences.” Well, duh. Democrat Speaker Pelosi did exactly the same. That is how Congress works.

    For all you anxious pundits, right and left, who complain about how government doesn’t do enough to force your conservative or liberal solutions down every throat, I remind you that to get anything done in a monkey house of competing egos and interests requires a really tough head monkey mashing all the other monkeys’ testicles and feeding them to cowering brownnosers like mashed bananas. That’s not partisan. It is primatology.

    The USA has the best form of government yet devised by Man. But Man is a shaved monkey with a swollen frontal lobe. So don’t get ahead of your monkey self in your expectations.

    When you demand these professional Congressional testicle crushers quit crushing each other’s and instead demand they cooperate to do something “for” you, all you can reasonably expect is to find your own gonads crushed or yourself cowing on your back being spoon fed those of others.

  37. BTO.

    Yes. I’m lowering my estimate of CLK’s IQ from 80 to 75.

    “Booze is potentially harmful but legal. So we should legalize something else that’s also potentially harmful”

    I support marijuana legalization, because it’s your own damn fool brain to tinker around with. But I’m embarrassed to be in the company of CLK.

  38. Yes, the Washington area is a damn sight warmer. Unfortunately, I can’t stay here; the university seems to think I should be teaching.

    it was funny seeing the local reaction yesterday to an inch of snow. Mostly, people stayed home from work.

  39. Anonymous says:

    63. More like “stump broke”. This is after all Nebraska.

    Ernie is a product of a nonpartisan unicameral like an infection is a product of stabbing yourself with a shit covered hay fork.

    You all can bitch about the infection all you want, but you haven’t stopped stabbing yourself or even tried to rinse off the hay fork.

  40. Same old same old. Unicam adopts the old rules mandating secret ballots. Bill Kintner spoke against tthem, but when push came to shove, failed to ask for a recorded vote on the rules. No one else did either.

    We really are non-partisan. Half are stupid, and the other half venal, but both are well-dspersed between R and D.

    The state GOP is a joke. Somebody, wioth some knowledge of procedure, needed to manage this.

  41. Coach Ron Brown says:

    Well just a note to L Street readers updating the good conservatives on my job status.
    Gotta say it’s not looking good. Would have heard from them by now had I still been employed at UN.
    God must have some grand plans from me. His will be done.
    Looking back maybe I shouldn’t have gone up to Omaha and gave my address as “One memorial stadium” and spoke out against the gays. God gave me some bad guidance on that one.
    Who will convert the non-believers to Christianity if I am not around? Who is going to lead the prayer circles after the game?
    Tom Osborne and FCA say I still should be at NU, but there must be a liberal element speaking out against my religiosity.
    Anyway say a prayer for me and see you at church!

    Coach Ron Brown
    One Memorial Stadium

  42. reality TV says:

    it was like looking at a cage of some rat-like creatures at the zoo, where in the whole glass-front display they are in one spot all pushing together in a mass

  43. Anonymous says:

    11:02 A.M. Yes, asking for a recorded vote would have put teeth into the notion that you are pushing for transparency. Sometimes people go right up to the edge but then fail to jump off. Do not understand with all the posturing why one of those Senators who wanted the votes to be un-secret, did not then take the final step to ensure that everyone was on record on what was their important point of the vote of the day. And so it begins…

  44. TexasAnnie says:

    I watched the unicam many years and came to realize that the real action is off camera. If / when the senators have conviction, they will reveal their inclinations with a record vote. Problem is, most of the time they lack conviction and what you are “seeing” is the product of vote-trading.

  45. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Hey all of you Republicans out there. You can have Brad Ashford back now. He’s voting along your party lines, he may as well be one of you (again.)
    Isn’t he the guy that Vince Powers holds up as a shining example of what he has accomplished as NDP State Chair? I guess you get what you pay for.

  46. Hesdeadjim says:

    BTO Brad Ashford voted for Nancy Pelosi for speaker. We don’t want him. Powers should be proud, but more appropriately Lee Terry’s crack campaign team should be ashamed.

  47. Unemployed in Holdrege says:

    Remember in 2009 when BTO was on the Grand Island news because he couldn’t quit stalking and harrassing Lisa Hannah and Marion Bahensky.

  48. Heath Mello = Appropriations Committee Chair says:


  49. Old Timer says:

    It looks like the cyber bullies from the NDP Women’s Caucus are back at it, again.

    Do you remember the mean girls from high school? If you ever wondered what happened to them, wonder no more. They’re Uglier, Fatter and Older (UFO’s) and they’ve taken over the NDP Women’s Caucus.

    These UFO mean girls will defend even the most reprehensible females. Axis Sally, Tokyo Rose and Typhoid Mary would all feel welcome among this band of sisters.

    Marion Bahensky worked quietly behind the scenes to necessitate the resignations of both Lisa Hannah and Brian Osborn, and then called in the TV cameras to get it all on tape. Only the mean UFO girls from the NDP could bend the truth enough to make Osborn into the villain who was mean to poor Lisa and Marion.

    Hell hath no fury… and the uglier they are the more furious they get.

  50. Macdaddy says:

    I’m thinking that Ricketts can pull an Obama and just start sending out orders. Who cares that Mello is Appropriations ChairPerson? There’s only so much tax money and the bottom line has to add up to zero at the end of the day. All Mello can do is move the pots of money around. What’s he going to cut? Schools? Medicaid? Parks? Roads? DHHS? Prisons? Ricketts ought to start sending some memoranda out as to what the different department are actually going to spend money on.

  51. Punditty says:

    Ashford’s vote for Pelosi could not keep her from leading the Dems, nor could his vote make Pelosi the Speaker. Brad’s Pelosi vote didn’t matter. What matters to partisans is how Ashford votes on issues that are linked to principles and policies that define and separate the two major parties. But that in turn doesn’t matter to average Nebraska voters who despise parties.

    The only way anyone can stay empowered in 2D is to be either a Terry whom Republicans see as too liberal, or a Ashford whom Democrats see as too conservative.

    This blog has a Democrat complaining about Ashford being too residually Republican and a Republican complaining about Ashford being too kneejerk Democrat. That all but cements Brad’s 2016 reelection by voters who demand a middle road of incumbent ambition masked as a-partisan altruism. Yes, that is silly but it is the electoral landscape.

    If Brad keeps this up, he will die a very old man in office.

  52. Macdaddy says:

    Punditty, the Democrat who complained about Ashford doesn’t even live in his district and is a former Party official. The only way Ashford dies an old man in office is if it’s in the next 2 years. My money’s on getting lost in the Capitol building and dying of dehydration.

  53. No Hope says:

    Sorry, Macdaddy. There’s very little chance of Ashford getting lost in the Capitol Building. Knowing how confused/senile many of their members are the Senators and Congressmen have hired hundreds of people who do nothing but patrol the halls and check coat closets looking for confused fools so they can return them to their proper offices.

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