Blinded by the legs

BurkesBulldog01This is the first post by new Leavenworth St. contributing writer “Burke’s Bulldog”. You can read his bio in the “Writers” tab above.

I think it is hilarious that so many Democrats are up in arms about Rep. Brad Ashford jumping party lines in Washington. Heck, did they not see the first commercial Congressional candidate-Ashford put up on the air? The very, very, very first words he spoke were “I’m not running for Congress to represent any political party….” Maybe they were blinded by his pasty white legs. I don’t know.

But I don’t remember too many Dems remarking about his political leanings, all I did hear was how much they wanted to get rid of Rep. Lee Terry. Well, they got their wish and now we have a Congressman in Washington who is going to vote his own way, has no seniority to speak of, and is in the Minority Party. As Hal Daub once told someone I know, “Neither side gets anything with Ashford in office.

There’s even been talk of a challenge from the left, which would make life here in Omaha a TON more interesting.

One thing I would like to address, is the issue of Rep. Ashford’s district staff. There has been some grumblings on both sides of the aisle that a former staffer of Rep. Terry is now working for Rep. Ashford. While I don’t know this particular staffer very well on a personal level, I will say this – they have always had – and will always have – the best interests of the people of the Second Congressional District at heart. That is what this job requires – not party loyalty.

I don’t know if Rep. Ashford reached out to Rep. Terry’s entire staff, if this was a unique situation, or if this was part of some plan to show just how bipartisan he is.

What I do know, after many years in Washington D.C., is that you can jump sides exactly once. But this was a choice this person made and I can only assume they made it knowing full well what the consequences would be.

As I said before, this person is extremely good at this position, and I hope that when the people of Omaha call Rep. Ashford’s office because the Social Security Administration has mistakenly declared them as deceased or some other ridiculous problem, they get the help they need.


  1. Who the hell cares says:

    This is super insider baseball. Now I have to go I have drama class then a year book meeting. Also should never hire Gingers. Please watch South Park.

  2. Homer Simpson says:

    BOORING!!!! You spent a whole post saying, “Hey, I’m sure some guy none of you know or will ever deal with is a nice dude. Give him a chance.”

    What happened to this site. It used to talk strategy, issues, and campaigns. Now, I don’t know what it’s become. I miss the real Street Sweeper.

  3. Hey now.
    We got new writers who are putting up their first post. Give ’em a chance to get their sea-legs before you go hammering them for not meeting your personal standards.
    And I will be writing on Leavenworth St. as well, but want to give the new writers a little elbow room at the start.
    And thanks for reading!

  4. Nebraska politics says:

    Agreed. Give them a chance. I will start reading the new article. Blinded by the Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Macdaddy says:

    Seriously? This is a problem? A district level staffer doesn’t want to move and instead continues to serve in government but with a new boss, who, while hapless and irrelevant, is not Satan, and people are complaining? Really? Good f’ing grief.

  6. I agree says:

    Macdaddy is right. Just because Lee Terry lost the election doesn’t mean that his whole staff is obligated to give up their jobs and connections.

    Lee showed his real Nebraska values. He came right back to Omaha and ……….. Never Mind!

    He stayed in D.C. and is now an over paid lobbyist.

    He lost the election because the voters decided he looked like part of the problem. He’s proved them right.

  7. Julie Fredrickson says:


    Congratulations on a fantastic run, 8 years, that’s great! You must have the patience of a saint to put up with the rude and childish jokers who apparently don’t have the guts to acknowledge their own opinions.

    Given the serious problems Conservatives are facing today, bloggers who want to be respected with adult dialogs won’t put up with distractions like the anonymous posters on your site. Consider the recent McPherson saga; we have to consider the possibility of sabotage and realize derogatory, racist remarks may have been planted to disrupt the board causing a flood of accusations and even de-railing a member of the Nebraska Board of Education even though he was elected by the voters with full confidence.

    Good luck, please pay my respects to your new writers.
    Julie Fredrickson

  8. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I’ll give your new writers a chance to get their feet wet, Sweeper. I can’t guarantee I’ll take it easy on them, but I’ll let them have a take and hope they don’t suck.

  9. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Brad Ashford is just another in a line of missteps by the leadership of the Nebraska Democratic Party. They have been unable to groom up and comers, and have basically crapped on those that have run under the Democratic banner. Steve Achelpohl had Kate Witek, Vic Covalt had Tony Raimondo and Vince Powers has his Brad Ashford.

    The biggest problem with the NDP is that it has no direction. All that Powers has done is bitch about how bad the Republicans are. From day one he was harassing your State Chair out in some parking lot, coming off as a besotted, frumpy old fool. His latest is the excoriation of Pat McPherson, digging up old discredited dirt (Red Robin) and making unsubstantiated claims against him to (successfully, I will admit) start up a lynch mob. But when has anyone ever see him advance a program that edifies the NDP, or when has he ever really gone out of his way to stand up for what is in the NDP Platform? Personally? I’m still waiting.

    In the meantime, the resolution that I put forward at the NDP State Convention calling for legalization of medical cannabis (passed unanimously) has been realized by a conservative Republican! Senator Tommy Garrett, a retired USAF Colonel and owner of an IT firm that consults with the Air Force and the U.S. Government, has introduced LB643 – The Cannabis Compassion and Care Act.

    I recommend that you all look it up and read all 32 pages of his bill. I think it is very comprehensive and certainly is nothing at all like what we would expect from Tommy Chong!

  10. The BTOpranoes says:

    Well Street Sweeper has revealed himself, BTO why don’t you reveal to all of us your inside connections to the mafia that you’ve been bragging about to people for years?

  11. The Burke Bulldog and the rest of these new writers kinda suck, where you find these fools at??

    This article really sucked, it didn’t tell us anything we really needed or wanted to know.

    We already knew about Ashford. OLD ASS NEWS, you blow ass Burke Bulldog

  12. The Grundle King says:

    Mark, you whine about ‘how all this blog is good for is slamming people’, and post stuff like that?

    You had an apparent interest in taking part in the governing process…perhaps before you consider pursuing that interest further, you should ask yourself if you want to be part of the problem, or part of the solution.

  13. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Mac daddy, I would hope that you took the time to actually read Sen. Garrett’s bill. The issue is a serious one. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, around the world, for medical purposes. Sure, there are those that abuse it for recreational purposes, just as they do tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, and a variety of unbelievable things such as spray paint and K2. Can you give me a non flippant answer to why tobacco and alcohol should not be on the FDA’s Schedule one drug list? They appear to fit the government’s description necessary for inclusion on it.
    If you had someone that you really cared about that was suffering from extreme pain or the debilitating symptoms of one of the neurological diseases that cannabis has been proven to be effective against, let’s say it was your own mother, why would you prefer that they continue to suffer when you knew there was a drug that you could grow in your own kitchen window for free, bake it into brownies, and help her? Is your hatred for this substance so intense that it would overpower your desire to relieve the suffering she faced?

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