Je Suis…McPherson?

JeSuisCharlie01Pat McPherson should have known what was written on his blog. Especially if what McPherson himself called  “offensive”, was written more than once.

That being said, I take him at his word that he did not know about it, and does not now believe it was appropriate.

I don’t know McPherson personally, but those who do say that he is more likely to be a Martian than racist (though not a racist Martian).

That being said, whoever DID write “Half Breed” over and over is a dope. I can say, without hyperbole, that there are a zillion things about which you could criticize the current President without resorting to name-calling based on his racial background.

That is not to say THAT cannot be discussed. It was President Obama himself who said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Travon (Martin)”, as if the color of one’s skin is the most important factor. McPherson’s writer notes that if Obama was Republican, you can bet he would be criticized by some for not, essentially, being “black enough”. Heck Clarence Thomas and Condoleezza Rice get that.

But the writer then went too far by throwing around the term “Half Breed” — likely congratulating him or herself at coming up with it. Most would agree that it is a derogatory term and it doesn’t do anyone any good, or make a point, by using it.


This sort of issue has never come up on the Leavenworth St. blog.

Longtime readers know that we delete comments that we deem to be offensive or in bad taste. For instance, on a case by case basis, we delete comments that make personal attacks on a politician’s family. (We say case by case, because, for instance, in the situation of former Lt. Governor Lavon Heidemann, if someone is commenting about the situation with his sister, that is in the news, and you can’t exactly ignore the elephant in the room by leaving her out of the conversation.)

But for the record, in case we get any weird questions: No, Street Sweeper has never written for Pat McPherson’s blog. And everything that is written in a post is 100% reviewed by Street Sweeper before it is posted.

Though we won’t be surprised to hear that Vince Powers himself (you know, because the intern is off taking a “me day”) is scouring Leavenworth St. looking for “offensive” statements. We are pretty sure he will come up empty, though who knows what may offend Vince these days.

(By the way, it was awkward in the Channel 7 interview with Vince. Apparently a reporter was not there — only a camera man — so he spoke directly to the camera. And then he started yelling AT Pat McPherson and Governor Pete Ricketts, via the Channel 7 camera. It was more than a little professional-wrestling-esque.

VincePowers 01

“I’m Vince POWERS! You’re afraid of me McPherson! I’ll see YOU at the Battle Royal at the Civic Auditorium! POWWWWWWERSSSSS!!!”


Is this a free-speech issue — equivalent in some way to Charlie Hebdo — as KFAB’s Chris Baker put it? Eh, not exactly. Though it certainly is an interesting “thought experiment”.

On the one hand, if an “artist” puts a crucifix in a jar of urine liberals command us to congratulate him for his courage. And if you protest that or, heaven forbid, suggest that federal money should support it, you are a book-burning heretic. So if you use a derogatory term to make a political point — here, arguably, using the term “Half Breed” with mock sarcasm to show the other side’s hypocrisy — should that not be “protected”? Heck, if you had a “Bushitler” bumper sticker, you were a liberal HERO.

What if McPherson had instead come out and said, “Yeah I wrote it! And I was making the point that if the roles were switched, Democrats would be using that term! I was mocking THEM — not judging or defaming the President. It is called sophisticated writing, that I’m sure the likes of Vince Powers can’t understand!” (He would be yelling this into the camera, back at Vince, of course.)

What then? Can you even use political sarcasm these days? “OK for me, but not for thee“?

And then I suppose you could even ask, is the term “Half Breed” offensive? Heck, there was a popular  Cher song (was Sonny involved?) with that title, that we would guess you could find on the XM 70’s station. Is it really a bad word? (Our guess: it’s probably not a word that dignified people throw around.) But what about the word “mulatto”? Or “mixed race”? We have no idea, frankly. You can’t say “Oriental” any more, but you can say “Asian”. But then you are referring to someone from Japan, Vietnam and India under the same “race”?

Did we just “offend” someone with that paragraph? We thought we were supposed to be having a “discussion” about race. Ah well.


Here is what we DO know: If your plan is to score political points every time the issue of race comes up, and scream that everyone is a racist — that is what Vince Powers called Pat McPherson — then you can bet there will never be a “discussion” about race. Who would bother?

As long as we have gone this far, look at the new movie “Selma” (which Glenn Beck loves, by the way). Apparently President Lyndon Johnson is depicted in it as the “bad guy”, when most accounts show that he was the opposite — one of the driving political forces behind desegregation. But hey, that doesn’t fit the story! And now how many millions of viewers who don’t bother with that will leave the theater figuring that Johnson was the evil racist in the movement?

For Powers, if Pat McPherson is NOT a racist, then that doesn’t make his rant as POWERful. So of course he yelps at Pat and calls for his resignation — and donate to our party and elect more Democrats!

Because for the likes of Powers, the ends justifies the means. If someone like McPherson gets labeled a racist, and the result is more liberals coming to power, then that smear is OK, right? If Johnson is now thought of as blocking the civil rights movement, but people appreciate Dr. King more, and more movie tickets are sold, then it’s all good, yeah? If people think the Ogallala Aquifer is a a giant underground ocean of tap water that will be befouled if a Canadian pees into it, but that means more money flows into Bold Nebraska’s coffers, that’s win-win, sure?

This thing with McPherson will end up being a big nothing. Except the Dems DID shut down a GOP blog, so you can bet there will be a mini-toast of chocolate martinis at their next soiree.

Good thing Leavenworth St. is still around, eh?

**UPDATE at 3:25pm 1/15/15**

And Governor Ricketts has thrown McPherson under the bus:

“While many Nebraskans disagree with our president on many issues, he is deserving of the same civility and respect we give one another. There is no room for bigotry. I am deeply disappointed and unequivocally condemn these comments,” said Ricketts.

“I respect the will of the people, but as additional information about the frequency of these bigoted comments on the blog has become available, it is clear that this controversy will hinder the State Board of Education from accomplishing its goals. Pat should tender his resignation and allow the Board to get back to work on its goal of improving achievement outcomes for all students.”

Not real sure what the difference is today.
We thought all of the comments were known when Ricketts made his first statement, but maybe not.

In any case, we suppose he doesn’t want to take the heat for all of this at this point.

Well, McPherson can continue to say,

1) “I didn’t know about the statements and disavow them now. Therefore I’m not resigning.”

2) “I SHOULD have known about them, but still disavow them, and will work harder next time, and I’m staying.”


3) “I still disavow them, but it has become a distraction, and I quit.”

Ball is in your court Pat.

**UPDATE at 6:25pm 1/15/15**

And Pat McPherson responds, choosing Door #1!

“Governor Ricketts has called for my resignation from the Nebraska State Board of Education. I am respectful of the Governor and understand his reasons for doing so.

I have not violated any statute or constitutional provision or any of the rules or regulations that pertain to my duties as a member of the state board of education.

I do not intend to resign. Doing so would be a tacit admission of the false accusations being made that I am a racist. I am not. It would also reward the partisan political efforts of the Nebraska Democratic Party as well as the efforts of the Nebraska State Education Association which spent $25,000 in support of my general election opponent. It would allow these entities to overturn the results of an election that they could not win.

I didn’t write and have disavowed the racist comment made on the blog. I am also respectful of the First Amendment rights of others short of yelling ‘Fire’ in a crowded theater.

I eagerly await the opportunity to work with my fellow board member as well as with Governor Ricketts in improving education for all Nebraska children. I will work earnestly to support the needs of parents and teachers as well. We have lots of challenges and work to do.

I appreciate the support of so many who have offered their support. There is no room for racism or partisanship in educating our children and I will prove my commitment to education over the term of my service.”

Our take on their back and forth?

Well, McPherson put Governor Ricketts in a bad position where Ricketts pretty much HAD to call for his resignation?


Well, look at it two ways:

1) Assume (for this argument) that McPherson is lying about his knowledge about what was written on his blog. McPherson himself said the statements were “offensive”. So if he in fact either knew about them when they were posted or wrote them himself — and he’s now lying about it — then he is telling Ricketts to call for his resignation and should himself resign. How would anyone know whether he is actually lying? No idea, but in the world of emails and all that, it is certainly possible that it could come out.


2) Assume (for this side of the argument) that McPherson is telling the God’s honest truth that he DID NOT know about the posts and that he absolutely disavows everything written in them and that he is absolutely NOT a racist.

