The saga of the DCRP

Aimee-Melton-District-7Usually when politicians talk about bringing in a “Hired Gun” they mean an out of state consultant.

In the case of last night’s Douglas County Republican Party meeting, they literally meant hiring a dude with a gun as muscle for the event in case things got out of control. (And since when can a guy who is hired security get authority to tell people to calm down at a party meeting?)

But things came close to getting out of control.

Voices were raised, tempers flared.
People shouted over one another.
“Shut up!” was shouted more than once.

In a situation that screamed out for opposing parties to step into a smoke-filled room to hash things out, instead participants decided to settle each others hash out on the meeting floor in front of God and everyone.

The meeting started with an introduction by Party Elder, Hal Daub, and a close by party junior, City Councilperson Aimee Melton. But in the end, the meet, called alternatively a “shit storm” or a “shit show”, depending on who you talked to, ended up with a simple counting.

The side that wanted “Ron Paulista” Jon Tucker as the new Chairman beat the side who wanted “Non-Paulista” Brandon Petersen…by 6 votes. One would likely argue that the 17 people who got the boot from the Central Committee for missing meetings made the difference.

And the arguments about what constituted a meeting, or what was notice, or what was the course of conduct, didn’t make a difference in the end.

If you’re a party member, you hope this is the end.
The new Chair promised to personally call all the Central Committee members.
That’s a start.

And the aforementioned Aimee Melton noted that all the upheaval and disagreement needed to end when the lights were turned off. She noted that members from both sides of the aisle at the DCRP had helped on her campaign. And that if members didn’t come together there would be a victorious side: the Democrats.

(If nothing else comes out of this, it may be the breakout moment for Aimee Melton.)

We look forward to see what happens next.


Wow, interesting story in the OWH about the new gig for Governor Pete Ricketts adviser Jessica Moenning.

We had heard a while back that Ricketts was thinking of using private funds for a position, but we figured it was for the newly created C.O.O. position — and frankly let it drop when that became an official state job.

But with the revelation that Moenning will have some sort of quasi-public/private job, we found it…unusual, to say the least.

There are dozens of questions about this, right?
Will Moenning keep her current lobbying clients, on state issues?
Will she keep her state political clients?
Will she be subject to state ethical considerations?
Will the records of her activities be subject to public review?
Is she a state employee?
Is she a private adviser?
Is she working in a state office?
Who does she report to?
Who reports to her?
What guidelines does she fall under?
Is she campaign staff?
What of her husband’s lobbying?

Here is a legitimate question: If the State Auditor — who used to be Lt. Governor Mike Foley — wanted to audit her, could he? And what could he review?

The thing that we don’t get is that with questions like this, why even bother? Why not just make her either a public employee or keep her as a non-public kitchen cabinet adviser?

The C.O.O. and H.R. positions were “outside the box” for the Governor.
This one can’t even see the box.
We just aren’t clear why they’ve put themselves into this gray area.


The Pat McPherson saga slogs on.
So, everyone stands up and shakes their fist and tells him to quit!
And then…he doesn’t. And they can’t make him quit. And can’t fire him.

What now?
On the one hand, McPherson can stand his ground, demonstrate, to the best of his ability, that he’s not a racist, is fair and yadda yadda.

On the other hand, by staying in his gig, he gives the Dems the opportunity to constantly point at him as what’s wrong in the party. And he sticks it to all the other office holders who are forced to show how much they don’t like McPherson.

What a joy.


Stay tuned tomorrow…


  1. Anonymous says:

    A) Councilmember Melton desperately needs to get a new headshot that isn’t so poorly photo shopped. I’m no stranger to a little Vaseline on the lens but that’s just overdone
    B) Sweeper left out the term “cluster****” but I’ll let that slide because this is a family website.
    C) Ricketts is doing a great job- I’d like to see him drop in on DCRP and set the party straight, perhaps uniting the group enough that it is a tad better than completely irrelevant.

