Carl Curtis Friday

Carl Curtis 01Back in 1990, I was driving Hal Daub around Nebraska, campaigning for his U.S. Senate bid. One evening we stopped in Chautauqua Park in Minden. There we met our two VIPs, retiring Congresswoman Virginia Smith and…retired U.S. Senator Carl Curtis.

And while there, someone (probably Hal) snapped this pic with Senator Curtis and me. Hal, being the mensch he is, mailed this pic to me (and thanks to his hard working secretary for the actual process), after it sat in a shoebox for the last 25 years.

I had to search for some old pics of Senator Curtis to insure that it was really him (see a younger shot here). And then I looked at his Wikipedia entry as well:

Curtis was elected to the House of Representatives in 1938 on an anti-Franklin D. Roosevelt and New Deal platform. He served in the House from 1939 until 1954, being reelected every two years. Curtis ran for the Senate from Nebraska in 1954 and won the election; he was reelected three more times to six-year terms, serving from 1955 to 1979. He voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Curtis was loyal to the Republican Party, particularly supporting its anti-communist stances and fiscal conservatism, which included opposition to social programs such as the New Deal and Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society.

That’s a pretty decent synopsis of a Nebraska conservative, huh?

Carl Curtis 02Was elected opposing the New Deal.
Voted for the Civil Rights Act.
Was anti-communist stances and a fiscal conservative, oppsing much of Johnson’s Great Society.

Of course it wasn’t all peaches and cream. The Vietnam War and the Watergate investigation didn’t turn out like he hoped.

But nonetheless, if you were hoping for your political bio to be etched in history, the above ain’t too bad.

So with that, let’s call this Carl Curtis Friday, and open up the comments to YOUR conservative (or anti-conservative) thoughts. Who is living up to Curtis’s legacy? Who is battling like he is?

Or if you want to talk about some other stuff in politics (within reason, kids) have at it.

And have a great weekend!


  1. Leg. Watcher says:

    I just saw Murante ith his BFF Sara Howard on thefloor. Maybe they are woring on a solar windmill bill that makes rainbows with tax dollars.

  2. Hesdeadjim says:

    I think the “new” new deal is Obamacare. Both had fierce opposition and got passed anyway. Both programs were an expansion of government. Their proposal and passage into law were justified by their party on emotional appeals made during a bleak economic period.

    Numerous politicians vowed to repeal both, and neither will ever happen. Even now when there’s a glimmer of hope that Obamacare could unravel with a SCOTUS ruling, Republicans are lining up with backup plans that suck just as badly as Obamacare. None of the proposed plans do away entirely with the federal exchange or with federal subsidies for health insurance. I could go on and on but nobody like lengthy Lst. comments and this one is already long.

  3. PDQ says:

    Carl Curtis was as staunchly for empowering all Americans equally via Equal Opportunity, as he was against Affirmative Action unequally crippling some groups of Americans.

    A recent news story… a French African from Cameroon, using a false name, got a French passport, came to the USA, promptly robbed a bank, assaulting a bank employee, and was convicted under the false name he gave the French and US governments. He was put in prison, served time, was released and then lived as a bum on skid row. Police responding to a robbery call were recently confronted by this same man who assaulted an officer and tried to take the policeman’s gun and three other officers at once shot him– yet this is today deemed to be the “government’s fault” by blacks in LA holding a candlelight vigil for the convicted bank robber, and by news folks who make this into news to sell newspapers on the pretext of being liberal minded.

    There isn’t a white face in my family. But I have to say, if this keeps up, with Democrats like Obama marching in Selma today to compare that travesty of 50 years ago to Ferguson – old ladies denied a public bus ride and being fire-hosed by cracker police versus young criminal thugs/robbers going for yet another policeman’s gun — you really have to wonder how much normal human starch the White Democrat establishment has taken out of Black Americans in pursuit of its centuries old desire to own black skins.

    Today’s Democratic Party vote slaves are an updated version of the real slaves owned by the Democrats who started the Civil War in order to own black Americans like cattle. The bloodiest war in US history was caused by Democrat Party members who had heartburn with them not being able to own slaves.

    The donkey hide whip has beaten dark skins for too long. And the fact that its cuts now with ownership-paternalism that masquerades as Liberal minded altruism, doesn’t make it any less crippling.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Agree with @ 2:32pm. Both are good state senators but Sen McCoy has been the lead on the electoral college change not Sen Murante. Both of their seats may be open next year.

    McCoy is term limited. Murante’s will be open if he runs for Congress. Who are we hearing as potential Democrat and Republican candidates for their legislative seats?

  5. Ed Stevens says:

    Murante seems to have morphed into sort of a midwestern version of Jerry Brown. I hear he rides a unicorn to work. Also, izzat a mullet … or just a “more or less” ponytail?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Murante isn’t the Midwest Jerry Brown, he’s just a snake who has burned a lot of bridges (not just with other senators)

  7. To 11:29 says:

    Pitchforks and nooses? Good one, you holier-than-thou Keith Olbermann wannabe. Like one senator said on the floor this week, the liberal elites in this state are so soft and lily-white that the only reality they are exposed to is what they see on reality TV.

    I want to thank the leftists in this state, including those calling themselves Republicans, for awakening a sleeping giant.

    See you in 2016.

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