Well, he still forces Ricketts’ hand. He is saying that on HIS blog, at least FIVE times, someone wrote something that he, McPherson, finds to be beyond the pale AND it is written as if it is the full position of the blog.

So in the question of “Stupid or Liar” he is claiming “Stupid”. And while you can’t ask someone who was just elected to resign for being stupid, you CAN call for their resignation when their past stupidity will seriously affect the job they were elected to do.

Arguably, now every decision McPherson makes will be clouded by the question of whether he either wrote or approved the thing that McPherson himself calls “offensive”. And because of his “stupidity”, the effectiveness of the entire Board of Education is called into question because of the cancer that he brought into it.

Those are the arguments.

Since there is no way to prove number one, the Governor has to go with number two, and make a statement. If it was just the one instance, he could have just sat back and ignored it. But after discovering the blog used the “offensive” term five different times, as the chief executive of the state he has to do something.

Does this mean Pat McPherson is a racist? Or that he can’t say something — maybe even something offensive if he wants to?

Heck, there is an argument he could have/should have gone the other way, and said, “Dang straight, I wrote it!” (Well, maybe not “dang straight…) And then followed it up with an argument of , why what he wrote is not racist, and all of the things he has done in his life that prove he isn’t a racist, etc. etc.

He probably still gets called a racist and people call for his resignation, but at least at that point he is arguing in the positive sense, instead of spending the rest of his political life apologizing.

And FWIW people we have communicated with say he is NOT a racist…but maybe does enjoy being a bit of a verbal bomb-thrower.

But as we noted above,  what was written by either McPherson or someone else, is derogatory and whoever wrote it is a dope. And running for office with blog posts like that, means you’re going to be sunk.


And speaking of free speech and transparency, the Legislature’s Rules Committee voted unanimously to continue having secret votes for Committee Chairs.

And ALL the Republicans voted against open votes.

I guess that is “non-partisan” huh? If that floats your boat.
You can bet the Dems are happy about it.


This Saturday is the 9 year anniversary of Leavenworth St.


And we are going to tease this just a little longer to say that Coming Soon, there will be some changes here on Leavenworth St. and beyond.

We are still in the prep stage, but we will let you know our plans.
Or at least our plans for our plans.

We are looking forward to it.


  1. Anon says:

    The Charlie Hebdo comparison is sick. No one is threatening violence against McPherson and No one on the editorial board of Hebdo holds elective office. It was a pathetic attempt to lump a Democrat in with terrorists.

  2. Ricky says:

    Of course McPherson wrote those blog posts. So in addition to being a racist he is a liar also when he said he didn’t write the posts.
    Gov Ricketts did come out and condemn the language, but then he said according to the OWH; “While many Nebraskans disagree with our president on many issues,” … well Gov in the words of BO Pelini “f em”!
    Many Nebraskans agree with the President on many issues! Ricketts seems to excuse the language because in his mind many Nebraskans disagree with Mr Obama on many issues. What a load of crap.
    Also Mr Powers has a good point when he said the supporters of McPherson, like Aimee Melton, should be asked if they still support McPherson and will they ask him to resign his seat, which of course he should resign.

    ricky from omaha

  3. Macdaddy says:

    #2, not yet they aren’t but give the Left time. Violence is all the rage on the Left. See Ferguson and NYC. Hands up don’t shoot and I can’t breathe will soon be coming to a state BOE meeting near you. I’m sure it will just be a matter of time before Powers will be advised to turn to violence to score a real victory. Maybe he should take steps now to reassure the rest of us that he will not only renounce violent protests over this but will also work to make sure that violence doesn’t break out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be the first to say it: this is why we can’t have nice things!

    On the one Hand, we have the Libre initiative doing great things to promote conservative principles and educate people who would otherwise be uninvolved. On the other hand we have assholes who think they’re clever calling our President (who happens to be mulatto) a freaking half breed.

    Whether the anonymous author meant it as a joke or as a bigoted dig does not matter because that’s just something that a wise person does not write. It’s people who fall into the latter category who are keeping us out of the whitehouse. Dinosaurs whose relevance has worn out its welcome.

  5. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Mr. Powers never has been a fan of freedom of speech. He isn’t really so upset about the words a contributor to Pat McPherson’s blog wrote, he’s more riled that he didn’t have the opportunity to silence them before they were written.
    Apparently the phrase that has Mr. Powers so perturbed appeared on the pages of The Objective Conservative at least five times since May of 2011, so why is he setting his hair on fire and grandstanding before the cameras now? Could it be he was handed his ass in the recent elections and has to do SOMETHING to divert the attention from his own failures? His greatest “achievement” was getting a guy elected to the House who has already proven himself to be as big, if not a bigger, DINO than Mr. Powers’ puppet master, Ben Nelson, ever was.
    Yeah, I am a Democrat, and I like to think of myself as a REAL one, and I know I’ll be excoriated for what I’m writing here now and called a “traitor” to my own party, but the real enemies of my party reside within its hierarchy. They are the ones who have turned their backs on the resolutions passed at the State Convention and by the State Central Committee that were presented by the Black Caucus, the Latino Caucus, The LGBT Caucus, the Women’s Caucus and others. They are the ones that spend their time grandstanding with self agrandizing blather in front of the cameras and with their news releases that serve nothing to do the work of the people as directed by their superiors. If they were employees of a business they’d have been shown the door long ago.
    Rather than wasting his time rabble-rousing over inconsequential incidents such as this one, elevating it to a nine alarm fire, why doesn’t Mr. Powers pursue the issues that the SC and SCC have directed him to resolve? The sewers in North Omaha still are an issue aren’t they? Whiteclay is still an issue isn’t it? And, of course, my personal favorite, the promotion and support of medical marijuana, a resolution passed UNANIMOUSLY by the NDP’s “supreme governing body” has received none.
    Mr. Powers, get off your fat ass, forget these bullshit crusades and just do the job that you wanted so freaking much!

  6. TexasAnnie says:

    The sewers in Omaha are still an issue?
    Those sewers, like the DD waiting list, were “issues” throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s. I thought as I packed and left in the mid-2000’s that some action was being taken about those sewers!

    And with regard to name-calling, uh, isn’t that commonplace among Nebraskans? One would certainly believe so by simply reading this blog.

  7. Curious says:

    Where is the outrage from the media over secret ballots in the legislature? They vilified the university guys over not wanting to disclose the four finalists for president in lengthy op-eds, but disclosure of votes to elect the leaders of the legislative branch is no big deal? The LJS talks of the “strength of nonpartisanship”. And the OWH gets DEMOCRAT Ashford to write “Norris’ bipartisan model shows right way to govern”. Curiously liberal bias to protect their democrat friends in the legislature.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Good points BTO. Good points. Better to leave out the “fat ass” and “bullshit” references since it seems to be indicative of both parties fluffing the pillows.

  9. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Both parties DO fluff the pillows. I would venture to say that the problems endemic to the NDP find themselves replicated in the NEGOP.

  10. Brian T. Osborn says:

    The appropriate time for the State Chair of a political party to bring up such matters as the use of derogatory racial slurs appearing on the blog of a candidate from the opposition party is BEFORE the election. If Mr. Powers had been paying more attention to such matters than he was to raising cash at fundraisers, in order to have enough cash to throw more fundraisers, perhaps a Democrat might have won the seat that he is complaining about today.
    The purpose of a State Chair is rather like that of an evangelist. He should spread the gospel, seek new adherents to the faith, lend a helping hand to those in need and offer solace to the suffering. All that Mr. Powers and his immediate predecessors have accomplished in their roles is that they have learned to pass the collection plate to finance the feasts in the rectory.

  11. Brian T. Osborn says:

    As for Mr. McPherson, I am one Liberal Democrat that would encourage him to stand up to Mr. Powers’ bullying and put his Objective Conservative blog back on line. True Democratic ideals do not support censorship in any form. I would very likely disagree with nearly every comment that Mr. McPherson, and his collaborators, might post to his blog, but I will defend to my end their right to have, and communicate, their opinions. How can I argue the validity of my positions, and the wrong-headedness of his, if he is intimidated into silence?
    Whether Mr. McPherson should retain his seat on the State Board of Education is a question for his constituents, not one for Gov. Ricketts. If they are uncomfortable with him representing them there is the process of petition to recall. You’d think that a person intelligent enough to become a successful attorney would be aware of that! Also, if the folks that elected Mr. McPherson are ignorant rascists, shouldn’t they be entitled to representation by one of their peers? That isn’t to say that Pat is all that, but he has allowed one to speak on his behalf or in his stead.

