The Wheels Down Politics Show – State Sen. Beau McCoy

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Beau McCoy 002Jerry Kratochvil interviews Nebraska State Senator Beau McCoy on LB10, the “Winner Take All” bill, in the Nebraska legislature.

Beau and Jerry discuss the history of the Nebraska law which distributes Presidential Electoral Votes by Congressional District. They talk about the past attempts (including pre-2008) to change the law, the original intent of the law, and the arguments for and against McCoy’s “Winner Take All” bill.

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  1. Unicameral Watcher says:

    For you casual observers of the Legislature – You can just skip the next three days. Debate starts this morning on McCoy’s winner take all bill. A filibuster is a sure bet.

    All of us regular watchers are looking forward to three solid days of Ernie on the microphone. I hope he does as well as he did last week. I absolutely loved his reading of the Declaration of Independence with guest interpretations by Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny.

  2. Anon says:

    His attempts at the comedic may be worse than the tired old rant to the majority of spineless. The only interesting part will be if he comes after a white male challenges him with a opening for him to go critical mass

  3. TexasAnnie says:

    Beau said Republicans want to change the method back to ‘Winner Take All’ and Democrats want to keep the apportionment system as implemented by Schimek. Duh. Beau believes that presidential candidates will come back to Nebraska (hasn’t happened since Bobby Kennedy he says) to campaign if ‘Winner Take All’ is the carrot. That’s unconvincing. And Beau thinks we need an orderly, nationalized calendar for primary elections established by the two major parties (but he’s okay with Iowa continuing to be first). Yep. And we’re accustomed to both R’s and D’s keeping their thumb on third parties.

    Nothing Beau said persuaded me that Nebraska would be better off, electorally, by switching back to it’s pre-1990’s system. I doubt even the Republican Party of Nebraska would be better off; Nebraska doesn’t matter.

    Ernie’s poetry is even worse than his humor! I imagine his Motion to Bracket Beau’s LB 10 is a serious threat. But I have seen Chambers hold bills hostage before, only to let them go once he gets what he wants. What does Ernie want (besides repeal of capital punishment) this session?

  4. Oily in de morning says:

    Sorry to wake you up in your corncrib but the biggest NE pol news is the XL veto… today.

    Today’s NE/US news on the Keystone Pipeline comes from AFP Washington DC. That is Agence France-Presse. The French like Obama himself but they have no axes to grind in intra-US oil matters.

    AFP Washington “Obama is expected to issue the third and most significant veto of his presidency Tuesday, embracing raw executive power in the twilight of his administration… Combative and confident, it is just the sort of defiant tone that Obama has adopted since Republicans seized control of both houses of Congress… likely to (reject) the Keystone XL pipeline, which would bring oil from Canada to the United States.” ——— “Before Keystone (Obama) used his veto power only twice in six years… fewer vetoes than any (two term) president since… James Monroe.”

    Firstly, Republicans didn’t “seize power”. That would be a coup. Voters chose them over Democrats.

    Secondly, calling Obama “combative” means his promise to work with Congress was untrue. Midterm election voters gave him the finger. He doesn’t care. That is the “raw” in his raw executive power.

    Thirdly, even the French understand that Obama’s purpose is to veto bringing “oil from Canada to the United States.” That’s the reason for the pipeline. His aim is thus to reduce American oil.

    The French try hard to make Obama seem noble ala him combatting an unelected Congress. Yet it is difficult to rationally reconcile this POTUS who combats against Americans having North Am oil while he waffles soft on fighting ISIL and goes out of his way to reassure Moslems that America isn’t combatting Islam.

    Pass the escargot, sil vous plait. Je suis constipé. J’ai mangé trop de Obama fromage.

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