  2. The Great DCRP Purge of 2015 says:

    1) The way to deal with the Pat McPerson saga is to look at the bigger picture. Look at the State Board of Education (as well as the so called “learning community and it’s six-figure executive). What do they really do? What justifies their existence? The answer to both entities is, nothing. Look to Sen. Bill Kintner to lead the charge on eliminating both. 2) Another useless entity is the Douglas County Republican Party. Here is an organization that should be equated to a political germ breeding ground. The objective with Republicans over many years has been to attempt quiet damage control with it, since it does nothing more than create problems, and damage Republican candidates. A national embarrassment, it actively worked to elect Democrat Brad Ashford to office. This group purged members who allegedly had too many absences from meetings that were called in a manner that violated the Nebraska GOP’s constitution. (So much for people describing themselves as “constitutionalists.”) The DCRP wants to censure elected officials who are “registered Republicans.” Contrary to popular opinion, they’re not a board of review or a jury. Certain elements of the DCRP are destructive, and politically suicidal. Democrats don’t have this problem, and are smiling broadly over the whole mess. Republicans who run for party office should either support Republican candidates and elected officials, or be shown the door. Leave your cops with badges and guns outside the door, give meeting notices that conform to the state GOP constitution, and not kick people off who are away on military duty. WHAT? Away on reserve military duty? Yup. They did that. Unconsionable. There, we’ve solved three big problems in Nebraska. Certain people need to get busy. Certain people need to pull their heads out of their… The NEGOP needs to clean house at the DCRP, as it has done in the past, and instruct this entity to follow the party’s constitution, support, not damage Republican candidates and office holders, and try activities like voter turnout by having mail programs, phone calls, door to door efforts etc. Nah, they’re not capable of that. Forget what I just said. NEGOP: bring in the bulldozers.

  3. Haha ... Unity. says:

    Councilwoman Melton mentioned the only people who benefit from the inner-party bickering is the democrats. And she’s right. It’s a shame that one side of the room couldn’t come together and support Lee Terry. Unfortunately, we are all now represented by a democrat.

    Another time to come together would have been after Mitt Romney was named the nominee in 2012… But again, we had people lined up to go to the GOP national convention to support for Ron Paul. And they “wrote in” someone’s name rather than casting their ballot for the nominee…

    Now the child is crying wolf and the other members of the party aren’t so sure these members are really wanting to unite. Or they want us to unite to support their “agenda”. Hmm.. Maybe they should lead with their actions rather than their words.

  4. Was I seeing things? says:

    Could Baumgart not vote for Tucker last night because the Chairman is to remain neutral? Is that what I saw happen? If that’s the case, why was Baumgart campaigning for Tucker?

    Would seem a little strange that Baumgart couldn’t vote for Tucker but could use his position as outgoing Chairman to endorse him and campaign for him.

  5. Wait a Minute... says:

    I’d like to be more involved in the DCRP but between this and the crap I see on their Facebook page why would I want to waste my time?

  6. Baumgard's Thug says:

    What was a Armed Boys Town police officer doing at the DCRP meeting? He was open carrying a gun and displaying his badge.

  7. Anonymous says:

    As a republican, you should be all about open carry.
    why was a cop there? Nobody knows.

    I for one, welcome our new overlords.

    But seriously, I will be more involved with the county party moving forward but at the first sign of poo flinging a’la’ henry doorly zoo, I’m going to GTFO

  8. Felvik Vool says:

    Regarding the McPherson witch hunt, I’m curious that the democrat only found the offending post only recently. Would have thought if the teachers union spent $25,000 on their candidate they might have done opposition research by simply following Objective Conservative. Also, how does the University professor settilpngup his Facebook witch hunt page justify all the many posts? No classes to teach or is it more important to be offended. Another useful idiot for the left. Meanwhile children across the state will continue to squirm at their desks waiting for evil McPherson to destroy education as we know it. Another thing for them to fret about!.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am excited that our libertarian overlords remain in charge of the DCRP! All hail Jon ‘Ron Paul’ Tucker and his jackbooted thugs!

  10. Illiteracy Isn't a Good Look, Bryan says:

    As the reign of terror under “The People’s Republic of Baumgart” came to a close yesterday, Chairman Mao-gart successfully exercised his final power of discretion – or should we call it “selective reading?” Bryan and his sycophants have effectively carried out their Paulite-driven agenda under the guise of “Constitutionalism.” The U.S. Constitution enumerates the powers and limits of federal government (Oh, and Bryan, these can all be found in the following locations: Article I §§ 8-9, Article II § 2, and Article III § 2). The reason for pointing this out is that any self-proclaimed Constitutionalist knows (or in Bryan’s case, should know) that the responsibilities of an elected official are just as important to the success of any governing body as his or her official rights, if not more so.