  12. Dan Moser says:

    I confess I didn’t follow McPherson’s campaign, don’t even know whether he was opposed, but can anyone who did follow it say whether news media reported about his blog? If not, that seems like poor journalism. If so, and voters chose him anyway, they knew what they were getting, I suppose.

  13. Drew says:

    As a reader of McPherson’s blog, I can understand why people are upset over the use of words. However, to refer to the statements on the blog as racism is counterproductive and misleading.

    The anonymous writer, in referring to President Obama, stated: “Now our great Black Leader (actually, if he were a Republican the liberals would call him what he is–a half-breed) in Washington wants to give everyone a free community college education.”

    The vitriolic sentence is 100 percent accurate as the writer is alluding to the racist history of the Democrat Party. In the past, Democrats of the South were called Dixicrats, supported the KKK and Jim Crow laws. The KKK acted as a paramilitary branch of the Democrat Party as it actively lynched Republicans for opposing slavery. If Obama was a Republican, Democrats would throw racial slurs at him in the same way Hillary Democrats questioned his birth certificate in the primaries.

    Furthermore, the Democrat Party keeps promoting President Obama as the first black president when he is actually the first biracial president. In fact, Obama is distantly related to former President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. But the Democrat Party is not interested in being honest. They want to play race games and manipulate people.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Add Drew to the list of people who are incapable of understanding that things change over time; especially over 50 years. The Democratic party of today is about 180 degrees opposite of the Democratic party back then. Same with the Republican party. Just because something has the same label does not mean it is unchanged over time. Is that so hard to understand???

  15. Brian T. Osborn. says:

    Drew, as one who lived in the South for a while, having served there in the U. S. Navy, I can assure you that many of the sentiments once held dear to the Democrats of yore are now firmly in possession of today’s southern Republicans. Abe Lincoln is spinning in his grave.

  16. The irony is, Charlie Hebdo’s usual content was routinely far more ‘offensive’ than calling Obama by an unfashionable epithet (biracial, now, is still OK). And the French, that is, those French who are not religious nutcases, seemed to be able to deal with it. So much for our vaunted first amendment.

    (By the way, if one pursued the comparison, Vince Powers would be our equivalent of the Brothers Koulibaly. Of course, I would never make that comparison, being a kind and compasionate soul. )

    Still, I don’t see what Obama’s race has to do with anything.

  17. TexasAnnie says:

    I agree, Brian, that free speech means just that! But the use of derogatory terms and name-calling inhibits communication and stifles understanding. And I certainly do expect elected officials to communicate effectively.

    And Drew, if Obama considers himself ‘black’ then he is a black. Period.
    I have two bi-racial nieces. As adults, one married a white Morman and became ‘white.’ To my knowledge, nobody up there in Utah consider her children ‘quarter-breed.’ The other identifies with the black culture. I just spent time with her over X-mas wherein we enjoyed our similarities more than our differences. We even laughed about the brouhaha over racism!

  18. TexasAnnie says:

    Uh, yeah, Southern Republicans, particularly in rural Texas, are often bigots, Brian.

    But your assessment is unequivocally un-true in Austin, Houston and Dallas. And in San Antonio, the Hispanic culture RULES!

  19. TexasAnnie says:

    Well, I don’t know. What is your genetic heritage? What culture do you identify with?
    Again, are you just disagreeing to be disagreeable RWP?

  20. You’re begging the question. I don’t think one is racist and the other not. Twain used the N word copiously, and he was considered quite enlightened.

    I’m old enough to remember when ‘negro’ and ‘colored person’ were considered polite. Then we decided they weren’t, and ‘black’ was in. Now it’s ‘African American’. Meanwhile, ‘person of color’ is OK, but ‘colored person’ is not.

    Same thing with disabilities. Once ‘retarded’ was polite, then it wasn’t, and we used ‘disabled’. Now we use ‘challenged’ or ‘differently abled’.

    Euphemisms have a shelf life. Initially they’re used only by the enlightened, then they pass into common usage, and eventually they start being considered derogatory, and to be replaced by a new euphemism. It has no logic. It’s simply a tribute to the mindlessness of political correctness.

  21. Brian T. Osborn says:

    For the record, my race is … human. At least that is what I put on the line on my Census report, after checking “other” because I didn’t like the choices I was offered.

  22. Drew says:

    To poster 22 who said:
    “Add Drew to the list of people who are incapable of understanding that things change over time”

    The Democrat Party has only marginally changed. If you recall Hillary Clinton’s campaign, they are the ones who brought up Obama’s birth certificate issue. Also, you need only look to how Senators Reid and Biden referred to him to see there is clearly lots of prejudice in the Democrat Party.

    To poster 26 who said:

    “And Drew, if Obama considers himself ‘black’ then he is a black. Period.”

    You are absolutely wrong. He is President of the United States and President to all Americans. He has to be honest about his heritage or there is no reason to trust him.

  23. Ricky says:

    Wow! So far I have to appreciate our new Governor. I applaud Ricketts for calling for the resignation of McPherson. Of course it is really early, but so far Mr Ricketts has not done anything to piss me off.
    Also, I emailed my city council person Aimee Melton, like Mr Powers suggested, and asked since she endorsed McPherson would she condemn his remarks and call on him to resign?
    Of course she did no such thing. I CC’d Mr Daub and Franklin Thompson, but they did nothing so I guess they agree with McPherson’s comments about our great President.
    I can’t believe Mr Thompson is a Republican to tell you the truth. Why would he stand with McPherson and the bigots that live in the GOP?
    It is pretty sad how ugly the treatment is of our first black President by the Repubs. That’s why I can not stand those people.

    ricky from omaha

  24. Darwinner says:

    Half breed is a harsh phrase. Breeding implies rutting sex beyond the legality and moral sanctity of marriage. Say, between a PhD candidate and an already married bigamist who under state law, one would assume, were illegally married, such a contract being void from the outset. But I suppose “biracial bastard” is also a bit harsh. Still, accuracy counts.

    As for McPherson, his problem isn’t what anyone opined on his website. It is that as a school board member he had a website at all. As Brian suggests, a free opinion on a blog about any president is what it is, protected political speech. When we start punishing people for what they think and say, we are on a slope away from freedom. However, Pat McPherson wasn’t free. He asked to be saddled with 24/7 power and then stupidly thought it came with an on/off switch for relaxing his guard.

    The price of fame and public power is eternal attention to your mature image 24/7. That drives some to suicide. More often the empowered simply doze off and fall off the common sense wagon, or jump off, and busloads of paparazzi drive over them.

  25. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I find it very interesting, and humorous, that so many Republicans accept the fact that when NDP Chair Vince Powers tells Gov. Ricketts that he has to jump, Pete replies, “How high?”
    Have I taught you nothing, Grasshopper?

  26. Holdrege Voter says:

    BTO tell us how you can bring the success in Phelps county with Dave Domina getting 14% of the vote to a statewide level, I’m sure Vince would be interested to learn, considering the NDP just picked up a federal congressional seat.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Remember when BTO created a blog name on here called “Piggly Wiggly” to cyberbully a heavy-set woman named Missy Wigley who worked for the NDP? I still love Missy for having the guts to stand up to a raving sociopath like Brian T. Osborn. She didn’t take any B.S. from B.T.O.

  28. So... says:

    Should the same people who are calling for the ouster of McPherson for the failure to oversee a blog don’t seem to be calling for the ouster of Ernie Chambers who often insults religion and white folks on the floor on a daily basis. Don’t have a double standard. You know, goose/gander thing.

    P.S. Sweeper, if my “goose/gander” comparison is somehow deemed racist, and you lose that library board race you have entered because of it, I apologize in advance.

  29. Macdaddy says:

    If Obama were Republican they’d call him an Uncle Tom.

    Good for McPherson for sticking up for his First Amendment rights and those of others. Ricketts was a fool for getting in the middle of it. “Well, I haven’t seen the post in question nor have I looked into this. I think that this is a matter for the voters to decide and if they don’t like what was said, they can vote against him. Next question.”

    How freaking hard can it be, politicians, to show some discretion and not stick your nose into every little thing? Morons.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Not defending anything on the McPherson blog here but it’s true as stated above. Ernie is the biggest racist in the State and his comments on the floor of the Legislature and in hearings are replete with vile references. Never is he censured by his own colleagues nor asked to resign. Supposedly there is immunity as a legislator from defamation and slander for what is put into the public record and he abuses that privilege on an almost daily basis. If someone did a compilation of all of the terrible, hateful things he has said on the public record over the years, it would fill a very thick book. But because he’s Senator Chambers, he is untouchable.

