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Jordan McGrainJerry Kratochvil interviews Maverick LLC political consultant Jordan McGrain. Jordan and Jerry discuss topics of the day including the Winner Take All bill in the Nebraska Legislature, the upcoming election in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District, and, as a slight diversion, a short review of the “Breaking Bad” spinoff, “Better Call Saul”.

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  1. Vet says:

    On his way out the DoD door, Hagel is blaming military officers for lacking ethics; dishonesty and deception. That’s a laugh, coming from this Administration.

    Hagel says our military lacks “moral courage”. They work for Obama!

    Obama was raised by immoral iconoclastic drug abusing academics who apparently abandoned him to sexual predators. He surrounds himself with sycophantic lack-will hypocrites. He is an academic dunce, lazy, shortsighted and wouldn’t know morality if it bit him. His narcissistic pathology makes him need to seem normal to idiots who will swallow that. Hagel is apparently still swallowing it. Or using it.

    Chuck Hagel is now blaming the military. He was SECDEF for Christ’s sake! If he knew of one instance of any lying, deception, or the merest iota of wrongdoing, Hagel had at his fingertips the Uniform Code of Military Justice that is much harsher than civil law and which made it much easier for him to arrest and courts martial anyone in the military. He had instant power. It’s the military!

    Apparently Sgt. Hagel didn’t lead the DoD very well. And he didn’t speak up at cabinet meetings. And he got pissed with Obama and wrote him letters, so Hagel quit or was fired. And now he blames our military for not being honest. Horseshit.

    The rot in this country is profound. Hagel sniffs its byproducts as decay but the stench pouring forth from this Obama Administration, which Hagel is abandoning, he sniffs that like a nice ripe cheese.

    You have to admit, Obama is consistent in his appointments.

  2. Moenning Mentor says:

    Yo Vet, be careful on disparaging Chuck Hagel. He is Jessica Moenning’s mentor. It all makes sense where she got her ego and evilness.
    Any chance she gets count on her and the chain gang (Chris Peterson, Taylor Gage, Matt Miltenberger) to defend, swoon over him on the social media airwaves and in person when he’s in town. We can all vomit now.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    Vet, you are exactly right about Hagel. I remember that officers weren’t supposed to lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do. Instead, Hagel censures them. Instead of throwing them out when he was in charge, he let them off with a slap on the wrist. And that lays directly at Obama’s feet. Obama didn’t demand better behavior from his brass. Obama didn’t make it a priority. We’ve seen this in other services Obama is in charge of like the VA and the Secret Service. Sloppiness and lax standards are the order of the day. Hagel should have also called on Obama to have higher standards, but to Obama that means shaving a point or 2 off his handicap.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Get off your high horse, Macdaddy. Your pal Georgie W. had to spend his playground time clearing brush on his ranch because he wasn’t smart or coordinated enough to play golf.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    He did play golf and then out of respect for being the CIC and having an active war going on, he quit. You know, you could look that up rather than remaining mind-numbingly ignorant.

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