Who is Street Sweeper?

Street SweeperWho is Street Sweeper?

That is a question we have heard since we began Leavenworth St. back in January of 2006.

Well, at 12:01 AM, on this Tuesday, February 3, 2015, you are going to find out.

We will make an announcement on this site at that time, and will also announce some of the new things that will be happening at Leavenworth St. and beyond.

One note: the site will go dark at some point on Super Bowl Sunday, and will be down all day on Monday, February 2nd.

There may be a countdown clock involved.

We look forward to seeing you at the new Leavenworth St. on Tuesday!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know who the current/old SS ‘s is/were/are but I have to think former Gov.H.is going to be involved in this blog somehow. He doesn’t seem the type to blog anonymously so maybe that is part of the big announcement, he’s a guest blogger? Way to keep it fresh, SS!

  2. UH HUH!! says:

    With all the people that have trashed SS or been trashed by SS. Im sure this person will come clean. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  3. anonymous says:

    There have long been rumors that Street Sweeper is none other than “Red Rockin Robyn Terry.” Lee Terry went down in a big election night tantrum, she is finally able to come out.

    As part of the new changes viewers will be seeing her shamelessly promoting her CBS Real Estate credentials with web photo ads. Her tantrums will now have another public social media venue. Oh, please help us all!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s Jen Rae. Come on. Now that Heinemann’s done, is she moving or something? This is the perfect time for her to either quit this blog and/or do something else.

  5. anonymous says:

    I bet our very honorable Hal Daub knows who Mr. or Mrs. St. Sweeper is. He has a wealth of institutional political history and knowledge.

  6. Regular Poster says:

    When in the hell would you reveal your name??? That’s what gets people to read and post. Once they know your name they will McPherson you.

  7. anonymous says:

    If The Sweeper (unlike the non half-breed and dishonorable Pat McPherson) actually writes all of the postings, the language and humor often use past pop culture references that point to a certain age demographic (Generation X born circa early ’60s to early ’80s.) That would leave Gov Dave Heineman out. By the way, like most of the smart reasonable people I know, I believe Pat McPherson did write all of those blog postings. It was just a complete lie to cover his baby boomer ass.

  8. anonymous says:

    Talking about generational word usage. The word “half breed” is like the word “colored.” The only people that I have ever unfortunately heard use those words or have seen in past historical writings are from the baby boomer or great depression and earlier generations. Ding. Ding. Ding. It’s Pat and only Pat.

  9. anonymous says:

    Do you think McFEARson’s self inflicted drama has caused Sweeps to finally come out? If so that says to me that it is not a current or former elected official or a current or former government employee. No way would an elected or staffer want to leave a controversial legacy or drum up drama on how taxpayer salary funded money was maybe used for blogging on government computers and time.

  10. anonymous says:

    PUH….LEASE…….Let’s not give “It’s Pat” from Saturday Night Live fame anymore credit then that jackass deserves. I still cannot believe that the jackass managed to resurrect himself from the 1990’s Red Robin teenage groping scandal, resigned from his Douglas Co Election Commissioner position amid calls from high electeds to do so……..and…….then…… get elected of all things to the state board of education.

    Do not forget he had the help of buckets of Ricketts’ family money. Just proves money, timing and luck NOT hard work, brains, ethics and character often win elections.

  11. anonymous says:

    Although Governor Ricketts and other family members supported Pat McPherson’s campaign, he did the honorable right thing by calling for his resignation.

  12. anonymous says:

    OMG!! Good friend Lee Terry Senior as Pat’s alleged ghost writer is an intriguing theory. Fits the generational mold that would use that kind of language.

    No doubt Pat agreed with his thoughts. No need to make edits. Has lots of time to write blithering nonsensical posts for that atrociously produced blog.

  13. anonymous says:

    If anyone has had a conversation with Jordan McGrain, it’s remarkably similar to street’s postings. Really. Dead On.

  14. anonymous says:

    Patrick Borchers just did a big guest post. I have never seen that happen here before. Talk is he wants to run for legislature. It could be him.

  15. FFW says:

    Is this going to be like the scene in the graduation episode of Gossip Girl?

    “You wanted to meet Gossip Girl? Well, look around. I’m nothing without you.”