  31. Bob Loblaw says:

    There is probably very very few things policy wish that BTO and I would agree on. But, he always makes very valid points about the current state of the Democratic Party in this state. What I don’t understand is why more Dems aren’t upset with the leadership of their party in this state. Who is the standard bearer for Nebraska Dems? If it’s Viince Powers then you guys have some serious problems. The Democrat Party has been reduced to an after thought in this state, yet you continue to have the same leadership. I want a strong opposition party here.

    I like the games when the Huskers beat the Michigan States of the world rather than South Dakota State. Right now the Democrats in Nebraska remind me of Illinois football. It’s time you fire your coach and recruit some better players. Otherwise you’re on the path to even more irrelevance in Nebraska.

  32. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Bob, they had their chance. I offered them a revolution when I ran against Vince Powers for Chair of the NDP. I told them that I would serve THEM, not myself – that I would work hard to help them achieve the goals they set for the party in their platform and the resolutions passed by the SC and SCC. Perhaps the thing that scared them off is that I said I would also expect them to do more than merely show up to meetings for the free donuts.
    The majority of the delegates to the NDP State Convention chose to be led around by their noses. They chose to be led by a guy that ignores everybody in the party except his chosen few. They elected a guy who trumpets as his success the election of a Congressman that has already made it clear that he intends to support the Republican Party.
    I knew I had the chances of the proverbial snowball in hell of actually being elected, but at least I said some of the things that needed saying. My words fell on mostly deaf ears. The momentum of the NDP is carrying it headlong to the precipice and the passengers are all excited about the plunge. It kind of reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes.
    I know I didn’t work as hard at getting my Domina percentage above 18.67%, the median for all counties. I suspect it had something to do with the general malaise I felt after witnessing the hopelessness of it all at the 2014 NDP State Convention.
    Stay tuned for some more pithy comments from my mentally challenged stalker.

  33. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Before my stalker starts in on that 14% for Domina in Phelps County, I’d like to know what he/she thinks about the FACT that it would take the sum of Democratic votes from 59 of the lower performing counties, out of 93, to accumulate that same percentage on a statewide basis. The cumulative votes (73, 945) from all of the 91 counties outside of Lancaster and Douglas wouldn’t even arrive at half of the total votes that Mr. Domina received in this state. To me, that indicates that the NDP is, and has, ignored the rural areas of this state for far too long.
    Rather than doing anything about turning those kinds of statistics around, those who have “led” the NDP over the past several years have preferred to send their anonymous attack dogs after those, like me, that express their disdain over such “leadership.”

  34. Objective Conservative says:

    Well a million thanks to Mr Street Sweeper for letting me transfer over my little blog to L Street.
    Man who would have thought I would stir up such a hornets nest with a blog nobody reads?
    What has gotten into that Pete Ricketts anyway? Doesn’t he know being a bigot in the Nebraska Republican Party is acceptable? Especially with “Barry” in the White House?
    Glad some of my fellow like minded Republicans like John Chatelin did in today’s paper. Don’t tell anybody but I actually think that guy is a slumlord, but God Bless him for sticking up for my racism!
    And Hal Daub, why that old boss of mine is just a peach for keeping quiet and not calling for my resignation or anything like that.
    In fact, I sort of like the idea of staying at my post and driving the teachers union batty and all those liberals who support the Kenyan in the Oval Office who is a socialist and acts pretty uppity.
    Funny thing is I wrote about 20 of those types of blog posts that Powers don’t like, but only now people found out? God how dumb of them.
    Anyway Mr Street Sweeper thanks for taking on my blog here, at least until things quiet down and me and Birther Brian Bumgarner can go back to our ways in peace.

    “Red Robin”

  35. Macdaddy says:

    Good to know that the Nebraska Democrat Party’s only purpose is to patrol cyberspace. But I guess with the Republicans in the unicam all voting for secret ballots, what else do they need to do?

  36. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Macdaddy, that may be what gets Vince Powers’ rocks off, but I would prefer that my fellow Democrats take you conservative Republicans on in open debate. The NDP will continue on its path to total irrelevance so long as all that its leadership is capable of doing is throwing self-serving fundraisers, anonymously backstabbing anyone that agrees with the “leadership,” and grandstanding in front of any television camera it can find handy.
    During the years that I was actively involved in the NDP I spent a lot of my time exhorting my fellow party members to get off their fat asses and do something other than grin at each other as they stuffed their faces with the free donuts at the meetings. I told them that nothing would change until we met our opposition head on with letters to the editor, comments on blogs like LS, calling in to talk radio programs, writing letters to our representatives and daring to stick our heads out of our bunkers and speaking up for the things we collectively believed in. I was told to STFU, take it outside, and get in line with the wishes of my “superiors.” Hell! I was a registered Democrat in this state! I didn’t have any “superiors!”
    Vince and his cohorts like to get all flustered and self righteous, raining condemnation down on our Republican opponents for bullshit crises like his current crusade against Pat McPherson. But what, if anything, has the NDP stood FOR? All they do is rail against you guys for things you say or do. When was the last time that Vince stood up for those things that the collective will of Nebraska’s Democrats demanded of him? He’s a lazy ass that plasters his mug in front of a TV camera once in a blue moon and feigns indignation. That’s about it.
    I still want to foment a revolution within the Nebraska Democratic Party. I would love to have an army of self-assured Liberals that are capable of arguing with passion for the things they believe in. I don’t necessarily want to lead it. I would hope that each and every one of them was a commando capable of combating for their own beliefs. Unfortunately, most of those that have been involved with the NDP are more concerned about not rocking the boat, about playing nicey-nice amongst themselves and with others. They don’t want to get hurt, or to hurt the feelings of anyone else. Me? I’m not so concerned about that. I believe that Liberalism has been the salvation of this nation and is the key to its successful future. I am not ashamed to be a loud mouthed Democrat that shouts from the ramparts in defense of what he believes in. I’m just not a very good fit for the NDP as it stands today.

  37. Brian T. Osborn. says:

    Isn’t it hilarious how Vince’s trained monkey never disagrees with my comments? All they’ve got to offer is turd tossing. This demonstrates exactly the points I’ve made above. You’d think that a guy that makes his living by arguing could do better than that.

  38. TexasAnnie says:

    Brian, you have peaked my interest. Just what exactly would you debate with the Republicans? While living there, I was not familiar with the Democrat Party, per se, but I did watch the unicam, virtually daily, and I could not distinguish a difference between the R’s and D’s via voting records.

    They both supported tax incentives and tax deductions for large corporations and low-income individuals respectively, leaving those in the middle with the tab. They both supported excessive university spending, leaving the developmentally disabled on waiting lists, —for decades, not years. They both supported defunding Health & Human Services while building recreational venues (particularly in Omaha) for the leisure class. And they both supported the antics of NRL + Ben Nelson, the prime source of distress for the disabled among y’all.

    Those outcomes left an impermeable impression upon me that Nebraskans, collectively, are “trained monkeys” with schizophrenia to boot! So convince me, Brian, just what does the Democrat Party stand for and against? I get it that you believe Nebraska D’s are on the wrong path, but what of the Democrat Party beyond Nebraska? When the Clintons were in power and now the Obamas, nothing changed with regard to tax injustice, human services, education, infrastructure, warfare and on and on, as compared to Bush administrations. Only our health care system has changed…

  39. TexasAnnie says:

    P.S. I meant to make a statement about the Ernie Chambers comment above. YEP! His daily rants were beyond offensive. He is racist, but he believes only white people are capable of “racism” because one must be in a position of power to act from a racist point of view. He was able to slow or stop bills, but mostly incapable of getting bills passed. And on the issue of human and civil rights, he was akin to a terrorist, not a leader. The man is not one-tenth as brilliant as he deems himself. But like a fool, the first few years I watched the unicameral, I believed in the myth of Ernie Chambers.

  40. Lil Mac says:

    How dare you call us Nebraska monkeys “trained”! Not hardly. And schizophrenia? Also not hardly.

