Ashford’s secret plan?

Sent in from a reader hanging about the Legislature, a little “Medicine Man” related Separated at Birth:

Connery-Garrett-SAB 01

Ponytailed Rainforest Researcher, Sean Connery, and State Senator, Tommy Garrett!


Here is one we heard recently:

Word is going around the House leadership in our nation’s capital that Democratic Rep. Brad Ashford is…interested in switching parties and running as a Republican in 2016.

You don’t quite need to do a spit-take. But it does seem a little ridiculous, and maybe something that someone in DC thought sounded sensical, without asking anyone from the District.

Sure Ashford has voted with Republicans on a few bills so far. But he hasn’t strayed THAT far from the Dems, and certainly went hard-core left on the recent gay-marriage ruling to thwart any good will he may have built up on the hard right.

One of the thoughts in DC is that Ashford figures that he might/will get primaried from the LEFT in Nebraska’s 2nd District — Jane Kleeb hinted that her Mr. Jane Kleeb could come out of political retirement with a move to Omaha. So the thinking then goes, well Ashford could run as a Republican and everything would be both hunky and dory (as the late Col. Potter used to say).

But those on the Hill must have not glanced at the the last election in the 2nd to see that the right wing is charging hard, and would NEVER support an Ashford candidacy.

And then there is even the little fact that Ashford couldn’t even get traction in a crowded Mayor’s primary — let alone a match with all Republicans.

Maybe there’s an inkling there that says, if Ashford figured he would certainly lose a Democrat primary, then he could instad try to run as a Republican. But the risk to run, and lose, as a Republican would be even greater than the risk of running against a Scott Fleming-Kleeb.

Fun thought experiment in any case.


Did you catch the story in Lincoln where Democrat Mayor Chris Beutler — who has been hammered about the condition of city roads — magically FOUND $10 million, and is VOILA!, going to fix the roads!

And one might say, “Found ten MILLION dollars?”
Usually followed by, “What the hell?”

Well, his challenger, Republican Andy Stebbing looked into it, and is yelling, essentially, “Stupid or Liar?”

“I wonder how many more millions of taxpayer dollars are in that rabbit hole for Mr. Beutler to find and spend on his re-election effort,” said Rod Edwards, campaign manager for Andy Stebbings’s Mayoral Campaign.

“If you look at the timeline of Mr. Beutler’s announcements, it shows either he has no idea what is going on with the city budget, or else he knows exactly where the money is hidden and he’s squirreling it away for his special projects when he needs to look good for his re-election. It’s either incompetence or he’s not being honest with taxpayers. Lincoln’s citizens deserve better,” Edwards said.
(Emphasis added)

The Stebbing camp noted that a year ago Beutler declared the Antelope Valley project, “closed out”. And now suddenly when his campaign needs some Walking Around Money (aka WAM!), Hey, there’s ten million bucks!

Adds Stebbing’s campaign manager Rod Edwards:

“Mr. Beutler owes an explanation and an apology to the taxpayers of Lincoln for either hiding their money or being out of touch with his own budget.”

No doubt Don Walton will get right on this…

To hear how a REAL government budget hawk goes about saving money for taxpayers, listen to my interview with Lancaster County Treasurer, and Lincoln Mayoral candidate Andy Stebbing, here.


That’s something about Hillary having a private account for her government emails, huh?

It’s almost like she INTENTIONALLY mixed her private and work emails so that they would all be unrecognizable.

That is some amazing stuff — and there is bipartisan exasperation at this sort of subterfuge.

Can you IMAGINE something like that occurring, say, at the STATE level?

Can you?


Would be something, huh?


ICYMI, Nebraska Senators Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer had some prime real estate at the Benjamin Netanyahu address in the House the other day.

Sens Sasse and Fischer

Both heaped praise on Netanyahu after the speech, and warned the President on making any bad deals with Iran.


Senator Sasse is taking to the pages of the National Review once again, this time to make his case for the stop-gap plan for those who may get their insurance cut-off, because of Obamacare screw-ups:

Those in Congress who, like me, oppose Obamacare cannot sit by and let the governors twist in the wind. We must help them do the principled thing while helping those most affected by the administration’s illegal actions. We cannot let Obamacare expand geographically by setting up state exchanges, nor can we extend Obamacare’s unlawful subsidies. The former would rubber-stamp Obamacare state-by-state and the latter would baptize the unlawful actions of the Obama administration.

This is the case that Sasse recently presented in the WSJ, and you can read the whole thing here.


Congressman Jeff Fortenberry’s office recieved a “Glitter Bomb” from a pro-choice group who thought they were super-clever and hit the Congressman where he lives: by making a mess on some staffer’s desk.

