Of Yoga Pants and Men

“Lisa Jones” is a contributing writer on Leavenworth St.

LisaJones01Once again, Republicans do most of the work when it comes to making ourselves look poorly in the national media. Case in point, the latest war against women, and its main casualty, yoga pants.

If you haven’t heard, David Moore, a State Representative from Montana, this week introduced a bill to expand the Montana definition of indecent exposure  to include “garments that give the appearance of a person’s buttocks, genitals, pelvis or female nipple”. It has been reported that “he wouldn’t have a problem with people being arrested for wearing such provocative clothing such as tight-fitting beige garments” and that he “also said yoga pants should be illegal.”

Now, I’m going to just assume that the yoga pants comment was a joke (though in the media, Republicans don’t get to have a sense of humor). No word on how something like this would actually be enforced, which begs the question—aren’t we supposed to be the ones opposing unenforceable mandates? After the national brouhaha over this bill, it was tabled in less than a week, but the damage has already been done, of course. Dozens of national media stories, repeated, shared and tweeted . Ongoing blog posts about the war on yoga pants. And, my personal favorite, equating this bill to forcing women into burkas.

Anyone reading this expanded definition can reasonably assume that the main target of the bill would be women. I don’t know that we have too many men wearing tight clothing that shows off their pelvis in an offensive shade of beige (or even how that would happen in the first place). He submitted this bill as a reaction to a group of nude cyclists riding in a community event. Making the language in the statute more clear to avoid those situations? Totally fair. But this seems like an overreaction to say the least, and it fits right into the national narrative about how the GOP supposedly views women. It wasn’t needed. The only thing it did was hurt the brand. Again.

Why do we do things that perpetuate the myth of Republican being a woman-hating, misogynistic group of men? And more importantly—when will we stop?


  1. Ed Stevens says:

    If you’re gonna write in the Bigs, “Lisa”, then bring your A game. Like zillions of other Internet scriveners, you misuse the term “beg the question”. In proper usage, to beg the question means to employ a form of circular reasoning wherein one assumes as proved the very thing one is trying to prove. It does NOT, repeat NOT, mean “to raise the question”.

    Spend a little quality time with your Google machine, learn a little, and join the few, the proud, the precise, who know how to correctly use this particular literary construct.

    By the way, what the hell are “yoga pants”?

  2. Pete says:

    Vernon J. wins the internet

    and “Lisa” is correct. People like that bonehead in Montana are the reason we (Republicans) can’t have nice things. If we can’t have the White House we may as well have yoga pants.

  3. To Ed says:

    If you do not know what yoga pants are you either live in your mom’s basement eating meatloaf with chaz, are seven and think girls are icky, are at the Max and think girls are icky, or are super old and girls think you are icky.

  4. Creepy Uncle Joe says:

    This is America’s Creepy Uncle Joe. Love how we get away with everything. Remember Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, Bob Filner, Daniel Inouye and David Wu. And that’s just the tip, my friends.

    Of course, we ‘care’ more about women. Just be ‘careful’ when your around us kids…

  5. Res Judicata says:

    Thank you, Lisa, for making this point. This is where the Republican Party fails its own constituents, and risks losing its next generation.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Yoga pants are the world’s greatest invention.

    Speaking of Republicans doing stupid things and causing self-inflicted wounds, Governor Ricketts needs to read today’s Morning Jolt on NRO. Governor, it can, no, it will happen to you. You have not figured out how to make your advisor situation be on the up-and-up. Period. Nobody has including some really smart people. Just chalk it up to a rookie mistake, underestimated the viciousness of the other side, this Macdaddy jerk just wouldn’t shut up about it, whatever, but take care of this now, because 2 years from now, when the FBI starts looking into this situation, one of two things will happen, neither of which is good: people will always think there was something there, or there will be something there. Please. I’m begging you. Nip this in the bud.

  7. The former chairman of the Falls Church, VA Democratic Party was just convicted of molesting two girls, aged 9 and 10. His wife, still on the City Council, testified in his defense. He’s now accused of seeking a hit man to kill the two girls he molested.

    Both Mr Gardner and his wife represent or have represented far more people than this twit in Montana. National TV attention? Nada.

    In a country with tens of thousands of minor politicians, a few Republicans will say stupid things. And a few Democrats will plot murder of children to cover up pedophilia. That’s inevitable. What we can change is the media harping on the former, and ignoring, if not helping cover up, the latter.

    ‘We’ don’t help perpetuate the myth.

  8. Anonymous says:

    GH, there’s a big difference between a current office holder and a former one. And as abhorrent as VA guy’s behavior was, and how damaging it was to his victims, these current Republicans try to pass goofy laws that will effect almost everyone. That is why they get the negative publicity they deserve.

  9. Lezbehonest says:

    This Montana guy…. he’s probably a kook just like the rest of the politicians in Montana. Montanans are a unique bunch, anyone who has been there knows this.
    It’s a socially conservative state but it’s relative lack of wealth keeps a pretty high percentage of its residents on at least some sort of government assistance.

    In all it’s a weird, weird place. Don’t take anything a pol from Montana says too seriously.

  10. I suspect a law against yoga pants would affect (sp!) relatively few people. In fact, I would approve of law a law prohibiting the sale of yoga pants larger than a size 8. And in the grand scheme of things, murder and pedophilia are a little more serious than laws governing indecent exposure on one of the nation’s least populous states.

  11. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Gerard, you are right about all that! But, honestly, didn’t any of the hair on fire gang over at Faux News have anything at all to say about that guy in Falls Church? I don’t get Faux on my rabbit ears, but I will bet that they had plenty to say about the yoga pants outrage … right after they informed everyone of whatever loudmouth Kanye West and his rather large bottomed spouse have been up to.

  12. Well, BTO, I do have something a little better than rabbit ears; a Yagi antenna in the attic and a kick-ass preamplifier so I can pick up not just the big-city stations from Lincoln and Omaha (some of them) but occasionally a stray photon or two from Kansas. Respect my technology. (Though I seldom turn the box on. My TV life is Netflix and iTunes downloads.)

    Caitlin Moran in the London Times (iPad again) is pretty much my sole source for sleb-news. This morning she informed me little North West is a brat. Another win for heredity.

    Mind you, the Times is Murdoch’s, even though the beauteous Caitlin is a damn socialist.

    Did you know today is World Social Justice Day? Which reminds me, it’s 4:30 and I haven’t really exerted my white male privilege yet.

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