    You are pointing your finger at people trying to make laws within a (1) nonpartisan, (2) single house, legislature. There is no second house to hold them accountable and no party structure to hold them accountable. Nothing holds them accountable between elections. Water flows downhill. Poop floats to the top. And human nature takes the easiest route. Thus, when you find a state has taken the brakes and steering wheel off of its lawmaking mechanism, you can hardly blame the drivers or passengers for being in the resultant wreck.

    The answer is to fix the breaks and reinstall a steering wheel on lawmaking.

    The problem isn’t Nebraskans. It is that Nebraska has a nonpartisan unicameral. Put the same broken lawmaking vehicle in Texas and Texans will have the same broken lawmaking.

  41. Macdaddy says:

    BTO, it doesn’t look like the NEGOP stands for much either. The spineless wonders that we just elected didn’t take long to show their true colors. Twelve people were brutally murdered over a cartoon and Ricketts and Sasse can’t even find the Constitutional sympathy to stand up for somebody else’s right to type a single word. Instead, they think an elected official needs to quit because he didn’t censor somebody else fast enough. I knew I shouldn’t have voted for BenSasse but I did anyway, figuring it would take at least 3 months before his RINO colors came shining through but I have to say I am embarrassed that I voted for Ricketts. He blind-sided me. I didn’t expect him to be a PC squish. BTO, you need to relax about Powers, though. Your side won without holding any elected offices. Congratulations.

  42. Brian T. Osborn. says:

    Texas Annie, I am a different kind of political animal than most. You see, I actually believe in such things as constitutions, bylaws, rule of law and due process. I am bright enough to know that you should work within the rules to change them. That is why I support the political process. Unfortunately, both parties here in Nebraska are populated by lazy people who prefer to hand the reins over to not-so-benevolent despots that ignore the framework of rules that are supposed to guide them and advace their personal policies through lies, intimidation and threats.
    Maybe I’m wrong about the majority of Democrats and what I perceive them to believe, but I don’t think so. I see within the NDP’s Platform and the resolutions they have passed over the years pretty much the same kinds of things that I believe in. However, there is no implementation of the will of the people. They expect the person they hand the reins to to follow the course they have set, then lean back in the wagon and expect to arrive at the proper destination. It is unfortunate that all too often, the person holding the reins has other ideas about where to go and how to get there. Mr. Powers is hell bent on driving the team, and the wagon, over the ciff. Who knows what a thrill it must be? I think a lot of Nebraska’s Republicans feel the same way about the leadership of their own party.
    Those chosen by the party leadership are hand picked for a variety of reasons, usually having nothing to do with the will of the rank and file. Those candidates that present themselves, and are in disagreement with their part’s hierarchy, receive little or no support from the party rulers. Just ask many of the NDP’s recent candidates for Governor, Senate, the House and other offices just how “helpful” the NDP was to their campaigns. Generally they have only served to help fill the party coffers.

    Macdaddy, I admit to having a personality defect that inhibits me from shutting my mouth and doing as I am told. I readily admit to having issues with authoritarian figures. I also have a thing about phony moralists.
    I believe that once you present yourself for any office, and are elected, then it is your responsibility to actually represent those who put you there – be it as a Governor, Senator or State Chair of a political party. For some offices you elect a person and there is an expectation that they will make decisions based on their own beliefs. You elect them because you share those beliefs. In other cases you expect them to represent the beliefs of the organization to which you belong. Governors, Senators and state legislators fall into that first category; State Chairs of political parties fall into the second one.
    I don’t feel that the NDP “won” anything of value via Vince Powers’ public display of feigned righteousness. I think, if anything, he has denigrated our support for the value of our U.S. Constitution’s 1st Amendment. He may have scored some partsan points, but it served nothing in defense of our liberties.

  43. Brian T. Osborn. says:

    And before the grammer cop on patrol comes after me, I apologize for my misspellings above, and elsewhere. Anyone that posts from an iPhone knows what I mean.

  44. Unemployed In Holdrege says:

    You notice intermittent periods where BTO isn’t writing on here. It is entirely based on whether he’s too broke to pay his Internet bill or not.

  45. Brian T. Osborn says:

    UiH, Why don’t you go back to Vince and ask him for some new material? This same old lame shtick of yours could use an update. If it were based on anything resembling facts, or included any humor, even I would get a kick out of it. As it is, I’m getting pretty tired of your dirty diaper stench around here, and I’m certain that many of the other Leavenworth Street residents agree with me. You are obviously mentally ill.

    Seek help.

  46. oh my politics says:

    Will all democrats who post on this website do the honorable thing and ask for the resignation of Ernie Chambers? We’re waiting….

  47. Anonymous says:

    “oh my politics” you are confusing rebuttably presumed political affiliation with control. Senator Chambers lends credibility to the NDP and not the other way ’round. I’d sooner ask Chambers to tell Democrats what to do. He’d ask them to do the wrong thing, but at least he could get them moving.

  48. oh my politics says:

    So Texas Annie? Call for his resignation. He says, on the floor of the legislature, vile hateful things. Party affiliation or lack thereof shouldn’t matter. Say it out loud and say “RESIGN ERNIE!” For the sake of the children Annie, say it! The state can’t continue to do it’s business if he stays right? Right?

  49. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Senator Chambers is an equal opportunity offender. He steps on the toes of anyone that he perceives as being an ignoramus, and he is usually right – it doesn’t matter whether they are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent.
    I actually enjoy watching him holding school in the Legislature. He doesn’t just browbeat others, he really attempts to teach them how to their jobs correctly!
    If everyone that ever offended someone else was to be precluded from serving in any kind of public office, there could be no one on the ballot, not even you “oh my politics.”

  50. TexasAnnie says:

    Why should I call for Chambers resignation? I don’t even live in Nebraska! I have only offered opinions based upon the experience of my prior placement there (i.e. your state’s policy of importing taxpayers in exchange for granting tax subsidies to large corporations). Perhaps YOU should call for Chambers resignation…

  51. TexasAnnie says:

    Lil Mac:
    I disagree with your statement: “The problem isn’t Nebraskans.” Of course it is!
    Y’all have initiative and referendum…

    Perhaps you don’t realize it, living so close to ‘the problem,’ but IF Nebraskans wanted a partisan, two-house legislature, they could have it. It’s simply not what they (the majority) want.

  52. TexasAnnie says:

    I agree, Brian. Senator Chambers IS an equal opportunity offender.
    I disagree, Brian. Senator Chambers does not ‘school’ anyone. He bullies.

  53. I’ve dealt with Chambers, testifying before the legislature a couple of times. BTO and TA are both right. He’s an incredibly adept debater, and can usually find the loophole or refutation while his adversary is still registering what was said. And he’s a bully; when I testified on a bill to institute race-based scholarships at NU, Chambers offered to come down and punch me in the face (privileged speech, of course, as Ernie knew).

    I was going afterwards to walk up to him outside the chamber and and tell him to take his best shot, but a wiser colleague talked me out of it.

    I still have a copy of the draft legislative minutes that record his remarks.

  54. Lil Mac says:

    Call people monkeys and you get a response. We political bloggers play a game of pseudo politics, the purpose of which is to lure others into a faux pas just below their own awareness radar. Other people’s seriousness is seriously funny.

    But seriously, I disagree with what seems your presumption that voters are rational and that the pendulum can swing between tyranny and balanced government. I concede that Nebraskans love to vote for the man not the party, and that such assists the evolution of imbalanced government. But freedom is a one way street that begins in revolution and once fallen doesn’t vote itself back to balance. As for voters, in NE or elsewhere, the nature of all choice is emotional and immediate and facts are later cherry picked to bolster that first impression or, only after substantial contrary evidence, quash it.

    Consider the case of “uncanniness”. All humans love seeing real people and they also enjoy artistic approximations of people, an enjoyment that increases as we view ever more lifelike likenesses, yet comes to an abrupt halt when we suddenly become aware it is too-human-but-not-quite (the creepy Tom Hanks conductor in Polar Express come to mind) which trips an instinctual threshold and we react with strong visceral aversion. Monkeys show the same response. Why? Take your pick; disease avoidance, mate selection, fear if mortality. We like to see a cartoon of our sweetie, and we love to see our actual sweetie, but if our sweetie is suddenly a robot, we run like hell. The point is, voters are people and people are primates. No exceptions.

    Romney’s people realized he seemed “unreal”. A bona fide fiscal adept running during a bad economy, he nevertheless displayed the asocial nature of many nerds, with him being a polished nerd which offered a discomforting dissonance. Whereas Obama, who seems clinically narcissistic with less grasp, has a pathology that centers on making others feel comfortable. Actors do this purposefully. The upshot is, voters prefer the soothing dim nutcase to the stiff able adept. Most vote out of hope and love. Reason has little to do with it.