    It has also been shown that regarding the recent vacating of DCRP Central Committee memberships, Mr. Baumgart succeeded in locating his power to appoint, but failed to locate his requirement that “[e]ach member of the Central Committee shall be notifed [sic] at least ten (10) days prior to all meetings, in writing of the time, date and place of each meeting, addressed to the last known post office address of such members.” Bryan, this excerpt can be found at Article V, § 2(D)(4) of the DCRP Constitution (in case you’re interested in being thorough next time you argue with a group of real Constitutionalists)

    Regardless of whether this has been ignored in the past, I think we can all agree that in claiming that he followed the DCRP Constitution, Bryan Baumgart actually lied. Yeah, we get it already – you don’t have to notify people that they have vacated their seat. But when proclaiming that you’re the victim of angered no-shows and were only following the rules, how about you actually follow ALL of them? Just a suggestion. Quite the scummy move, applying one rule right before the Chair election. Seems like grounds for a recount with the ousted members to me…

    But if I’m being 100% honest, I’m really looking forward to the #Baumgart4Congress campaign – for all that he did in the last year to boot Lee Terry out of office, I’m sure the NRCC will welcome him with open arms and pocketbooks.

    Sorry, was I just daydreaming? Realistically, that would be like Domina’s 70% self-funded Senate campaign against Sasse. Embarrassing. But keep burning those bridges, Bryan!

  11. Anonymous says:

    The Lee Terry groupies need to stop whining and crying. Face it, your guy lost…twice. Once in November and again last night. Get over it. Your days of having any influence are over. Oh, and stop your groupies from showing up drunk and acting belligerent. It really doesn’t help your cause.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can somebody from the State party please step in and sort this mess out? Dissolve the Douglas County party entirely. Void all questionable and pending acts. Take all assets and pay all outstanding debts. Blacklist everyone involved in the current mess and make them ineligible to hold office for, say, 3 years. Then proceed to rebuild the county party from the ground up. If the state party constitution is hard to understand and follow, it’s not sacred writ, change it to something that fosters organizational & electoral success. If this sounds outlandish I guess we can remain on the current, stellar course.

  13. I have a pretty good idea what Bryan Baumgart and the so-called Paulites stand for: limited government. I have no idea what the rest of the state GOP stands for, except perhaps their own career advancement. We have one GOP state senator who’s made her life mission Medicaid expansion, another who wants to dump the electoral college. Several of the others stymied voter ID. In no way are any of them distinguishable from a Democrat. We had Lee Terry, who was a cipher; and we still have Fortenberry, a RINO whose horn is growing by the day. And Pete Ricketts’ ‘tax reduction plan is prtty much indistinguishable from the Democrats’.

    All I see in this post is the whining of the out-maneuvered. When the majority of the state GOP start acting like Republicans, maybe I’ll reconsider. In the meantime, history belongs to those who show up. If a large part of the Douglas County Republican Party can’t make three successive meetings in a row, we’re all well rid of them.

  14. Fiscal Conservative says:

    The DCRP should bid all printing Contracts instead of using a sole source. Who does the DCRP printing? THE PUPPETMASTER

  15. Weapons violation and Boystown's involvement says:

    Since when does Boystown stick its nose into a political event with its badge and openly carried firearm? They have some explaining to do as to their conduct violating City of Omaha open carry ordinances. Do they have jurisdiction at a Republican cenral committee meeting whose members were unconstitutionall stripped of their credentials? A gun on your hip and an openly displayed shield says they can use deadly force. Was he an officer of law enforcement or as chief sergeant at arms only an officer of the meeting? Can’t be both…

  16. To DCRP Legal Counsel says:

    Was it legal for the Boystown Police Officer to be at the DCRP meeting open carrying his firearm and presenting his badge in Omaha? I hope the World Herald doesn’t hear about this.

  17. Macdaddy says:

    Stay strong McPherson. At least now people will pay attention to the state BOE. Cockroaches scurry when one turns on the light.

  18. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    Our Libertarian Overlords have shred the DCRP Constitution, imposed martial law Boystown style and stacked the voter rolls. Classic Liberals just without the Class.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Let’s be honest, Brandon’s speech last night sucked. He read it word for word, and the speech itself was sophomoric at best. Fundraising? Early voting? Uh, yeah. If that’s all he had, no thanks. He was talking to a room full of political professionals. Yawn. Jon at least sounded like a leader and had some actual plans to help grow the party.

  20. Ricky says:

    Can somebody explain what is going on with this post? I haven’t the foggiest idea what the issues are and what goes on at a Douglas County Republican meeting.
    So there is one faction of the GOP that was against Lee Terry? And another pragmatic wing that wanted to protect that seat?
    And who and what does Birther Bryan Baumgarner have to do with things? Is Aimee Melton like the up and comer Republican? What does her dad have to do with things?
    Was there a resolution at the meeting praising Pat McPherson for his fortitude in resisting attempts to get him to resign because he spoke what is in the hearts of most of the DCRP?
    This is really confusing.


