… there’s a big place just outside of town, it’s called the WORLD!

MLauritzenThis is the first post by new Leavenworth St. contributing writer Mary Lauritzen. You can read her bio in the “Writers” tab above.

From our little corner of Nebraska, we can see the world. Well, some of us anyway. Two things happened recently that provided a world view. Last Wednesday, Chuck Hagel was honored at the armed services’ official farewell tribute ceremony as he leaves the Dept. of Defense… the first enlisted combat veteran to run the Pentagon. It was all pomp and pageantry and rightfully so. In his remarks, Sec. Hagel said that, “… when facing difficult challenges comes the satisfaction that you are like Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘Man in the Arena’, slugging it out, doing what you believe….and recognizing that it is not the critics who count or change the world, but those who are willing to work very hard toward building a better world.” Hagel was Nebraska born and bred, and as a U.S. Senator and Secretary of Defense, honed that Nebraska ethic and applied it to those big challenges. As he traveled the world, he sought out those troops from Nebraska wherever he was, listening to them and bringing greetings from home. Measuring what they faced through that small town prism.

Last Friday, Mitt Romney announced he was not going to run in 2016 in a message that was heartfelt and insightful. From the perspective of a world view that challenges us to find the leader to we need to build a better world. God willing.

As a politically active, socially responsible fiscal conservative (or a fiscally responsible social conservative), I am dumbfounded by the number of seemingly intelligent people who neglect to become informed or get involved. As the candidates for president start their quest toward 2016, many if not all may very well make their way to our little corner of Nebraska. Once again those of us who do what we can to keep the message in front, keep people informed (especially first time voters) and remind them that they ARE the ones who make the world go ’round will bust our tails. Years ago H. Jackson Brown wrote “Life’s Little Instruction Book”, and in regard to changing the world said it best in Rule # 183: “Let People Know What You Stand For, And What You Won’t Stand For”. Now’s our chance to once again try and save that big place just outside of town.


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