    As campaigning, and indeed everything else, moves further away from the cerebrally textual to evocative imagery, voters become less rational. A bad portent? You bet it is.

  55. Anon says:

    McPherson wasn’t thrown under the bus. Throwing someone under the bus is when you pass blame for soemthing. The Governor didn’t use racist language, McPherson did. Calling on someone to take responsibility for something and do the right thing and resign is not “throwing them under the bus.”

    McPherson is hurting the state GOP. He needs to go.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Mr. McPherson doesn’t deserve his day in court. He says he didn’t do it, but we know better because the head man at the democrat party said so. Good for Senator Sasse and Governor Ricketts for obeying their master.

  57. Virginia RWP says:

    Nebraska had a half-breed reservation, one of a number of half-breed tracts in the Midwest. It’s on the north side of Indian Cave State Park, and was still labeled as such last time I was there. The term isn’t THAT offensive, if it still appears on state documents.

    It’s not as if the term itself is racist; it’s synonymous with biracial. It’s that, back in the day, being biracial was considered inferior, just as being Native American or black was.

  58. Virginia RWP says:

    What hurt the state GOP was the performance of GOP senators in the Unicam last week. Mr McPherson appears to have some spine, a rare commodity in the state GOP. He says he didn’t write the blog posts, and I see no reason to disbelieve him. And I’m sick of picayune gotcha politics.

  59. Macdaddy says:

    Not only that VA RWP, but those blog posts were there for all the voters to see when they went to the polls. What Powers, Ricketts, and Sasse are calling for is a subversion of our democracy. They should be ashamed. McPherson deserves a Profiles in Courage award.

  60. Anonymous says:

    So now being a racists make you qualified to win a Profiles in Courage award. WOW! The GOP has went down a new even lower path. And you wonder why you can’t win Presidential elections any more.

  61. Macdaddy says:

    The reason we didn’t win the last presidential election is because Obama cheated by using the IRS to sideline the Tea Party. Try winning without cheating sometime, democRAT.

  62. Objective Conservative says:

    Back to answer questions like the one at 5:44 PM. What am I doing for Martin Luther King Day?
    Why, we in the GOP have a meeting at Larry the Not Funny Tea Party Guys house to come up with a strategy to get the state to drop that day as a holiday.
    Anyway on my last post (and once again I thank Mr Street Sweeper for letting me piggyback on this blog after the unfortunate demise of my last blog), I was angry at Governor Ricketts for demanding my resignation. And for goodness sakes the next thing you know Sen. Sasse was doing the same thing.
    Damn that young whipper-snapper; doesn’t he know the first thing about Nebraska Repubicans? We get a bye on racism until Obama leaves the White House. Who does Obama think he is? What right does a half-breed have to live in that posh pad and give executive orders like he does?
    But give Mr Sasse a few years and he will get the lay of the land around here, and bigotry will be ongoing in Nebraska if the GOP has it’s way.
    So in case you are wondering; no, I don’t plan on resigning; at the next State Board of Ed meeting John Chatelin and his fellow slum lord Aspen and their spokesman Becka are scheduled to come and stand with me.
    And I am not planning on making any statements to the media; just let everybody go about their ways and soon they will forget about my little blog.
    Take care and have a great Martin Luther King Day (wink wink).

    “Red Robin”.

  63. Some Thoughts says:

    It’s probably a good thing that conservatives in Nebraska have a conversation about race. Ricketts and Sasse held a finger to the air and decided it was safer to call out McPherson than to remain silent; the facts were all out a few days ago, meaning they only changed their minds after assessing the political winds.

    Why are McPherson’s remarks a problem? If he were merely a blogger, I would go to the mat to defend his freedom of speech. He can insult who he likes and people can judge him accordingly. As a member of the Board of Ed, he is responsible for making important decisions concerning the development of our state’s children, many of whom are biracial. Frankly, I don’t trust him to do that in an impartial, informed manner. I worry he doesn’t see all of them as deserving of the same respect, care, and attention we give all our school children, and will make decisions with that attitude. It’s not enough to “disavow” use of a racist slur while making the unbelievable claim he was ignorant of its presence there. In short, I don’t think he believes it was wrong if he can’t even explain why that was wrong.

    Does using a “racist” term make a person “a racist”? Honestly, I don’t care whether someone is “a” racist or not. I don’t care what’s in his heart. If his words or actions show that he is racist, then that’s all that matters. If he had rotten racist beliefs to the core, but he never said or did anything that was racially discriminatory or derogatory, then what’s the problem? God can sort out what’s in his private soul. I care about public actions, like making decisions about other people’s children while you have a blog that calls people “half-breeds”.

    I didn’t see the term “biracial” used above – could have missed a few, reading quickly – but I did see a lot of confusion about which terms to use and why certain terms are supposed to be “okay” while others aren’t. This is the standard for polite, civil persons: if a term has historically been employed as a racist slur, or if the term treats people as objects or as an inferior class, then it’s probably not a term you’d want used to describe your children. If you’re a polite, civil person, then you wouldn’t use such a term to describe anyone else’s children. If you are impolite and incivil, then say whatever rude thing you like, but be prepared to own the consequences for it just as you would for any other rude statement.

    Isn’t it “free speech” to say rude or even racist things? Absolutely. Isn’t it “anti free speech” to criticize your racist language when you use a racist term? Absolutely not. If you use terms that offend people, you may hear criticism. Unless someone is threatening you, your freedom of speech isn’t being violated.

    Isn’t it okay to use racist slurs or other insulting, disrespectful language because my political opponents do it? Doesn’t that make it okay? No. And you are stupid for thinking so.

    Can I say “a black” and “the blacks”? Can I say “mulatto”? Can I say “Oriental”? Yes, you can say whatever you like. However, if you would prefer that your daughter was not called “a white” or that people did not refer dismissively to “the whites” while never using that same reference to describe themselves, then you should probably say “black” without “a” or “the”. Mulatto and Oriental are old-fashioned terms that were rejected by most people because of the history of their usage and meaning. If you want to use such terms, go ahead, but in doing so you make clear that you never bothered to look into why that was a problem and that you don’t care to be polite or civil. These are not crimes; I encounter plenty of impolite, uncivil people every day! God bless people who are greeted or threatened with violence because they were impolite, especially when they were trying to use their impoliteness in service of the truth. I am not a brilliant satirist. I just want to be a nice person. I’ve never seen the downside of the effort to be respectful. However, people’s values differ and today’s world is very accepting of rudeness. I thought Nebraska was a little better than that; I thought conservatives were a little better than that.

  64. Ecru says:

    Dr. King spoke of a color-blind America. Instead, we today officially have a slave-blood population, as ordered by federal law, who are never allowed to be anything but slave derived. And from that is supposed to spring Black Pride. Pride from slavery? Asians were enslaved in California. Caucasians are still today enslaved by some Moslems elsewhere. Pride from slavery?

    Africans were enslaved by African Islamic slave traders (Obama’s dad’s ancestors) and then sold to American antebellum slave owners (Obama’s mom’s ancestors), and were eventually freed not by their own slave efforts (Spartacus after all ended up back in slavery) but by US law and only after a river of white blood had been shed. But then came the welfare. 20 acres and a mule for each freed slave, which went the same route as food stamps for candy at Walmart. And then came a century of Jim Crow law and vote suppression. While ignored by the federal government, the black community built strong decent families on faith and hard work. That same decency lead to Dr. King’s dream of an America where all children were colorless.

    Dr. King’s dream of colorblindness lasted about one minute. Whites who once owned blacks, now under Hubert Humphrey and others, created affirmative leveling welfare schemes to “help” Blacks but which ended up creating needy vote slaves.

    The pretext was federal help. The reality is federal branding by color.

    MLK’s dream was NOT that everyone forever be judged by a hyphenated color. But you are.

    You are not an American. You are by law your color. You are; a) an average White-American. Or, b) an Asian-American apparently better than other human beings because despite the fact that you are the smallest real minority and were stuffed into US prison camps in WWII, you are today more successful than Blacks or Whites because of your color. Or, you are, c) Black-
    American and thus slave-derived and thus cannot help but loot in Ferguson. It is your blood’s slave nature because you are officially Black per the affirmative action racial laws of the USA.

    Dr. King would be ashamed to see this.