  21. Anonymous says:

    And Rebecca and Jessica couldn’t attend any of the meetings because they were “working for Republican candidates”?? Puh-leeze. AT LEAST half of the people in that room were working for Republican candidates last fall, PLUS holding down other full time jobs, plus taking care of children, plus a host of other responsibilities. If they wanted to be excused all they had to do was make one phone call or send one email. My Gawd.

  22. Here's a thought... says:

    Maybe if the meetings werent a couple of hours long every single time, more people would be able to work it into their busy schedules.

  23. Really? says:

    My gosh, have Nebraska Republicans lost their collective minds? Armed guard? Come on, there is real crime in Omaha to defend against. Pat McPherson, give it up. All this is doing is solving for your feeling – not the best interests of the public school kids of Nebraska. Public/Private state government position? Could we just be honest and say it’s all about paying her more than Pete wanted to on the State dime…

  24. pre pubescent northwall says:

    Heard Andrew Northwall filed a complaint that he felt threatened by a peace officer carrying a firearm. Then was told to pound sand. Hahaha! Some Republican.

    “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.”

    ― Sigmund Freud

  25. Anonymous says:

    There are Democrats who want leftwing federal solutions. And there are Republicans who want rightwing federal solutions. Then too, there are Paulists who want no federal solutions except as a last resort. Many Paulists are constitutionalists.

    Paulists aren’t anarchists but simply believe that much of what the federal does today is more wisely and safely and better done by states, individuals, local groups and local governments and also by simply leaving some issues alone. — Paulists see federal government as a form of steel wool underwear that, regardless whatever we thought the garment might do for us, ends up irritating pimples and rashes that would resolve on their own into myriad festering painful sores. — Paulists see federal government as a hammer not a precision tool. And they demand less of it. To them the federal is inherent tyranny.

    Here’s another way to say it…

    When a Democrat says he’s for smaller government, he is lying. When a Republican says he’s for smaller government, he means Romney care instead of Obama care. And when a Paulist says he’s for smaller government, he means we are supposed to elect people to go to DC and for them then to twiddle their fingers and do nothing there while on our dime. But voters tend to fire people like that for “doing nothing”.

    Its apparently a uniquely GOP problem. For the GOP advocates less federal government and yet then tries to gain office as part of federal government in order to reduce federal government.

    That’s like trying to lose weight by competing in a pie eating contest. Paulists opted for a bypass. They don’t want more GOP government. They want less fed government all around.

  26. Re: 24 says:

    Actually, it was members in the room who know what it takes to win elections who voted for Brandon. Not counting the 17 purged members with the same level of experience that planned to vote for Brandon.

    No wonder the DCRP is irrelevant, nobody cares about your obsession to pass resolutions. For example, you want to pass a resolution to censure Bob Krist, but didn’t even find someone to run against him. How brilliantly effective.

    Good luck in winning that communications battle. Hate to break it to you, but nobody cares about your words and you end up with nothing actually achieved. Here’s a tip. Do something for real and do it well.

    Your priorities are clear, both in your own post and outcomes. Last election, we failed at fundraising. Had to turn over the slate to other entities to get it out. No wonder we didn’t even get the slates until 2 weeks prior to the election. We got killed in early voting. And it made a difference.

    But anyways, pass more resolutions. See how many elections that wins you…

  27. pre pubescent northwall says:

    Maybe if northwall had gotten to the meeting less than two hours late, (you know, to stand up for members that don’t show for meetings), he would have heard the introduction of the election officials including the sergeant at arms that was GASP, carrying a firearm. In other news, Andrew Northwall files complaint that dcrp legal counsel is an actual lawyer.

  28. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    72nd & Grover Street is a bit out of the Jurisdiction of a Boystown security guard so why was he there and who invited his involvement as the DCRP Sargent at Arms? Why was the CC not notified of his appointment? Was there an actual threat to the life of the Chairman? Terrible message sent but loudly received.

