The Wheels Down Politics Show – Hal Daub – Part 2

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IMG_3979Interview Part 2 with University of Nebraska Regent — and former Nebraska 2nd District Congressman and former Omaha Mayor — Hal Daub.

Jerry Kratochvil continues his discussion with Hal as he talks with Jerry about his thoughts on, among other things, the future of Omaha, the future of the University of Nebraska, the search for the new University President (and whether Dave Heineman should have been given more consideration) and the firing of Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini.

Click here to hear Part 1 of Jerry’s interview with Hal where he talks about life as a Regent, serving in Congress, his time as Mayor, and being out on the campaign trail during Jerry’s first foray into statewide politics.


  1. Hal The Legend says:

    Very good part two! There is nobody like Hal Daub. He never disappoints. Always a political history vault with entertainment!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your typeface may appear to be new and exciting, but it is difficult to read. That’s why newspapers and other publications don’t use Helveticalike type and stick with Times or another serif typeface. The condensed part makes it worse.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sen. Hagel said Bush forced our military to eat a crap sandwich in Iraq.

    Today Obama gave Hagel a double decker crap sandwich, Iraq and Syria, and told Chuck to take a big bite. Chuck should have quit sooner. Now he has to go home but with a lingering taste in his mouth that isn’t Nebraska beef.

    Bon appetite.

  4. Crackpot Hal says:

    The Mayor is not telling you the whole story. The success has to do with the vast amount of support from the private sector including naming rights. However, Omaha’s population actually DECLINE BY TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE after the last recession. The fact is, such events still attract transient nomads and not people willing to establish roots. The same thing is for the light rail idea. It will not work in Nebraska. It has been tried numerous times in Nebraska and has FAILED. Furthermore, with the development of the internet, the need for such transportation becomes even more sketchy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    People want light rail the same way they want Nebraska football, not because it’s necessary or needed, but because they like it. Some dumb things require slight justification. If a problem gets solved all the better. Besides, when was light rail last tried in Nebraska?

  6. Lil Mac says:

    Hal and passion. If you have ever been on the receiving end of that passion, you know Hal isn’t one to be pushed. He is ever the infantry captain with a law degree, who could have had it easier as a JAG.

    The same passion that puts power in his punch puts energy in his unusually positive vision of the future. You see it in this interview. It is almost sappy in its brightness and hope; Reaganesque in some ways; displaying an unabashed love for a Nebraska people who as individuals are deemed by him to be inherently strong, rather than the essentially negative leftist hope that government should save individuals who are inherently weak.

    And Daub knows there is nothing academic about managing academia. He speaks of Regents needing to have a “businesslike” oversight of academia to “operate the enterprise”.

    Regents who see people as needy creatures and confuse their own role as manager with that of professors, likely hate Daub. For unlike Reagan, Hal’s passion has no Hollywood humor filter. When Hal shows you that your zipper is open, he doesn’t joke about it. He sugarcoats nothing.

    Some people want a boss they can love even if he fails. Others want a boss who accomplishes, even if he is painfully pointed. Hal is the Geo. Patton of politics. With Daub, you always get the point.

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