  65. buck turgidson says:

    I’m amazed at the support for McPherson here.

    Anonymously calling the President a “half-breed” on your blog is hardly a profile in courage or a justifiable exercise in free speech. In fact, to author that post as a member of the state board of education is just plain stupid.

    McPherson doesn’t deserve to lose his position because he’s a racist, he deserves to lose it because he has (again) conducted himself in a profoundly idiotic way as a government official.

  66. Pinky Lee says:

    The real question is, when did the democrat party become aware of Objective Conservative’s comments? Did they stumble upon them after McPherson was elected or was this something they were well aware of before hand? Was this a political card stuffed up the sleeve to be played once McPherson took his oath of office thus making for a better hand once the pot was sweetened?
    Had Powers thrown down his cards before the election there is little doubt that Mr. McPherson would have lost. By waiting until after the election, he could play the race card and put the Republican party in a bad light. Gov. Ricketts and Sen. Sasse raising the stakes after all the cards had already been played only demonstrates their lack of poker playing skills.

  67. Cher says:

    I would like to point out that my hit song, “Half-Breed,” was about a person who went through life being put down as a “half-breed.” So, no, Mr. Leavenworth Street, my song did not celebrate racism. By the way, I’ll be in Vegas this weekend. Bring your redneck fannies down and catch my show.

  68. Hesdeadjim says:

    Make no mistake that I am very far from a Pat McPherson sympathizer. That being said, I would like to point out that #104 is flat out wrong and his or her argument is just plain dumb.

    1) “Anonymously calling the President a “half-breed” on your blog…” Objective Conservative was Pat’s blog, but there’s zero evidence that he (the owner of the blog) wrote the posts that featured the undesirable label.

    2) “McPherson doesn’t deserve to lose his position because he’s a racist, he deserves to lose it because he has (again) conducted himself in a profoundly idiotic way as a government official.” Another fallacy is present here. McPherson did not conduct himself in a profoundly idiotic way as a government official (this time). Pat McPherson was negligent in vetting/editing the posts on his blog written by other people, but that negligence took place before he was a government official (again).

    He’s still not qualified to sit on the state board of education, but one can hardly fault an unqualified person for being elected.

  69. Pinky Lee says:

    Another troubling thing about all of the piling on being done to Pat McPherson is the rehashing of the Red Robin incident. One would hope that once one is acquited of a crime, that the accusation would no longer be tied to your reputation. The World Herald’s reporter Matt Hansen posted an article today that digs up that old story once again as does the phony Objective Conservative on this blog.
    The question should be asked, who has the most to gain from burying McPherson?

  70. buck turgidson says:


    Your rebuttal seems to hinge on the lack of evidence McPherson wrote the post. It’s his blog. Excuses and lies aside, he’s as responsible as whoever (wink) wrote the post.

    Besides, I’ve been around since the beginning of the Objective Conservative’s unfortunate existence, and I’m sure you have to. How many other “anonymous” contributors do you suppose the blog’s had in that time? Here’s my guess: less than 1. Most of the guest contributors have generally been named, most likely because they’ve had no reason not to be.

    However, in its anonymous form, Objective Conservative has been used primarily as a blunt instrument to whack enemies on the opposite side of political grudges, grudges held vocally and unapologetically by Pat McPherson.

    I don’t believe he didn’t write it. I don’t believe he didn’t vet it. I do believe he’ll eventually resign.

  71. Hesdeadjim says:

    Dear Buck,
    Thank you for your prompt response with regard to my rebut of your comment #104.

    Both sides of the issue have the same problem here: lack of evidence. There is concrete evidence that guest writers have made contributions but no concrete evidence that McPherson himself did or did not personally author the anonymously written contributions. With so little evidence either way, would you ask a democrat to resign the same post? I can honestly say that I would not. It’s just not prudent.

  72. Pinky Lee says:

    What did the Nebraska Democrats have to say about Pat McPherson before his election to the State School Board? Here it is is directly from under the donkey’s tail. Pat McPherson should be suing Vince Powers for slander and demanding that he step down as Chair of the Nebraska Democrat Party. After all the following quote is directly from the NDP blog that Powers is responsible for. Shouldn’t Vince Powers be held to the same degree of responsibility as what he expects of Pat McPherson?

    30 OCTOBER 2014
    Metro area voters deserve to know about the disturbing track record of State School Board candidate Pat McPherson.

    McPherson was forced to resign as Douglas County Election Commissioner by then-Governor Mike Johanns when he learned that his appointee, McPherson, had been charged with third-degree sexual assault and disturbing the peace in 2003 in the infamous “Red Robin” incident. McPherson admitted in a federal court lawsuit that he had made physical contact with the young female dressed as a mascot in the areas of her back, shoulder and abdomen, and tugged the mascot’s tail While McPeherson was found not guilty of a crime his subsequent lawsuit against the Red Robin was thrown out of Court by a federal judge.
    The federal judge rejected McPherson’s attempt to blame the young woman. McPherson had claimed she knew her statements were false and “may have been motivated by a simple teenage desire to enjoy a Friday night.”

    McPherson’s behavior did not meet the standards of former Governor and now U.S. Senator Mike Johanns. Parents, students and teachers should not have a Board member who does not meet the standards for an Election Commissioner. The last thing Nebraska needs is a Board member who blamed a teenager for the problems he caused for himself.
    .end quote.

  73. Pinky Lee says:

    Two of the reasons why Pat McPherson was found not guilty were 1. because the girl claimed he lifted her costume to expose her underwear which was a physical impossibility because it was a one piece costume that you step into from the top and 2. was testimony from one of her co-workers that said she claimed she would get a lot of money from the accusation and she was going to buy a new car with it.
    This whole crises invented by the democrats is a reaction to being unable to beat him at the polls.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Here is an interesting comment from Pat McPherson’s opponent, Bob Meyers, from clear back in March of last year. This comes from the Bob Meyers for State Board of Education community page on Facebook.

    “Bob Meyers for State Board of Education
    March 31, 2014 · Edited ·
    I don’t know very much about my opponents in the election for District 8 of the State Board of Education. I have seen Ms. Jackson’s Facebook page, but that contains little about her position on what I consider to be critical issues for the state board. I have only seen Mr. McPherson’s writings on the blog to which he has contributed, but again I have no knowledge of his views on critical educational issues. As such, I will not speculate about how our opinions may be similar of different.”

    One would assume that since Mr. Meyers was aware of the content of Objective Conservative, that he should have been waving flags and blowing whistles about all of the racist content he found there as ammunition against his opponent. These comments have been appearing since 2011 after all.
    Maybe Mr. McPherson’s opponent agreed with the half-breed comments.

  75. Drew says:

    Everyone is being short sighted on this issue. The h word was directed at the President, not his supporters. If the Unicameral gets involved and tries to censure him, the whole state will cringe and freak out on Senator Ernie Chambers voting on the issue.

  76. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Let me get this straight. Mr. McPherson’s Democratic opponent probably knew about all this clear back in March and Vince Powers held on to it until last week to make a fuss about it? It seems SOMEBODY either isn’t doing their homework, or they did but just didn’t turn it in when it was due.
    And dredging up an old trumped up charge against Mr. McPherson and treating it as though it were something that he was actually guilty of? Vince, to paraphrase another attorney in another instance, “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

  77. Drew to 118 says:

    Ben Gray is a government official using a government email address to express racial resentment. Since I am the receiver of the email, I have reasons to object. A government official has a separate responsibility to serve the public, but the private citizens does not. The government official has a standard to uphold.

  78. What McPherson SHOULD do says:

    Have Vince or Ricketts ever demanded the resignation of Ernie Chambers for his outrageous racial comments on the floor of the Legislature, or on his infamous cable tv show? No. Why? McPherson is easy to throw under the bus. Governor and Sasse NEVER would call for Chamber’s resignation. So here’s what McPherson should do: Tell Sasse and the Gov that IF they call for Chambers to resign for similar offenses, and IF Ernie agrees to do it, McPherson would resign. If not, deal’s off. One caveat: The black pastors who demanded McPherson’s head must also demand Ernie’s, and get it. Guess what…McPherson will remain in office. BTW: If the OWH editorial page demands his resignation, they MUST also demand Ernie’s. They won’t. Why? They’re bigots. ‘Nuff said.