  29. smoke and mirrors says:

    Brandon Peterson’s supporters wanted you to think they had a problem with meeting notices being emailed. They kicked and screamed and threw a ripe good tantrum. The reality and what most in the room knew that night. Their objections had nothing to do with email notifications. That was simply the excuse used in an attempt to remove a bunch of active dcrp members who were seated according the the rules and bother to show up and perform their duties, and then to replace those good active members with a bunch of Brandon Peterson’s supporters who had never attended meetings, never bothered to call in to request an absence, and therefore vacated their seats in compliance with the constitution. I almost laughed out loud to see people like senator laughtenbaugh and several others who had not hardly been at a single meeting in years, have the nerve to stand up and demand that good active republicans be removed so he and the others who never participate could take their spots and vote for their candidate. And one by one we heard those chronically absent former members stand and hypocritically claim that those who are active volunteers in electing republicans should be respected while simultaneously calling for the removal of the current members who had volunteered and helped elect republicans. To hear them hypocritically claim it was rude that they weren’t contacted with a courtesy phone call, yet they themselves were removed by the Constitution because they couldn’t bother to pick up the phone and provide a courtesy phone call. We heard the names of those who had vacated their seats, and shockingly, many were the exact same people who had vacated their seats by not showing up for a single meeting that last time they were elected in 2012. Lautenbaugh, Sandy Douglas, and the list went on and on. Oh sure, we were reminded that they are great republicans working hard to elect republicans and therefore, other great republicans who are working hard to elect republicans and actually followed the attendance requirements of the constitution should be suddenly unseated (in violation of the constitution) so that they could take their place for the election of the chair. You know, because they are “better” and more important republicans than those seated by the rules. We heard how over four years went by with meeting notices being sent via email, social media, and phone calls to members without email, and not a single complaint in those four years. We discovered that the email program used to send the notices indicated that the emails had actually been opened by those who had not been attending the meetings and vacated their seats. We heard from legal counsel that the email vs snail mail argument in regard to meeting notices held no merit in a court of law and that the implications of their arguments would require every single meeting in the past 4+ years to be voided, including all chairman elected at the meetings, county conventions called by those chairmen, members elected at convention, resolutions, updates to platform and constitution, etc. Ridiculousness! But none-the-less, in a room full of experienced attorneys, that was their only argument as they stretched further and further in desperation to oust the active members so they could steal their votes and hand them to Brandon Peterson. After over four years, in desperation they launched that ridiculous hail-mary a week before the election once they realized their guy was going to need some experienced politicians on his side to manipulate this election and sway it back in the favor of their guy. In the end, common sense and common decency prevailed thank God. And you can count on those passive, absent former members to go back about their business, skipping out on each dcrp meeting, while the current members go about conducting party business and electing republicans. Oh the irony.

  30. Highlight says:

    The best part of that meeting was the room calling for Robyn Terry to shut up! It was about time. What is her deal anyway? Every meeting, every day on social media, yap yap yap. Does that woman ever shut up? My husband was great and did everything right. He only lost because of all of you not being good enough Republicans! I get the feeling more people have a problem with her and her mouth than they ever had with her husband.

  31. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    Lo and behold! We are forced to again be subjugated by these non enter-key using overlords! Their tyranny knows no restraint!

  32. ccw says:

    I really don’t care for Northwall. The guy is too cocky for his own good. However, if you knew the guy, you would know he doesn’t go anywhere without a firearm. I am pretty sure he was not concerned about someone with a gun.

    That being said, the Boystown cop was overboard. Not
    Sure what Tucker was thinking on that one… Lost my vote.

  33. To ccw says:

    I think Northwall had a right to be pissed. Who brings in an armed cop to a DCRP meeting??? Jon Tucker is a good guy, I just don’t see why he is beholden to Scott Peterson.

  34. To smoke and mirrors says:

    If Bryan was going to follow the constitution to the letter, then he should have followed EVERYTHING to the letter, including the part about mailed notices.

    I’m fine with party unity and all, but until the Paulistas show that they’re not power hungry jack-holes, I’m not going to try with them

  35. Lil Mac says:

    In the 1990’s, Hal Daub was screaming in the hall while the doors were chained shut. Deja vu.

    A party is a font of juicy principle and a promoter of dry policy. Too juicy and it festers. Too dry and it crumbles. It is always in flux. People get excited and perspectives blur.

    The DCRP is what political people look like when they are shaken awake. It is screaming with the doors chained shut because lazy committee members repeatedly failed to show up for meetings and their leaders were so lazy they failed to give the laggards a kick in the ass to show up. That is not the fault of those who jumped on a legality that allowed them to advantage their own aims while the lazy were snoozing. But now everyone is awake. Good. Because while a good night’s sleep is always welcome, there’s nothing so great about being in a coma.

