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Andy Stebbing 01Jerry Kratochvil talks with Lancaster County Treasurer and candidate for Mayor of Lincoln, Andy Stebbing.

Andy and Jerry discuss Andy’s career in law enforcement, his eventual run for Lancaster County Treasurer, and his list of achievements as Treasurer. They continue to discuss the current state of Lincoln, and Andy’s priorities for the city versus those of the current two-term Democrat Mayor (seeking his third) Chris Beutler.
Twitter: @Stebbing4Mayor

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  1. Unimpressed says:

    Can this guy be more unimpressive when he speaks? Needs polish. I think he has good ideas, but you didn’t see Shane get one-upped rhetorically by Street Sweeper like Andy did.

    Pretty discouraging this is the only guy willing to take on Beutler.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why oh why is Mayor Stothert following the lead of extreme liberal Mike Boyle down the road of merging the police and sheriff? There is no duplication of services and any savings will have to come from reducing the staff.

    And I hope Jean is smart enough to know that risking public safety in exchange for a promise of minimal savings isn’t how you get reelected.

  3. To anonymous above: says:

    I would rather do a Reverse Merger and have the Sheriff run all of law enforcement in Douglas County

  4. To 12:31 says:

    Yes! Plus that’s something that can happen without changing the law! It’s not a rare thing for a city to contract with a Sheriff, there are a few towns in Nebraska that do it

  5. Pete says:

    Here’s the trouble with merging the two…
    Scenario 1: the police and sheriff’s dept. merge. The government will benefit from economies of scale. Then our tax burden is decreased because the government is saving money. JUST KIDDING! Bend over.

    Scenario 2: the OPD is no more and the DC Sheriff runs all law enforcement in Douglas county. The city of Omaha saves money and decreases our tax burden. The county’s cost more than doubles and the county taxes us more. All in, you pay less in taxes. JUST KIDDING! The city finds another way to spend the savings, your city taxes stay the same and Douglas County taxes you more. Bend over.

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