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SheridanBlvd01WARNING: What I’m about to say may shock some members of the Legislature. If you think that the one Electoral vote is what the winner-take-all battle in the legislature is about, I have a pet rock to sell you.

I’ve always wondered why we don’t just call a spade a spade, Nebraska’s one Electoral vote doesn’t matter. The argument that if we went to winner-take-all then Presidential candidates would have to focus on “the whole state not just Omaha” is crazy. Sign me up for Scott Walker’s big rally in Grand Island then I’ll hop on Highway 2 and cruise up to Hillary’s shindig in Broken Bow.

What winner-take-all is all about is Brad Ashford’s Congressional seat. If we change to a winner-take-all, POOF! there goes Obama campaigning in Omaha for Hillary, POOF! there goes the DCCC funded field office, and POOF! there goes a few million dollars of advertising. All of a sudden the seat gets a lot easier for Republicans to win and hold. That is what all the hoopla is all about, period. Forget that economic jolt argument. Other than the 5 people hired to staff the Democratic field office there is no economic boost to Nebraskans. All those commercials are shot and made by Virginia based companies and I don’t really care about WOWT losing some rate hiked political advertising.


While we’re on the legislature let’s talk about term limits. If you are going to play around with the term limits let’s add an extra term. Two six year terms is asinine, you’re still limited out after two terms so you will still lose Senators at the same rate and Governor appointments will go through the roof. Lots can change in a person’s life in six years.

Three four year terms however keeps Senators accountable to the people and gets the desired effect of voter fatigue which will make it harder for Senators to get elected the third time. This leads to a legislature populated by a mix of young guns and savvy veterans. The closer we can keep our legislators to the ballot box the less likely they are to get comfortable and make decisions based on influences other than the people.


And for the love of God give ’em a raise. If you’re Ken Schilz your $12,000 is going towards rent and not much else, like meals and gas to go home. It’s not a citizen legislature it’s a slave legislature. $24,000 a year doesn’t make the job any different, it just more fairly compensates the Senators for their three months of work during session, the participation in committees and the countless hours of reading, studying, and communicating with constituents.

“But Sheridan, the lobbyists pay for all the Senators meals.”
If you think that Walt is waiting at the Runza in Grand Island to buy Sen. Schilz lunch you’re crazy. It’s expensive to be a state Senator with lots of random expenses that you would never think of and it needs to be changed after 20 plus years.


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  1. Macdaddy says:

    No, the premise makes sense because Lee Terry won by only 1000 votes in 2008 thanks to Obama’s GOTV efforts. In 2012, Obama felt that the important electoral votes were elsewhere and put no effort into picking up one vote. Terry waxed the best candidate the Democrats put up in over a decade. Ashford’s win was a house-cleaning vote.

  2. Anon says:

    You could say raisng the pay doesn’t change the inequity to K. Shilz, it should be an reasonable expense item, like a flight to Turkey

  3. Hesdeadjim says:

    I’ve noticed that ever since Sweeper made the change to this new format and we more frequently have a new post to read, the comments do not spiral into juvenile mud-slinging quite so early and often.

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