The Wheels Down Politics Show – Congressman Adrian Smith

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Rep Adrian Smith
Rep. Smith at the #NebraskaBreakfast

Jerry Kratochvil sits down for a conversation with Nebraska 3rd District Congressman Adrian Smith. They discuss the problems with the failed CoOportunity health insurer, issues with the new budget presented by the President and the re-introduction of the Small Airport Regulation Relief Act — and the Congressman’s recent marriage.

Find previous episodes including Jerry Kratochvil’s introduction as “Street Sweeper” and his first interview with U.S. Senator Deb Fischer at Wheels Down Politics and on iTunes.


  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Well Street Sweeper now you brought a Congressperson to Leavenworth St. of whom I am acquainted. And in honor of the new style of your blog, I shall give testimony about my experience with a government official.

    At the time Adrian Smith “served’ the people of Nebraska in the Unicameral, there was a crisis in special education funding (of Ben Nelson’s creation). Quite literally, children with disability were not permitted to enroll in their nearby schools because the state H&HS had moved them into group homes outside the school district of which their parents resided. Now anybody who has read the Nebraska Constitution realizes that ALL PERSONS between the ages of 5 and 21 have a RIGHT to a public education, and, the UNICAMERAL itself is charged with facilitating that RIGHT. So I asked Adrian about children from his rural district who had been moved to my urban district and were being denied a public education.

    His response: “You should go to church!”

    Now I know, Street Sweeper, that folks in Nebraska enjoy pandering to “godliness.” But I was speaking to Adrian about HIS constitutional duty! And that duty did not subside when Adrian left the Unicam for D.C., since he took an oath to uphold federal law as well. Special education programming and funding IS required by federal law and has been for 40 years! Yet SPED funding to the states remains woefully past due… Do you expect Adrian to act on his duty anytime soon?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tuesday, February 24, 2015, Patrick Borchers speaks on “Our Constitutional Crisis,” The Obama administration’s abuse of the Constitution.” DCRP CC.

    A fmr Law School Dean’s view of govt abusing the Constitution us usually something people pay hundreds of dollars per credit hour to hear. This is free.

    GOP CC meetings remind me of brothers sleeping in the same bed; either all are snoring or squabbling over too much or too little covers. It is aggravating, so it helps attendance to have a good speaker as a draw. — Tucker may have become Chairman by his predecessor using the “stick” of booting lazy inattentive committee members. But this “carrot” of a speaker is Tucker’s doing. Makes good sense.

    Fools will, as they indeed already have, say a Law Professors’ opinion doesn’t count. Sure, if the topic is flipping burgers. But Republican or Democrat, normal people know that a Law Professor’s view of law isn’t equal to that of the burger flopper out of high school. Of course it is his opinion. But it is an informed opinion. And considering that Obama sealed his own Law School grades from view, not because they were straight A’s, it is reasonable to assume Obama’s view of law, and his abuse of it, is a less informed one.

  3. TexasAnnie says:

    To Anonymous Above: Do normal people believe lawyers?

    Without denigrating law professors, do you, yourself Anonymous, believe that our constitutional crisis began with Obama?

  4. Macdaddy says:

    Now that the Governor of Oregon is resigning and his fiancée/advisor/environmentalist/fellow grifter/de facto government official is under investigation by the FBI, perhaps Governor Ricketts should take another look at his current unpaid advisor situation. The potential downside is great and you can’t defend it with the First Amendment.

  5. NE GOP MEMBER says:

    Glad to see Dan Welch running for the NEGOP chair. Dan would do a great job in that position. He has always supported the party and has a lot of donor connections.

  6. Res Judicata says:

    SS, would you mind posting either a transcript or typing up some of the highlights from these interviews? For those of us who are interested but unable to listen, it would be appreciated.

  7. Dan is not a Chairman says:

    If Dan Welch is running for NE GOP chairman, then he should have attended the Douglas County GOP’s biggest fundraising event last Friday night. I did not see him there. He was probably at the cigar bar smoking a stogie and sipping scotch.

  8. Dan is a good choice says:

    I didn’t see him at the Elephant Remembers event either, but then again I wasn’t taking roll. Perhaps he had a conflict. Maybe he’s in the middle of a trial. Dan has a lot of contacts and good leadership skills. I will happily vote for him in March.

  9. Dan is a a big drip says:

    I will not be voting for Dan Welch. He is not chairman material. He is not a hard worker. He seems to have an entitlement mentality. He wants others to do the heavy lifting for him. He is not assertive, inspiring or motivational. Really he is a real drip of a personality. He will be a weak chairman.

  10. Absent Dan says:

    I guess Dan’s nearly 2 year absence of bringing water to the elephant (ever since his mayoral loss) is because he always has had a work or personal conflict? That’s garbage.

    Dan hasn’t shown up for any GOP events because he was done promoting his mayoral candidacy. Dan is all about Dan. Nothing but a selfish lethargic yawner.

  11. Who is your Choice? says:

    I’m curious, who do you plan to vote for in the NEGOP Chairman election?

    There were many people not present at the Elephant Remembers Dinner and they had good reasons. I see no need to hinge my entire opinion about those folks based on them being at a table with limp lettuce and rubbery chicken. That’s ridiculous.

    By the way, the food was disgusting.

  12. Please explain says:

    Why is Dan Welch running for Nebraska GOP chairman? I thought JL Spray was running for re-election? Is Dan Welch running against him? I hope not because JL Spray is and was a great chairman. He had a good record with winning legislative races.