What’s a “glitter bomb” you ask? How does something called a “bomb” get into a Congressman’s office these days?

Well, here’s a video of a reporter who ordered one for himself (it’s cued up at the point where he gets it):

It is a little confusing how something like this still gets through the system, after the whole anthrax attack and all. This is hilarious AND biting and all — up until the glitter is coated in poison, or somesuch.

If Julie Schmit-Albin REALLY wants to make a statement, she should send Fort a dustbuster.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Clinton has just Christie’d herself. She might have been President. Now? Sheesh, love Hillary or hate her she was the acknowledged brains of the Clinton operation. I guess her husband affected her for the worse. What bonehead decided the Clintons should a) run their own, locally-hosted email server and b) uses that server exclusively for both personal & work communication and then c) GETS CAUGHT? Needless to say, if I did that I’d be sacked instantly. I guess we’ll see if there are Different Rules For Some People Because They Are Special.

  2. What's Up? says:

    Speaking of Julie Schmidt-Albin, where was she yesterday when they had the hearing to end the death penalty?

  3. Any locally hosted email server will have been cracked by Russia, China, Iran, and probably Vanuatu within the first 24 hours. The transparency issue doesn’t bother me as the mindless obliviousness to security.

    Hillary just disqualified herself.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    Hillary is still the front runner. I agree with Buffett that the only thing that knocks her out of the race is a health issue.

    On a related note, neither incompetency nor lying will knock a Democrat out of power. I predict that Beutler will start getting praised as a savvy politician. Clever, intelligent, hard ball will be other adjectives thrown about the pages of the LJS. On the Left, character flaws are to be celebrated…if it helps them keep or gain power.

  5. Yeah, actually. I didn’t like Bill Clinton, but I’d never have accused him of being incompetent. Amoral, certainly, and probably corrupt, but not incompetent. The present administration has set a new standard for incompetence, but this email server thing is beyond even that.

    Someone at some stage must have told her what a terrible idea this was, and she ignored it. A president needs to be able to pick competent advisors, first of all, but then also listen to them. We can’t survive a further 4 years of pratfalls after the current 8 year term of executive ineptitude. This is the 21st century; we can’t survive a leadership that is so clueless about IT management and security.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    RWP, I am getting a kick out of the lack of outrage on the Left as they try to calculate whether or not this will decapitate the Clinton machine. That’s their only consideration. Crappy government? Meh. Criminal negligence? Yawn. Got a few people killed? Boo, Netanyahu! Open up the field for somebody else? Tell me more!

  7. Remember 1995? says:

    Remember 1995? Braveheart and The Shawshank Redemption were at the theatre. TLC was at the top of the charts. That was the last time LIBA and the Lancaster County Republicans won a Mayoral race. Whitt them chasing off people like Connie Duncan 2095 may be the next time they do.

  8. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    What’s Up: Neb Right to Life is single issue on abortion and euthanasia. We don’t take a position on the death penalty. Glitter with the word, “bomb” attached is an especially dumb idea when sent to a member of Congress. I see from tonight’s news reports that authorities have determined the sender is off the hook. One can only imagine how quickly a pro-lifer would be detained if they sent something like this to a pro-choice member if Congress.

  9. TexasAnnie says:

    I remember when NRL was truly a single issue organization: ABORTION!
    Then it took up euthanasia. And then it took up stem-cell research.

    Like abortion, euthanasia and stem-cell research, the death penalty has __________ in common.

    Can you fill in the blank, Julie?

  10. The Wall of Omaha says:

    If Republican strategists keep using stupid robo-calls and attack over Ashford’s support of the Keystone pipeline, they will never dislodge Ashford.

    On the national level, Ashford is definitely right of center which is partly why he got elected in the first place. Secondly, Omaha is mellow on politics and just can’t fit in to heavy partisan category. Ashford is likely to be a two term Congressman and retire.

  11. She missed says:

    Miracles occur frequently in Brad Ashford’s life. To wit: 1) Mrs. Adelson missed . 2) She didn’t have a gold ingot in her purse like she normally carries. 3) Lee Terry hired Ryan Horn to be his campaign manager. 4) At present, no viable Republicans are making noise about running against Ashford. Now for the bad news: One or more of these things could change. Mrs. Adelson’s checkbook, along with her husband’s could open up and connect with Ashford in a bad way. Ryan Horn will not be running a congressional campaign against Ashford next time. A quality candidate that is well funded may step in and run against him. Now for the really bad news: Scott Kleeb will run against him, not his insufferable wife, Jane. Everybody loves Scott, nobody loves Jane except Scott.

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