  16. Jane KNOWS! says:

    Copying this from Twitter for posterity:

    Yes, there were writer (i think writers) years ago, switched hands about 2010/2011

    Chris Peterson, Jessica Moening, Jen Hein (old days) @DeenaNEWatchdog (new days) Taylor Gage + other GOP interns that lack fun/good writing

    no, those were writers back in the day, not any more. About 2010/2011 switched hands, writing style, everything changed

  17. fawning fan says:

    Remember Hillary’s non-announcement “announcement”? Are we similarly being suckered in by Street Sweeper? Will he really take off his mask?

    I hope not. For we need our heroes to remain mysterious.

    Lois was hoping Superman would turn out to be a handsome billionaire rock star genius like Bruce Wayne. When she discovered the Man of Steel’s alter ego was the too familiar poor dork Clark Kent, was she pleased by that revelation? I doubt it. Clark did a okay job as a reporter. Ho hum. By comparison, who wouldn’t want to be The Street Sweeper?!!!

    If you are anything short of a handsome billionaire rock star genius, please allow us our illusions.

  18. Patrick J. Borchers says:

    Well, SS ain’t me, but in the Trivial Pursuit category my undergraduate degree is in Physics and I wrote a whole lot of code in Fortran and PL-1. Heck, before there were graphics I programmed the mainframe to graph my Physics lab results. That’s not as cool as making Super Mario jump between mushrooms (or whatever those things are supposed to be), but back then being able to write code counted as “literate” in technology. Heck, even with my feeble skills I’m somehow able to maintain my own blog.

  19. Zing says:

    There is definitely a political purge going through Nebraska. As for McPherson, people never understood the word game with the H word. At the same time, when did Obama become a god we cannot offend?

  20. The Lincoln Journal Star editorial board is railing about it again today. The flaming torches and pitchforks having failed to evict the witch, they now suggest he be shunned.

    It’s like watching a high-school clique in full pursuit.

  21. The Breakfast Club says:

    We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong, but we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us… In the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain… …and an athlete… …and a basket case… …a princess… …and a criminal.


    Street Sweeper

  22. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t reveal. That’s part of your greatness. Otherwise, all it will become is an attack on your personal politics. I hope this is just a creative ploy to reveal you are Micky or Minnie Mouse.

  23. anonymous says:

    I have a totally tubular suspicion that SS is Amy Bracht. Witty with a sprinkle of sarcasm. Right age. Political junkie.

  24. Anon says:

    I’ve always thought it was more than one writer, and that Amy Bracht was one of them. There was a post written once and it had the line “And scene…” Which is something I have heard Amy say.

  25. Big Fred's Boycott Update says:

    To answer a lot of questions regarding the boycott/picketing of Big Freds Pizza joint; as you recall the reason for the boycott is not just because inherited CEO of Big Fred’s Sen John Murante loves voter ID laws, lots of Republicans like that voter suppression idea; it’s because as chair of the committee he invited one of the worse people in America, Kansas’s Kris Kobach, into Nebraska to testify at the hearing for the voter suppression bills.
    A bunch of nobodies like Tyson Larson and Murante bring that awful person to Nebraska and try to force unneeded voter ID laws on Nebraska! UGH! What jerks.
    Anyway there is nothing the person can do legislatively against these guys, since the body is controlled by clueless Republicans that don’t even know much about 75 per cent of the stuff they vote on, and we have to hit the GOP in the pocketbook, since they love money so much, and therefore we will boycott Murante’s Big Fred’S Pizza. It’s over the hill anyway and it takes 45 minutes to get a salad, so we are doing a favor instructing people to not dine there.
    So the picketing is Saturday night at 6:00. We have the signs already made up so you don’t have to bring any; “Ko Back to Kansas Kris”; “No Voter ID law in Nebraska”; “Larson for Crest Toothpaste Man of the Year”; “Big Fred is Dead, go to Pizza Hut”; “Make Your Own Salad and Save $3.99 and get it in less than 30 minutes”; “Let Pat McPherson stay and force the school kids of Nebraska to read his blog and teach how it’s wrong”; “We Miss Senator Loserbaugh”; “Bill Kitner is Krazy”; “Tax inherited Pizza Joints” ”
    We have these signs already so just show up with bullhorns or whatever.
    See you Saturday night!

    ricky from omaha

  26. Can we trade Ricky to Kansas for Kris Kobach?

    Actually, I’d be inclined to go to whereever this pizza joint is Saturday night, to eat pizza, leave a big tip and sneer at the goons outside, but I have a date to go see American Sniper. But I’ll be sure to go next week.