    The DCRP is awake and fighting over Republicans not being Republican enough. On the other hand, Democrats are perhaps smiling in their sleep after having been used by 20 year Republican incumbent Ashford to gain office at the donkey’s expense. Ron Paul may be snake oil salesman but those he attracts are sincere and awake and if they can’t translate that into action they have at least awakened Republicans who can.

    Partywise, the dry policy stuff is boring and heated emotions are scalding. Both are uncomfortable. However all political motivation springs from discomfort. Nothing moves until people are prodded awake. The sharper the point, the quicker they get out of bed.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I’ve historically avoided having anything to do with DCRP and instead opted to volunteer directly with campaigns.
    Why? Because of all the B.S. the rest of us have been reading in the previous 44 comments. DCRP has been so inept, for so long, I really can’t remember the last time a DCRP project or initiative produced anything approaching real results.

    What I do remember, is back in 2012 when most of the members were nowhere to be found. The same can be said for 2013 and 2014. So few members bother to show up and put in any leg work that the body may as well not exist. A handful of the DCRP crowd might show up at a campaign office, but when asked to sit and make some phone calls like the rest of us they recoil as if too good to make phone calls. Phone calls are for the pawns and clearly, they aren’t pawns because they go to the pancake feed. Instead they sit there and gab for two hours. Knocking on doors? Heavens no. Showing up for a parade? Pssshh they’d rather literally sit on the sidelines.

  37. DCRP Member to Ricky says:

    There was a resolution of support for McPherson, but the DCRP never debated or voted on it. The first action by newly elected Chairman Tucker was to ask for a vote on a motion that was made to adjourn. It was voted on by voice, and it really should have been a call for a show of hands because it was close. But, Tucker ruled it adjourned so we didn’t have to discuss the resolution. I didn’t vote for Tucker, but this was a huge positive for me!

  38. Anon says:

    What time will the picketts be at Big Freds Saturday, I don’t want to hear a bunch of cuss words after mass and some ruffians knocking my wings and Salad out of my wife hands if she gets take out

  39. Anonymous says:

    If the meetings run less than 2 hours from now on, I will show up to all of them. Keep it to 45 minutes and I’ll stay sober.

  40. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    Stay sober my friend, as you shall have no choice, because our libertarian overlords will have you high instead. Cannabis Compassion for all!

  41. @DCRP says:

    Im glad that that resolution didn’t come up……we would have been there for a while debating the silly thing. Furthermore, the whole idea of the “party” doing resolutions, etc is ridiculous. We need to find good candidates, raise cash, and work to elect candidates that are REPUBLICANS and act like grown-ups instead of whiny, sniveling idiots.

    The people in the DCRP also need to grow up and act like adults instead of whiny people who are just crying because they got their feelings hurt.

  42. Brian T. Osborn says:

    What I have been suspecting for some time has now been verified – Republicans in this state are just as screwed up as are the Democrats. Armed guards at the meetings? Been there, done that. No respect for the party Constitution? Ditto. Cliques of egomaniacal dictator wannabes? Gotcha covered.
    Maybe the problem with Nebraska is that it is full of Nebraskans.

  43. DCRP Member to 9:38 says:

    I was glad too…as I said: I didn’t vote for Tucker, but this was a huge positive for me!

    Seems like he’s off to a great start. Let’s just see if he really does personally call all the members. Then I will be really impressed.

    And the armed security? That was the biggest boneheaded move by Bryan Baumgart EVER.

  44. Ricky says:

    Ha ha thanks for the update. So this Tucker guy was elected chairman of the DCRP?
    Where does that leave Baumgarner? Out?
    And where does Chris Scott come in? I thought he was the Republican insider and knew all the inside stuff? What about slumlords Aspen and Chateline? Where they at the meeting?
    And who is this Jessica Moaning lady? Was she there? And her job with Mr Ricketts looks like a no-show patronage job? Is that correct?
    And while I am at it; how does one get to be a GOP favorite and get donations? Just wondering I see Aimee Melton got money from McPherson and paid him for campaign services. And I see Mr Ricketts gave a LOT of money to Aimee Melton’s city council race. So how does one get picked for this largesse? When Jim Vokal gets money to run for mayor and gets appointed to the Platte institute whatever. How do the big shot donors pick people like Melton and Vokal?
    How come no big shot rich guy called me up and said here is a bunch of money go run for something?
    Please advise. Thanks

    ricky from omaha

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