  13. No vote for Dan says:

    I will be voting for anyone who is a more qualified candidate than Dan. I have no confidence in Dan Welch’s abilities. That guy can’t even show up for the local GOP events. I find it suspect that all of the sudden he wants to be a traveling statewide chairman for the state GOP? There were recent statewide US Senate and gubernatorial GOP candidates with “statewide” connections that would do a better job.

  14. Dan is a good choice says:

    JL sent out a notice about a month ago that he wasn’t running for re-election. JL has done a very good job imo. I’m sorry he isn’t continuing.

  15. Rubber Chicken Dinners says:

    Puh….lease…. die hard republicans activists do not show up for their paid meal. Everyone knows not to expect a filet mignon prepared Mahoghany Prime Steakhouse style.

    Those who do attend show up because they truly care about supporting the local and state republican parties, candidates and elected officials. It is obvious Dan does not care.

  16. Very odd says:

    Why is JL not running? I and other elected officials thought he was doing a great job. Why would he step down? I thought he really enjoyed being chairman. It all seems very odd to me.

  17. Mike Kennedy says:

    I was surprised to see Dan Welch run for chair but after thinking about it it makes sense. Dan has been involved with a lot of races over the years and has supported many candidates. He knows how to raise money and he has a lot of great contacts. I supported Jean for mayor over Dan, but that wasn’t because I felt Dan wasn’t qualified. I felt Jean was the better choice and Jean is a close friend of mine. Having to pick between friends in this business is part of the game. Dan is a conservative and his council record was outstanding. Apparently the Governor supports him and Pete should be able to pick his team so long as they are qualified. I like what I read in Dan’s Email and we should give him a chance to answer all of our questions. I actually took the time to call him today and I like what I heard. If you don’t want to support him, that’s fine. The trash talk is not necessary.

  18. Re: Rubber Chicken Dinners says:

    This isn’t about wanting Filet Mignon. Chicken is fine. It makes sense to reduce costs and increase what goes to the cause. Chicken is normal for these events and totally fine.

    Simply, the food wasn’t well prepared. It was bad.

    The speakers were great. But many of us had to raid the fridge later.

  19. Two Faced Trash Talk says:

    OMG. Two faced hypocritical preaching by Mike Kennedy. Do not believe that Mike has never supported or participated in trash talk. This is the on very good behavior and public elected official Mike Kennedy.

    Mike can be very supportive publicly and privately for those he supports. But he is notorious for being a pit bull behind the scenes and organizing a domino effect of underground trouble for candidates and people he does not support or like.

    He is one of the GOP kings of trash talking and spreading untrue rumors. Mike’s private negative campaigning selectively chooses who he talks to and his comments on blogs are done anonymously.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Amen to the above. I have unfortunately been a casualty of Mike Kennedy’s trash talking. Get a life. Spend more time on your school board position.

  21. Robyn says:

    J.L. has done a great job as Chairman. My guess would be the amount of time taken away from Family and the Law Practice are the Primary reason for his foregoing another term. This stuff of getting Republicans elected doesn’t happen via fairy dust you know-even in Nebraska 🙂

    Dan would make a very good Chair. His CC voting record aligns nicely as that of a conservative Republican.

    If he is willing to drive to Lincoln several times a week and fork over the cash for the travel that can’t possibly all be paid for by donor dollars, I would be happy to support him. I would encourage him to present a finance plan A to Z and a 2nd District Plan to his detractors in order to win them over.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am new to the DCCC. I have never met Dan Welch but know his bio. I am disappointed that he did not take advantage of his first big public opportunity to start campaigning for the job. He lives in Omaha and the event was in his backyard. For someone who is qualified and understands campaigns, it seems like a no brainer that he should have been there. If not to meet new people but to show he is actively supporting the republican party especially after taking a hiatus from events like this (from what I have been told).

  23. Anonymous says:

    Doubly disappointing because if JL Spray officially gave his notice of stepping down a month ago then Dan Welch was free to publicly campaign for the position. Also, if he really understands gop fundraising, he should have known that it is a signature fundraising and heavily attended event for the local gop. Not all attendees are from Douglas County either. He really should have been there. Giant mistake on his part.

    Since the election is coming up fast in March I doubt there will be many other chances for him to meet voting members and talk about his vision for the state gop. When will Dan be at another gop public function?

  24. Anonymous says:

    If you really think JL is leaving primarily simply to “spend more time with his family”, you HAVE been disconnected from Nebraska politics too long already. Many of us know the real reason he was forced…er…CHOSE to leave, pursuant to the new powers that be.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but I don’t buy the polite excuse that family was the reason JL Spray stepped down. That may be what he officially noted in his letter. JL Spray is a smart and classy guy. He loved being chairman. He was directly responsible for the legislative landslide wins.

    He is married yet all of his children are grown. He has been involved in party politics for decades and knew very well what came with the job. My gut tells me there must be more to his reasons than that.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Robyn @ 4:55p (I am assuming Robyn Terry) is showing her support of Dan Welch because he is a good friend of her husband who supported his campaigns for congress. They also may have served on the Omaha City Council at the same time.

    Pete Ricketts also endorsed Lee Terry in the primary. If the true reason for Spray’s departure was due to a disagreement in the future direction of the state party by Pete Ricketts and his staff, Robyn Terry will paint a more positive reason for JL’s departure and not point fingers at the new administration.

  27. Really!!! says:

    I have known Mike Kennedy for over 20 years. He is very transparent of who he supports and doesn’t support. I have also known Mike to support the winner of any person in a primary that has beat his candidate in the primary. I think Mike’s comments at the last DCRP meeting struck a nerve. I think the Scott Peterson cabal will trash anyone that supports Dan Welch. Clearly these are potshots at anybody that supports our Governor. If you have a problem with Mike call him. I have when we didnt see eye to eye.

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