    But in any case, it will; be snowing, with a 27 F windchill. Enjoy, idiots!

  27. Macdaddy says:

    I fully support liberal boycotts of restaurants and not because the wait times will be less. If anything, it will be more. No, I support them because i won’t have my dinner needlessly ruined by walking through the parking lot, seeing an Obama sticker, or a COEXIST sticker, or Nebraskans for Peace or Ready for Hillary and spend the rest of the dinner wondering which of my fellow diners are complete morons who thought $18 trillion of national debt was going to be a good thing.

  28. Tyson Larson, American Taliban says:

    Larson went to Georgetown (playing at Creighton today), and majored in Theology. So he gets indoctrinated in Jesuit teachings, then he comes back to Nebraska to infiltrate the highest levels of government to try to get people to fall under the rule of Christian law.
    This guy is 28 years old and lists his occupation as “Entrepreneur” which means he is unemployed and living in his parents basement.
    And this is the guy who when he was running his last campaign, had as his meme I saw on facebook as a handgun. And this is the guy who sponsored a charter schools bill, hasn’t the slightest idea on how to parent or teach children, and lives in boonesville where the charter schools if legal would not even go to boonesville.
    Then this guy sponsors a voter suppression bill, when if he did not sleep through Georgetown, must have learned something, so he must know there is no voter fraud in Nebraska.
    I think he is trying to be Mr more-conservative-than-anybody-here, and probably has some sugar daddy like Beau McCoy does, somebody to give him hundreds of thousands of dollars to run for higher office.
    People need to watch out for youngsters like Tyson Larson, who think they know everything and want to bring radical religious doctrine to state government.

    ricky from omaha

  29. boycott boy says:

    For a guy in the know you realize you protest will have as much effect as the day temp hispanics hired by union(s) to hold signs outside businesses which when asked the may know nothing about

  30. Anonymous says:

    “indoctrinated in Jesuit teachings” – given how often and well this works, you have nothing to worry about, Ricky, until the Lord returns in Glory. The Jesuits hardly agree with each other. So much for indoctrination to the point of theocracy. No, today we in the West live in an atheocracy. How’s that working’ for ya, Ricky?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Jon Tucker recently sent out a note saying the GOP is full of “arguments and divisions” yet “unity does not require unanimity of thought.” Sounds like, let’s all forget what we care about and pull together and do whatever takes to get into power and keep power.

    Besides the fact that that is pretty much what Tucker hated about Lee Terry, he also has the gall to say “With your help, we will take back for Republicans… our Congressional seat.”

    Hell, it was with Tucker’s your help Republicans lost it.

  32. Note to Ricky says:

    I don’t care what you do at Big Fred’s, but would you correct one of those signs for me?

    The name is Kintner, K-I-N-T-N-E-R.

    I’d hate to see Bud Pettigrew get all the credit for organizing your big event.

  33. Re: 56 says:

    Absolutely agree. Funny how they hate the ‘establishment’, but now employ every tactic they claimed to be against. It was all talk, just a way to get to power.

    With the exact same team in charge of the DCRP, is 2016 going to be a repeat of 2014? Will Dan Frei’s campaign be the DCRP office again? If so, how would any of the other congressional candidates trust the DCRP for anything at all? How will any campaign staff and volunteers trust that the DCRP won’t be trying to give Frei an advantage in the race?

    For me, actions will speak much louder than words. It’s easy to talk about unity, it’s much harder to actually lead.

  34. New things for Leavenworth Street says:

    I sure hope that Street Sweeper is adding an App for Leavenworth St…at least for the Android (surely Street does not use an Apple?)

  35. AskDanThePRMan says:

    The bunker couldn’t hold you, welcome to the light! I’ve always appreciated your fairness, sense of news and timing, and most important your ability to write well. Cheers!

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