Lincoln Mayoral Preview

SheridanBlvd01This is the first post by new Leavenworth St. contributing writer “Sheridan Blvd”. You can read his bio in the “Writers” tab above.

The upcoming Lincoln Mayors races looks set between current Mayor Chris Beutler who is seeking his third term and Andy Stebbing the current County Treasurer and a former Lancaster County Sheriffs Sergeant.

Mayor Beutler is a six time State Senator from Lincoln and has been in the stream of consciousness (read name ID) for almost 40 years. It’s that name ID battle that will be the hardest thing for Stebbing to overcome.

Stebbing and the Republican party’s best shot at winning the Mayor’s race and picking up a City Council seat will be a coordinated plan between all the campaigns in a way that the Lancaster County Republican Party hasn’t had in a very long time.

The path for Stebbing’s campaign is to focus on building name ID and locking down its 4/4 and 3/4 voters (the number of elections someone actually votes in out of the last two primary and general elections). While Stebbing is doing that, ALL of the City Council candidates should take a grassroots approach by walking doors for themselves and Stebbing while focusing on expanding the electorate by locking down good even year voters who rarely vote in city elections.  Yes, Jon Camp should buy a new pair of walking shoes

This is a race where being an individual will get you beat.

But standing together could mean that the rising tide lifts all boats.


  1. Anon says:

    It’s a bit of a bold prediction to say “…being an individual will get you beat.” Have you seen poll numbers on Buetler is vulnerable enough and Stebbing has enough name rec. to automatically endorse him? I’d caution against that strategy at this point…

  2. More Nebraska Coverage ... Awesome! says:

    Love it! I can’t wait to get more coverage of Nebraska, welcome to the L. St. team, “Sheridan Blvd”.

    A strong cast of credible candidates working the streets is a great start. There isn’t anything happening in the Omaha Metro area this year, hopefully we can get some additional volunteers helping from there.

    Look forward to how this race develops.

  3. Ask Coby Mach says:

    Ask Coby Mach how LIBA is able to maintain it’s non-profit status when they pay him $120k a year to work as a polirical operative.

  4. Guess this Caught their Attention... says:

    Well this post seems to have gotten the attention of the Lincoln Democrat machine. They’re quick to the bring in the mudslinging… fascinating.

  5. Bob Loblaw says:

    Why does Lincoln have city elections in odd years in April? Wouldn’t this have made more sense to have voted on the mayor and city council in the November general election 3 months ago? What a waste of money to have two elections so closely together.

  6. Purple Penguins says:

    Beware of the Purple Penguins. The bishop in Lincoln, Roy Christensen, Robin Eschilman, and LIBA are about to spend more time talking about trannys than a diesel mechanic.

  7. To: Bob Loblaw says:

    You’re right, but the Lincoln Democrats would disagree. They figure the typical voter is less likely to vote in these off cycle elections. They only have to turn on their machine, churn out their votes and keep their guys in.

  8. Camp For Mayor says:

    I wish Jon Camp would run for Mayor this year, I don’t understand why he didn’t. He has a 4 part plan to really get Lincoln moving in the right direction…

    1)-Raise additional revenue through economic development.
    2)-Attract new companies to Lincoln.
    3)-Prosperity through laissez-faire city government
    4)-Economic growth by lowering taxes.

  9. Bob Loblaw says:

    To 4:05,

    It doesn’t make sense to pay for another election 4 months after we’ve had a general. I couldn’t give a rats ass that Omaha does it like Lincoln and I never Even mentioned Omaha in my comment. . I’m a Lincoln resident.

  10. Dear Bishop Conley, says:

    Dear Bishop Conley,

    If you want to bring gay bashing into the city elections and talk incessantly about immoral perversion, I think you’ll find that WE will be incessantly talking about how the Lincoln archdioces was the only one in the nation not to take part in the 2004 sex abuse audit. You really want to talk immoral perversion this spring?


    The Excommunicated.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It makes sense to force taxpayers to pay for another election 4 months after we’ve had a general election if you are in charge of setting elections and it benefits you and your party.

    Thrift is the first thing mentioned by candidates but the last thing they consider of as incumbents. And Democrats who are proud to spend OPM, only double down on that.

  12. KHDS says:

    Beutler needs to go!
    Millions spent on a very short bike trial.
    PBA full for bb games but the City loses money.

    And, the worst yet, he refuses to name the new downtown plaza for Dick Cheney. Unforgivable!

  13. Anonymous says:

    “Stebbing and the Republican party’s best shot at winning the Mayor’s race and picking up a City Council seat will be a coordinated plan between all the campaigns in a way that the Lancaster County Republican Party hasn’t had in a very long time.” Stebbing is a good candidate and there are some other good candidate for City Council and School board. A strong unified effort would be useful but the writer is a an uninformed buffoon if he things the pathetic Lancaster County Republican Party with its blow hard idiot Chairman will do things better than was done in the past or will provide any significant help. If there is success, it will be up to the individual candidates and if there is any collaboration on their part, it will have to be their own doing. the Lancaster County Republican Party can’t even get enough people to show up at its meetings to have a quorum because very few can stand to be in the same room with the chair.

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