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Sam Fischer 01Jerry Kratochvil interviews political consultant Sam Fischer of Meridian Central Public Affairs.

Jerry and Sam discuss some of Sam’s past campaigns, some favorite aspects of his campaign work and the two discuss the upcoming 2016 Nebraska 2nd District Congressional race and some of the candidates for the GOP nomination .





Check out an ad Sam and Jerry discussed for the 2014 Dinsdale for Senate campaign…

…and an outtake from that ad.

And here is Sam from his good ol’ days.

Fischer - Bush 02

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  1. Reagan '80 says:

    Very insightful interview! Country schooled ranch kid to big city political consultant. Sam Fischer hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

  2. Big City Jerry and Cattle Country says:

    I loved that Sam was able to school Jerry “Sweeper” a big city guy on the ways of the ranchers. Do not ever ask a rancher how much “head of cattle” they have. Oops.

  3. Ready for Bacon 2016' says:

    Friends of mine in Omaha have gotten polling calls from Murante. He’s been making quite a few more appearances too. When’s the announcement. Big Fred?

  4. Of Three-card Monte and Men says:

    Sweeps – I consider myself to be a cosmopolitan girl but what the hell is three-card monte? And I did not bother to google the hell out of it to find out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Other names I have heard for congress are Aspen and Borchers. Any validity to them jumping into a 6 to 10 person gop primary? Also heard Buffet for dems.

  6. Anonymous says:

    John Murante would not take a risk on running for Congress. He is up for reelection next year. He would not just be potentially losing a chairmanship but his legislative seat itself.

    This is just a conspiracy theory that he’s running or seriously thinking about it.

  7. Melissa says:

    Great interview! I have known Sam Fischer for many years. He has always been professional and respectful with a wealth of political knowledge and strategy. You will not find his ego getting in the way with his work and relationships. Rare in this business. It was great to hear more about his upbringing and experience.

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