  79. still waiting says:

    When will Vince Powers condemn or ask Senator Chambers to step down? When will someone from the Omaha World Herald, who can spend multi columns on this story, ask Vince this question? We’re still waiting. The words spoken by Chambers are just as hurtful as was written on the blog. Vince needs to do the right thing and ask Ernie to resign.

  80. Brian T. Osborn says:

    If everyone that ever offended anyone else has to resign from their office, their job, their church … their families. Where does it end? At the rate we’re going Jesus Christ Himself would have to resign as the leader of His church because He tipped over a table or told Satan to get behind Him.

  81. Brian T. Osborn says:

    When will Vince Powers ever do the job he was elected to do and quit running around trying to score political points by this shameless grand-standing?

  82. Anonymous says:

    Drew: The Legislature can vote to censure someone from another government body? They don’t even censure their own..Ernie, and there is plenty to get upset about if you ever read floor debate transcripts.

  83. Anon says:

    Think how much better this makes Republicans look. We have the moral high ground if he resigns. The Dems? They’ve got Chris Jerram, Ernie Chambers, Brenda Council, etc., etc., etc. and what does their party leadership do? Nothing. They tolerate it.

  84. “I didn’t see the term “biracial” used above”

    You should have looked harder.

    Here’s the deal; if you were half-Indian and half Franch Canadian in 1840, the issue wasn’t that they called you a ‘half breed’. The issue was that they excluded you from society.

  85. Drew to 127 says:

    I sincerely think Republicans have painted themselves in to a corner by rashly calling for McPherson to resign. The Nebraska Board of Education can ask for McPherson to explain what he did, and if they do not like it, they can censure him. They have the right to do so but the sensitivity police are demanding much more. Unfortunately, Governor Ricketts is looking to short cut such proceedings with a resignation which would only embolden the left to attack Ricketts proposals down the line. The fact that Ricketts cannot see this alarms me.

  86. Macdaddy says:

    Drew, Ricketts and Sasse are trying to gain some goodwill from people who, when you stick out your hand in friendship, will drop a turd into it just because you are on the other side of the aisle and won’t acquiesce to their power grab. It’s a safe play because who gives a crap about the State Board of Education? Unfortunately for Petey and BenSasse, it will never ever be enough. It’s the scorpion and the frog.

  87. Oh Brian says:

    If we asked everybody to resign for something they wrote, said, thought we wouldn’t have anybody in office and that would probably include God because of the ten commandments…no sensitivity for other religions within those ten rules.

    But, since the Democrats have called for resignations, seems only fair that they be consistent and ask for anyone who has ever uttered, spoke or thought something that was offensive to anyone should be precluded from office.

  88. The BTOpranoes says:

    Brian Osborn why don’t you tell everyone on here about your big time mafia connections you got when you were stationed in Sicily in the Air Force? You bragged about it to everyone in Holdrege, tell us all about it here.

  89. . says:

    Vince Powers saw no problems with Brenda Council stealing campaign funds from those that donated to her campaign. He didn’t demand that she resign from her position. In fact, as her attorney, he argued that she should face no punishment at all. Evidently he thinks that stealing over $63,000 is a lesser offense than using a naughty word.
    “I didn’t see any reason to have brought this prosecution,” Powers said. “The state prosecution accomplished everything that needed to be accomplished — to send a warning to anyone who might think about doing this.”
    “We judge in Nebraska by the totality of a life,” Powers stated. “Sometimes a demon gets the best of you. We all fight demons. Today and this year, the demon won, but I’m positive Sen. Council will win in the end.”
    Must be you get a pass from Powers only if you are a Democrat.

  90. Anonymous says:

    This whole half breed thing would have blown over by now if the author had first written “with all due respect”. That pretty much gives you license to say anything you want because you’re saying it with all due respect.

  91. To 136 says:

    Great point. Which is worse. An actual crime of literally stealing from your donors or not paying attention to a word printed on a blog?

  92. V. Powers says:

    Definitely allowing some Republican to post a moderately offensive word on a little read blog. Democrats can do no wrong!

  93. The Omaha Warren Herald Editorial says:

    Replace todays editorial with Jeram and use the line “Suck my private sector” instead of half-breed. Hypocrites!!! How can Chris Jeram make city policy when one-half of Omaha is made up of women. While he did not write it he certainly endorsed it by holding up the t-shirt

  94. Nebraska still waits says:

    Nebraska still waits for all politicians. For all newspapers. For all internet cranks to call for the resignation of Ernie Chambers. Why the silence? Yes. Nebraska still waits.

  95. Ernie Watcher says:

    Ernie has said many times that he can’t leave the Legislature until his work is done. If you want rid of Ernie you’re going to have to get rid of the death penalty, mountain lion hunting, the bad cops in Omaha and a long list of other things.

  96. Getting this down pat says:

    Republicans did not “rashly call for McPherson to resign.” Gov. Ricketts did that sans rashness. And that was likely ultimately caused by what Street Sweeper says is McPherson enjoying being “a verbal bomb-thrower.”

    The racist chide was a handy lead in for Democrats. But the real concrete tied to Pat’s feet is that he was stupid enough to run a blog while in public office. He isn’t the first new winner to relax in the warmth of the limelight when that instead calls for a much tighter hold on one’s 24/7 behavior.

    Politics is full of wannabes who crave the dignity of public office but not the full time responsibility to act that way. People like Ricketts who have been in the painful media grinder are served well by that pain. The average person however has trouble with fame. They want it but not all the time.

    Running a blog as a public official signals that one believes paparazzi lead to applause when they really lead to career death. That seems like hubris or stupidity to believe that. We here aren’t in office and we can see it from where we sit. But maybe with enough back-pats we too would think we can relax.

    This case however is somewhat more flagrant. For McPherson isn’t a MUD director treating sewage. He is on the State Board of Education. Remember school? Remember when a kid tried to be a “verbal bomb-thrower” in class? Remember what happened to that kid?

  97. Anonymous says:

    Sen. Chambers has the luxury of a constituency that voted so solidly for the “black” candidate Obama (who has nothing but slave owners in his own family) therefore “black” Chambers could eat a kitten and still get reelected.

    But to be fair, Ernie isn’t stupid. He knows what he can get away with. That is indeed tailored to his racial situation but he has a good grasp of how to use that within the media.

    Yes, Ernie can be a huge racist and that doesn’t hurt him at all.

    This is hyphenated America. You aren’t allowed to be without a federally designated racial type. If you like Pat McPherson wish to run as a white male, you’d better have a sex change or a homosexual encounter or claim “one drop” of slave blood or find some other PC armor. That’s the way it is.

  98. SOTU says:

    Could someone smarter than me explain what Obama is thinking by proposing to tax gains on 529 college savings accounts as ordinary income instead of having earnings grow tax free? I’m solidly middle class and my wife and I save money for our kids in 529s in the hopes that our kids won’t have to take student loans like we did to pay for college. Why would Obama think that it is a good thing to tax this? What happened to no tax increases on those making under $250k? Wasn’t that a promise of his?

  99. Anonymous says:

    SOTU, there is no one smarter than you. Least of all the “C-“student tn the White House. Obama hasn’t gotten one iota smarter since he was elected. And the majority that elected him hasn’t either. Indeed, they grow less intelligent by the day.

    During the last 20,000 years, the success of Mankind’s technological rise to the social equivalent of Darwinian coach-potato has shrunk the human brain from 1,500cc to the current 1,350cc. That puts Barry dimwit in the vanguard.

    Your vague feeling of impending doom is a vestigial echo from back in the days when humans were smart enough not to find threats at all vague but quite crystal clear.

  100. Up In Smoke says:

    I see Tommy Garrett introduced a medical marijuana bill in the Legislature today.

    Does anyone want to bet on Vince Powers going to the bill hearing and supporting it on behalf of the NDP?

    Come on, Vince! Try a little bi-partisanship just this once.

  101. Brian T. Osborn says:

    This is an issue the NEGOP SHOULD support. If they do, and pass this bill, I promise that I will change my voter registration to Republican.

  102. Matthew 23:24 and McPherson says:

    McPherson makes a great vehicle for the black pastors demanding his head. It gives them an opportunity to exert their dominance over North Omaha, as homicides reach 8 for the first month of the year, while a year ago it was only 1. He’s a jerk who provides them a very convenient distraction. By all means, the discussion should be about McPherson, not the war in north Omaha where it is clear that black lives do not matter if it’s a black person who pulled the trigger. Matthew 23:24, “Ye blind guides,
    that strain out the gnat, and swallow the camel!”

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